La moral spread with blackberry™️

18th Street, Los Angeles, California. (1987)

— Chale, no ConozKo a SoFi… but the Forum is next to MLK Blvd. Watch out for El Segundo, pickpockets are known to operate with that D.A.R.E snoopy Snoops güau-Wha, a tribe on some sort of quest ‘claim’ that ‘they’ left their wallets near Seal bitch, or something like that.



Hoy no hubo |-|armónica, puro Claxón®.

Son La Misma Estrella en la Constelación ZODIACOS

Now, if youse looking fo’Flamencos, go to Belgium, pink flamenco’s to Camargue or Miami; but guitarra clásica, go to El Eh… EYYYY!

Habichuela… Pepa “la burra” te saluda, y Manda un Bizet a los nietos de El présidente de los Estados Unidos Mejicanos… Venga, Pappy…

SEBASTIAN “Linares… Öüî’ll put him to the tostada.

And there’s a reason fo’IT!

A4 support

NOTE to Gregory “Pappy” Boyington:

Pappy, it’s just about 0600h in Toledo (je, je 🚽🧻 “toledo” equals toilette in the voice of Pasolini Tejas.) Set sheep-clunting mode to the following hour, in Zulu Time.




And Katty Kay, what’s up with Mika’s potrine racing stripe?

Earlier in the History of the planks at Le Grand Palais in Paris, France:

Hey, Raphaël Morán, at RFI international:

“I Am an Anti-Christ, and Cousin Joe is a Plutocrat…” who you gonna trust?
— CAPITALISM, that’s WHO… That’s how André Malraux was able to give Reynold Arnould a break at the Grand Palais.

El Movimiento por la Paz con Justicia y Dignidad y Ciudadanos por la Paz en México (grupo París) convocan a la manifestación en apoyo a la Ley General de Víctimas ante la embajada de Francia en México, en donde el poeta Javier Sicilia, (cuyo hijo fue asesinado en Cuernavaca en 2011), Ludividine Barbier (esposa de Rodolfo Cazares, director de orquesta secuestrado en Matamoros en 2011), la hermana de Olivier Tschumi (ciudadano suizo secuestrado en Cuernavaca en 2010) y los diputados Noël Mamère y Sergio Coronado le entregarán al embajador de Francia en México las miles de firmas recaudadas en apoyo de la aprobación de dicha Ley. La manifestación tendrá lugar este miércoles 12/12/2012 a las 14h30 en Ambassade du Mexique en France 9 rue de Longchamp, 75016, Paris Tras la manifestación habrá una conferencia de prensa a 16h en Centre d’Accueil de la Presse Etrangère Grand Palais – Cours la Reine Perron Alexandre III – 75008 Paris

https ://ciudadanosxlapaz .wordpress .com /2012/12/09 /manifestation-solidarite-avec-la-loi-de-victimes-au-mexique-ce121212-a-14h30/

When all of a sudden… our correspondent got mixed up with a blonde sipping MIMOSAS at the wheel of a Mustang at La Ave. du Churchill. La “susodicha” was running late to ring the NASDAQ bell at the F.I.A.* next to a VACANT American Embassy in France.

*.~ https ://www .lequipe .fr/Formule-1 /Actualites /La-fia-va-lancer-une-analyse-sur-la-fin-mouvementee-du-grand-prix-d-abu-dhabi /1305527

Ya llegó Nikki Lauda… y Carlos Slim, Aussie. Which is why MERCEDES folded. The Mexican Impasse tactics of the SLIM outfit gave “THE DUTCH”, the MONOPOLY OF THE CIRCUITS… Including the circuit of La Place de La Concorde… In Other Words, NO HUBO PENAL.

… https ://racingnews365 .com /breaking-mercedes-decide-against-appeal-verstappen-keeps-title

“Or, am I caught in a hit and run?
Straight up now tell me…,” Katty Kay, where’d you get that Rocher Ferrari look from? Your mercedes³ are going to stall.

