Fuck You, Mike Lupica… You fucking Communist

And, Emily Munera… what does Rodolfo know about ‘revolucionARIOS’, except maybe the Opus 🕊️ Dei, off-Course en Saint-Jacques. This, as Saint Paul once said, “is gonna knock your Sox off”:

ALICIA, pasa La Rocha.

The Holey Spirit is getting down with the Times, the signs are Évry where, güera. From Don Goyo’s crater en El Cerro de Las Campanas at the Puebla Pavillon en BOTZARIS, all the way to Saint-Michel and The Ukraine girls at Alexandro’s Jour 🚫 Nuit.

En Hilo, Hawaii, it’s Primetime, Diez de la Mañana en CET.

Why the Celtics have always been my team, is a mystery 🏀

… Deer, Paris, France, when the nazis become redundant on your chain of support and you ask for my help, Eye will give you a soup sandwich.

L’Espagne devra faire face aux élections législatives anticipées le 23 juillet peu après le début de la présidence espagnole le 1er juillet…

El País 🇪🇦, https ://elpais .com /españa /2023-05-29/

It’s from the producers of Sex in The Seinfeld and The Soup Nazi on Ice 🍨, and I swear that BFM’er TV edition Pentecost brought down the Holy Spirit on it’s its ‘march’ to “Las Régionales” en Pedro Sánchez-es España also known as, “la madre homeland del muchacho CHICHO de Aquí Somos, Aquí Estamos, en rfpp. net.” Charlie Sheen sits down with Benny Blanco from The Bronx, and discuss how ANT 🐜 Onion Band Eras, the star of Zorro and The Jets, does not represent them in Hollywood, or in-or-around the l’Île-de-France.

Messianique Néandertal Unlimited.

And, Katty Key… sorry that Eye mispelled your name, “La Xingada” follows

Ladies in Gemini, this is a Time delayed overview of Caracas

And in Hollywood,

https ://asegovia3 .com /2021/04/19 /downtown-inset-scheduled-stops/

Where’d ya’say that Quinta was located at?
Le Mexique est un pays d’une classe modeste très foutue […] qui ne va pas s’en sortir. Pour la télévision, c’est une obligation d’apporter du divertissement à ces personnes et de les sortir de leur triste réalité et de leur avenir difficile. La classe moyenne, la classe moyenne inférieure, la classe moyenne supérieure. Les gens riches comme moi ne sont pas des clients, parce que nous, les riches, nous nous n’achetons rien”, Emilio Azcárraga Milmo, El Tigre.
Traduit avec http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (version gratuite)

“See what happens when a dirty bum meets the filthy rich.”
https ://www .infobae .com /america /mexico /2021/05/07 /el-dia-que-emilio-azcarraga-dijo-que-hacia-television-para-jodidos/

And, Katty Kay, meet Lucía, Anda, meet Lucía, why don’t you, y de Paso, here’s another name for Aristegui:

I Told you so, pinche Frida.
https ://monoaureo .com /2021/11/30 /andy-y-su-fabrica-de-chocolate/… Ketch~Up, kid.

In Local News, Spain brings the Flamenco to Les Halles and there is nothing that THE PARIS TOURISM BOARD can do about it.

Anyhow, Adrienne Elrod, KNOT to be outdone by Antonio Banderas and the Andalucía Tourism Board next to Frida’s Tangas Shop at Châtelet on La Rue de Cinéma, Willie Geist (hello Sir) is bringing out don jamón~jamón in the Role of Lucie’s crutch for his Little League Sunday Show.

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt4995540/ Being The Ricardos

Or… as Noelia Gregorio Fernández in LA RIOJA says:
Knot another pinche CHOLO con una pinche GÜERA moovie

Just like the good’Ol THEYS of La GUAYABERA Blanca… Horacio-en-milenio comes courtesy of el monoaureo _ ese.

The news of Bardem playing the Cuban card on the Mambo Kings channel threw Banderas off the charts and so Antonio had only one thing that he could do and that was to squat the dang-on Rotunda of The American Style Mall in Saint Eustache and now po’SANTA is outside in the Cold-Cold Quad.

