Jaraneros berliners… Juanito Guanavacoa is a fucking nazi³

With musical guest:

🎼 The Black Page… So, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico… truth or dare, con arpa, jarana y jarochos en Paname… It’s all Greek to Mí and Deutsch en Español. Pauline Paccard at Issy-les-Moulineaux reports, but she has to take on the role of El Llanero Solitario, Blue Demon… y ya no seas Tonto, deja de ser Toro 🪶.


The Mothers of Invention performing their architectural dance hit, Black Page nº1 and tú:


Wir können nicht still stehen bis sie alle tot sind!

Eric Cartman

South Park; S8 Ep3


Oh, the chicanery. It’s Truth or Consequences in New Mexico.


… and Marcus Ka on The Juanito Guanavacoa greatest hits, fuck you too. Öüï is now entering into severe sobaco de guayabera conditions and Eye has not the thyme para sancochar el tufo de truffles.

CHICANERY en France… Too Much Birthday. It’s like a cult, but sponsored by Mexican politicians. En los años del CHAMIZAL these fuckers where part of El Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Extranjero, a scheme developed by the great-grandfather of Natalia Almada, and some guy named Napoleón.


https ://www .facebook .com /events /89-rue-de-lourcq-75019-paris-france /concertfandango-jarocho

En París, Francia, el festival de jaraneros está en decadencia y Juanito Belmont, como buen francés, los ignoró. Cabe destacar que RFPP comenzó su  “aquí estamos, aquí está Osler Amaro y los herederos de celebridades chilenas,” en ALEMÁN del Bueno³.

³~. For those from New Mexico just joining U.S., what? Did’ya take the wrong TO’in in 🐰 AlbuKoi-qi? Please be advised that Paris Fréquence Plurielle does not have the balls to link the Juanito Guanabacoa Show on it’s its donations page. And Eye most certainly will not re-direct your asses to his “finca” en la pensada, —or some chingada comme ça.

Ladies in Gemini: Frank Zappa.


Pero bueno, los cimientos de HAUSMANN están fijados con TRAIDORES en la base. Y por eso los letreros en piedra en cada escuela, y los hornos de Guanabacoas en la memoria.

Habrá que destacar que los familiares de luchadores sociales (aquí en París, Francia) heredan el calibre de sus antecesores… pero no el de sus ancestros llámese el nieto de Diego Rivera o, los ahijados de VIOLETA PARRA, pero su pólvora es de SALVA, como en el GAUMONT 🎥… pura pantalla igual que con los Gleason’s en La Farce.

Which is why, Dr. Martin Luther King III, you should have been a cotton picker first, so that you may know how to identify (when invited to RFPP) the nazis in Mexico. But seriously dear Reverend, your name is invoked by a little afro-mexican rhythm called the fandango, but it’s not really fandango, but Öüï likes to think that it is puro oído jarocho, o algo así.

And, Reverend Sharpton, you, off all (honorary Mexican*) niggers, should know, that by virtue of The Cotton, I am blacker than your Brooklyn-ass… just ask MARIANA X. RIVERA en Guerrero, México.

*~. Please reference the Vicente Fox incident, “ni los negros tienen lavadoras de dos patas, o algo así”.

Why, Violeta Parra’s grandson is named “Irwin” (or Erwin) is probably because Violeta PARRA was a 1980’s LOS ANGELES LAKERS fan (32).

Mexicanos en el extranjero… Los Nazis en RFPP.

1, 2, 3, 4, … Political Director for Hire

That’s not a Llama, Gumby! That’s a fucking GUACAMAYA, and you can double check THIS fact with Pablo Gleason, cousin of course of Miguel, the only Mexican in France allowed to write about MEXICANS ABROAD, and brother to the greatest Torero en Saltillo, Coahuila, y en Merida Yucatán, “El Glison”.

The chapel of the Pétètes | Ecrins National Park (ecrins-parcnational.fr)

My first Vernissage.

It checks out, pinches petetes son muñequitos de Piedra en una tal porte de La Chapelle… for context, to avoid getting an OTQF from the préfecture a Cité in 2014, all that I, Armando Segovia, had to do was give up the names of my sources, both here and in Mexico. 

Who knows, maybe if I had listened to Raphaël Moran, Pablo Gleason and el mono with the “PEPITO” hat below, jaraneando in a NICHO of anygiven banlieu parisina, pues a lo mejor [SoFy Belascoarán] ahorita sería también un HARTISTA en FRANCIA!!! como los integrantes de la Banda del Carro Lleno de La Embajada de México en la rue Longchamps.

