Son las 6 de la mañana con 30 minutos en el IMER — Chile en Nogada para La Guadalupana

Sin Embargo 🖕🏼 Tracy Lords knows I'm a voooo

Merci, Mercier 🇨🇦 for The Mexican Suitcase de Capa, o como dijo Peter Cat:
Look darling, I suggest we hurry
The stars and all the gravy
They’re burning out and
Now they’re through
That time we never wanted 🧳
Is now put into practice 📐✒️
Oh baby I know
Just let me be

En Paris, Beaubourg, son las 14h30… y el cuarto, en segundos te lo armo y te lo regalo… Welcome To The Hotel California, so it goesAnd Take It, to the limit, —Oh’güan more time.

Sponsored by Dr. Sagan… A cross, the universe.

https ://www .huffpost .com /entry /alienabductionufowyomingfather

Re°Cap°i°Tú—LANDO… 🏎️ llegáremos des-pas-ito 🏁, but first I just want to say that I fucking miss LUISA IGLESIAS y no solamente la “structureyschion” de sus colores Mr. Floyd

Me Sube La Bili-Rubi-Na en Menos de lo que canta un cuarto… regresamos después de que cure “el Chemo” mi Luisa, y ya por favor deja la Calleja, yi’asta espejeas* con la morrilla del Haragán y Cía.

https ://fr. wikipedia .org /wiki /Richard_Wright

Note to editors:
Hola, guapo, yeah Ewe with the BBC credentials:
… [d]on’t READ that, REED thisThis is the heavy heavy monster PARAGRAPHThe nuttiest WO’ID aroundSo if you’ve come in off the streetAnd you’re beginning to feel the heatWell, listen busterYou better start to move your feetTo the rockinest, rock-steady beatOf Madges*One step beyond 

I’ve seen that arch durante El día de La Candelaria, Raquelito.

Hey, Évry body…

Ewe Could Bee My Lucky Star, *it’s MADNESS!!!

Breaking on the Morjo Show… “Shut the Fuck Up!!! » Jaime Lee Curtis is about to blow Joe Scarborough. It’s Madnessssssss! Évry Where… “Established Connection”.


I now return to AYOTZINAPA para Espontáneos… “Los funcionarios son funcionarios y no se puede manchar una institución como Emmaüs Agora por un incidente », said the Mexican President of —méxico—  o algo así. Lo cierto, como dijo TONY PALMA, “yo no puedo hacer nada porque la cosa es política.”

But First, what’s happening with La S.R.E. en La Bourse, Metro L3?


https ://www .jornada /notas /2023/07/28 /mundo /detienen-a-dos-sospechosos-de-violar-a-turista-mexicana-en-paris/

Norberto Rivera CARRERA y Juan Sandoval ÍÑIGUEZ

Mexicanos en el exterior:

Across the imaginary border between La France and Le BeNeLux, we NOW KNOW that another Mexican is missing in Europe, this fellow went missing after leaving a hospital following a “garde a vue” en Bruselas.

¡Luuuuuuuu-Chaaaaa_rHan! — Dedos at rescaídas


LADIES and germs! It’s Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, and in PANAMÆ, Franche, it’s Thyme for the Tent 🎪 edition of 🇨🇵 National Sports They… and deer doG all mighty, Denisa KERSCHOVAS!!! Here comes The Clowns!

At La Maison de La Radio (not that one) Emily Munera has just been Violated by Chi Chi the little Latin fag, and in the process, that fello’ with the phallus standing next to her has been relegated (per request by the Publisher of Pedro Navajas) to stand in the role of, wait fo’, IT!:

La Hija de Tony Curtis… ¡SANCHO PANZA!

In Local WEBS… little ol’Eye saw “Nobody” coming, but then again,… ah, fuck it, i give up, just give l’assemblée nationale française, pro-russian hackers, their Early Retirement and their monthly R.S.A., RFPP is hiring bénévoles anyhow.

https ://www .huffingtonpost .fr /politique /article /le-site-de-l-assemblee-nationale-attaque-par-des-hackers-russes-anti-macron _215795 .html

RUSSIAN nazies: if you are monitoring, i need my file folder that Manuel Valls at Le Dépôt de Cité censuré in 2013 ~ 2014.

