Cheers! — 🎶 Sometimes you wanna go¹

With All Due Respect:

Live from 3rd Base from The Sun, —in Paris, France … Let Mí guess, the fucking Artreides are on The Marquesina… Dune follows. It’s SymboliQ, off-Course.

I found the Tree, Donovan, sadly, ain’t no signal at Franck’s Park. So the chicken might be cold. Also pay no attention to the nitpick on the Marronnierie de Anne de Fran…cfort, if you are just joining us at La Corrida de Zimmerman, please note that Fenster the copy editor is at the ruedo, as usual the Paris Tourism Board (TeePiTiBi) is with the Juez de Plaza explaining that thee extra SEE on Frank is really nothing to sea/HEAR by reason that it only took 16 years for the horse chestnut to reach the 8 meter height that the sign reports*, the TPTB reckons that it will probably take about half that number to reach the other 8 meters that it needs in or°there to get a Ticket to Ride on that Midnite Train to the Konzentrationslager.

*~. Provided first that the Paris Tourism Board installed that symbolik sign on the year of the 75th timestamp of the Nation of ISRAEL.

https ://www .merriam-webster .com /dictionary /nitpick

³~. Le Dictionnaire des idées reçues suivi du Catalogue des idées chic.

CamarillaS’indigner en prononçant ce mot².
P. 56

And, Molly Jong-Fast at VANITY FAIR Republicans don’t want to see fetuses die, but they sure as fuck wanna see them babies, “Ne Dans La Rue”.


²~. Mot d’origine 🇪🇦 espagnol, la camarilla désignait une coterie dans l’entourage du roi. Introduit en France vers 1830. IL EST LE SYNONYME DE CLAN AU POUVOIR, defaction. In The Sentimental education, es el bien nombrado Regimbart, that who “Outs la Camarilla [en el gobierno de Guizot] of LOSING millions in L’Algérie 🇩🇿.”

Hummus Hogs. Falafel fags… any how, this fellow named Flubert, or maybe it was Flau-BERT wrote it best on his impersonation³ of this other guy who was porking a la tal Poisson, Eye forgot his Name but some speak highly of him because that nigger wrote The Encyclopedia.


It turns out, after only 75 years in the holie-land, JEWISH ORTHODOXY is the biggest WELFARE QUEEN RACKET on the block…and according to General Ehud Barak, they fuck like rabbits.

Eureka! … I mean, ¡URRACA!!! Ya Lo Tengo, Futuro Pelo en las medias de ANA Cabrera, Batman! That nigga porking La Pompa d’Or in the King’s court was that nigga Di de Rot, it used to be Denis Rottën 🏀 🐂, but Di decided to shorten the nomenclature when things got hot with the infamous clika de la rue de Rambouillet.

Marie-Ange Schiltz¹
Quotidien, sans domicile fixe (SDF),
avec domicile fixe (ADF)

I would prefer not to/I can’t get no place in society¹

¹~.Herman Melville, Bartleby, the Scrivener : A Story of Wall Street, New York, Londres, Simon & Schuster, 1997 (1853)… courtesy of:

https ://www .mainslibres .asso .fr


And, Natalie Piolé (my love) does your sexy-ass, like Flans?

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /allegretto /les-1001-nuits-d-allegretto

Hear Mí out I am about to tell you the story that took place somewhere on the coastline of the Korean Peninsula, with that in mind, timeslots and sitcoms [sont] in°deter°minados » : in the Outer Limits of popular American culture between l’avant-scène on stage and the fiction of reality. Go ahead ROGER use that context on your next portrait of a French President, or a motherfucking bum, my nigga! I told you, that Los Beatles no son como los pintan.

Any how, Natalie my love, you know beforehand that I don’t select Le Parisien’s “déssertions” nor them “pommes de terre”, I just play the tune that the programming requests, and on to°theys platter, La Kerschovas decided to spend her morning-nooner en “Un Bazar”… ♫♫♫ Entre cuadros, camisetas, DISCOS y jeans.