El Charrito Pemex, con beca del CoNaCyT en la Comisión Federal de Electricidad y Bienes Raíces de Manuel Bartlett Díaz. Uso Justo de todos los GAMBI y los Petetes también. COPYLEFT, but not the Mexican LEFT, porque se ENOJA la Mujer de Nicolas.

Manuel Bartlett Díaz — Wikipédia (wikipedia.org)

Not to be outdone by DAVID GUETTA, French ghetto artist and Llama lover, GAMBI (Gumby) joined forces with a former JARANERO from the JUANITO GUANAVACOA ranks at the NARCO CONSULATE SECTION of the Mexican Embassy in the 2eme Arrondisement to bring you a new vision in future FANDANGOS at the MEXICO HOUSE, inside of the perimeter of Cité Universitaire de Paris at the 14eme Arrondisement en GenTilly, laced with la porte d’Orleans in la FRANCE.

de mexicanos en fandangos de FRANCIA

¡Mesa, mesa, mesa al que más aplauda! Con ustedes, el hijo a-francesado de Juanito Guanabacoa en Francia, knot the one from CANADA: ALAN GARCÍA, no relation to the Peruvian ex-president who, par hasard, is also a Llama lover.

Yup, that’s an eight!

Any how, never mind that pink-shade lizard face profile looking at rebmevoN on the B-Side of the “Dark Side of The Moon”, just in case you FORGOT who Pink was, and same as it Eva’ Was, the fak remains the same, it’s that dirty-old aging cajun mix between a Gray and a little gator, James Carville.

Now, across the Gulf of México from the Louisiana Swamps (Orleans, Fr.) in Tabasco, the Olmecas thought of the relief on the face of the moon as a ‘rabbit’ but as the pink moon close-up clearly reveals, the big’ol James Car Vile reptilian profile-looking face is there. The ears that which are, “supposedly” a wascaly wabbit doing a backflip is actually, Car Vile’s little gecko-like body.

It’s right D.A.R.E. in plain sight for all to see. Behold, motherfuckers:

It’s a pink elephant in Florida.


And, Mika can Eye have that pink elephant over Perth?


Petete Pedotes, featuring Gumbi

Who needs FOX News when it’s all Greek to Marc.


The Truth about Elon Musk… Musk is a fucking lizard Man like that Car Vile guy.

Don’t forget the Ca-Junes-ese 🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎


So, yeah… Marc pinned the hammer on Piggly wiggly. Marc’s segue into the Pelosi affaire in San Francisco, California, might just be the runner-up to this year’s edition of the Alanis MorriSète Award.

… ∞

A KnowN Record… In The Name Of Love

In Hilo, Hawaii it’s high noon. In Central Europe it’s already too late.

For the record, The Foreign Mexican Service agents are “career professionals” and they keep the chain of succession, in a thing called « La Catafixia », ask Xavier López “Chabelo” in The Family.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/04/03 /politica /mexicana-no-sera-castigada-por-denunciar-abuso-sexual-en-qatar/

En contexto for the good people at La Sorbonne, and points in between, it all started before Su Serenísima Alteza,  El excelentísimo Carlos de Icaza, walked out on the FRENCH PROCLAMATION of February 6, 2011, which established the ☀️ Semaine de l’Amérique latine et les Caraïbes at the IHEAL {or} some institution comme ça.

Ketch Up 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏼🏃rue des Victoires 🃏🛼

I, Armando Segovia/Armando serrano-PRIETO, reckon that had that snub from Mr. de Icaza not taken place, LOS AMIGOS DE MÉXICO EN FRANCIA, responsible for the arrondissement-level ORGANIGRAMME du les capos de événements (such as the film and other spectacles that supposedly represent the vision of LA COLONIA ROMA en el extranjero) would not have reacted like the character of FELICIA ALDEN in the WITCHES OF EASTWICK (1987), at the sight of Daryl Van Horn in the vicinity of their precious “cultural events”.

With regards to the Paris Marathon, FLORENCE CASSEZ kidnapped La GO’ill de Niza… on account of this event, Öüï is going to skip a Maverick episode, more specific, the one about The Third Rider.

Earlier in the They, it only took Five hours!!!

Across the street from Polandia in Ucraniaville no pasa nada.

GO HOME, Duke!!!

Never mind the accidents… here comes the “incidents”.


And, Alex can Eye have that Elephant over there?

Hey, baby… nobody Walks in El Ey, get a Zeppelin, ya’bum.

That’s cast iron on particle board chords Ewe got D.A.R.E. « resonance robusta », violin de rancho—ya llegó tu tocador.

Arpa, violín y Ha-rana.
Eye can see for miles and miles and miles.