Any güey, Benito Bodoque from “The Bronx”, en Ponce 🇵🇷… Ewe got’s to rrrrrrhol your erres, —ese. In this section of your G.E.D.¹ pilot test, Eye is going to be your “Are-assistant” coach and the MSNbePeacocks hope that by the end of your first season, Öüï can get Ewe son’s o’biches in Ponce de León to stop treating the 21st* letter in the Spanish alphabet like she’s 13th.

So, c’mon Chi Chi, —VIDA is waiting:

F.Y.I.: Noxeema Jackson used to play for The Tribe 🪶, Willie Mays Hayes ⚾ was his name.

¹~. https ://usahello .org /fr /leducation /diplome-ged /qu-est-ce-que-ged /#gref

*~. If you include the two digraphs (ch / ll) in the R.A.E. abecedario and off-COURSE la bendita eñe, anyhow even in the Anglobecedario de los gringos de gringolandia, the aforementioned ERRE is already 18th on the timeline, so Rrrrrroll that sexy bitch like the friend of the boyfriend on the BORDERLINE of lady MADONNA (1984) did.


Indiana vía el INAH. For context please read the “little” six below.


“If GLR and me were populists, perhaps a prominent successor to Ismael Rodríguez would film a second version of « We the poor », and GLR and me would appear as brothers of “La Guayaba” and “La Tostada.””

~. Hombres G. “Indiana“, track 2 of “You fucked up, Burt Lancaster », Warner Music for spics from The Bronx; 1986.
Over in Manhattan, Benito Blanco from “The Bronx” goes on a “PACHANGA” tour across Am[?]ica (not sure if it’s the show about the continent with LA CARRETERA de MANU CHAO or the country made of exterminated tribes, yet).

Goya (not that one, KachunKachun RaRa) sazón.


https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2023/03/26 /opinion /013a2pol?


The Mexican Left and the Gilbertian Hurricane
by: Francisco Xavier Guerrero. La Jornada.


The only truth in life is inside of a lucha libre ring, » according to Alan Kardec en Père Lachaise, en face à Apollinaire.

With that in mind, Charlie 🐘 Sykes,  fuck you, The Bullwark ⛵, and of course, Donald John Trump. Anyhow, here’s an inverted “T” from what you just said on the Morjo Show… on the DL, you do have a point, but yours has no SaZón, because yours talks about Cracker Barrel politics, while Eye, you son of a bitch, am at The Forum.

Objective “Donjon”… it’s like Club Med for jailbirds in The Old Regime.

Except for one. Évry other cock sucker, including the fellows from La Commune (1871) and this guy by the name of Armand B., of the Spanish Caravan del Rey Fernando 🇪🇦… they all had the time of their life. And then The Bastille was commissioned by to act as a the Free Masons of la rue Cadet in 2017.

But, Öüï, fuck Gérard Depardieu.

And, Avi Velshi… hoy no hubo Beatles on The Johnny Canales Show

And Tiff Cross, Wheeeee is definetly not going to use the Instagram because Öüï’s been told, and Eye has been informed, that “the gram” is worst, much WO’ist in real time no less, than them Cuban microwaves 🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗

One thing is for sure Tiffany Cross, in theory, the debt of that McCarthy Guy is not the same as U.ncle’s deep pocket ceiling… if Mr. M. defaults on his debts his first-born is taken away by The State, if the U.S. defaults on our debts, then the Washington Pentagrams start a war and Liberty, liberty, liberty (pay only for, yada-yada-yada). Eye is old enough to remember the year of Mexico in the “it’s too big to fail” remesas of 2008… it’s not as if America³ was Haiti and the WORLD BANK would bank roll a coupe.

³:.(…Or, the soon-to-be renamed Country of TEXAS [plural].

Over at The Johnny Canales Show… It’s a new kid on the block, his name is don CORNELIUS, —reina.

📻 ♫ ♫ ♫ Hey hey we’re The Crickets… and Öüï’s looking for a new love, a new love, —Alicia Menendez… leave the Mecedes-Benz at The Church, Wheeeee’s not going to need our Flintstones vitamins to THEY.

Witt that in mind, Alex… you’ve heard about the TRANSFIGURATION (Bam!) in the SYNOPTIC Evangelios de MATEO and the other three fools on The Hill (or was it a mount, Olivia?—) Anyhow, Alicia Menendez, it’s not one of those (FOUR), this here — motherfucker— is THE TRANSMUTATION of CORNELIUS into REYNA on the Johnny Canales Show. Starring SELENA in the role of Whitney Houston.

