https ://🇺🇸 .wikipedia .org /wiki /All_persons_fictitious_disclaimer

Man on l’Olyday… Eye don’t practice Santeria and, “no animals were harmed in the making of this blog,” furthermore, « All characters and events in this blog—even those based on real people, living or dead should be plainly apparent to them and those who know or knew them — however, to borrow from The Book of Mormon, all characters, including my friend Moroni en San José de Las Panochas are entirely fictional, » … except of course for Patas de Catre and Alejandro Jodorowski.

Of course, if you are just joining the programming you are probably going to wonder what vela* does Luther have in this entierro, and for that you not only need to unfold the scroll back to the dark ages of 2021 and switch it over to the Willie GEIST when America (sin acento) Ketches-up with the Katty Kay flying circus-es.

*~. Not that one 🕯️

vela², del latín vela, pl. velum
f. En un barco, it’s the piece of canvas or other material that is tied to the spars to receive the wind and propel the vessel.


… Any how, de las velas, “la bastarda” es la mayor de los buques latinos.

https ://asegovia3 .com /2021/01/18/🎶 –monday-monday-deer-ashley-at-bfmer/

Father James is hurling from the mound, the count is 1 strike and it’s the top of the Ninth Inning with no runner on base. Here comes the pitch.

“Oh, ok then. Tell me, where does the U.S. start*?”, said Father James (fm).

*~. On account of me bringing up Mexico’s territorial limits in the second decade of the 1800’s under the Umpire of Iturbide “el pirulí”.

… Spring Forward to page 3

2 de febrero… from The Mercury Theater

What if Tyre had not run into them fellas who murdered him like a piñata?

Black History Month — “The question of time, present, past, future, is fundamental both in our daily existence and in our mental perception.” Writes Paris correspondent, Vilma Fuentes in the role of  Albert Einstein 🇺🇸, details at 9 when Öüï shows you how to listen to the SILENCING of them Words.

In this section, the student will fit La HuesudaPatas de CatreCatrinaNiña Blanca, o simplemente, muerte.

— 1851 – José Guadalupe Posada, Mexican illustrator and engraver (1913)

Answer: Mr. Nichols would probably be celebrating New Amsterdam’s Birthday, Hic!


Maybe Mr. Nichols would be weeping at El Chamizal Skate Park.

1848MexicanAmerican War: The Treaty of Guadalupe~Hidalgo is signed.

And with that in mind, let me unscroll the part where Eye tells y’er sorry-ass how to navigate this bitch.

For starters, Willie Geist, to avoid any further insult to the injury and vice-versa, please be advised that the phrase “this here nigga” will be superimposed with the indignez vous–la vie en Rose friendly:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/08/09 /cultura /el-silencio-de-las-palabras

these/this/those/them “fellas ».

Following the I Told yo’ sorry-ass clause, Öüï would like to continue with the following segue:

« C’était “Can You Dig It?” de Georgie Wood. Et maintenant nous aimerions jouer “Hark, The Angels Come” »

At the movies

At the Movies, it’s “I’ve Seen This Movie Too”, it’s the one when the 🇨🇵 French form the 🇲🇽 Rencontres Cinématographique Viva 🇬🇧 Mexico à 👄 Paris (2013).

Never mind, Mother Mary, here. Let It Be is not an option, because the LP is Rotten.

1909The Paris Film Congress opens, an attempt by European faggots to form an equivalent to the MPCC cartel in the United States.

… and Mr. Jodorowski, senior, not the one from the fip . fr “generation” if your old-ass is keeping the score, that there date is the One-after-909, by the aforementioned Georgie Would.

… and niño Luc, you know the drill: Phuck Ewe Tú!
Enjoy your crêpe, you sonobavitch!

Verbatim from Mom: it’s an assignment from God.


And Reverend Al… Please inform Willie Geist that La Kerschovas was abducted in the Vicinity of MADONNA’S Empire Records shack at Saint-Merri on la rue de la Verrerie.

When he’s 64… Double Retirement from The FOX.


Preliminary feedback from the Eye in the sky next to the Thai massage parlor and the all-you-can-eat (3 plate limit) Chinese buffet, show 🛸 that the abductors came from a Black Planet. The Fear is imminent.