… Over at RFPP, the question is if “LarAdio del pueblo » va resonar por le ESCP en Issy-les-Moulineaux, o si Adio is going to separate La from the “little r”, and adjust for freq’s?

‘Member now… two things can be TROU at the same time 📐 Radio Peru en rFPP is taking a Siesta, or Emision Américas went the way of the Russian Tank Operator: A.W.O.L.


Ladies in Gemini, Today is Día de Reyes, —Eve!

Quinto d’Enero, 2021.

Epiphany’s eve

🎶 Si au milieu de la guerre je devais mourir
avec un ami cher, je vous ferai part
Si au milieu de la guerre, je me fais tuer
avec un ami cher, je vous ferai part

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Dolly Parton, period! Y’all OUGHT TO KNOW that Dolly Parton relieved Alanis MoRieSette starring role in DOGMA, and in a parallel universe Silvester Stallone was about to rhinestone “the hype” out of Flavor Flav and 911 has literally, and parenthetically!!! Turned into a Joke in yo’town!!! THE Humanité

Deer, President-elect Biden,

Pease be advised that your parenthetical accusation of Mr. Messier (N° 45) not wanting to do the job is skewed at best, completely misinformed on account that Mr. Messier (N° 45) “will [parenthetically] WO’ik all They”, making MANY phone calls and TALKING at many meetings … parenthetically enunciating, off-course.

… [A]nd Ashley, no insistas, stick to your Damian’s (colas) at The Pentagone, Brasserie (at la Porte de ISSY casí esquina con el Equinoxe de COLAS à Balard).

https ://www .europe1 .fr /international /le-mexique-offre-lasile-politique-a-julian-assange -4016220

🎵 Colás, Colás, Colás y Nicolás
Lo mucho que te quiere y lo poco me das
Si quieres, si puedes, si no, tú me dirás
¡Ay, qué bonito baila la mujer de Nicolás!

🗣 ´Inche Andrés López Manuel Obrador
quién te viera tan Donald John Trump!
Ahora diga, Serenísima “criaturita”…
[D]e qué sabor va usted a querer
sus chingadas Swedish Meatballs, eh‽

… [O]ff-course, situational opportunist and President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, could not pass by LA OCASIÓN created by a Queen’s Court of Parliament regarding the extradition of Julian Assange.

Las fuentes de Las Cruzadas de doña Vilma

En Francia… en Francia no pasa nada, Marianne:

We don't do facebook, but

Öüï does not do the facebook, but given the occasion and being the THEY after “Black Friday”, we said, fuck it .:. https ://facebook .com /brut officiel /videos /132768011709329/?refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fold.reddit.com%2Fr%2Ffrance%2Fcomments%2Fk2rnhx%2Fmanifestation_%25C3%25A0_paris_un_crs_au_sol_se_fait%2F&_rdr

“And one day, sans la moindre raison, les Français elected Marine Le Pen”
Via: /r/france

After all it was IN•deed, the very French who went ahead and invented “The Crusades”, the most recent one was of course lead by Professor Alain Rouquié in 2012, WHO can forget his welcoming words to then President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto:


*Hasterisk 🇫🇷 5F5D5A25-4ADA-4EA6-B978-4836E15CAD73 🇲🇽 *CON NOMBRE: FRANÇOIS HOLLANDE, President of The 5th French Republic.

Lo bueno del regreso del PRI, es de que ellos sí saben como gobernar.
Sciences Po

Feb. 1, 2012 2013 (perdon)

Quick programming note, Leoncio Orellana (arquitecto de profesión, y capataz del profesor Rouquié en La Casa de América latina en Paris, 27 Blvd. Saint Germain-des–Près) warned me about it when he gave me his blessing to conduct interviews at the most navel-gazing place for Latin Americans in Paris, he told me (Armando Segovia) after commending me for embarking on such “sueño guajiro” as uncovering Mexican corruption in France could prove to be:

The Sad Part

https ://monoaureo .com/2020/11/27/mananero/ .:. 46418EE0-CD60-4C94-981D-090507014F64 .:. The sad part about this Cartón Político is that back in February of 2012, at the Mexico’s House at Cité International Universitaire de Paris, the MORENA–Francia founding committee members; at the time called, “El Frente Amplio de Izquierda mexicana” laughed me out of the Benito Juárez (kitchen hall, not the actual hall) when I suggested that people were starting to notice their CULT-LIKE behavior. Y mira, —can EYE get an AMen!

Be careful, because journalism is not always about “the poor.

and as Tabasco went under water after a recent Greek-alphabet letter hurricane, it turned out that “el buen Leo” was right. It’s about saving the president’s PET PROJECTS, such as a refinery instead of the underprivileged citizens in Tabasco, which happens to be the Mexican President’s home state. LIKE his outgoing superior in Washington, Donald Trump, president López Obrador hates his home state… look it up, with Governor (NY) Cuomo, Andrew [Oneeach].