LIVE, from the  Supreme Petroleum Council
³.~ https ://www .proz .com /kudoz /spanish-to-english /poetry-literature /1589026-%2Asus-mercedes%2A.html

And in Washington, Willie Geist is fed up with thughs walking into his favorite sandwich shop in NANTUCKET only to shamelessly shoplift sandwiches straight from THE SANDWICH DISPLAY RACK, from THE RACK, Stephanie Rhule, from The Rack.
Hi, My Name Is Frank and I’ll Be Your Robber This Evening

https ://www .latimes .com /archives /la-xpm-1997-oct-26-tr-46832-story .html

And, Willie Geist… you obviously have not seen L.A. Story. Just ask, Willie Geist, JUST ASK the Reverend Al Sharpton, them Nantucket sandwich snatchers have nothing on the civilized way to redistribute swag from Art studio visiting, latte-spiked regular coffee, and 50 over 50 year-old Abu Dhabi débutantes.

https ://www .msnbc .com /know-your-value /mika-brzezinski-chair-international-women-s-day-event-abu-dhabi -n1285998

Later on DeutschWelle TV: The Shock Doctrine sin CUARÓN

En Contexto…
because a picture without, IT!
got’s no Swing.

te manda un Saludo vía Manu Chao

Page 23
Nº 2598; 25/06/2021
CNEWS Détente (¡Cabrón!)

D’Angelo is right, and to paraphrase Ari Melber on The peacock Beat, « This ain’t no underground, it’s a basement and YOU have Mí chained to an icon, —Marianne ».

STAY! —_•¡•_— B1B84327-9519-4919-8D77-AC1C5DEA31DB ⌛️
The year is 2011, and before The Year of Mexico in France had it’s first unfortunate encounter with cancellations on the scene de La Seine and engagements were WAS less of a National Mandate or, as in the Case of The Mexican Embassy in France (un berrinche) a tantrum on l’Assemblée National on account of dedicating a Cultural [bi-national] event in the IMAGE of FLORENCE, but KNOT ISRAEL (Vallarta, knot Puerto) i, armando segovia, had the opportunity to take this same picture without the campground enthusiasts’ but with the very rusted chains that Öüï now reconstructs with the aid of a sequence of Emojis… para ‘el personal’, period

In Local news, Utopia56 is opening the Parvis de Madame Hidalgo à le BHV Gardens to all outdoors enthusiasts… more SPecifically the brothers, sisters, and of course, the “the mini me” version of all’them migrants from the Subsaharan regions of mama-africa* who only stopped playing fútbol  [it seems] in order to count sheep, and maybe rest a bit.

* Pintor de santos de alcoba
Si tienes alma en el cuerpo
Por qué al pintar en tus cuadros
Te olvidaste de los negros


Angelitos negros lyrics © Editorial Mexicana De Musica Int. S.A. (emmi) ironically written by, “El Hoy BLANCO ».

The whole gang is here, AFP, Reuters, those fuckers whose signals propagate from le Boulevard Aquatic a Balard, casi esquina con el Equinoxe en Issy-Les-yada yada yada

Starring Eddie Mitchell as the original Maverick from The Rockford Files. Because Fuck Johnny Halliday.

Good for Texas, an extension of racism/s/

Deer, Beto:

Check it out, bato, when you get to the bottom of this post please relay to The Rachel Maddow Show, via Nicole Wallace, of course, to jump to page Tú of weekend edition. Ta’güeno güey, o quiere usted que le guise un huevo también?

Be veöüï, veöüï quiet… You might wake up Bjork and then Medhi will have a riot.

Of course you know that the ese between the slash-es-es-esas denotes /sarcasm/. Now Congressman, i don’t know the first “T” about Texas but i know one thing. I know that Medhi Hassan’s Big Texas Brisket lunch is nothing compared to the continuing repercussions of a stomach flu, [this is the reason why i am up right now]… but on a more serious note, like say, Mí (🎶) the Big Texas voting restriction Law that just got voted in the Austin City Limits is a direct reflection of back-handed deals in the court rooms there. Like the political cartoon of April’s fool from El Heraldo de México, it’s all about “el interés”.

Well, what a heck, Medhi, since over on your side of The Atlantic it is still Paul ManaFarty’s birthday, and the fact that i will never get a hired again, i’m gonna do TRMS on the RT set. Witt that in M.I.N.D. “watch this space” and keep an eye out for Waldo.

https ://www .20minutes .fr /lille /1802143-20160308 -tv -florence -cassez -presentera -emission -erreurs -judiciaires

It’s GOOD FRY THEY, y’all… KNOCK, knock.
— WHO is D.A.R.E.?
—Blackie WHO?
— Check the time at La Gaité Lyrique, right when i got my Tea.

https ://journal .20minutes .fr /data /684 /reader /reader .html# !preferred /0 /package /684 /pub /571 /page /11

Anyhow, Cerf-panthère… no es lo mismo La Cómoda de MARIA BUTINA, que acomódame a Florence Marie Cassez… but Eye get’s what The Serpent on page 8 of Nº 3619 means about playing with a new language… and this, STEPHANIE MENOU, is what your supervisor Bruno and his chain of command could not fucking get in 2011/15, in other words, AT THE TIME, it was not the time to fuck with your beautiful lenguas.

1. … (Context for drawing Monkees follows).

Now about last night’s* strange happening right in front of where i pitched my tent (Check the Camera, Chuck)…

It’s nothing really only a white van with a guy at the driver seat, the peculiarity of the encounter was the skills of whomever imprinted, with the palm of a hand, the distinct accidental shape of a butterfly. A picture was not possible given the menacing face of the dude at the wheel, so take my word for it, it was quite a sight to see on account of the oily imprint on the passenger’s window and the sort of, kind a, looking prism shifting colors of the hospital sign that broke on through that Psycharama.

Message received, en donde quiera se cuecen habas, if you would like that translated to French legalese just ask “the expert”, Florence Marie Cassez.

Hey, Beto: Jump to page Tú, bato.

Previously on, “Show Mí your boobs” — Yesterday

Mayor DiBlasio* Agrees:

Chapter One: reframing reality¹, why does this blog support the campaign for President of the College of SDF’s of DiMíTru.

* The name of The Big Apple Mayor has been changed to save face for Mayor Hidalgo. And Witt D.A.T. in M.I.N.D. the most unread blog at MSNBC, CNEWS matin-es, and 20 minutes from BFM’er TV (by Taxi—24 horas if you walk) takes a break from the normal politics of every THEY life and Öüï takes some time off in order to deconstruct the Myth of a man called DiMíTru, and that is because a picture can say a thousand words, pero pues para eso está, el ya mencionado donPalabras”.

DiMíTru for President of the College of SDF-es, ese!

Now listen (with your eyes) and re-envision with your ears, DiMíTru’s platform as President of the College of Los “llamados” Sin Techo might strike certain people WHO Know, as a bit repetitive and i am not about to get into the specificity of daily recurrences and parallelisms that fit into an overarching narrative pattern which is perfectly symmetrical (Frank, p.46) at the afore mentioned place where Evry body knows your name, especially when it comes to the electorate that concerns this particular election which Eye might add, concerns re-unites a particular group of peoples (with an ese at the end) living on the streets. And which of course Öüï wants to satirize (if you are reading this with a gringo accent) or satirise (if you happened to have been Brexited)..

Silly Swedes, don’t-cha know that le government hates competition! .:. 918B4031-BCC9-4176-88FF-5DEA2DBAC31A .:. And, Grupo Grouprama… you probably thought that the NIKE Spring Break advertisement was about los Amigos de Valencia (punto y coma) silly Wabbits— it was Always about La Marsellesa de Serge Gainsbourg interpreted by Joãn Manuel Serrat, which in Catalan transliterates to “El Carrusel del furo”

Las fuentes para —¡híjole!!!— doña Chavelita Allende… i feel like Alfonso Arau in Romancing The Stone when he opened the door to my teenage fantasy, Joan Wilder.

But FO’ist! If you are part of the electorate at a Very Exclusively open Place Where Evry Body Knows Your Name, well Buddy—the correct choice for President of the College for the Sans Domicile Fixe is, of course: DiMíTru. Vote DiMíTru.

1. For further reading on Chapter one of this motherfucking blog, please check out Alison Frank’s, “Reframing Reality”, o como dice François Truffaut: The Æstetics of the Surrealist Object in French and Czech Cinema, published by intellect Bristol, UK / … and Öüï can only assume, by a bunch of boobs [like Mí] in Chicago, USA ; 2013.

Pablo Pueblo no me va’dejar mentir—la querella no contó por haber estado escrita en Francés. And now you know how Florence Cassez got out of Jail… yeah, Buddy! De haber estado traducida al Español del bueno (Florencia Quiebran) ahorita la que hoy es Secretaría de Gobernación, estaría en Acapulco echando siesta, o algo así.

Je casse, Tu casses Il/Elle/On casse, Nous cassons, Vous Cassez, Ils/Elles cassent

2. boobs = goof, simpleton, you know—a Bum like Dean Martin (King of The Road) — https ://www .thelocal .fr /20210322 /arrests-after-6000-people-gather-for-illegal-carnival-in-marseille /?amp

3. Research in France, it’s KNOT that it is losing ground, it is simply a symptom of IT! [the Frog research] having to have to be written in Anglais del bueno, así mismo como pasa en México con los políticos DE TODOS LOS PARTIDOS Y COLORES que primero tienen que venir a Francia, and learn French Civilization Classes, antes de ser “distinguidos” ciudadanos y, valga la comparación: beneméritos de la nación.

4. For the record, Raphael Moran (rfi) did recommend that i give all of my sources from 2010-2015 to the Prefect of Police… as Le Government had requested from me in order to have my first long-stay visa renewed…   https ://www .rfi .fr /en /france /20210322 –ikea-france-goes-on-trial-for-allegedly-spying-on-staff-customers

Robert Downey Jr., meet “The one with Water on his face”

El De La Máscara De Agua

Sincretismo en Noir

Sincretismo en Noir
.:. dedicado a Vicente Fox Quesada (la parte azul de Andrés Manuel López Obrador).

https ://arqueologiamexicana .mx /mexico-antiguo /axayacatl-el-de-la-mascara-de-agua-1469-1481

Anyhow, Iron Man*, please be advised that in Hilo, Hawaii, 14JUL2020 is still in effect, porque en efecto don Beto, allá son las 11 de la noche.



Estimado público que no nos lee, rogamos que en las próximas Jornadas en este than intrascendente blog, ustedes no cometan el error de Diciembre (2005) y relacionen a IRON MAN con el doppelgänger Americano del gran Jose García, actor franco-español interprete de “Le Mac”…

… “don Beto”, by–the–Guey, is Robert Downey Jr.

IRON MAN, como todo mundo lo sabe, es el vocalista de BLACK SABBATH, el mismo que nos re interpretó la balada revolucionaria mejor conocida como “El Corrido de PERRY MASON”


Previously on La Cónsul Peyorativa

Previously on La Cónsul Peyorativa .:. F33E7655-1242-4589-97B9-D52769C5D204 🗣 Corre y se va! El Presidente; La Rosa; La Bandera; El Negrito… BINGO!!! —_•¡•_— ** FAKE INFORMATION AU PUBLIC ** Dear, Mexican Ambassador to La France, por favor no sea soflamero, IF and ONLY IF, there was such thing as a « mandatory holiday » on the French calendar, your Excellency, THEN THERE would not be any African Brothers working the façade (or Windows) of a little unpretentious Building situated on La Rue de Rivoli (75001) called “Samaritano” on National French Fiesta Day, or something like that! Now would it? —_•!•_— Dicho de otra PUTA MANERA: if you fuckers (o culeros, whichever fits best) wish to take a Day Off, take a motherfucking day off, but don’t put the responsibility of that decision on the French, like you Sons’of—Bitches did with Florence Cassez.


TELEVISA Presenta:

In Memory of “Frida Sofía”
narrated by Florence Cassez

P.S.: FUCK Alejandro González Iñárritu and his Birdman, aussi.

National Awareness Frida Theys — High Noon in Paris, Midnight in Hilo

It’s not enough to be a wise guy, eh… now youse got to be a NeoWise guy, oh, —The Humanity! Franck, the humanity.

A Mí no lo engañan

¡A Mí no lo engañan! .:. DF8769C5-BCF1-4AC5-A984-8406DE44E0AC 💫 Aquí huele a cuna de lobos y hasta hay Cordero disfrazado.

Previously on “Corre y se va”:

¡El Cometa!
7000 mil años van a pasar para que ocurra otra vez esta coincidencia.

Publicidad: Lotería Nacional para la asistencia pública. “¿Qué es un reintegro?”

La Máquina Celeste

Si Deus ex Machina, entonces Chato los cementeros tienen que ser Celeste; and for the record, “Amarillo no me pongo, Amarillo es mi color”, Cachun-cachun—RA, RA .:. C0D2183A-39FB-4F80-9D19-792A53A5D695 ⚽️ ISSY, Goooo_Yahhhh (gweh): Universidad.

La respuesta, “depende, Chata”, dice don Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” en el rol de Johnny Depp, y él explica:

“Además, en el Sorteo Zodíaco, a los billetes cuyo Signo Zodiacal sea igual al del Premio [en TELEVISA] Mayor. La decisión de cobrar un reintegro o seguir participando es personal, pero puedes elegir cambiar tu reintegro por otro(s) billete(s) del mismo valor para continuar apostando a la SUERTE”.


Over at the Comcast Rockefeller building blocks, öüï the staff wonder what bases Alicia Menendez will cover tonight since there is nothing really relevant or unexpected going on in the United States, that is you know, Joshua Johnson, unless you (Sir) tune in to keep up with the emperor’s new trips, por ejemplo:

ISSY, Mª Tere Kumar,
ISSY, you’ve heard about
Mel Brooks, Nazis on Ice…
it is ExacTly Like That.

In the meanwhile, Eye bets you (non-readers) Nicolle Wallace’s last dollar (Australian of course) that you can’t re-construct the real reason why the Mexican president did not touch the immigration dilemma with John Donald The First.

It goes a little something like this, fast–rewind to the old testament days of mid—May 2020.

https ://monoaureo .com /2020/05/22 /maquillando-cifras/

El muro no fue tema con Trump porque no hay acuerdo: AMLO 🇺🇸.:. F4925B50-2BA8-47A5-BD17-EFD8E6D7F503 .:. 🇲🇽 “… [Y] en México no ha aumentado la violencia de género, porque tenemos familias como en ninguna parte del mundo.

What’s Love Have to Do with it

… and starring as Tina Turner, Andrés Manuel Lopéz Obrador, featuring Donald John Trump as IKE.

En Hilo, Hawaii, faltan Veinte para la media noche y en La CDMX ya hay nueva versión re masterizada de LOS DE ABAJO (porno para la aristocracia mexicana). ¡Viva Mexico!

Murieron cumpliendo

Murieron cumpliendo para SALVAR a México de su pinche PEMEX… ISSY, don Léo Orellana, y sí: los mexicanos que se van a los EEUU no son como los mexicanos que le lamen a usted y a don Alain Rouquie sus huevos en La MAL de Saint Germain–des–Prés. Neta que no.

Chère Marianne — From the top*

Merci beaucoup, tout ce que nous avons besoin et demandons est de recevoir la même courtoisie que la France a exigé pour Florence Cassez alors qu’elle était au Mexique.

Après tout (ou rien du tout) c’est le même concept dans la jurisprudence, non? Un conflit d’intérêts ou une incarcération par étapes à des fins politiques est la même chose ici et en [LA] Chine, vrai?

The only RUSH that matters — The ARMY goes Rolling Along

Sponsored by:
CORONA… expand your Latitude!

This is an Inter•Mission.

————————–🇲🇽 🗺 🇫🇷 ——————–

Free Speech for the dumb*

* Deer, Marine Le Pen, please ask Steve Bannon to translate this little ditty for you; i am too fucking drunk, extremely depressed, not to mention — horny as fuck to Bing Translate the google machine; but if you, or La Prefecture de Paris à Cité ( Metro Line 4, 75004) think that La France does not have The French as priority #1, just ask Florence Cassez about that.

