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Free Speech for the dumb*

* Deer, Marine Le Pen, please ask Steve Bannon to translate this little ditty for you; i am too fucking drunk, extremely depressed, not to mention — horny as fuck to Bing Translate the google machine; but if you, or La Prefecture de Paris à Cité ( Metro Line 4, 75004) think that La France does not have The French as priority #1, just ask Florence Cassez about that.

Free Speech for the Dumb

Free Speech for the Dumb .:. 465936F1-D525-4A3F-8AC2-CB3F522AC814 📐⚖️ Exhibit ONEReloaded

God —your god— forbids that a brown-skin_nerd American dares to follow HER*kidnapped’ crusade from the start to the finish, because for starters, it has been my EXPERIENCE, that outside of the bureaucracy there is no such thing as a “brownSkin_Nerd American“, that is you know, outside of the Prefecture, because on the French economy, the only Americans are those that speak with a “Bostonian” or “White” accent, of course, Blacks are excluded from this observation, because as noted earlier in OUR programming ‘looking in — from the outside’, the regular French (the ones that bathe themselves with TAP Water) want to be Black, just ask Nino Ferrer, and fip.

* Lencha Casas

P.S.: When afforded the opportunity for an interpreter, the French official channels have opted to assign me with a Spanish–speaking interpreter, this includes, courts, police departments, and the holy prefecture de police.

It’s a good thing that French law does not allow for “demandas millonarias” in París… gonna jerk-off now, if you are monitoring (and Eye knows, that you fuckers are) enjoy the show.

Previously on, La Venganza de “el bolillo”

Bcc: Victoria DeFrancesco–Soto
Cc: Tatiana Clouthier, Carmen Lira Saade, Los amigos de México en Francia (2011–2016)

Feathered sandals provided by

Feathered sandals provided by .:. 1558367E-CF10-4031-97EA-6D2DE8214DE9 💬 Zapaterias Blue Jay Way, footwear cut from the Source, and Rutles Records; music that will take your soul, —back in time,  presents; in collaboration with “A band a partir de Marvel Comics” and “Regional Geographic Docs,: La Venganza de “el bolillo”

Basada en las historietas reales de,
“El Zorrillo”…
Capítulo 6, where our hero
“El Zorrillo” grita:

Ne pas tirer sur les huaraches ailées

Hoy no hubo Agua

Hoy no hubo agua… pastis is optional .:.

Entonces pues, doña Tati, lamento tener que incluir al “buen aliado” de don Andrés en cuestión de cuestiones migratorias, el señor Miguelito Pompeyo (ya sé, ustedes prefieren “pompeo”), pero aunado a los pormenores con los “settings” detrás de bambalinas de este tan intrascendente blog, se juntan las actualidades, —o cómo dicen los franceses*— las chingadas noticias, como la de el pasado viernes y misma que, en su momento no se pudo actualizar, ni pex, sabrá Dios porque doña Olga “la suprema” de Gobernación no pudo observar en su momento, las mismas observaciones y extender su chingado fallo ofrecido a la francesa, para el amante de la chica poster del Año de México en Francia, Florence Cassez. Dicho d’otra manera, o todos coludos o TODAS rabonas; independientemente de las acusaciones, esas son (o más bien eran para los peritos) de cualquier manera, que CAUSAlidad q’esto finalmente sale a flote 14 años después, y una vez que El Que Los Encarceló (a la francesa y al mexicano) ahora es un “Prisionero Privilegiado” de Donald Trump.

Became an immigration enforcer

Se Convirtió en un “CADENERO” Migratorio Para Donald John Trump .:. 9D2CD35F-667E-4481-96DA-36CA021383F1 —_•!•_— Please, please, please don’t Be Long, please don’t belong.



— Hi, I’m Phil McClure and you might remember me from Sources like the Tribunal de Grande Instance at The Palais de justice à Nanterre, The Préfecture de Police à París, and documentary REELS such as Panic at the Disco of la Rue des Bourdonnais 75001.

TimeStamp in Hilo, Hawaii is
Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020 p.m.; 7 p.m.