The gypsie caravan released a flyer stating that “El Duende” would be appearing next to LOS HILOS de ARIANNE for like the next two days. And that Pablo Picasso would be manifesting sometime before dinner time on the aforementioned Rotunda. And he did… that motherfucker passed right next to Los Hilos de Arianne.

With that in Mind, let Mí remind Monica AlBa that Eye is not Xicano… but according to La Rioja, Ewe is³additionally Öüï should never-ever-ever call Mí “His~panic”, and Chuck Todd better not call “cholo”.

1 to 8
3 .Bandit Mexicain.
4 . Equivalent a bandido
5 . Fait ici référence aux bandits mexicains installés à la frontière entre les États-Unis et Le Mexique
6 . Jeune Mexicain venant d’un milieu pauvre et vivant aux États-Unis à la fin des années 1950, souvent rejeté par la société à cause de sa manier de parler, ses coutumes ou encore ses habitudes vestimentaires.
7³ . Terme péjoratif identifiant une personne d’origine mexicaine vivant aux États-Unis.

Cinémas d’Amérique latine #29

El humor en el cine chicano contemporáneoParodia y transnacionalismo en la trilogía de El Mariachi de Robert Rodriguez
By: Noelia Gregorio Fernández (universidad de Alcalá, docente investigadora de La Rioja).
Witt special mention to PAGE 119;
and of course Raphaël Morán’s neighbor, the one and only, Freddy Cats

Originally published on 22 Nov, 2015: —!— Arte plástico en Montreuil-sous-Bois, 2012. Exposición adentro de una “panadería de pan”. En el contexto del tiempo y del espacio, se tienen que considerar dos puntos de vista, uno siendo el del artista plástico y su manifiesto sobre el concepto artístico, ‘Noche de los Muertos #3’; y dos, la de las noticias que salían de Ciudad Juárez Chihuahua durante el sexenio de Felipe Calderón Hinojosa. || Foto de la calle, capturada por armando segovia / segoviaspixes… you can keep the photo, no license is being claimed.

3 . Mexican bandit.
4 . Equivalent to bandido … {and isn’t that redundant, pues}
5 . Refers to the Mexican bandits living on the border between the United States and Mexico… {like FREDDY CATS-es-ese figurines???}
6 . Young Mexican from a poor background living in the United States at the end of the 1950s, often rejected by society because of his way of speaking, his customs or his clothing habits. {Ah, for FuCkS sake, if you change Young for Old that is Mí in Paris, France!}
7³ . Pejorative term identifying a person of Mexican origin living in the United States. {Let’s stop for a second here and Let ALICIA MENENDEZ deconstruct this one for both of us, Eye don’t think that that word means what you think it means}.

Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Notes de Traductrices de Master 2 du CETIM de l’université de Toulouse Jean Jaurès sous direction de CAROLE FILLIÈRE
Pg. 114Éléments Parodiques Dans La Trilogie El MAriachi : Le Personnage Masculin En Tant Que “Bandido/Greaser
La notion de masculinité latina sera, yada, yada, yada… 3 stéréotypes liés a cette masculinité parodiée (et la criminalilté) chicanal mexicaine : le bandido fronterizo5, le pachuco6 et le cholo7(3), tous ces clichés associés d’une façon ou d’une autre à l’archétype du bandido latino.

https ://www .theolivepress .es /spain-news /2020/06/05 /andalucian-government-invests- e22 – 5- million -in-promotional-campaigns-to-attract-tourists-featuring-hollywood-star-antonio-banderas/

The Islamic Emirates — Cv. Indéterminé


BANKSY is a fag!, pero Michael McManus lo dijo mejor*.

