Suicide Solution — AOC para Chile y Chile para AOC


Here I am bay-bee… hello from just another locker in France, follows.


Just the facts ma’am. Are Ewe sayin’ that 🎶 A orillas del Río Bravo, hay una linda mujer descuartizada en una fosa del señor gobernador?


NORDAKA: HOMENAJE a Marcel Marceau (19232007)
https ://www .jornada /notas /2023/08/29 /espectaculos /le-culte-de-la-personnalite-ne-me-motive-pas-c_est-plutot-le-culte-du-travail-qui-me-motive_jaime_lopez/

International Day of the Disappeared
featuring the Hartistry of Fredy Cats in France.

70 AD, Titus ends the siege of Jerusalem after destroying Herod’s Temple. And the story of JESUS CHRIST begins to be get drafted by a Roman-Jewish “madrina” who went by the name of Flavius Josephus.

… y aunque no te de, —La Ghana. This is, Last Week (Aug 4, 2011³) To They… because whether the good-people at the Agence France Presse remembers or not, “[B]etween 2001 and 2008, the organization of the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas was collectively known as La Compañía (The company)”.

Le Gabon, El Mali, and The Niger. Wuah-güa—WA.

1960 RosalinoCHALINOSánchez Félix sees his first “Flores de mayoin a ranch called El Guayabo in the state of Sinaloa.

https ://www .axios .com /2023/08/28

And later in the programming:

— 2014 Charles Clyde Bowden (b. July 20, 1945 – August 30) was an American non-fiction author, journalist and essayist based in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He was best known for his work documenting violence on the Mexico-United States border, especially in and around Ciudad Juarez.

Trafficking defendant: I was a DEA informer
and Next Year, this happy fellow is going to be moving to FRANCE, where Amnesty International is already scheduling his domiciliation appointment with one of the many welcoming associations of the French Law of 1901.

³~. https ://www .chron .com /news /article /trafficking-defendant-i-was-a-dea-informer

Osiel Cárdenas Guillén is a Mexican drug lord and the former leader of the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas. He is currently imprisoned canned at a prison in Terre Haute with a release date of 30 August 2024.


And so Öüï begin in Gabon, but first, if you are keeping track you might recall that all that Öüï wants is for Florida to sink down Bermuda way, and right now it‘s Primetime in Talla°has°see° 🌬️🌀🌊 and the perfect storm to surgically cut Florida from the Mainland has made landfall 🌪️⚡🌧️🌪️. Our thoughts and prayers are with y’all; R015.

https ://www .euronews .com /2023/08/15 /ecowas-military-leaders-to-discuss-niger-coup-at-ghana-summit

After the Eye of Idalia passes by the I-95, Governor De Santis will have to shake President Biden’s hand, photo-op which, the governor then will will then use as a PR ad in a PAC ad.

*~. https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /August_30

“Americana” that was paraphrased, as a protest.

Hey, Negrita!

Nevermind the chihuahuese under THAT bridge… he is a César DUARTE operative (Ruta México 2010).

Warning: if you are easily offended, Öüï not only recommends that you curb your WHITE GUILT on the spot, but that you also [kindly] get off of your high and might horse.


🎶 Shame on a nigga who try to RUN game on a nigga.


if you happen to be a HOUSE NIGGER like the one named  Clarence Thomas at the Supreme Court of The United States of America, then your lovely r/HOT WIFE knows exactly why THE WORD “nigger” resuscitated on the Third THEY¹, went up to heaven², down to hell³, —over to the purgatory and most certainly to that other joint called LIMBO, and told all you MEXICAN motherfuckers at the OCDE, to go fuck each other at the 15ème Division de Montparnasse. Serge Gainsbourg is waiting for you sons of bitches with Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.


The Niggers are out but The Woman can stay… Go ahead, say it! Say that I am the racist for telling you how things went down at the Country 🏌️ Club as the National Rifle Association “MASTERS ⛳ Cup” was on the streams 🎻.

https ://en .as .com /other_sports /2023-masters-at-augusta-national-day-1-recap-n/

¿Y su agüita de limón de qué sabor se la damos, güerita?