Free Speech for the Dumb

Free Speech for the Dumb .:. 465936F1-D525-4A3F-8AC2-CB3F522AC814 📐⚖️ Exhibit ONEReloaded

God —your god— forbids that a brown-skin_nerd American dares to follow HER*kidnapped’ crusade from the start to the finish, because for starters, it has been my EXPERIENCE, that outside of the bureaucracy there is no such thing as a “brownSkin_Nerd American“, that is you know, outside of the Prefecture, because on the French economy, the only Americans are those that speak with a “Bostonian” or “White” accent, of course, Blacks are excluded from this observation, because as noted earlier in OUR programming ‘looking in — from the outside’, the regular French (the ones that bathe themselves with TAP Water) want to be Black, just ask Nino Ferrer, and fip.

* Lencha Casas

P.S.: When afforded the opportunity for an interpreter, the French official channels have opted to assign me with a Spanish–speaking interpreter, this includes, courts, police departments, and the holy prefecture de police.

It’s a good thing that French law does not allow for “demandas millonarias” in París… gonna jerk-off now, if you are monitoring (and Eye knows, that you fuckers are) enjoy the show.

Previously on, La Venganza de “el bolillo”

Bcc: Victoria DeFrancesco–Soto
Cc: Tatiana Clouthier, Carmen Lira Saade, Los amigos de México en Francia (2011–2016)

Feathered sandals provided by

Feathered sandals provided by .:. 1558367E-CF10-4031-97EA-6D2DE8214DE9 💬 Zapaterias Blue Jay Way, footwear cut from the Source, and Rutles Records; music that will take your soul, —back in time,  presents; in collaboration with “A band a partir de Marvel Comics” and “Regional Geographic Docs,: La Venganza de “el bolillo”

Basada en las historietas reales de,
“El Zorrillo”…
Capítulo 6, where our hero
“El Zorrillo” grita:

Ne pas tirer sur les huaraches ailées

Hoy no hubo Agua

Hoy no hubo agua… pastis is optional .:.

Entonces pues, doña Tati, lamento tener que incluir al “buen aliado” de don Andrés en cuestión de cuestiones migratorias, el señor Miguelito Pompeyo (ya sé, ustedes prefieren “pompeo”), pero aunado a los pormenores con los “settings” detrás de bambalinas de este tan intrascendente blog, se juntan las actualidades, —o cómo dicen los franceses*— las chingadas noticias, como la de el pasado viernes y misma que, en su momento no se pudo actualizar, ni pex, sabrá Dios porque doña Olga “la suprema” de Gobernación no pudo observar en su momento, las mismas observaciones y extender su chingado fallo ofrecido a la francesa, para el amante de la chica poster del Año de México en Francia, Florence Cassez. Dicho d’otra manera, o todos coludos o TODAS rabonas; independientemente de las acusaciones, esas son (o más bien eran para los peritos) de cualquier manera, que CAUSAlidad q’esto finalmente sale a flote 14 años después, y una vez que El Que Los Encarceló (a la francesa y al mexicano) ahora es un “Prisionero Privilegiado” de Donald Trump.

Became an immigration enforcer

Se Convirtió en un “CADENERO” Migratorio Para Donald John Trump .:. 9D2CD35F-667E-4481-96DA-36CA021383F1 —_•!•_— Please, please, please don’t Be Long, please don’t belong.



— Hi, I’m Phil McClure and you might remember me from Sources like the Tribunal de Grande Instance at The Palais de justice à Nanterre, The Préfecture de Police à París, and documentary REELS such as Panic at the Disco of la Rue des Bourdonnais 75001.

TimeStamp in Hilo, Hawaii is
Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020 p.m.; 7 p.m.

Dear, Ari Melver

Dear, Ari Melver, since you volunteered, why don’t you do the honors and read the following in a Jim Lehrer Voice.:. 0AA99573-F61A-474B-87D2-BC7E15680C1E 🏀 The staff does not select the Knights, but here it is, Knight n° 3.