Dear, Ari Melver

Dear, Ari Melver, since you volunteered, why don’t you do the honors and read the following in a Jim Lehrer Voice.:. 0AA99573-F61A-474B-87D2-BC7E15680C1E 🏀 The staff does not select the Knights, but here it is, Knight n° 3.


Previously on: Happy Birthday Quasimodo

April 15, 2019

If the Nation does not get a Flashback

If the entire Nation (Red and Blue) does not get a Flashback .:. D3406558-FF28-4B11-BBD8-28D3AE7A18EF •_!!_• …[A]nd a very dark and negative one, at that, then ladies in Gemini, Gestapo and Stasi tactics are going to follow.

Perhaps flying water tankers could be used to put it out. Must act quickly!
Donald John Trump,
president of the United States of Russia

En México, Evry body loves Meaux, c’est Vrie; véritable et fidèle à Brai.
Meaux is the assigned Medical Center to the CDG Airport, just like the penitentiary center in Xochimilco, where Florence Cassez served part of her sentence for kidnaping little kids in México, used to be. The fact that the NOW incarcerated (BUT NOT YET CONVICTED) Genaro García Luna (in collaboration with Bernardo Gómez from Televisa and Pantalion Films) staged her capture does not negate the fact that for The Zodíacos Gang victims, does not make doña Florence into an “inocente palomita”

Issy, Eye is willing to bet that a Flashback to October 19, 2005 is triggered on the victims of the Zodíacos, * just like with Florence, as she declared it in a statement to the Northern press in Calais.

Time Now

Time now.:.1D0A62A6-8949-42A0-A0F2-59CDFE79C14B


Efeméride: No insistas Lupita, mi Corazón es de Suzi

12 de diciembre, 1163

My name is Diego

My name is Diego.:.F9F84191-584F-45B4-AC2C-D126B5BBD888 🔫 but people who know call Mí, “Juan”.

Page 4, N° 2503
C’est Arrive, but you fuckers are going to have to wait until 1345 to see this Dame de Paris, “enfin achevé ».

Eran peregrinos

🎼 Eran peregrinos, eran peregrinos.:.63BBCF0C-1BF3-41F2-9635-794764E597C8 •-_!_-• Los “halcones de Genaro eran peregrinos”.

Happy Birthday, Quasimodo.

Mean, while Donald Trump failed to generate more substantive news than a Nordic girl, time in the U.S. will not Forget that the Young Turks committed crimes against humanity in Armenia.

It's almost like a Festevus Miracle

It’s almost like a Festevus Miracle.:.155188B2-8059-4D9F-A1A4-4B7358FB80DF •|• NOW, if the U.S. Senate could just recognize Jamal Khashoggi’s brutal Murder by the House of Saud, hope would return to Chuck Berry’s “Promised Land”.

It’s another Lupita Miracle!!! And the cover Girl says, “thank you, may we have another one?”.

Deer, rédacteur–en-chef à Rennes… [T]old you it was “the weight”

ODIO AL INDIOa children’s book.

Cualquier parecido

Cualquier parecido.:.B4D5AE3E-042B-4ACE-B3FF-DDF94544F9D8 •|• Producciones El horizonte en asociación con Salma Hayek presenta: La coincidencia entre la concurrencia.

https ://www. tellerreport .com/news/2019-10-17—françois-hollande-will-sign-a-children-s-book-devoted-to-the-republic

... of course when France does it

… of course when France does it, it’s NOT an ACT, “de lesa humanidad”.:.7422AFEA-676B-45DF-9688-0C590FF6C9A2 •|• … when La France “does it” it’s because of the perceived WEIGHT of all les miserablessans–dents“, Le Point

with a Special Foreward to:


former U.S. Secretary of State, Susan Rice and her “very conservative son” by, José Mujica Cordano, Ex presidente de la República Oriental de Uruguay.

You took my CDI

You took my CDI job at C.E.A… in order to protect Institutionalized Corruption in France during The Years (2-each) of Mexico at Champs–Elysée. •|• Musical guest: Eddy Currents (actualizadas) featuring  “Got your fucking message”, kill me now.