Dear, Jonathan Capa-corazao’ … Be happy that the two black expelled Tennesseans didn’t get charged with RAPE!

In local news, following the raid by The Police at the roof of the Falafel House during the 9th Edition of National Sports They, a radical nigger who went by the name Jesus of Nazareth, a known basterd’ in the “garde à vue” bistro circuit was placed under a rest, yes Ewe read correctly, Jesus was placed under a rest, and then the nigger was CRUCIFIED at [I shit you not] MOUNT BALDY, which is CALVA if youse latin, or GOLGOTHA Hills if you follow the Aramaic section of El Ey…

Gospel-singing divas at the site relay that at around the Sunset, and for the first time since that incident with the Elders in Egypt, the Superstar had not felt betrayed by the PSG.

PSG is a great club and a great family, but it is certainly not Kylian Saint-Germain.”

Kylian Mbappe.

https ://www .reuters .com /lifestyle /sports /mbappe-distances-himself-psg-promotional-video-2023-04-06/


…Amen, my nigga! Amén.

The one after number 9, number 9, number 9,…


In this section, Alicia will show up in places where even the White Rabbit dare not go, which is to say, Rocky Point is just a shot away from Haiti.

La Rumorosa, B.C., Camp Alaska (México)_ https ://www .rfi .fr /fr /Amériques /20230324-l-immigration-et-Haïti-au-cœur-des-discussion-entre-Joe-Biden-et-Justin-Trudeau

United Miners of North America.


Say what you want, but if your name is Karl, at a media enterprise in front of La Adelita on la rue de Crozatier, just behind the APHP messhall with the pornographic orgy scene fresco at Saint-Antoine, then you might be?


Survey/Enquête says:

A. Judas
B. on the Side of Editorial Darwinism
C. A fellow from CAºBORºCA

Answer: … para la eternidad, Judas, para la eternidad.

The Ville is Real, the clown names have been exchanged for credit at some pretentious Canadian University in Ontario.

And here’s why, J.R. (el hartista que’s-que puso los “ojos” en Tecate™, eyeEye!), because if you, sir… believe los comensales de l’adelita en Saint-Antoine, then by all means don’t follow the yella’Belly road to Médecines du Monde because all that youse gonna find is a motherfucking ReVolving door ushering you to Amnesty International à Belleville, which coincidentally is just a shot away from BOTZARIS and la Fréquence Paris Plurielle, but far from being in-pitch with la fréquence 110 hZ.

Two U’s (pronounced: Tú Ewe’s)

Jump to mañana.

Phuck you, STEVE Rattner — Give Some

Over at « Il est 5 heures »… It’s papas á la francesa, thyme.

Ladies in Gemini of Flight 747 with a connection to Memphis, Atlantis, and Georgia (not that one, sweet Carolina) our next stop is Boulder followed by Little Rock and then of course, the FOcken’ Stones, mate!

Phuck you pig, I’m with the Mel’s³, and please be advised that this flight started in Hilo, Hawaii, where Aurélie Masagua of Franche Musique is welcoming the Platters, at Twilight Time.

 ³~. Brooks 🗡️ and Blanc 🐰

And, Phuck your perontis desidratado banana…

Long live Kornaki and his board 🛹.

Hard Rock Café is for fags!

Previously on, “Oh, my Lucky Day!”: it’s Bip, le clown du Mans

100 Años de ¡Silencio!!!

CATSUP is code for? —Anyone? Ketch-up is code for? — WESTERN UNION? — VIGO?… any one of you SonsOfBitches? CATSUP is code for? REMESAS of course, ¡HIJOS DE LA CHINGADA? ★remesas Bip~bip.

Ok, in the first place, what were you doing at a dark corner of a French café, and as a matter a fact…

At the Umpire’s abode, Mrs. Umpératrise is throwing heat at Mr. Umpire.