And starring as don Cornelio, reina: That Tony guy, Matthew López

Lupita for the Role of Houston Lone Star, from New Jersey, Whitney… unless you wish to go The Filipino route and look for a Diamond, Philippe?

Take it away“.

And, Baby Blue, youse like Saturday Morning Cartoons, ese.

Last Week To They — fip is the Enemy

Las Moras de la Discordia. By Huckleberry Steinbeck… Ok. Ok-ok, oh Key! Hear Mí out, if in fact historicity has any sort of rhythm, then the REPETITION here is in Vietnamese as read by the Peoples Republic of the Sahel… Watch The Rachel Maddow Space.

Lorem ipsum, text and other assorted rollos go here: https ://www .aljazeera .com /news /2021/2/14 /macron-to-meet-african-leaders-as-sahel-conflict-drags-on

But FO’ist! Let the record show that Öüï will knot be looking at Carol Lee on account of Kasie’s way too early hairDO. Over in Nantucket, following the “annunciation” of Donald John Trump (45th potus), Cousin Joe Scarborough got a serious case of a Southern ailment called “the vapors”, Mika (his lovely wife) has gone through 150 ventilators. Cousin Joe still has “the vapors”.

Aussi, como ese Cabrón on AxIoS, we declare the War on Ewe… fuckers… miau 🐒 the only way you can beat me is:

— when i sleep
– when Poseidon pays you to conspire
– when i sleep

Deer, Michael Steele, first off, fuck fip. 33 9C3C9094-C203-4F0F-AC3E-123CBB863B03 .:. … and then of course Fuck Ewe. 🔥 Anyhow, Nicole Wallace, wanna know what burns Slower than Norwegian Wood? Leña Verde, Vato; 32 and WITT D.A.T. in M.I.N.D. the following words will find away in the Rhythm… doc, doc, doctor Beat. So make a mental note of that, here’s the Count, a lake is One, and Ewe on Fire is off-course: Tú.

… fuck fip, fip is the enemy. Go Green Fuckers. In all seriousness for those WHO don’t read u.s., the biggest threat to any CoUNTry is of course a motherfucking pandemic, after that, ADVERTisnig kills elections.


Deer. Nicole,

You fucking pundit, look’ee here, you look great in Banana Republic Yellow, (go melt some ice) but when something is important, well let’s ask the people who know:

And in the role of Al Rouker:

… now Eye knows what your lying eyes are going to tell you, “wadda’ya mean yellow, that’s clearly naranja dulce, limón partido, dame un…,” anyone?

… flip to page 2

Page 2 – Don’t ride the White Horse

What’s on Tuesday?” Asked, Chuck D.
on the former Rachel Maddow radio show.

Meanwhile at Planet Ashley… it’s all the pretty ponies. Anyhow, Mme. Chevallier, how’bout them diabolique bobos, eh? And i never thought that i would see the Flaming Lips on a penis masturbating on a bubble so early in the morning, but hey, if it’s a story about incest Oklahoma is KNOT far behind…

and please, you Republican honcho mule rider—don’t tell me that i didn’t tell foreshadow you (OMBREh) about a ring around the Sun; i just didn’t tell you which star: check it out, you conservative excuse to do the Humpty Dance on the msnbc’s, let Ashley show you how the new Humpty Dump is done; numero uno, you grab a piece of paper and write, “I have to Pi”, numero dos, you get the fucken’ idea.

HOW–Eva’, you failed muppet on The Daily Show (look it up BFM’ers… it’s trou!) let my man Ay-Ay-Ayman Mohyeldin show you how to properly piss in an Olympic Pool, or something like that… it’s kind of like pissing in a bottle, but a lot more fun, just look at that fucker smile.

There it is…

Anyhoot, fuckers—that’s CABRONEx, for the LATIN xers— did you happen to CATCH THE UPPER PART OF MY OWN Mary Shelley, on BFM’er TV… you literally can’t make this shit up, Pénelopé… LUC BESSON!!! In his wildest WET DREAMS COULDN’t dream A Fifth Elemento like me. Like ME, Fuckers, like me. I just need Las Pompis d’Eau and i am Seth, Isis… fuck Osiris.