… [A]nd Eye quotes:

un flux littéraire limpide et brûlant


De la terrasse d’un café de la place Maubert, nous l’avons vue accomplir les deux pas qui la séparaient de son logis. Souriante et vive, oeil et cheveux noirs, graphiques, comme échappée d’une toile de Kirchner dans le Berlin expressionniste.

via: “Être soi est déjà un miracle » en
https ://www .humanite .fr /node /413312


Sources close to Vilma Fuentes, along with them Usual Suspects, are rounded-up and context should follow.

But first, here’s an update on Them Monkees, the Church Lady found this mustachioed changos hidden in a closet. SOURCES close to Bernardo Gómez and Pantelion films en El Netflix relay a clear infringement on the son-in-law of Don Porfirio and them other 41 Monkees of The Fight Club on the MoreJo Show. Donnie Deutsch stars as Mafalda on Fifth Avenue.


And just to show you that I’ve Got The Moohs¹ Like Jagger, here’s Mick celebrating his 84th birthday, by the look of them granites, Mick don’t look a THEY older than the Light arriving to Cambridge² from a White Draft, details at 9, with La Kerschova’s who just shacked inside of a fucking Tesla playing Life On Mars on a mothefucking loop.

²~. https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/02/01 /cultura /el-inah-con-84-anos-de-cuidar-el-legado-cultural

¹~. https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/02/02 / astronomers measure mass of white dwarf directly for the first time



Hoy no hubo Jazz, puro Pussy Riot — Tautology: CONVERSE Logic

Adventures in translation, transliteration and, lest you forget, InterPretAtion:

Contra dicción.

“It’s all about ass, isn’t it? Either you kick it… or you lick it.”

https ://www .imdb .com  /title /tt0097336 /characters /nm0000056?ref_ =tt_cl_c_1


Pedo (sustantivo de género exclusivamente masculino) : Kick Up A Stink, una situación conflictiva, pues. [Source: WordReference . com y por supuesto, Mi NiÑEZ, en un “Pueblo Blanco” casi esquina con San José de Las Panochas y el Puente Colgante de las Dunas de Jodorowsky; enfrente FROM WHERE, Butch CASSADY in the ROLE of General Leslie R. Groves, [look it up, LOKI, Salma’s Friends en LaLaGuna no lo pueden negar] that is where Les maîtres de l’ombre dropped “Fat Man’s {fart} and Little Boy’s {gas}.

Continuing with “El Pedo” de anoche en Santiago de Querétaro, 76000—México.

Now, Mr. Tapper, if that in fact is what CNN named you, ABOUT “that PEDA ».

“La peda”, en toda la extensión de la BORRACHERA no es necesariamente un fiesta.

Armando Serrano-Prieto


El Topo… El Ejido ROMA is right across from where the stream {when it rains} below this brige CROSSES LA CARRETERA Federal n° 30 en DURANGO. On a personal level, VISIT OJUELA, and never mind the Ojete in Mapimí.



Page 6 _ The U.K. Subs

Dear, WordPress “Happines Geniuses,” if you are not reading, I have a problem with my publishing ship. My BROWSER continues to be JAMMED on all (except this undisclosed location at the Villejuif Underground sublet squat) browsers. Öüï suspects foul play from the Paris Tourism Board and the Melle. Pitch Awards.

Anyhow our apologies to Mr. Alejandro Jodorowski because RIGHT ABOUT NOW, little ol’Eye was supposed to be in the middle of the  KNIFE IN THE BACK episode of a DUNE ride³ (1973 – 1977) denied*.

Australia is the concurrence – Aussi… and before i forget que se nos olvida: Viva México, cabrones.

³.} Dune (Alejandro Jodorowsky) — Wikipédia (
* “Cotejado… ».

Instead, i am left to CATCH up and review the Frida-Hayek diet-shroom churro called “BLISS” in where ISABEL or, rather, the “ugly world” version of a mad scientist that leaves his her “SOUL MATE” out-and-out in Beverly Ville (75020). It’s based on a TROU story.

After the break and, whenever the Paris Tourism Board allows the expat part of the U.S. in Paname, our Mexican ass is going to bring you the DARK side of Ringo STARR:

We All Live In a Biden Submarine, and Eye quotes:

A Biden Submarine

Please don’t shoot the Messenger, remember now, Austraila is the Enemy. Ask yourself, Madame Hidalgo:

Do you think that it is a coincidence that The Motor Bike of that fellow Johnny Holliday went up on the same day that the UK Subs demanded a “Contract” from « La Compañia ? »… C’mon—MANNNNN!!! Didn’t you watch the BON SCOTT interview? Scott lays it all out on the French and Eye quotes, “their rock and roll,” and he is not too kind with that other fellow from the Knights In Satan Service, from New York City… bunch of clowns who really hail from the Motor City.

@segoarma “we don’t need no hashtags”

N° 2601, page 23… Lindsey Reiser takes on the chores of Santa Monica

FOREWORD by Philippe Labró.

“Going Back To Cali”

The Sun also sets… and the tolls ROCK THE BELLS 🔔🔔🔔

La IDA del “Pledge Allegiance”
on Livestock medecine, “and coma.

From televangelists to TELEmedicine

Page 13, CNEWS matinée de la rentrée … Well, you’ve heard about “la persiana americana,” — It’s knot one of those, this here is the Bein Le Monde de France TV version of the Babylon Garden’s French Windows, « la pérsica franca » Anti-Terrorism Summit IRAK 2021, featuring, the former “collaboratrice”  now « organisatrice » of that new take on Terror: The France.

https ://kiosque .cnews .fr /player /?q= NEP&d= 2021-08-27 &c= CNEWS

If you ever plan to motor west,
Travel my way, take the highway that is best.
Get your kicks on route sixty-six.

Anyhow, Santa Monica… it ends with, qué? If you say it Three Times in French. Now, if you were to ask one of them pachucos at the end of I-10 on Ry Cooder’s side of the tracks they will tell you that the Beach is called SANTA MO’rica.

The West is The Best.
And Rachel Engle, did the current president not have the option to ignore Trump’s agreement with the Taliban, and have the Supreme Court strike that decision down instead.


Over on HoBO Max, Santo “El Enmascarado de Lilas” takes on the Théâtre de Paris… Quasimodo and Vilma Fuentes lead the pride of licántropos de la SalpéTRIère. Hilarity ensues when Alejandro JODOROWSKI joins a el Blue Demon at the Museum of Modern Art¹ which oh, by-the-Güey, happens to be right next to the House of The Rising Sun next to Trocadéro PLATZ.

¹.) Resisting the Present, Mexico 2000/2012
Mr. JodoroWski  presented a series of comic strip planchas; one of these was about a Sleeping Tiger and a politician who complainted and complained about how the tiger was going to eat him (punto y coma)… at the TIME, the fellows from a still to be formed MorenaFrancia began to splint from the cult-like followers of El Movimiento por La Paz con Justicia y Diginidad. KNOT that the followers of then presidential contender Andrés Manuel López Orbrador didn’t act like the popular kids in Sa Majesté des mouches.


https ://leplus .nouvelobs .com /contribution /576731-yo-soy-132-les-etudiants-mexicains-veulent-en-finir-avec-la-corruption .html

responsables de la coordinación en Francia y otros comités extendidos en Europa y países nórdicos.”

https ://vanguardia .com .mx /noticias /nacional /2781488- yosoy132-se-hace-presente-tambien-en-paris– FWVG2781488

Dear, Monoprix . fr… Where is my pocket pussy? I am Sirius, where is my pocket pussy?

Later with George Stephanopoulos:

🍿?… [A]ny one, ¿palomitas, —Ferris? Popcorn?

https ://abcnews .go .com /Politics /full-transcript-abc-news-george-stephanopoulos-interview-president /story?id=79535643

“¡Que pase el desgraciado!”


En contexto para Monoprix ®️ fr: Peru is, by the way in “Sud” América.

Right Said Fred… the Commander-in-Chief is tired of talking about what happened five days ago. No more C-17’s with a humanity of Afghans as payload talk!!!

🎶 Creme tangerine and Montélimar… Charlie! BURQAS!!! [She] Mary J. Blige wants to know if those burkas come in a 411 model.

In Soccer news, Charlie don’t Surf.

Let’s talk about Texas, then:

Today in Paris is take a picture of Something They, and so we switch it over to KDAY Studios casi esquina con Sunset Blvd. and Vine St. where “[S]tupid disk jockeys,” are having a wonderful radio discussion with WINOs on the strip… or something like that, the thing is… Los Marcianos Llegaron Ya, y esos cabrones llegaron bailando el Cha Cha-Cha; period!

Burns and CARLIN at The Playboy Club.

Even Dallas moved to Paris. School’s out, with a new dress code.

https ://www /sections /back-to-school-live-updates /2021/08/18 /1028760318 /paris-texas-school-district-mandate-masks-dress-code-gov-abbott-ban?t=1629384544307

And, Michel Che… Eye swears that i am Knot making Scarlett’s KneW baby’s name up, —and motherfucker… please!—GET BACK! And here’s why, but first:

Made for love

The goal for Texas is to have this in Every
Piggly Wiggly and of course at every H•E•B• Supermarket near you… but please, please throw in the Fleshlight!

Ladies in Gemini… we interrupt the WINO interview in order to bring you an NPR National Public Service Announcement directed at the State of TEXAS : now  is the time to update the Sex Ed. curricula, call it: MADE FOR SEX, but don’t forget to include that pocket pussy. And Paris, France... México is not in South América.

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt7808566 /?ref_=nm_flmg_act_2

So, motherfucker Che,
you, of all sidekicks should know by now that Öüï don’t select the newborns names.
All that Öüï do,
motherfucker Che,
is to line up the tangents* with the Three-Ring Circuses on the streams.
That’s all, motherfucker Che,
That’s All Öüï does.

*.) with this in mind, you might recall that Billy Preston was the first (MALE) musical act on Episode One of Lorde Lorne’s comedy hour and ½ show (punto y coma) what you might not know is that Lorde Lorne requires a token from all of his employees. Lorde Lorne reserves the right to name the first-born child of every perfomer on his show.

Page 4… why do you think that The Big Kase named her little unit, “MARS”, for the chocolate bars? Only if these bars serve COSMOPOLITANS, which are Lorde Lorne’s favorite cocktail next to the stupid Mimosa’s for breakfast. —_•!•_— But, as Evry body knows, the real reason is Cosmo Alley, which is a popular Gnome hangout.

And JonaTAN Lemire (without the “h”, as requested) you can take the rest of the year off of Way To Early, a young Alicia Menéndez has got a beat ((( going ))) behind that teleprompter screen.

El Campeón — Valérie, oh Valérie … Vaha-ah—le rie.

In Local News, Adrianne Elrod in the Role of the présidentesse de La Île-de-France (in full Candid regalia) announced just a few hours ago, 12 to be préssisse, that she is in the running of the Bulls on Parade in La France and all of its Colonies.

https ://www .pri .org /stories /2021-07-23 /world-remembers-singer-amy-winehouse-10th-anniversary-her-death

No, Mika tu’tequiBocas! Nunca te conocí en Paris Plagues—no-nos fuimos juntos a comer, paella, period

Con Luna Llena y Toda La Cosa, yes-que-sí, Roger, de Las Dunas, las de Octubre son las más bonitas, y si no le crees a Luc Frelong ask Adanowski, but whatever you do don’t ask Duncan Bridgman so pena de despertar a Eddie y ese güey es bien coco.

https ://asegovia3 .com /2017/03/25 /bibliografia/

… hijo de la Luna
no-no es Serio este cementerio

In WASHINGTON, we pose the QUESTION to the producers of The pre-morning Joe Show with Jonathan Lemire:

Breaking News: Dulcinea Wallace is auditioning for the role of the 3 Caballeros, Musketeers need not apply 💃🏼 Extra, Extra:

Where were Ewe, when Öüï got High?

File photo of Rachel Maddow as an Extra… it’s her guilty pleasure, next to torturing little fishes by the Banks of the River, Phoenix… 🎶 Because she can.

Sirs and/or Mesdames, did you come up with the Idea to Interview Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez P-C all by yourself, or are you Sons-ov-Bitches  looking for inspiration on my site, —it’s fine, have-at-it, and you don’t even have to pretend that you are not reading this with that Stupid Fuckn’ Smirk on your face. 🗯🗞.

🎶 Will you still feed Mí
will you still Knead Mí
Gwen Eye is Sixty Four, Hu!

Donc, i have been telling y’all that i don’t select the Signs-O’the-Times, i only direct you to your chamber, y pues valga la redundancia, don Pablo Bartomomé, la de usted está compuesta de un trabalenguas : doncella de hierro/vierge de fer

In Tokyo, French Président Emmanuel Macron replies: Bring it on bitch!

“Little Jupiter », as the French PrésidentE was affectionately baptized by BFM’er TV, after a Vulgar display of Symbols where str•tegi•cally placed on the Executive Picture of his “I love me wall” at The Élysée did not hesitate to walk into his Republican Stable and went ahead and Talked to George.

Yo No Me Llamo Javier!

For this occasion, Mr. Macron selected a Dark Horse to ride into battle, ISSY, there is a reason for it Dani CALIFORNIA. More on D.A.T. if Luc Frelon has the balls to grace the Jazz Hour mic tonight.

—_ S E N J U T S U _—

Quick update on Luc Frelon… Mr. Luc is on vacation. It’s the sacrosanct duty of every French citizen to take a 3-to-4—week vacation around the Colonies, and for the French, the World is their colony, Just like for rapists (Roman Polanski) and gangsters (TBD), France is their Perpetual SuperLatif Bleü Öyster Cült.

After the Break:

—Context on February 2017/2021.
—Det. Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle* was a fag.

* EDDIE Egan…

Intermezzo with Verbatim I (French articles)

Chapter 3 Basics:
The French Articles… LA, Le, and of course good’Ol LES, dear Paul.

In the Romance languages, the word « police » is a feminine word; with that as a place holder, please note that across the Pond de La Mancha (or ‘stain’) the Rosbifs place no distinction on that bitch (i am talking about police canines, of course, not THE law enforcement elements as a team) focusing instead on the gender-neutral DA (written as THE) .:. EAADE968-46A7-4C9C-BC1F-ADAAD7B20829 .:. Perhaps, this is why the fellow with the docket on his left arm walking next to Jupiter I (uno) was careful not to place the English “LA” in front of Gordon Sullivan. WITT this in M.I.N.D., i can’t tell you what Euskara article is used in front of the word « police », but given that the Basque language has no known roots, i am just going to leave it at that.

Deer, Katty Kay… who the heck is Prince Harry? Asked Chuck, his dad.

Judging from the musical introduction « Surplomb » of Mr. Attali’s 2011 Verbatim trilogy, “Evidemment” he must be referring to the lute playing (Police) STING in the ensamble completed by Copeland 🥁 and Summers 🎸(for the sake of Synchronicity), but still, or alas—MTV didn’t reveal Gordon Sullivan’s love for the lute until Yo MTV ωraps was becoming a thing of the past, and Rodney King was about to make the news; but yes, i must agree, back when Pierre-Michael Littbraski and Michel Platini were a thing in Andalucía (España, FIFA World Cup 1982) it was all just onε big “LE paradis blanc” and all the wars were cold .:. 7E7C696F-CEE3-41F8-846B-0A2FE360D44E 📻 You know what else was not on the scene, Mr. Attali? Ronald Reagan’s crack cocaine in El Ey, baby, that’s Watt(s) knot in Panam(e).

With that out of Cousin Joe’s system, we switch it over to some Frog named, Attali, —Jack! Who clearly has a complete disregard for English articles. And hear me out, Katty Kay, because i’m-ah-gonna put John Paul II (the Pope) on the back-burner to catch up with Gordon Sullivan (Police, according to Mr. Attali) because you didn’t think that i was going to unearth DUNE and knot explain why Gordon Sullivan, —killed Jodoroωski’s dream.

Verbatim I « surplomb » .:. 305A2293-DF19-4B5B-8DE9-D8B62A16B94E .:. Thirty years ago. It was another world. We were listening to Michel Berger and POLICE… We had no rap, no slam, no Alzheimer’s, no Internet, no cell phone, no AIDS, no disease of defeat in Vietnam and had just been humiliated in Iraq. Etcetera, etcetera, etc,…

And in Washington, Walter Isaacson is editing children, and code-breaking Nightmares with Hitler, true edit. Step by step like Toy Soldiers… [A]nd Claire McCass, are you being ironic on International Women’s They? Or are you a Dodger fan now?

But seriously, to all the women being trafficked for sex, or  tortured for their beliefs, or subjected to menial jobs, not to mention kidnapped and rendered to ShitHole countries (without mentioning any Flags), HAPPY women’s Day. You can be assured that in today’s First World and fully developed countries elitist cunts are thinking of you… especially if they happen to take advantage of their “essential worker” status.

“What she said,” said the child, your Honor (président de la Court).


El error de Karol Józef Wojtyła — Part 2

Tell you what, before you get your Rosary all up in a bunch, consider what would have happened to the order of Legionnaires (✝️) if Ioannes Paulus did not have to compromise the SOUL of Karol Józef just to save the good name of (politics within) the Catholic Church.

The Church = Syndicate for the soul… not saying that it is bad, just saying that the FO’ist order of business is the politics of the clan, and then, if you pay your membership dues (with Cash or with in-kind services) you get a PASS.

From the Faber Book of Mexican Cinema, by Jason Wood 🎥 2E5B3980-9139-4CBB-9AF3-E34CCAB8E879 📽 À cette époque, la réalité du cinéma mexicain était complètement différente de ce qu’elle est aujourd’hui. La production était dominée par les producteurs de la vieille école et les syndicats cinématographiques. Pour pouvoir montrer un film, il fallait avoir une licence de cinéma, et cette licence était accordée par un syndicat à condition d’avoir travaillé selon ses règles, et d’avoir utilisé ses affiliés et son personnel nombreux. Les films produits étaient essentiellement des films de Gringo – nous fournissions des services de production – et de très mauvaise qualité, tant sur le plan de l’histoire que sur le plan technique ; à l’exception honorable des films produits par l’État pour des réalisateurs tels que Felipe Cazals, Arturo Ripstein, Jorge Fons et quelques autres.

Quick programming note on the ⬆️ DEEPL®️ translated cutline above: it's a damn shame that during this trip, i did not get a chance to run into Mr. Alejandro JodoroWski on account that he and little ol'Eye have at least two circles that form a Venn Diagram related to the context in the snapshot from segoviaspixes on the 6th. The FO'ist is of course the place where don JODO filmed “The Sacred Mountain... or was it EL TOPO?” and his run-in's with the above mentioned Mexican Film Unions at San José de Las Panochas, Durango, and the second being the way in which DAVID LYNCH fucked up the JODOROwSKI VERSION OF DUNE, period! GORDON SULLIVAN...You Suck!

Now, don’t you go forgetting that one of the requirements of this blog before i go and dig up the skeletons of Las Momias de Guanajuato involves a news cycle, an equivalent (or analogous) subject/theme, and of course the connection to a place called Mexico [where there is no such thing as God].

The News Cycle:

White Phosphorus in Irak (rules of engagement)… stay with me, Reverend Capehart, context follows.


Crímenes de lesa humanidad as punishment or torture (in times of peace or in times of war)…

And of course: Acapulco

🎶 It could happen to you, fairy tales.

Ain’t no god in Mexico, but at least the president there is laying the tracks for a train.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/03/06 /estados /hallan-viva-en-nl-a-mujer-de-texas-reportada-como-desaparecida-en-1993/


BFV | Benjamin Franklin Village

23 de marzo (París).

El puente de don Jodo

en contexto: los infantes detestan cuando el padre les canta, y por eso contrataron una "nounou" [au pair, dicen en la antigua Villa de Benjamín Argumedo Franklin]. Elisa tiene sólo cinco años y escribe mejor que todo el equipo de por aquí... ah, y Sting se llama Gordon.

en contexto: los infantes detestan cuando el padre les canta, y por eso contrataron una “nounou” [au pairs,  les nombran hoy en día allá en la antigua Villa de Benjamín Argumedo Franklin].  |  Anuncio: Elisa tiene sólo cinco años y escribe mejor que todo el equipo de por aquí… ah, y Sting se llama Gordon y Alicia está en la azotea…. ah, se me olvidaba que: el uso del contenido de la revista Trois Couleurs se captura como un uso justo de todos los medios. El tema de este blog es precisamente la cobertura la des…cobertura del mundo de las pantallas y su relación con los gobiernos de Estado, en particular la de Televisa y el Gobierno del presidente de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, Enrique Peña Nieto… para más información, consulte: http ://www .troiscouleurs .fr/