The West, is the best — Mount Baldy League

« La mellieure OPINION de soi-même est quand on a mellieure opinion des autres ».

A COW… 🐄

Riech Chancellor ⛸️  Adolf Hitler to le Maréchal 🩰 Philippe Pétain, según el mayordomo de🩱 Eva Braun Hitler, on Le Point, nº 2640; jeudi 9 mars.

Michigan 1881:

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Etiwanda,_Rancho_Cucamonga,_California

Next Stop: MURRIETA’s Grove


Eye was on my way from ONTARIO to Lake Superior where Eye was supposed to Ketch-up with a White House leprechaun who coincidentally was riding on top of a GREYHOUND 🚍 en-route to meet with the mitten-shaped governor of that watery Union State baptized as MiChiGan, —when all of a sudden! I took the wrong motherfucking left in FONTANA, and Eye needlessly ended up in ETIWANDA.

¡Viejas FEAS!!!… SAY CHEESE 🐐 🧀 this is Django’s SWING de París.


And, Marouane (not that one), “Thanks for going ARMY”, in a few frames 🎞️ Donnie Deutsch-France, a subsidiary of World Media in YOUR Casablanca mug at Châtelet and of course, The Paris Tourism Board, will re-interpret that maroon P.T. sweatshirt to the lovely Roxanne and Father James.

… Over at The Easter décalage with Francisco Belmont: Öüï continue with SAN JOSÉ, Costa Rica 🇨🇷, but that’s only because FATHER James knows that it is a Saint Joseph Weekend at the O’Kbras pub en SAINT-MICHEL 🗡️.

Ahora sí, Negra:

Sambo Leprechauns with Fuscas from Senegal.

Sambo Leprechauns with Fuscas from Senegal, BATMAN! SoFy Velasco is sailing en un barquito de papel, y yo quisiera ser un pez en origami entre un carnaval.

¿Dónde están mis barbas…?
¿Mi galera de felpa…? ¿Mi largo bastón…?


¿Dónde están mis lentes,
mi camisa a rayas y mi frac pintón…?

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