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2021 /jan /26 /ageing-pompidou-centre-in-paris-to-close-for-four-years-for-renovation

Talents and competences visas in FRANCE are for FAGS!!! “POR LA LIBRE”, sr. Cuarón se hace mejor… bola de putos. And FIP Sirens… here’s why, get some popcorn and get Raphaël Moran and his friend Pablo Gleason on the set, i know that i won’t win. I know that nothing will change. I know that nobody is reading; except for the most informed cop in France, but for the record, the score is an acquitted child kidnapper (from Lille) and a journalist that puts “friendship” over the corruption of your institutions to Make A Former Mexican president look good in your 2015 Bastille Day Parade… and PEOPLE THAT GOT RAPED BY THEIR PARENTS AT SciencesPo.

Rodrigo’s fictional character in the aforementioned Classroom flic:

You fucked our aunt!

https ://imdb .com /title /tt0262698/

And,… [S]tarring as Rodrigo’s auntie:

KATY KAY, with a special cameo on the progressive Sinema screen by Mika Brzezinski.

Anyhow, Mr. MACRON, you see this soul ⤵️ below? I was that little-boy (inside of the face of the Tesseract already explained before), but you know what Mr. Macron, Manuel Valls y los Amigos de México en la Unesco y La OCDE might have crushed my Spirit, but never my Soul.

Previously on, « Merci pour ce moment » .:. 8986787A-8C7B-41CF-9511-07FF75CF82DD .:. With All Due Respect.

With all due respect, the ⤴️ above is submitted for your consideration; and SWEET PERRA* OF MINE, it is nothing more than “un Uso Justo de todas las Medias parts” in the adaptation draft for the next BFM’er “Dateline-like” series.

15 de enero, 2021 — To They, it’s your birthday

🎶 Yes we’re going to a party party
Yes we’re going to a party party
Yes we’re going to a party party

The Rutles

Previously on, “Son molinos, no te oyen, —don Quijote”.

So, about Mr. Robinette, eh‽ For the record, the man does have the “fontanería” connection in Ireland, m’ember his cousin the plumber? So that may begin to explain why the “GRIFA” in the middle of Joseph -and- Biden was chosen as his middle initial; in this blog, a “joint” or connection of that degree merits the use of a Tesseract or, a hypercube, not a Venn Diagram. Now the question that needs answering (to show just how ridiculous a gender-neutral neologism really is, neta que sí) … anyhow, Dra. Muñiz, a mi lo que me para los pelos de mi calva cabellera es el hecho de que yo no tengo lecho; pero eso es otro rollo, ahorita lo que yo quiero saber, es PORQUÉ Xingados no aparecen los grifos ni las grifas (o en su Chingado defecto, grifx, en ese mentado diccionario de “Mexicanismos” mexicanos, particularmente ahora que México está por convertirse en el mayor exportador de GRIFA para los GRIFOS en el exterior, eh? A ver, porqué no haber Grifos en su nueva institución??? FUENTE de l’actualité para poder TRIANGULAR la relevancia de mis marihuanadas va por aquí Ayman Mohyeldin: https ://www .aljazeera .com /economy /2021 /1 /12 /mexico-moves-to-create-worlds-largest-legal-cannabis-market

Robinet: m grifo, llave. DONC(key)… Robinette, because of the suffix “ette” must be the female equivalent in the form of a “canilla”, look it up. And thank you for SMOKING IN THE BOYS ROOM.

Source: Gran Diccionario [Español-Francés Français-Espagnol] LAROUSSE 2005. Larousse Paris. Page 598 from Robert (Roberto) to ROM (Read Only Memory), period!

Pues bien, o quizás tal vez mal pero de cualquier manera “Las fuentes y derivaciones de las raíces de las ramas », o algo así, nos sincronizó con la noticia salida desde Flint, Michigan, y pues ahora voy a tener que encestar, (no confundir con ‘incestar’ porque esa palabra aún se desconoce por SciencesPo) un grifo en la Academia de Mexicanismos mexicanos, para la nueva sacerdotisa de esa institución, la profesora Angelina MuñizHuberman… con su permiso, Doctora.


“A mountain to climb for Joe Biden,” according to London, and “Little Havana” hit-man Steve Schmidt wants to make The President-elect backpack heavier with every fucking step. Nice. Very nice, Mr. Schmitty. Nice.