Coming up: a message to Monsieur, YANNICK à le 11ème bureau de la Préfecture de Paris.

Deer Eric Cantona… add this entry to Article R. 776–12

BeeCause öüï have KNOT lost your Passion, we salute you… even if you are French:

Case in point, and as it applies to the Claims against me from the 7éme bureau at the Paris prefecture of police, at Cité. How much does a French Legion of Honor goes for these days? —One Florence Cassez? —Two Florence Cassez–es?

KEYWORD: Cordero

KEYWORD: Cordero
Monsieur, l’adjoint au chef du 6ème bureau; Stephanie’s boss could accuse me of just about anything on Sept. 26th of 2014, except for one thing, not covering the topics and actually PINNING down the political heavywheights of a CORRUPT MEXICAN GOVERNMENT, as they set foot in your sacrosanct institutions.
And as far as the decision that the then Minister of the Mexican Supreme Court of that nation’s Justice, [well] she behaved in the same FICKLE, FLAKY and in her own words, “naif” way as she did in Baja California (NW Mexico) just [just this week] an so, then I ask YOU PRESIDENTE O PRESIDENTA DE LA corte francesa, once again, HOW MUCH IS A FRENCH LEGION OF HONOUR, now-a-days?

I ask because of the “naif” Telenovela that is developing in Mexico around the former Supreme Court Minister who overturned Mme. Cassez verdict flowing FOLLOWING the election of Enrique Peña Nieto in  July 2012, and his political’s party (P.R.I) deal with France.

One of the foundations of my initial research (2010–2014) depended on the longevity aspect of a six–year Mexican presidential cycle in order to see what POLITICAL RAMIFICATIONS the “Cassez Affaire” would have on Mexican Jurisprudence. And in this draft, which disguises itself as a most non–consequential blog, you might not be able to make sense of the REFERENCES in real–time, that I make on a daily basis on that particular subject.

Nowthen, the Prefecture alleges that I failed to provide a “French professional permit” to engage in my trade, which is mass communication, with an interest in investigative reporting. The Prefecture is not lying. In my defense, I am prevented from obtaining those permits because THE 6th and 7th bureaus at Cité  hold the ONLY original copies/duplicates of the certificates that I need to present before the clerks of The Center of Formalities for Enterprises, will even consider giving me an appointment to solve the Prefecture’s registration of “ACTIVITIES” requirement.

Article R. 776–12 • La production d’un Memoire Complémentaire

_en “colaboración” con Aguascalientes TV
y “el” Canal plus 26

Count the Baisies

Count the Baisies

Télérecourse citoyen with Dickey Branna, desde Nice, Alpes Maritimes don’t go away, it ain’t over until the fat lady changes Cardigans.

But FOist, Florence Cassez is at the Plate and it’s la Prmera Caída en el Estadio de Béisbol Geppetto Pepito en Lilas. Genaro García Luna, el “headhunter” de La Geniecilla de Lille, Florance “lencha” Cassez (n° 65) is at the owners box next to Carlos Slim (who is actually a Fat rich Cat) and Canelo Álvarez, the most evil of Gknomes in the ballpark. Camilo is set and Cedes the walk to Lencha, as the hurler sends a signal to Manu Chao (wearing the Armor behind the Pôle–Emploi re-hash) and it’s the Houdini Lightning Round… playBOL!!!

Pobre don Erick...

Pobre don Erick… cómo gozó con Las Travesuras de la condenada Kate. Qué en paz descanse el viejo don Erik

Sean Penn is sending signals to Kate, and this thyme Madge goes full: What The Fuck, Penn!!!

*Poison for my Baby… or How To Stop Worrying About the VOSTFr*

The things we did [that] summer
  the lunches that We used to pack…
  how can a Love that looked so Good
— Go Bad?

Así las cosas… o “como dicen en Banderilla, Veracruz”: c’est comme ça!

13 de febrero, 2018
Sabbatical Day N° 40e French Theory
…With François Hollande:
St. Valentine’s Eve.

brought to you,


The Tam Tam Princesse, Frida Kahlo Collection of 2018
(In stores now).