*)… https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0114814 /quotes /qt0480692 

… but FO’ist
Öüï takes a look back at great quotes from

Le beau, le brut et les truands
¹ They will greet us as liberators…
² The Afghans will host U.S. like New Yorkers on vacation…
³ Wanted: Dead or Alive

In Search of the “secret” ingredient… this is probably how « a bucket of chicken » at KFC™️ turned into a “canasta de Chicken Tenders” at Chez Le Colonel… 🎶 know your chicken—Ewe got to know your Chicken [bullion-powder]. _*!*_ And, Reverend Al, Eye knows that Ewe know, that them little beef-flavored powdered packages inside of them instant noodles bags are not really beef, or shrip, or chicken, or veal… or whatever might float your Wuhan Wet Market Bo-bun (punto y coma)  ••• [burp!] Anyhow, Rev, that thing that the French call “TEQUIZA™” is kind of like that, and Eye just found the source of the Plants that make that disgusting syrup possible. With no HELP! (Eye might add) from SEMOLINA PILCHARD who was busy starring as an EXTRA in the making of the Eiffel Tower, at the Moo-vies in France.

Why do you think They tagged that nave con el nombre de BASILIC[a]?

In Washington, Saint David Ignatius takes on the role of Carlos Fuentes’ “Old Gringo”, while The Taliban plays the role of General Emiliano Zapata sitting on the Mexican presidential chair A.K.A., « La Silla mariana »… TROU story, the screengrab below was snaped by Casasola moments before the start of the First Great War. The still below captures LA URBANIDAD of general Zapata as he cedes the presidential chair to Antonio Banderas, in the role of Paris Mayor, Anne Hidalgo, as Pancho Villa ⇓

Ladies in Gemini:

Que Viva Eisenstein!”

Objects in mirror are closer to China and Russia, —than they appear.

As HO’id on The Medhi Hassan Show:

Oh, sweet REAGANesque IRONY

Dear, Joshua Johnson… it started in Irak, not in Afghanistan. “Orange-Eye Butterfly Bush”, reports from an imaginary “mushroom cloud”..

Note to Medhi Hassan handlers/producers on The Rachel Maddow Show. 
Don't forget to post the August 15th, 2021 transcript.
Öüï's going to be needing that retired general's quote about how Morning in America
believed their ownJust Say KNOW » 🐬 advertisement bytes of the 1980's 🍳🧠

From: La Prensa . ni 🇳🇮

https ://www .france24 .com /en/live-news /20210814- nicaragua-editor-detained-in-latest-move-seen-to-target-president-s-critics

Note to Medhi Hassan… didn’t candidate Biden run on a platform of ACTUALLY READING the fucking INTELLIGENCE REPORTS!!!???

In conclusion: the lines have moved, on Deadline

Global Citizen watch:

https ://www .abc .net. au /news /2021-08-12 /fast-fashion-turning-parts-ghana-into-toxic-landfill /100358702

After the mattress sale,
Liz Ricketts brings on the heartbreak from “the shop [in Accra 🇬🇭  casi un puerto con Lagos 🇳🇬] that is going to end homelessness”, one-dead-white mans 👖👔 👕 atatime… or something like that.

That’s great, it starts with an earthquake
Birds and snakes, and aeroplanes
And Lenny Bruce is not afraid

REM in Simple RED


If you don’t know this by now, you will never ever know me: AUSTRALIA IS THE ENEMY.

* For the record, on or during the research of a previous book, Öüï referred to this Blue HasteRisk as objects in mirror are closer than They appear”. 

Witt That in Mind please look out the passenger’s windows as Öüï begins to wind down the altitude in that there previously stated afterwit* with Diderot, sin embargo Antonio Banderas… as Öüï descends, it’s time once a-gain for:

Did you really really think that Messi was going to play fot ManU”, Cousin Joe? That’s like negating that the Falklands ever happened… or that at the end of his movie Ronald Reagan was not a fucking homophobic racist. Ask Hudson and The California chapter of the Chaka-Khan bunch¹.

En contexto, Friday last Congressman Scarborough (Frm.R-FLA 🇺🇸) lost Mika’s rescued cat. Cousin Joe, a degenerate gambler wagered the puss on Manchester United’s 🇬🇧 securing the services of one Leonel Messi from here to Eternity or Until The End of the World, which ever arrives first. In the Mean Time, Messi is now part of Manu Chao’s neck of the Woulds in Saint Cloud (9).