Deer, David Aronberg… do you really want to go there? And Willie Geist, did Donnie Deutsch’s friend (Michael Dean Cohen) get to have Whole Foods®️ while at the Country Club? Try again Mr. West Palm Beach, try again, “law man” unless you are saying that Florida correctional facilities are kin to Turkey’s prisons. If it’s good for the convicted bankers and the sentenced “good felons” it should be good for the incongruent vegans who wear dead animal heads as props.

In Context: the guy dressed as Davy Crockett with little bull horns during the January 6th storming of Capitol Hill was arrested for trespassing into the Nation’s Capitol. That guy, according to The Mor-Jo Show is requesting vegan food. A Florida State Attorney mocks the prisoner telling the audience that in prison there is no “Whole Foods” (only fractions of scraps, mr. Atty. Gral.?) thus pissing at the same time on the grave of every POW or prisoner in a gulag-style or AMERICAN PRIVATELY OPERATED/owned prison. BECAUSE THAT GUY IS NOW a captured “enemy combatant”, right? It’s BY-The-NUMBERS processing or, put that sumbitch in front of a firing squad.

Tell you what, Cousin Joe, go ahead and misinterpret the following screen-capture, go ahead BANG and BlaME; i will say again, blame me for the other news of The They.

And, Mika Bee… it is ONE THING when your co-host Screams the rhetoric about whatever is ailing him, it’s quite another when the guy with the Monopoly of Violence puts out a statement that supports cruel and unusual punishment; otherwise The Viet Cong wins, and you lounge on The Maverick’s grave… but Yeah, Willie Geist (with a Capital “Y”) shoot’em all and let Uncle Sam sort’em out. Remember, now Kasie Hunt, i am just a guy with a Reddit account and a stupid blog, not the guy who can lock some deplorable “du jour” quack and then throw away the key… “[S]ome men you just can’t reach, so you get what we had [here] Last Week; which is the WAY he WANTSSO He Gets! I don’t like it, anymore than you do,” Axl Rose.

Or, when it comes to the insurrectos del Día de Reyes, just shoot’em. Fuck’em, and fuck the process. Kill them all as soon as you round them all in. You, Mr. Aronberg are today’s recipiente for the Hillary Clinton deplorables award, congratulations, sir.


GRIFX for the LatinX potheads: https ://www .aljazeera .com /economy /2021/1/12 /mexico-moves-to-create-worlds-largest-legal-cannabis-market

Dangling Participle: John Mill Ackerman, situational opportunist

Note to editors:
Although the following are branches from the same tree, there are nuances that separate a “Los Amigos de México en Francia” from the « Mexican Bananero Club in Paris », so know your chicken, Cibo Mato.

Coming up on the PBS “Smooth Ruckus” Hour, with Yamice Alcindoor… Claire McCass sits on the edge of Peach and eats a Seat!!! _—•!•—_ GEORGIA, Georgia,  Georgia 🎻 And in Washington, at the BIG BOARD, i shot you Knot, the World learnt that from the very beginning it has been, Adam and Steve. It’s called intelligent design and it’s only on the Peacock Brand. Check local listings for BriWi.

“🎶 Here they Come—the beautiful ones,
the beautiful ones, ya’ ya’ ya’—yea”

The London Suede… not to be confused with The Swede del don.


To synch–in with the Panafricanism in France, the police in Kenosha, Wisconsin (just below Canada) cleared the police officer who crippled a black man to a life-on-wheels.

https ://www .fox6now .com /news /wi-national-guard-mobilized-to-preserve-public-safety-in-kenosha

For the record, i don’t have the pleasure of knowing Estefanía Veloz, Gibran Ramírez, and Lorenzo Meyer, but I do know John Mill Ackerman, and I don’t care what the Mexican Bananero Club in Paris (morenaFrancia) say or not say about my time as an independent reporter in France (2011-2015) because i did tell you all that PROFESSOR John Mill Ackerman was getting paid “under the table”, in a certain kind of way, and now that The World of Le Monde at La Sorbonne is aware that he is an “organic intellectual” or, « SITUATIONAL OPPORTUNIST » with a Ph.D in populist propaganda courtesy of The REPUBLIC OF FRANCE, i am going to explain to JULIAN ASSANGE why he should accept Mexico’s offer to go live the rest of his life in the NUDE paradise known as Zipolite, Oaxaca.