2018 toca, según el Zodiaco de los Tacos Orientales de Cuernavaca, a el PERRO, Claro – de color – agradecido, y el elemento de ese can es la Tierra; a ver cómo nos va, con Israel cuando vayamos a Vallarta… con Flores para La Casa.

But first, the following must be read in a Paul Harvey’s voice… Good Day!

            Page 4 (n° 2208) 12 février, 2018

For the second week in a row The Unthinkable, The Unfathomable has happened, “The Eagles have made the newsOh Boy”. An F-16 has been downed by the pro-Regime ground forces of Hezbollah in Syria; needless to say, the Patriots over in Israel are devastated and On-Alert.

lo prometido es deuda y aquí la historia de El Metro en DirectMatin… because of course you know that it was the French who invented, well, you know… ya para que chingados les digo.

The staff, being an ultimate fan of the original ‘TALICA line-up, which included an Original “Fiend Club” Bass Head, keeps up with this sort of actualities because next to Global Warming, the Holy Wars over on the Promised Land happens to be one of the earthly issues that identifies US– ALL as the caveman of the Galaxy… but “Don’t Panic,” because the intergalactic “Pony Express” of one of theose “shit-country foreigners from Africa” is en-route to the Final Frontier looking for aid.

Une Religion a Encadrer

Meanwhile, over on PAGE 8 at the Hôtel de Matignon, there’s a Religion that still needs to be Framed … there is a Religion that needs to be fitted for a frame—or something like that. Gerard Collomb, se dice Favorable para que el Estado “intervenga” en el desarrollo… “o como dicen los franceses en Aguascalientes TV y, de el Canal Once Televisión”, en la enseñanza o en —La Formacion de imams, que…

mismo que como diría –a lo mejor– don Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”no es lo mismo; pero que con el paso del Señor Tiempo se integra igual, así más o menos como integraron a La Mismísima Virgen María de Guadalupe en La Guarida de Quasimodoen La Catedral de Nuestra Señora de París, allí mismo en dónde don Napo se coronó él mismo, como Emperador; y que para Causa con Frijoles Refritossi es igual!

así de la mismísima manera como se forman los Obispos Primados de toda América latina, sean de El Perú o de Le Mexique, como « beatos de La República »… anygüey, cualquier parecido con ROMA, pues es pura coincidencia « Chato », y mejor ya no digo nada sobre la cuestión del dialecto de los corsos [como segunda lengua en su Isla] porque Brontis, allá en La Prefectura de La Cité, se nos puede poner —mañana para nuestra cita, de San Valentín con Marianna pues, algo especial.

La del Re-integro:

Como ganar en el ajedrez en tres brincos. Uno, Dos, Tres.

[Woman’s Voice
Westward Ruth in the role of Sarah Silverman]

… we now return to:

The Tam Tam Princesse, Frida Kahlo Collection of 2018

… previously on the Tam Tam Princesse Advertisement Campaign:

Brozo : ¿Y qué quiere ese hijo de la chingada conmigo, eh?

VoIP 1 : Quiere que por favor le tire un cable a la oficina de él,
a la de Echo Park.

Brozo : Um-que la tiznada …
Ya valió, no contaba con su astucia.


[Landline telephone rings]

Ring… ring

Ring… ring

Ring… ring

[Voz de mujer]

Good Morning, Gary Sanchez without an accent productions.
How may I direct your call?

[Voz de macho mexicano…
Brozo “the shady clown”, pura mexicanidad pura, chingao’
y ahora, hasta con los huevos del Toro del otro día]

Good morning, señorita, con el senor Víctor Trujillo “plis”

One momentito, please hold.

Ring… ring

Ring… ring

Riing… ring

[Man’s voice
Víctor Trujillo]

Yes, Lola, who is it?

It’s the fucking Clown

Ah, yes, the Fucking Clown, “put him on”

Brozo :


Hola, Brozo, ¿cómo has estado?

Muy bien, aquí listo para echar a volar “La Galería” y pues acabo de recibir su mensaje, ¿en qué le puedo servir?

Ah, mira, no esperaba respuesta tan pronto, pero ya que te tengo “en linea”, –cabrón…

[…pensó sin decir en voz alta el patrón del pinche payaso tenebroso]

Fíjate que saltó una oportunidad para exprimirle unos Euros a las enaguas de Santa Frida y necesitamos localizar a tu “Reata”, cabrón

[Ahora si le salió bien natural el descriptor, en voz de Trujillo]

Faltaba menos licenciado… ahorita mismo después del show se la localizo.

– No Brozo, no me la localices a mi; mandasela al cabrón de Donnie Deutsch.
Lolita te va a dar sus datos para que la pongas en contacto con el gringo.

Ah, muy bien, licenciado

Muchas gracias Brozo.
Oyes, Brozo, aquí est
á Catalonio Barcelonneto de Peralvillo, ¿lo recuerdas?

Sí. Afirmativo.

Dice que ¡Chingues a tu madre! Ja, Ha, Ja…

Ah ese pinche Catalonio, dígale que le tocan unos whisky-ses-ses al pinche norteño, y que ya deje de hacerse, Güey, el muy cabrón.

Saludos, Brozo.

Hasta la próxima, Licenciado.

TimeStamp : 1900 hours in CET… this entry needs editing. Si nos dejan, mañana la corregimos…





From Paris to Mexico – I like the way you work it… ACT ONE

31 de enero, 2017
Sabbatical Day # 27
«The Tam Tam Princesse Ad Campaign»
… or some Vintage stuff like that.

Mientras tanto al otro extremo de los probadores de La Princesa en El Dosel Forestal de Les Halles en Châtelet*;  la Calzonería de Calvin Klein tiene su propia exposición de trabajos de Andy Warhol… Diego Rivera Quiso exponer allí mero también pero resultó que a los franceses no les gustan los calzones de manta, asi mero como los usa el ranchero; es decir, hechos de puta manta… perdon, quise escribir de “Pura Manta”, y no de puta manta. }–~~~\*> Uso Justo de Todas las Fridas, incorporadas, asociadas, corporativas, benévolas, o simplemente ambulantes en tiendas de paños menores.

* . Neta que así se llama el lugar
“La Canopéé”… Ask Larousse.

«No Diggity, I like to bag you up»

darling, if you think that this «Ad Campaign»
is merely a freak coincidence, then you,
My dear,
is truly living with your –Ojos Abiertamente Cerrados, porque
after all that happened –y para cuando te cayó el Veinte
of all people,
know damn well that this,
most inconsequential blog should be getting a Commi$$$ion
for the conceptual Idea of this “Ad Campaign”


The Guy you used to Bag
Happy Countdown to Valentines Day

[Omnipresent voice from El Más Allá
GEORGE CARLIN narrates both the scene and the setting…
it’s January
of 2017]

Ahhh, yes! Love;

Mesdames et Messieurs; what better way to pitch a lingerie brand on the eve of the BLUE BLOOD MOON of 2018, which coincides with both the FIFTH ANNIVERSARY of the release of Florence Cassez from a Fortified Security Mexican Radius and, with the St. Valentines sales day event, than with an ironic From Paris to Mexico advertisement campaign of the «Unmentionables» Collection, from Casa de Kahlo-Corporation®.

ACT I takes place at the boardroom of a Fifth Ave. advertisement firm where a group of Donnie Deutsch types, each with his own “dedicated follower of fashion” aide by their side, are welcoming a team of French executives from the Tam Tam Princesse firm… or some lingerie company like that, who is are traveling The Globe in search of the right ad company to produce their next Valentines Day advertisement campaign.

[Woman’s voice
please be advice advised th®áat the role of “the” French executive from the Tam Tam
Princesse firm… or some lingerie company like that, remains open, but budgetary projections for this campaign will probably secure a Jennifer Lopez or a Penelope Cruz, depending on the availability of the Talent.

Uhuuu, so, Donnie, as we communicated to your staff last month during the preliminary selection, our firm is going to be sponsoring the next season of the Florence Cassez documentary series: Getting Away With Murderer, (Pffff) sorry, I meant to say ‘the’ Florence Cassez documentary series: “Women in Difficult Situatons”; but I mean, who am I kidding, we are talking about the French here, and as you Americans already know, we can most often than not, get away with Murder, if our government gets involved, right?

[Laughter ensues]

[Man’s voice
The male’s role for this particular character is based on the persona of Morning Joe’s regular on the Mr. Peacock Cable News Network, Donnie Deutsh; possible candidates for this role include “Beto” from AGS TV (Canal 26) or Diego Luna, from Televisa Productions in Santa Monica – California.]

… wait for it, Wait…
In the mean time here’s a frame of reference, and YES it probably needs more JPEG, but the Staff is still going through a rough time

Context follows…

No se vaya Ahorita Regresamos… en febrero.

No diggity Ariana Savalas cover:

Dra. Ministro, II — “Sólo por chingar… o como dicen en Banderilla, Veracruz”: esto es un Trompe l’oeil.


Lorenz Stoër, context to follow, vía, “La Science Dans L’Art” de Lionel Salem, Capitulo 4. Imagen a color es cortesía de

Antes de continuar es preciso recordarle a “La Beba Galván”, y a su primo hermano, Brozo, “el payaso tenebroso”, de que a continuación [los del staff] vamos a seguir con el tema de la “Simetría de Reflexión“, (Salem, 126); entonces, cualquier mención de Diego Luna, pues, no va a ser nada personal porque los personajes del Sr. Luna son un arco en este blog; es más, pinche payaso ruletero, el staff quiere saber si te acuerdas de aquél comercial en el que don Luna, engalana una marca de Cerveza trasladándose de azotea en azotea como gato y luego derriba un muro con una bola de acero destructora, ¿lo recuerdas Beba? esa actuación de don Luna es una de nuestras favoritas, [and yes, Brozo, even if he acted along side Matt Damon in “Elysium”, and fucked Sean Penn in “Milk”], así que tomen asiento y no se me “exciten” con las menciones de “Rudo y Cursi” en este inconsecuente blog porque No-Es-Nada_Personal en contra del actorazo, Luna, sino que simplemente don Diego es un punto análogo que se Superpone, o se añade al Eje que gira en torno de la figura del patrón de todos tus personajes, El Mismísimo Consejero de “El Principe” en la telenovela “La Mano de Bernardo Gómez: Feliz Navidad, Diego, feliz navidad… context continues to follow.

… completamente de acuerdo, pinches cangrejos que parten a alguien por el eje están a la Orden del Día… saludos Gleason; Dra. (PhD) Olvera: merry x-mas.

Context follows TimeStamp: 15 minutes before the countdown to La Noche Buena 2017.

… la continuación de una maquinación, featuring: John Mill Ackerman… context follows. •—_!_—•  Street Gallery contribution by: Ardif.


Winter Welcome Ver. 12.2017

[Man’s voice
…must be spoken in a Brian Williams, anchor style voice]

The first clues of the modern meaning of the word “symmetry” appeared at the turn of a phrase of Pascal’s thoughts where this critique is emitted, “those who make the antithesis by forcing words are like those who make False Windows for symmetry.” (Salem, 127).

Of course, a physiologist like François Megendie would probably tell Pascal that he lacked imagination when it came time “to fit arguments in order to construct terms into opposition that are not forceful opposites to begin with…” hell, he’d probably even vivisect a couple of puppies to prove it (Fahnestock, 70), and nail a greyhound by the ears and paws for good measure.

All in a days work for a cold-hearted researcher, have at it and call it progress, but to better illustrate the exclusive relation between two precise objects that mirror each other and harness the reflexive part that, “defines the layout of two identical objects in relation to a plane, an axis, or a point,” (ibid. 126) and for argument’s sake, we [the staff] are sketching an illustration of two different landmark legal cases that for all intent and purposes, involve some pretty cruel and cold hearted individuals that would not think twice if they had to inflict harm and terror to their targets or captives.

And so in the next analogy, the wings in question are the Cassez Affaire (2012) on one extreme of the plane, and the Osegura (2017) hearings on the other.

So… getting back to Pascal’s “Fake Windows,” let’s take for instance the fuselage of a PAUL PENA’s Big ‘Ol Jet Airliner, — por ejemplo, why not?— let this mechanical wonder play the part of a mirror between the two “inverse” wings in this particular plane of symmetry, while making it easier for us [the staff] to narrate than to have to explain this mirrored mechanism by describing Megendie’s experiments, which did we mentioned, that said experiments involved the skinning of live puppies to illustrate how the spinal chord nerve endings function?

Mexico’s content is brought to you, by La Semana Que Philippe, Labró… uso justo de todos matins de Canal Plus.

So, instead of having to figure out how to put the sound of a screeching cute little puppy into words, we instead opt to dissect an airplane fuselage, which as you know, runs from the nose of the pilot’s cabin to the tail end of “that 707” in question, furthermore, and as a rule of thumb both of them wings —or its “fake windows ” if it had any— could not be superimposed, (ibid 126).

Sin embargo, Doctora Ministro…

Much like the guts of any given airplane, in criminal cases involving organized crime (specifically those of the past 20 years in México) there’s more than meets the eye, (we would think) for a judge to be making decisions based on RULES OF THUMB, and especially in high visibility trials, which shouldn’t be any different than any ordinary trial, but that’s just the way things roll for most of the mexican population, and yes you could even call those internal elements that keeps Justice Flying High, and not stuck in a hanger, or worst, on a spectacular free-fall to a magnificent Crash: PRECEDENTS, nomas cheque usted Ministra:

— we [the staff] propose that these are the elements that together with the visible parts of the vessel make up the Whole of the mechanical bird, or a criminal trial.

This concludes our Special Heuristic Review of the merits in each of the cases that we [the staff] are about to dissect.

[Voix de femme
parlant en anglais avec un fort accent Français]

— Previously on Doctora Ministro:

[Voz de hombre
en Castellano con un dejo normal, digamos; escolar agropecuario del Norte de México y mismo que no debe confundirse con el acento “norteño” porque como diría El Piporro, esooooooo essssss otro Rollo, —John Ackerman]

— Y la cosa, Doctora Ministro, en lo que concierne a nuestra invocación por esa Pericia suya en Jurisprudencia, y que la sigue a usted a todos lados como La Cola del Cometa más famoso de todos los tiempos es…

Yumiko Kokonoe interpreta el Intro del Dorama japones: Kommeto–san]

image courtesy of ei tio gamboin

Takechi agrees, la cometa más famosa de todos los tiempos es: La Señorita Cometa

[Voz de Hombre
El Piporro continua, ahora con el tema instrumental de la Señorita Cometa como fondo musical]

— …verá usted, señora Ministro, la racionalidad jurídica del fallo que usted falló para doña Florence Cassez en relación a el fallo que fue fallado para el junior de uno de los capos más capos, y por si fuera menos, el más canijo de Guadalajara resulta incongruente y por consecuencia, su fallo para Cassez, por cierto, TRES MESES ANTES del anuncio para el refrito que se llamó, El Año de México en Francia Ver. 2.0, se vio por demás Oportunista, por no decir Convenenciero; y por esa razón le preguntábamos en la entrega anterior, si a usted también, Doctora, le otorgaron una d’esas condecoraciones que recibió Carmen Aristegui por su trabajo de equipo con el que se denunció a La Casa Blanca, de una Gaviota, o algo así. Anygüey: please refer to Darwin’s Principle of Antithesis as a Heuristic Device at the end of this entry].

Entonces, para recapitular el staff requiere de esa Pericia suya en Jurisprudencia porque no nos entra la menor duda de que sólamente usted puede responder por aquél fallo que sacó de la cárcel a Florence Cassez.

Podría usted, pues, Doctora Ministro explicar así como si estuviera sobreponiendo las alas de una de las naves de la extinta Mexicana de Aviación ¿porqué al joven** Ruben Oseguera Jr., no se le otorgo la libertad?, si en ambos casos, Ministro, se dieron irregularidades por parte de las autoridades que lograron hacer los arrestos, y según su fallo en la Affaire Cassez, la razón para dejar a la ciudadana francesa de regreso a París, porque las ineptitudes de esa ineptitud se quedó grabada gracias a producciones noticiosas Televisa.

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… “So it goes”…

¿Que no se supone que la ley es ciega, ante todos y todas?

La respuesta es obvia, lo sabemos, Oseguera —el junior— no se le suelta por los antecedentes y la peligrosidad que lo preside. Sin Embargo, Doctora Ministro, usted Muy Cómodamente se lavó las manos de la sangre y el terror que Cassez (supuestamente) causó a sus víctimas aludiendo a que a usted y a su tremenda corte no le correspondía juzgar a la francesa por los delitos de Secuestro y Extorsión… vaya manera de matar esa fama de INCOMODA DEL SISTEMA que todos los periodicos le otorgaron en enero del 2013 por su trayectoria de romper barreras en favor de la mujer y que usted se fue ganando —en Excelsior televisión— a partir del referente histórico que usted sacó a la luz de cómo precisamente, “fueron los franceses quienes inventaron a los hippies”, o algo así [ver Referente de Benjamin Franklin sobre los Perros de Darwin].

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[Voz de hombre: Natalio Reyes Colas]: … Madame Justice Minister: did you know that WHAT’S GOOD FOR THE GOOSE IS GOOD FOR THE GANDER? –•—_!_—•- Eso en “Perros Bravos, Nuevo León” quiere decir: O TODOS COLUDOS, O TODAS RABONAS. — Y no, Doctora Ministro, asegovia3 .wordpress .com NO ESTÁ, abogando por la liberación de Oseguera Jr., ¡por EL CONTRARIO! asegovia3 .wordpress .com LE RECLAMA A USTED el haber dejado en libertad a Cassez con un CARPETAZO porque igual que Oseguera Jr., Cassez también tiene cargos pendientes… bueno, ¡tenía! porque ese Vuelo de Air France ya tiene mucho que despegó.

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Brian Williams]

—Buffon might have invented and boxed the Theory of Evolution into neat little compartmental sections, including those of bimana (two-handed) and cuadrumana
(four-handed) [Fahnestock, 76], but it was Our First Ambassador to the French territory who coined the following sentence:

… that the rationality of humans consists in their finding a reason for whatever they want to do.

That clue from our “Founding Philanderer and Most Exceptional Franc Mason” comes courtesy of Professor Fahnestock and could very well be the beginning of our inconsequential unraveling of a Judicial decision involving the former Mexican Supreme Court Justice, Olga Sánchez Cordero’s ruling to provide a LEGAL LOOPHOLE and Clean The Slate of an accused kidnapper of French nationality, housed for six years inside of a Mexican prison.

Her release from jail rapidly materialized at the dawn of the Enrique Peña Nieto administration, and few could argue that a free Cassez was the ignition switch for the Strategic and Economic accord between France and México, which had stalled ‘dead-on-arrival’ two years earlier when the Calderon regime snubbed the original run of The Year of Mexico in France (2011) on account that the bi-national celebration was dedicated to Florence Marie Cassez Crepin.

Ladies and gentleman: The Asterisks

*is kidnapping not in the same leagues as forced prostitution or, dare I say: modern slavery?

** nos referimos a “el menchito” como joven para que su señor padre no se vaya a ofender.

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con el eco de “El Piporro”
y “música ligera” de Polka]

— Y-es-que a diferencia del atractivo de plusvalía que el llamado “sueño americano” pueda tener con un cabrón como don Nemesio o Ruben Oseguera Cervantes, el allure francés también lo es y como Sim-metría juega la contraparte en otro tipo de criminales a los cuales desde los tiempos de Benito Juarez se les viene diciendo: gobernantes. [Please hold that thougth Mr. Victor Trujillo, because this is a work in progress, —y yo aún no tengo patrocinador para que me pongan en instagram y soltar todo el rollo de un chingadazo].

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… other sources, such as CNEWS MATIN, EXCELSIOR, Rolling Stone Magazine, and the Original Jet Liner, are implicit in their corresponding links: USO JUSTO DE TODOS LOS MEDIOS… y por supuesto, de Brozo.

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