¹.) https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Mulford_Act

Another Ale, many many Ale.
Öüï’s going to need more than a pint, Mr. Paul…
the Chief Commander 🇮🇪/🇺🇸 reckons a decade’s worth of Ale… many many Ale.

GPS hall of fame. Tim Apple’s maps.

Trust in Mí, It!  checks out. After all, Rachel Maddow, keep on knoting all them great fish knots in Nantucket, while you were out, Eye managed to shame the chicken hawks in the Republican Party to go along with that Irish fellow and his  infraStrcTuration Week, which now it turns out will become a decade’s construction gig. You are welcome America. I want a Metro Line 14 from El Ey to Babylon Two no latter than The End of The World. Chop-chop Mayor Pete!

Last Week To They

Tina is in — Nina is out

FYI: and you know Chrissy Hayes, “Said, ay, oh, way to go, Ohio!” My guess is that that is what happens when you replace the farmland with shopping malls (just pretending). But no nigerian will deny that Fela 🇳🇬 (Frm. President of Africa 🌍) was like Sen. Mitt romney (R-UTH) a motherfucking LAKER. Check Fela’s place of birth… land of lagos, or some laguna mental, comme ça.

In Ohio 🇺🇸… no word if Fela made the cut (affirmative the Word is NO), but in Les Politiques des Cookies, the newly-elected politician there is somewhere between Cabo Wabo and Cesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Here’s why, Reverend Al:

Deer, Reverend Al, you cannot, i repeat, you cannot have it both ways. And Breonna Taylor agrees… i’ll explain in a few hours.

For this section, the student will need his/her Unions textbook, their Progressives for Dummies cheat-sheet, and of course a brand new Donkey, preferably not from Tijuana, unless you want to aDd a Zebra into the mix, Mr. Zorro.

The FB of Mexican Cinéma update: benchmark Nº 2

Not to be outdone by The Pinault-Hayek Bourse Collection in París, Francia, Facebook’s evil headquarters singled-out the personal accounts of academics doing research on, anybody, Avi Velshi, academics doing research on what topic?

Anyone, Evry body? What kind of research?


Facebook censure des universitaires qui travaillaient sur
la désinformation de Facebook

… and just in case Ewe think that Eye is jumping on these two band wagons, [Censorship/Anne Hidalgo] please_please do allow me to direct your periph-vision to the Ice Cream Shop, because “i am 32 flavors —and then some.”

… And starring as Anne Hidalgo: Pancho Villa, in the role of Antonio Banderas, off-course. Go ahead, i dare you to say that Antonio Banderas is Knot, i repeat for Salma Hayek; i dare you to say that Antonio Banderas is Knot “el hombre perfecto” para interpretar el espíritu de Anne, period! 

Still to Come, La Femme du JOUR, April 14th, 2015… The thing about HINDSIGHT, Madame Hidalgo, is that on your first DAY OF CAMPAIGN for L’Elysée, I FOKEN KNEW³, Madame Hidalgo, that you would be looking « LIKE SOME CAT FROM JAPAN »:

https ://i1.wp.com/asegovia3.com/wp-content/uploads /2017/08/ image .jpg?ssl=1

Anyhow, a quick programming note regarding Benchmark Test Nº 1 results (punto y coma) be advised that OUR wordpress dot com personal account has been taken out of the detention room. This morning at around 01h00 in CET, The Pinault-Hayek Connection was cleared for surfing… Eye Repeat for Hilo, Hawaii, The PINAULT-HAYEK has now allowed (as of 01h this morning) asegovia3 dot com to post, edit, and continue to murder the English language, one clause at a time.

Benchmark Nº2 results:

— Connectivity arrived, not sure if the I.T. Team at La Collection Pinault reads this blog, we RECKON that they do not, and that the CODE blocking of our individual MAC Address was not a reactionary response, but rather a most unfortunate coincidence.

Image attached/supporting media: youse looking at it. Consider this an “Atta-boy”, unless, Sonia KINCAID 🔫, your hubby is like Enrique and he demands that Öüï mentions “Los Logros de l’administración”.