But first, señor Julián, i have to explain to my counselor at El Patron’s house why.

And here is why, counselor:

Lorem Ipsum … there are many, many, many, —muchos, pues— ways for which a person might get trapped in the situations that the benevolent class in France call, misery, which should not be confused with homelessness, vagrancy, substance abuse and/or dependency, and all of the things that get attached to what La Jornada’s Paris contributor, Vilma Fuentes describes to her readers around the world, as las idiosincrasias and/or QUIRKS de « los clochards ».

Misery, i would suggest is at a different depth and it is very specific. You could find yourself without a home or minus a roof over your head and not be miserable. Your stomach might growl at you, or behave in very strange and sometimes explosive way (literally) and still not be miserable. Rain, cold, heat, humidity might catch you outdoors without the proper gear and still, —not make you miserable.

In other words, all of the above conditions might make you mad, uncomfortable, or can even put you in pain; but miserable, well miserable is when you cross a certain threshold after a certain period and/or seasons of living under mitigating circumstances and conditions and, (this is important) you have a shift in the way that you used to think.

It’s when your purpose and ideals (if one ever had any to begin with) go to shit not for decisions made under the auspices of a thing called AGENCY, but because of the agencies who protect corrupt so-called “Organic Intellectuals” or bonafide soft-dictatorships like the one that i was writing about from 2012 to 2017 just before i really–really, really, really got to know the Streets of Bakersfield in Paris, France… if you are into Country music and all those miserable themes.


Previously on “Catch-22”: we’ll meet again 🎶

for the bag:

Youse gonna like the way you look, i guarantee it, me lo dijo The Men’s Warehouse, fellow. 58D5F83E-1146-49BB-AE1B-443B47B7D939 .:. Indeed, Kasie Hunt, MISS Elaine Benice is moonlighting Way-Tú-Early on BFMer’s First Edition —in French.

The “Nits” on George Clooney à la rue Clement (75006) are testimony that we saw todayThe International New York Times teaser about The Cloon below today’s edition of the very GERMAINE Die FrankfurterYESTERDAY, so “Call me mañana”, princess Palatine, if you want 2.

Any hoot, Mickaël, some of the names have been changed, in order to protect the They of The Innocents, and buddy, let Mí break IT!, down for you .:. BB9D1970-81BF-4349-810E-686542543382

LOUIE! LOUIE! Öüï want Louie, c’mon Kasie, Öüï want “asparagus” on The VIP-Veep! — But WAIT!!! AP-Lemire went with the story about National Security in a transition for today’s first period… “[B]ohhhhhRing!”, said the ye’Olde Beelzebub.

Over at The MorJo Show, Eddie Gloude Junior is leading the group in the role of El Charrito Pemex and, Gloude “flips the chip” on that most esteemed Beast, tieless fool and ugly Mexican: the one and lonely,  The Frito Bandito.

En Contexto:

https ://www .dallasnews .com /news /politics /2020/12/28 /louie-gohmert-sues-pence-in-far-fetched-bid-to-overturn-election-results-on-jan-6/

Stein wanted to start the morning off with the most ridiculous thing, even by Texas Standard (oils) and Willie Gohmer’s attempt to sue the still Vice-President, Mickaël Pence, was sure to generate some laugh tracks on the crocodile tears “about nothing”… yada, yada, yada.

After the break, hell hound-at-large, Sam Stein talks to goats, —on L.S.D.! Period .:. DF64FEF3-BCB2-43BA-9017-70CD1EC1D3C8

https ://old .reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /kjo6q6 /frito_bandito_mascota_de_fritos_a_finales_de_los/

LoREM IP Σ (goes here)

Öüï last saw Mando engaging in a difficult conversation with CUATRO de A Caballo, and Felipe just could not be thought out of his ideOta to bag La Catedral, transcripts transliterated from the original Castilian, —“de aquél Real del Mapimí »:

Where, Felipe, where are you going to hide it, if you Do succeed in stealing Notre-Dame, eh? Motherfucker. Where?

And Philippe Labró goes:

Here. Jelipe would hide IT!, here, you sonovabitch.


I’m Sí-Rius: