Intermedio con Carla, hoy no hubo Sarko!

Las piedras rodando terminan:

… and in this corner, fighting out of the Camden N.J. corner liquor shop, is Stephanie Rhule. Across the Atlantic, the singing wife of a French mandatario and mortal enemy of “La Beba Gaytan³” is challenging “la pundita” for the intercontinental belt. Tropicana Oil Wraslin’ Rules and the Uruguayan MudSlinging Commission sanctifies, blessés, and approves of this bout.

³~. Víctor Trujillo (Fundación Televisa)

By: How does it feel (Question mark and 99 tears)

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El Espejo de tu corcholata.

This year’s edition of Whiteness in Paris is being brought to Ewe (in Hilo, Hawaii) in Primetime, —no less— by IKEA (Punto y coma).

Sí Se Puede.


A deal between La Mairie del HdV and the Swedish “Salinas y Rocha” a.k.a. IKEA™ was reached for an unlimited amount of what the French refer to as, “sommier métallique à lattes”,


what la colección Troncoso de Xavier LópezChabelo” simply catalogues as slatted bed bases.

Sleep Number Catalán 🇪🇸, in collaboration with Juanito Guanabacoa y Cinéma France-Mexi…¿qué‽


on account of the creepy snooping that the corrugated meatball maker giant orchestrated on its French subsidiaries « subjects ».

https ://www .mediapart .fr /en /journal /france /150621 /iikea-france-fined-1m-snooping-staff

Must Show WO’ik


‘member now before November bites you in the ass that… I was the one who told you about Fast and Furious before the NYT was allowed to baptize the mission.

Bring The Mash Up, leave the Ketch Up


… 💅🏻

Naturalize my aguacates, mister Mélenchon

Pass the Bacon, Kevin…

Kevin Bacon Needs Six Degrees of Separation From Spicy Wings | Hot Ones from hotones

But first, Mediapart can lick my avocados, and here is why, because I tried to tell you so, back in Nov of 2019. But your IVORY editorial COLONNE wanted a fucking full peer-reviewed, Top-Secret declassified dossier before your reporters could verify (COTEJAR) MY WOUNDS from the night before, not to mention, a FULL CONFESSION from the police officer who assaulted me, ISSY, i asked for, HELP!… The Police de Police didn’t care either.

https ://www .mediapart .fr /journal /france /170622 /revelations-sur-la-clique-qui-conduit-la-prefecture-de-police-sa-perditionrevelations-sur-la-clique-qui-conduit-la-prefecture-de-police-sa-perdition? utm_source =global&utm _medium=social&utm _campaign =SharingApp&xtor=CS3-5

Content Warning, for those just joining the list of people who do not read this blog, please be advised that Öüï does knot, Öüï repeats, we do not select the news of the they, Öüï seulement joue les cards qui les Venn Diagrams drop on our plate … which happens to be the cue for our sponsors in El Paso, Texas, “los agradecidos del jabón del perro”… o algo así, and if you are in on the joke, this is:

La tradicional
Corrida de Juneteenth…
en Puebla.

Las pelotas del pelotón pelotero de Putin

Don’t try to keep up with the Jon’s esos, they got more farms than Ewe.

Earlier in the INVASION, I saw in real time, not on the Associated Press’ notification of the events that their pigistes reported five hours after MIS PELOTAS saw this coming Yesterday on the DRAFT.

Back to The U.K. from The U.S.S.R. — o, como dicen en la Associated Press… NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!

And MEDIAPART {FRANCE} tú no cantas tan mal las rancheras en Nice.

Knot to be listed black…

Inspiration is for navelgazing Fags!!!
SERENDIPITY is where it’s at.

D.A.T. is the Q & A, eh

Intermedio with The Vampire – y ese pinche “guíoncito”

£orem ipsum

SissyPussy remains Solidaire with 🇨🇺… for the occasion, SissyPussy had a mojito®️ en La Ciudad de Paris vía Barcelonnette, on her güey from Cannes.

La Asociación 1901 de Gilberto Bosques en París, celebrated Cuba’s resistance by staging a performance show at La Villette, vicinity Puebla Gardens y, simón Bolivar, Alemania y los Flamencos acaban de valer Belgas con Tláloc… Ewe ain’t seen nuttin’ yet, Signores.

—_•!•_— But enough about Mexican exceptionalism at L’HESS, L’IHEAL, La Sorbonne and off-course: at the one and only SciencesPo… va’Por ti MediaPART 🗯 via LCI 📰 TV February 2017, and Pablito… you are going to like the way you look, but first Eye must introduce you to the opposite side of Sesame Street (🎶 I can show Ewe how to get to Sesame Street… just ask the Muppets in Juvisy-sur-orge

Context follows… “prefiero ser homosexual,—que un maricón”, según Pablito en una tarde del mes de abril, o de mayo… no me acuerdo muy bien habrá que preguntarle al señor que estaba al lado de don Pablo Bartolomé, cuando Pablito estaba clavando un calvito y practicando el trablenguas de los Spaghettis Spagnoles de los Morricones 

https ://muppet .fandom .com /wiki /Category :The_Muppets_Characters


Commission française de l’électricité, presenta:

Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you, if you’re Slim at heart 🎶

¡Si se puede! The time is now, and if you get to live to a hundred and nine, you too could have your own Mexican Revolution, heck you already have a trailer [here] and an official poster [Octubre tenía que ser].

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/02/02 /politica /reforma-de-amlo-pone-por-delante-produccion-de-cfe/

As that develops, let u.s. not forget what this section is about (punto y coma) it’s about triangulating the positioning of Perrine and Teeny Tiny Cat, in Technicolor vía el Equinox de la Porte de Versailles. Semolina Pilchard reports from La Nacional de Mitterrand.

Anyhow, Perrine, the year was 2017. The month was, lemme see, Let—Mí_ see, déjame Ver por dónde quedaron todos esos Castillos de Sand(ra) en la Catedral. And this is where MEDIAPART WAS SUPPOSED to syncopate the timbal with my Drums, but something got in the way and it took 4 years to CATCH the 705 on the CFE line… and so como dice la canción, “Here i am, Baby.”

I told you so, and in so many words, AMOR en ROMA this is how the Death of French, or any less insignificant (by VERY French standards) Culture begins to unravel, and this is the CUE to tell you that Rachel With Glasses looks like Buddy Holly.

Still to come, Police Squad à la mode de Caen… 🎶🤾🏽‍♂️🗣 ¿Qué de dónde, amigo vengo?

Georges Méliès is your template to what follows if you don’t listen to the great-great—Great French grandson of Thomas A. Edison. Do you, my little FROGGIES know where your greatest film maker ended up at? Inside the Old Gare de Montparnasse… COPYRIGHT—mis güevos.

Of course, when that happens (take place, pues) all of your Goncourts, your Césars, your Comédie française will be handled by “people who know”… the Cousin of the Compadre of the Beau-père de la mademoiselle:

So… did you really, really think that the Thrill be gone? Knot when i’m around.

 🎶🎹 “C’est la vie“, say the old folks, it goes to show you never can tell…

Intro to teleportation in a Type One Civilization quadrant

Happening now on the other side of The Atlantic:

El Año de Hidalgo on Deadline at La Casa Blanca.

Lorem IPsum

Musical Guest: Las Amazonas de Nantes
Teloneros: Los Franchutes de La Sierra

CNES Paris

Full-disclosure, Humanity (lower-case “hache”) has yet to reach Type 1 status in the Galaxy… and Zeppelin, goes here… “oh, the Humanity”.

Les Halles (4)

Point A 🖖🏼 .:. 916A9FDE-297D-4E86-A2AD-1FF9A331FB1C 🎯 In this section The User will identify the coordinates and the Elements of this story in Steps 1 and 3 in the Assembly Sequence [from] Below.


The first thing that users of this technology needs to realize is that ‘teleportation’ in a Type zero civilization would be like picturing a hypercube in this dimension, however, there is always modeling and dry-runs, por ejemplo, in the 1990’s during the Clinton Administration, the U.S. Military went through some lean-times, after the Reagan/Bush and Bush/Quayle $900 toilette seat spending spree, William Jefferson was left with Zilch for Ammo, and so during training we actually simulated the “booms” of the main-gun on account of a shortage of rounds, this was called dry-training, hence each qualifying run during training was called a dry-run and we were modeling war.

Now, during training you can’t possibly imagine the actual trauma that follows an actual live fire engagement because of the nature of that thing that President Eisenhower warned Chuck Todd’s parents nation in the late 50’s, but the medics on that same training exercise scenario can sure as fuck picture the after-shock.


Assembly sequence:

New users should review our rendition of ‘una comedia de enredos’ and ‘a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum’ to Ketch-Up with today’s projection, specifically the part about the “TIME” Magazine honored tradition of Mexican presidential transitions.

Once that requirement is accounted for then the user may proceed with the operation and With that in Mind the user proceeds to identify the connecting Elements within a 5-minute stoner-stroll radius. In this particular transfer of matter (in a Type Zero Civilization) the elements and the physical space involved in this Tesseract are laid in the following ORDER:


— A French-owned supermarket incident in Paris, France

Common denominator is the ol’common “Vulgar Display of power” within a « news cycle » or a “New York Minute” with Fareed Zak[a]ira on TRMS*.

— A French-owned supermarket incident in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

🏎 https ://www .bangkokpost .com /business /2024555 /carrefour-shares-plunge-in-brazil-after-killing


— A red button issue on the political spectrum.

The fear factor here involves, and/or traces back to police training and its first-cousin « police brutality ». In this plane of existencial real estate (of this particular transfer of matter between two points) the Venn Diagram will check for either “escalating” strategies or, “de-escalating” techniques and corral the plots accordingly.

— An incident that triggers the red button.


— Account for rhyme, Synchronicity, Serendipity, Coincidence, Proximity and, in this particular transfer of information (since this is the 3rd Dimension, and the transfer of matter is shackled in the theoretical) a launch-pad… enter MY Current Location which happens to be across the cobble-stone covered street on rue Berger and the passage des Lingeres.

Montgallet (8)

Point B ✍🏼

— “’Estoy harto de tocar la batería‘ dijo Bonham a Plant antes de la muerte de Led Zeppelin”:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020 /12/02 /espectaculos /a09n1esp

Live on facebook: Singing for supper and the payback boys

We now return to our signal sessions to Mediapart and the Laske desk.

Where ever, James Hetfield, —i may ROAM

… [L]et’s play Ketch-up, get it? It’s a Pulp Fiction reference, anyhow Mr. Laske, i’d like to apologize because in my panorama of consequences i thought that by Friday —week last— i would be rendering the requested documents to get through your Stonewall gate, in plain–text, that translates to satisfying your company’s receptionist “to-do list”.

Sin embargo, [that’s néanmoins en Español like in the Mexican restaurant that you can see if you look our your window on rue Crozatier] it doesn’t matter how fast or how expeditiously i try to obtain an official document for your company’s receptionist, the fact of the matter is that the pole positioning in this race will be determined by the public servant or clerk sitting or listening on the other side of the intercom or desk.

With that in mind, please note that the underground RATP room from which i had been transmitting since the first lock-down [at least] was “condemned” this past Monday morning by an array of motley uniforms from different security companies and a couple of familiar suits. I happened to have catch those gentleman as i was exiting the facilities, JOE, a fellow Île de La Reunion SDF, was still in the bathroom washing his face as they went in through this door where, later-that-night [i might disclose] i re-arranged the space where my head loses consciousness because of them fucking REM’s.

The security guards and management personal seemed to have brought a competent locksmith this time around, back in late June or early July the stainless steel door was installed but the opening (door handle) was installed on the corridor side, not on the side of the threshold that the door lock is supposed to seal from ALL OF THE ELEMENTS that roam the underground.

Last night, very late in the wee-hours, “Bamako” a fellow from Mali, opened the door from the inside as i was trying to get some sleep, here’s the CATCH, earlier in the day after returning from “la police de la police” headquarters on the 12th arrondissement, to eat my DAYTIME SOUP at the RATP underground, an pair of workers who identified themselves as an ASBESTOS monitoring crew also opened that same stainless steel door.

FULL-disclousure, upon my arrival at about noon, i heard a lot of hammering and pounding coming from the other side of a now CORRECTLY installed one-way door knob, a few minutes later the pounding stops and i heard voices on the other side of the stainless steel door, it was a duo of contracting gurus, and as usual and like other contract workers that i have met in the past 3 years or so, whom i have met in this section of the Parisian underground floor, which i refer to as MY Squat, the two were rather nice. I asked if i could retrieve my folding chair as i saw one of those workers walking out with a metal stool that i used to place at the table from where i used to photograph food and whole bunch of other stuff, but mostly books and food.

The nice gentleman said yes and so i retrieved my folding chair and some dirty Laundry that i could not retrieve last Monday, when the Les Halles suits and the RATP fire and safety crew arrived to once again, “condemned” that section of the -4 floor plan.

Anyhow, Mr. LESKE, last night, when Bamako opened the stainless steel door from the inside, i used the opportunity to run to the lavabo and wash my hands. To my surprise the bathroom had been reshaped, the electric tubing that feeds into a pair of hand dryers had been pulled from the wall, the tile SMASHED with what clearly showed to be the random ball-pin hammer strikes to the walls and floors, AND GET THIS, all of the locks for the doors in the now locked floor plan had been removed an laid spread throughout on the floor, as if a demolition crew was playing “food fight” with these.

Bamako suggested that he opened the door for me to go back in an sleep in that old WORK (jazz) sessions room, he told me when i asked of him “at what time he was going to get up”, since he actually sleeps at normal hours and is an early raiser, —but Bamako cut me off and informed me that he was not sleeping at “the squat” this particular night, that he was there just to open the stainless steel door for me, how Nice.

So I proceeded to step out into the corridor (again) and i locked the door after me, but not before retrieving my broom, and other cleaning supplies that i use to keep this fucking place tidy’ed up… for the record, on Monday afternoon, after the RATP/Mall security team locked every possible entry to my now condemned squat there was no possible way those premises could be opened without the KEY… or kicking the godDamned door in, so there is that.

Hello, Mediapart — Meat The Monkees

Hello, Mr. K.L.Mediapart.

The reverb

The reverb–eration effect.:. 4472BF79-13CF-400E-9043-39FAB31FB71B .:. Off-course, if Eye told you, Mr. K.L.Mediapart, that Eye felt the Monoprix version of the rent-a-cop assault on a paying customer here in the Parisian “Downtown” before France 24 got out of bed on Friday morning, you would probably guess my name.

Please disregard the second part of today’ headers, the title, like Daron Noir is a play-on-words. The Brits, Meet The Beatles is the equivalent of your Baron Noir.

Anyhow, Mr. K.L.M., we, [the staff of this most non-consequential blog] stopped by your office earlier in the day and were given instructions at the door, on how to reach you, additionally, pay no attention to the snapshot below, the receptionist at the aforementioned door informed us that your contact protocols are operating on France’s 3rd Republic protocols, as in, “looking more towards 1914, than onwards to 1940, a paraphrase of course, —from 1973.

https ://fr .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Le_Monde_en_guerre

Personally, and Eye means this with the utmost respect, we found it amusing that before we could even be allowed anywhere near your media company’s reception area, your Daronne at the door (see what we did D.A.R.E.?) would ask for original documents of all of the evidence of whatever information our envoy, Armando Segovia, was there to deliver before you or any media representative would consider granting us the time of day… interesting STONEWALL, very Thomas Edison of Mediapart, considering the flip-side of that particular request when your information gathering teams (journalists) go out and request an audience from the plebs on the streets. Fair enough, we will try to comply, just give u.s. a minute before noon in Hilo, Hawaii, in order to complete our 36 hour “OPEN SKIES” shift… in case you fuckers follow NATO news.

https ://dw .com /en /us-officially-withdraws-from-open-skies-transparency-pact /a-55691315

Indeed, Mr. K.L.Mediapart, we expected “shade” but we didn’t think that you operated under Parisian restaurants, bistros, and cafés window-seating access standards*.

But of course, all of the above sounds better when spoken in French, so have-at-it, Sir:

El Chavo, little Socorro —y el coco…

Anuncia Hollande el regreso de Año de México en Francia… Milenio diario; c. 2014.

Context and sources of mashup follows…

Context Follows…. TimeStamp: 23h55 07h00 …


ISSY.. pero sobre todas las cosas, haciendo referencia al ganador del Gran Premio de Humor Político para el 2017; allá en Los Altos del Sena —en les-Moulineux, casi esquina con el culo de Technicolor® (92130)— “Le Mec du 2015” is a Fair Use of “El Chavo del Ocho” and former French President, François Hollande.

Full disclousure

Our interpretation of the ear flapped hunters hat and the signature stripes t-shirt, —all decked— with a set of suspenders over his left shoulder is courtesy of Vanessa Arendt, at DiviantArt; while the mug of Mr. Holland, however, that sketch arrives courtesy of some guy –dit– Lascar, —and MediaPart.

Anygüeys, the combined rendition of Chespirito’s most memorable street urchin is a freehand mashup from the pen of SegoArma, our own nomad signwriter/painter, and well-rounded Rotulista Extraordinaire–at-large.

The context that makes SegoArma’s free-hand version of the “Holland/El Chavo del Ocho” mashup a Fair Use Of All Media, is a proposition that is loaded with the properties of Apophenia [or, the human ability to correlate both images and shapes, with data and/or information] in order to interpret or tie loose ends; and, in this particular case, as yet another reference to (a) Florence Cassez Affair, (b) the Peña Nieto [State Invitation] visit to La Place de La Concorde on Bastille Day 2015, (c) “The Year of Mexico in France,” which of course if you never read this blog, followed the next year in 2016 in the form of cultural events, which (d) celebrated the economic and strategic accords signed in 2013 between Los Pinos y El Eliseo… ceremonial circle jerks (e) at the National level of both countries [that’s our take] designed to whitewash the ever-growing numbers of murdered journalists, students, young brown skin women, and regular citizens that get in the way of a turf war for control and power, which we [the staff] would argue (F) that goes beyond the “Kate del Castillo” and “Sean Penn” Rolling Stone® Extravaganza…

Digresion for the sake of the Environment

Dear, non-reader: ask yourself, the following two questions: do I really need to have this last reference about doña Kate annotated at the end of this entry?”… Do I need to waste extra lines of typed fonts on a sheet of paper?

Fuck no, you don’t! You don’t need that reference noted once again because it would be a waste of ink and paper, and besides (Kid) that particular reference already exists in the form of a Next Generation Netflix telenovela, which —as everbody knows— caused the death of Mr. Eric del Castillo (pobre don Eric, como sufrió). Viva México.

… still to come: fritangas on the go, and the Michelin Guide; time to get new soles for them “Old Brown Shoes”.

Print Worthy Sources:

— Page 8/13 (France/Cinema) is courtesy of CNEWS Matin, via:

El apoyo ciego