Flore Umpératrise

— Yeah, I saw you earlier today! 👮🏻‍♀️

Marcel… Flip the page.

Nancy Umpire

— You don’t say. Hey, your lips are salty 🧏

Efémeride for a SOUVENIR, starting Chabela  Huppert as the boxer’s main MILF.

In World Series News:

abanicar :

According to the Real Academia Española, abanicar extends beyond the four definitions below, but a good example in real time is the above screen-grab of congressperson Scarborough STRIKING OUT with Mika after the Floribama lawyer whoop his love letter to Eddie Murphy* out on the set. The behavioral reaction of Cousin Joe was worthy of a Napoleon Dynamite même🤹.

*~. https ://www .imdb .com /video /vi683391513 /?playlistId =tt0086465&ref_ =tt_ov_vi

💃🏻. tr. Hacer aire a alguien o a algo con el abanico u otra cosaU. m. c. prnl.

2tr. Taurom. Agitar ante el toro el capotede un lado a otro.

Sympathique… Pink Martini 🐸 is knot a muse.

3intr. Cuba, Méx., Nic., P. Rico y Ven. Dans le jeu de baseball, ne pas frapper la balle après avoir fait un effort.

4. prnl. No hacer casomostrar indiferencia ante algo 🇫🇷

★World Champions, as in THE ASTROS (Houston) are, per the logic of The American Priest in Paris, the North America ⚾pennant holders, where as Japan’s national baseball team is the 2023 World Champions.


Don’t Shoot the mime 🤹, it’s not his fault; instead here’s an American Version of a French piñata, which of course Ewe all know, the piñatas were invented by The French at 🦁 SciencesPo 🦊, those motherfuckers!

From the top 🎪 🎩

🎼 … In other words 🎶

In this Section of Thee BAC, the student should not confuse La Gymnastique with Les Gymnopédies.

Travlin’ Band — mime version 🤹 🃏🎭


But FO’ist!
In this section of The BAC(H), the 18 year-olds will demonstrate their Physical Training and Sex Ed know how… “Gymtimidation” will not be tolerated on the excercise machines or, in the gadget and/or tool sheds.

Subject: Tarahumara Cisco League

In this section the student will DO THE HOMEWORK for JUANITO GUANABACOA’s son and in the process, sacrifice a 2-years of their pension to fund Juanito Guanavacoa’s retirement in France.


Ils trouvent “El Chueco” sans vie, le meurtrier présumé des jésuites à Chihuahua

naturally, the elected Mexican cultist who moonlights early in the mornings as the Executive of that enterprise took all of the credit for the self-policing or, as French people say, “le président s’est attribué le mérite du maintien de l’ordre dans la région

The student will explain how baseball is played in the Sierra Madre regions of La Chingada and provide an example of what an “OUT” is code for when the umpires of the game cover the tracks and sweep the homeplate:

https ://www .liberation .fr /international /amerique /au-mexique-trois-morts-dont-deux-pretres-apres-un-match-de-baseball20220624

Material… because what else is a fucking Mexican in FRANCE good for if not to carry your fucking load, unless he’s or she is enrolled at SciencesPo or la bendita SORBONNE. With this in mind, Ari Shapiro… please do not, EYE SAY AGAIN, please do not confuse your Melle. Pitch award TYPES with the PITCH Black political elements of Évry motherfucking benevolent enterprise* in FRANCE, but that is only because SOLIDARITE on the SPOTLIGHT of BFMer TV has not discovered and/or invented whistle blowers yet, but then again, EYE already explained how the COOKIE MONSTER (7) lost his way for the love of DOUGH.

*~. Keyword “enterprise“.

Sinaloa Cartel Leader Hunted After Killing Priests, Baseball Players and US Tourist

Extra Credit: Provide an example of how MEDIAPART is now into the tales of “El Libro Vaquero”. Warning: must have receipts, or the President of the Court will sentence THEE to, —death by Guillotine™.