Mean while here at doña Vilma’s neighborhoods, and as far back as 10 minutes in France are concerned, recording someone without their permission or knowledge has been a crime against FRENCH ETHICS, just ask President Hollande’s predecessor, Nicholas Sarkozy, WHO IS CURRENTLY undergoing legal proceedings for inventing the French Talents and Skills Visa.


https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /First_Crusade

https ://monoaureo .com/2020/11/27/mananero/

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It is what it is“… Trump’s poor little rich girl, dix it.

El respeto al moche aneno

El respeto al moche ajeno .:. 637A7687-34A8-4811-B3AE-B031BEEE3A38 —_*_— … [E]s pura felicidad, feliz — MAX.

1er Encuentro de Jaraneros
en Europa (03/2014)
Casa de México
Ciudad Universitaria
75014, París:

Of course, professors Jim Cohen and Antoine Compagnon, Ivanka’s cold-as-ice voice must be read in John Mill Ackerman’s nasally agitated voice.

Armando Segovia à Monsieur le Président du Tribunal Administratif de Paris (Exhibit « M » ; ii)

Dear, Marianne:

El Alternativo

El Alternativo.:.338DE3CB-82BE-493C-9FAF-BACA65B1F51B `-•_!!_•-‘ “Con el estilo « Lamentablemente Inconfundible », de Banderilla, Veracruz.

Thank you for your very ROMAN ways of inclusion, for your nourishment, for your municipal baths, and for your Liberty.

Thank you also for the Greek in you, which for our most insignificant taste and with U.S., not having that Bostonian accent that your ENArquist and Sciences Po pencil-pushers put on a pedestal, keeps on keeping U.S. [lowly chicanos] DOWN for a FAIR share of RESEARCH that the very FRENCH get to do all over THE GLOBE.

Come Tuesday morning, December 10th at 10h00 in CET, the staff of this most inconsequential blog will be before an Administrative Tribunal that will try to convince me, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto, that my life started on 2017, the year when a “CONFLICT OF INTEREST” between the organizers of The Year of Mexico in FRANCE and The Préfecture de Police at Cité, spilled-over all of the repercussions of the past 14 years; EIGHT OF which started with a simple request from the Mexican Foreign Service in France:

Chéquenme a ese cabrón

El mejor Melón es de Bermejillo

El mejor Melón es de Bermejillo, casi esquina con San José de Las Panochas, Municipio de Mapimí — Zona del Silencio.:. y, Viva Villa, Cabrones.

3,420 Seconds until SPECTACLES… LIVE desde La CDMX

Que no le cuenten…
En París, Los de Cascabel son bien
… cómo se dice—cómo se dice???
Ah, Sí!!! Son bien Jarochos
“Trust in Me”, Jaranean
los muy tepocates.

“Time, got Da’Time Ticking” in Bri–Wi’s voice.

ISSY, pariente: IT IS WHAT IT IS…
o como dicen los muy francecitos
En El Club De los amigos de México en
… en ‘onde?
… ou?
… Where?
¡Ah, sí!!!
Los Amigos de México en París.
Associacion de Loi 1901
… of course, Primo— of course.
No ponga esa carita de

BROZO, chingada madre, contigo
pero sé que faltan Veinte
para ver nacer esa
4ª TransFORMERción…
Yellow Jacket y Chappie, follow.

para los que no le hacen al francés:

Cascabel en su conotación más pura y tierna es un “Clochette”, pero cuidado, no lo vayan a confindir con un ser que se maneja zig-Zageando®️ por la rue de Ravioli, por decir. Pero ya en serio, pariente, no lo vaya usted a confundir con un Clochard, por que se le ARMA con doña Vilma en el BoBar de Mutualite…

Breaking The News:
El Bobar ya no existe, ISSY, el staff lamenta apuntar que ese antro de bistro terminó yendo por la vereda de El Dodo, una cantina solidaria.

Adjunto: Las Tres Primaveras y El Busto de don Beno

20 de marzo, 2017
Para ti: Fish

…si alguna duda tienes Cielito Lindo de mi pasión
toma el cuchillo y abre Cielito Lindo mi corazón
—mi Corazón_mi Corazón—
que’s pahra ti
que si tú no lo quieres Cielito Lindo yo voy por ti.

Fragmento del Cielito Lindo
en versión  jarana y son; para un fandango…
en un anexo de La Embajada.

Grupo Raíces de Oaxaca
Gira europea 2014 — 75015 París.

[Si nos dejan… el contexto sigue]