A Most Disgusting Song — The sixth voice of Vox quits

Like a rolling stone… Exorcismo en Baviera (1975).

Riñon y pulmón para la PRIMERA HORA de la Mañana en La Cuarta Transformación de morena-francia en asociación con el Frente Amplio de Izquierda de BELLEVILLE 75019 —CEDEX.

“I have nothing, I swear I have nothing!
Montserrat de los
Milagros de Granada de León
Casi esquina con LOCH de Zumpango, GTO.

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Step right in, Robbie Rob, your peyote healing is waiting for you next to the “Bavarian demons” on the Spanish “Interviú” and “The French Connection—EXORSIST” fellow, Billy FriedKin chickin‘.

https ://www .theguardian .com /film /2023 /aug /07 /william-friedkin-dies-age-87-director-the-exorcist

What are the odds that the number SIX would make an encore entrance in a film that Alain Delon in the role of “the local diddy bop pimp” who never got to make a scene with the “girl that has never been chased“, MARISOL was her name, CAUSEold playboy Ralph” killed her, he hanged around with “the teacher that will kiss you in French {and} [W]ho could never give love, could only fearfully clench“.

https ://www .rtve .es /television /20230808 /quien-encargo-polemicas-fotos-interviu-marisol

The West, is the best — Mount Baldy League

« La mellieure OPINION de soi-même est quand on a mellieure opinion des autres ».

A COW… 🐄

Riech Chancellor ⛸️  Adolf Hitler to le Maréchal 🩰 Philippe Pétain, según el mayordomo de🩱 Eva Braun Hitler, on Le Point, nº 2640; jeudi 9 mars.

Michigan 1881:

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Etiwanda,_Rancho_Cucamonga,_California

Next Stop: MURRIETA’s Grove


Eye was on my way from ONTARIO to Lake Superior where Eye was supposed to Ketch-up with a White House leprechaun who coincidentally was riding on top of a GREYHOUND 🚍 en-route to meet with the mitten-shaped governor of that watery Union State baptized as MiChiGan, —when all of a sudden! I took the wrong motherfucking left in FONTANA, and Eye needlessly ended up in ETIWANDA.

¡Viejas FEAS!!!… SAY CHEESE 🐐 🧀 this is Django’s SWING de París.


And, Marouane (not that one), “Thanks for going ARMY”, in a few frames 🎞️ Donnie Deutsch-France, a subsidiary of World Media in YOUR Casablanca mug at Châtelet and of course, The Paris Tourism Board, will re-interpret that maroon P.T. sweatshirt to the lovely Roxanne and Father James.

… Over at The Easter décalage with Francisco Belmont: Öüï continue with SAN JOSÉ, Costa Rica 🇨🇷, but that’s only because FATHER James knows that it is a Saint Joseph Weekend at the O’Kbras pub en SAINT-MICHEL 🗡️.

Ahora sí, Negra:

Sambo Leprechauns with Fuscas from Senegal.

Sambo Leprechauns with Fuscas from Senegal, BATMAN! SoFy Velasco is sailing en un barquito de papel, y yo quisiera ser un pez en origami entre un carnaval.

¿Dónde están mis barbas…?
¿Mi galera de felpa…? ¿Mi largo bastón…?


¿Dónde están mis lentes,
mi camisa a rayas y mi frac pintón…?

Gonna take a piss now, Ewe, Know.!

Mí’s agüita amarilla


¡YA TU SABE!… dear, Blossom Dearie, Eye hears your “Eau LA LA » and Eye raises Ewe, CHELO.

But, FO’ist! Who do Ewe Love?

I’m telling, Ewe, BERCY don’t know how To Rock and Roll… but Bercy sure knows how to bake Korean croissants.

Ewe, loves Mí, cabra de puerta… Ewe really-really love Mí.

In local news it turns out, once again that in fact “yo no busco…», South Korea comes to Mí Katie Phang, 🎶 That is, you can’t, you know, tune in but it’s all right 🍓🍓🍓🍓 That is, I think it’s not too bad.

Yesterday and to They… La CGT

I love you Alemany

I did warn you, but Serrat lo dijo mejor, Marx está vivo… 🎶 Mírenlo burlar, sin pestañear, nació chulo y qué bonito caga, —ese señor.

La’Ristocracia del Barrio

… previously on “Choo choo por tu amoR 💥🚂 », Eye told you that I can see 🙈 your Covers from far a güey places, Issy, el Tío Alberto era puto, en Aguascalientes manejó pipas de combustible para PEMEX.


https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/10/20 /estados /aguascalientes-explota-pipa-al-querer-ganar-el-paso-al-tren/

Deer, Willie Geist, once again, this REFERENCE post is more Image than Text, and there is a reason for the cutline instead of the ‘novela’ about Desierto y los dos GEMELOS de Gemini.

Ahora una de piratas para Órbita 106.7 fm de El Paso del Norte a Las Cruces… de HERMOSILLO.

In any case scenario, I AIN’T GOING ANY fucking Where.

It’s 11 pm in Paris and I am going to take a knap Know. Wanna know what I am going to have a nightmare about? Fuck your Porsche and y

our 6am alarm clock. Unlike you, i don’t write ✍🏻 from behind a French fucking desk.  Fuck you and your imaginary Porsche, Cerf-panthère.