Entonces, getting back to La Vecindad, that whole BARTLE-BY-The Way was also referenced by Shakes°Pi°Rito Santo en TELEVISA, Alejandro González Iñarritu by-the-way used to peddle the commercials that kept Ñoño fat like  the “barriga” de un newbie swabbie in The Navy, dijo un INDIO, a fireman, a police man and of course the motherfucking construction worker next to the fag in the motorcycle garb… Bolaños lo bautizó con el nombre the “Jaimito el cartero”… Melville’s passive-agressive zinger, “I would prefer KNOT Tú” is re-incarnated by Bolaños’ in the voice of Tangamandapio’s favorite ficticious son : quiero evitar la fatiga.

Any way, Natalie my darling here’s your KNEW CUCKOO below, La Chilindrina in Frida’s [broken] Frame. Across the Potomac, Tybalt is being all Latino with a Schlitz, that fag: https ://www .imdb .com /title /romeo + juliette /mediaviewer /tybalt Pabst Blue Ribbon! ¡CABRÓN! Pabst Blue Ribbon, period.

My Baby Keeps Farting on My Face

El Petate De Los Clochos… look it up.

Today Öüï found La Kerschovas on a majick petate flying over Milwaukee, Cheers 🍻!

When you’re out of Schlitz, you’re out of beer“… over at “La Bagagerie” los gringos call it, being Schlitz out of Luck, in-deed.


All Apologies, and Nevermind Marianne³…

Previously on, Skid Row, Sebastian was being dragged from Rue Gabriel after “Seb”, as he is known in Montreuil-sous-Bois, painted the Atomic ⚛️ Clock at PAPA POULE’S PARK. Freddy Cats stars as Judas Iscariot, while Raphaël Moran cameos as the dedicated correspondent of proceso magazine in France.

But first, right back at Ya’ Phat Basterd’…


—Shut yo’MOUTH!

— I’m talking about Shaft!

Pain?… only if you practice what Ewe preach, peaches!

Vive La France!


Pablo Gleason es mi amigo and the first stop that Évry reporter makes after returning from abroad is at the préfecture to debrief the police on what they investigated on³.

Raphaël Moran

[Timeline follows in case rfi wishes to contest my claim… ♟️Check]

³~. Mr. Moran would not allow me to record my interview with him, and right now I don’t have my notes with me. The paraphrase, nontheless, rings as true as a FRENCH CLOCHE on any fucking pretentious church.


³~. If your name is Dr. Johanne Grazia Poisson (Gériatrie/Médecine Interne) at the other Georges Pompidou Center in Paris…


— Then if-and-only-if you, Doctor, YOU SHOULD KNOW exactly what that missing head on the nut of that Lira represent…s.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /au-coeur-de-l-orchestre / { 🔔 } la-figure-du-chef-🍀2de4🍀-l-emergence-du-chef

BUT FO’ist!!!:
The cello and the nightingale: 1924 duet was faked, BBC admits, in that TENOR, live from LYNCHBURG Long Island Tennessee:

Today (YESTERDAY) we are sending a resounding message that democracy will not be killed in the comfort of silence.

Interim Tennessee House member, Justin Jones.

{ Knot Le Beaubourg }

During the first weeks of 1933, the Nazi regime deployed the radio, press, and newsreels to stoke fears of a pending “Communist uprising,” then channeled popular anxieties into political measures that eradicated civil liberties and democracy. SA (Storm Troopers) and members of the Nazi elite paramilitary formation, the SS, took to the streets to brutalize or arrest political opponents and incarcerate them in hastily established detention centers and concentration camps. Nazi thugs broke into opposing political party offices, destroying printing presses and newspapers.

Flavius Josephus was a Nazi in his epoch.
Don’t forget, I buried Titus. I know where his bones rest.


Sometimes using holding companies to disguise new ownership, executives of the Nazi Party-owned publishing house, Franz Eher, established a huge empire that drove out competition and purchased newspapers at below-market prices.

The Policy of Truth is that I did not select the Music For The Masses turn of events for today, I don’t know how many times I have to remind our new non-readers of this most non-consecuential blog that I only return the comments that apply to the thread and/or strings in play. It’s a conversation, and Joe Scarborough knows it, he is just to much of a BIG FUCKING PUSSY to say my name, even though he was in on the Unesco fiasco of 2016.


And starring as Dora The explorer: Pundita Bonita

Never mind The Bollocks, BREXIT has left The Onion.

And starring as La Negra*


*~. 🇦🇷 Mercedes Sosa interpreting El canto de 🇬🇹Rigoberta Menchu:

1876: The U.S. recommends all native tribes to evacuate themselves to the land assigned to them by the Washington commanders.

🃏 — we now return to our Strip Texas Hold’Em# Poker Stars 🤩.


Mientras tanto en 🇬🇹 Guatemala, white phosphorus is better than pyres, and this is where 🇵🇪 Dora 🇺🇸 meets “Condorito”, whose spirit recently left the Dallas Metropolitan Zoo on under 🙈  mysterious 🙊 circumstances, hilarity 🐒 ensues when a quirky Colomboesque* type with a pair of solid ❤️ hearts ❤️walks into The Fountain at the Rockefeller/Comcast Rainbow Lounge.

https ://www .nytimes .com /2023 /01/22 /us /dallas-zoo-vulture-dead .html

*~. Of, “The Never Ending Story”, “Just One More Thing”, Falk 🕵️.

1980:  Guatemala City …several political dissidents and indigenous peasants storm and take control of the 🇪🇸 Spanish embassy to protest against the genocidal treatment that the local natives called 🗿 The Mayas are going through.

Just some good ‘ol boys…

🗿~. Actual “Maya” stoner head according to the PANCHO VILLA CODEX.

At noon the Guatemalan police enter the embassy and proceed to burn the indigenous locals with white phosphorus. 36 die inside of the SPANISH embassy.

1922 : la police 🇪🇸 espagnole disposera de 💨 gaz asphyxiants, 🐕‍🦺 de chiens, de 📯 sifflets et de ♣️ gourdins métalliques faciles à utiliser.

Two people survive, one being the 🇪🇸embajador Máximo Cajal López (1935-2014) and the 🇬🇹 peasant Gregorio Iujá-Shoná (who will be kidnapped from his hospital bed on the same night and TORTURED by a Guatemalan version of Juanito Guanabacoa, until GREGORIO dies).

https ://asegovia3 .com /2018/08/24 /coming-up-dead-elvis/

Cover letter, o como dicen los franceces-es-es, Motivational Mémoire for the job of janitor³ at Futuro Media.

Con la ausente participation de Amanditititita²… Día 🇪🇸 e en la ñ del Instituto Cervantes y el ayuntamiento del Distrito Federal en los 🇲🇽 EEUUMM.


³~. As a pre-cursor to the so-called “dreamer” generation in France (2011-now) i can attest that one must be FRENCH to get a job in media (anywhere in the Globe)… and there’s a reason for that.


Hold a bachelor’s degree in FrancoPhonies studies from the HEROIC University of Veracruz ☄️.

¹~. 💥 2013 –in 🇲🇽 Mexico City an explosion occurs in the ⛽ PEMEX 💸 Executive 🐭 Tower , leaving a total ☠️ 36 dead and 🤕 100 wounded.

Just the facts – Dora, are you now, or have you ever been a “terraka” del Sendero de Lumière en Saint—Germaine-des-Press de la rue Guillaume ?


elDorado¹ de 🦁 Sciencespo 🦊, featuring 🇲🇽 Alejandro Poiré as Harrison Phord in the role of an archeologist at the Bibliothèque public d’infomercials (sans social media) Georges Pompidou; musical guest, ALICE COOPER.

1977 – en París se inaugura el Centro Pompidou… ¿en dónde está la biblioteca?

Dear, Antonia and Janice, the answer to the opening question of your Dora l’Exploradora popularity contest is always, Frida. Not J.Lo, not. Not Dora, — it’s Frida 💅, period…

In this section of the plan Öüï covers a review of a Latinx “oldie but goodie” from the same WASP executives at Nickelodeon  that brought you Jimmy Neutron and, … [pause] … —BLEU Clues!!! 🐶.

Only a fool would say that, Dan… solo un tonton diría eso, Dora.

2020 🇬🇧 The United Kingdom’s membership within the 🇪🇺 European Union ceases in accordance with Article 50, after 47 years of being a member state.


Los Amigos Invisibles — Open Letter to Ukraine

Stop masturbating.

Legionario lover… pedophile protector. Just the facts, Mika, and nothing but the facts.


Chapter X … COSA FÁCIL (dice el pinche gachupín de Obrador³)

Page 286…

This bitch did more for México than any CUNT with a paint brush 🖌️ ever did. Madame Kahlo should feel honored to be remembered after a true heroine.


La Jornada – Murió ‘Frida’, la perrita rescatista de la Marina

³~. O sea, el pinche español exiliado que trabaja para la administración del presidente de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, el licenciado (Bachelor’s Degree) Ándres Manuel López Obrador.

— Señor detective, aquí estan las muchachas —dijo la monja jovencita que lo había dejado en el cuarto. Tras ella, se adivinaban las sombras de las tres compañeras de Elena.
— ¿Podría hablar a solas con ellas un instante?
— La maestra de INGLÉS pide que sea rápido, porque están en clase.
— No se preocupe, sere breve.

Paco Ignacio Taibo II


All coverage about the Polish 💅🏻 missÎlle is a walk in the Park, Avocado Haass is knot 🪢 silly, Vladimir Putin can’t even handle Kiev, imagine if nato unleashed the Finns on that little freak.

Las Pulgas de Frida


Deer, Mika Brezezinski, happy independence they!

First, Serrat, and now LECH WALESA!!! JESUS fucking Christ! This is the exact reason why one should not desire to meet one’s own heroes.

En fin, Ratón Crispín 🐭, hágame usted el chingado favor, dicen las malas lenguas que el tal Belascoarán hasta, “le daba de comer a Las PaLoMas”. —¡A las Palomas!!!, Alicia Menéndez. A las pinches, palomas.

Issy… Algo Personal. The sad thing is that to correct the abhorrent behavior of the public servant’s (funcionarios) “children”, the parents will send them to France (Sciences Po, la Sorbonne perhaps, maybe the ESCP) to remove the ugly memory of the street sweeper.

“… por las trompas de Eustaquio » — Tiempo de Híbridos

The End of Été:

Dead Head Sticker on Republican Teens…

A little voice inside my head said, « don’t look back  you can never look back » .


Sweet Dreams Are Made of This – Douce Réverie… Cousin Joe caught the COVID at a LONDON PUB… “Oh, The Humanity!

It’s Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, and Denisa Kerschova just kissed all the gosses goodnight; it’s 11 am in CET, and The GO’ill de Niza is trying to cover the steps of Amnesty International and a certain Monk in France.

In this Nightmare, Alice Cooper, commissions Denisa Kerschova to play the role of  Major T. J. “KingKong and Lisa Ekdhal sips two barrels of simmered PINTO BEANS juice and develops the VOICE of General George C. Scott and stars as General Buck Turgidson, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

If only the Paris Tourism Board had the fucking imagination.

Lo que ví

2001 — the opening scene.

Entonces ¿en qué estaba?

¡Ah, ya se! La foto del 2001 es de una odisea espacial. Hace algunos días con el motivo del regreso a los changarros de Francia, el conjunto de cumbias de Radio France Musique que sigue después de la hora de (Natty Le Pio) se aventó un cover de la rola de la BO (Bande Originale) de esa cinta³ de Kubrick en France.

³~.Sequel: 2010: The Year We Make Contact

Öüï INTERRUPTS Denisa Kerschova’s night-time-sleeping session for kids to BRANCH once again to our REGULAR transmission following the Queen’s passing… Elizabeth had way to many Pinto Ponies, I mean pinto beans before she laid to sleep… Major T. J. “King” Kong, the B-52 bomber’s commander and pilot in Strangelove’s War welcomes Regina into the next stage in Evolution.

PREVIOUSLY on, “Right Now, the most important thing happening in Santiago de Chile 🇨🇱 is The Queen’s Speech on Truss, »

https ://asegovia3 .com /2022/09/06/y-para-muestra-un-patron/

Hoy, precisamente Gemini ♊ had an “outdoor” viewing event of the opening scene “The dawn of man” the next stage in evolution which, as viewed from this angle, isautomatic for the apes“.


Automatic for the apes. Un film del pariente de un compadre del sobrino del amigo del pueblo bueno, un chango que se llama Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

P.S. I Love You, but Seriously, Eye is SIRIUS, and DIANA, i have your fucking arrow 💘 … « La délicate Lisa Ekdhal revisite les tubes de la pop » (radiofrance . fr)

Nada que ver con Nice and the Cloakroom with James, Mister Taylor.

La délicate Lisa Ekdhal revisite les tubes de la pop (

Entonces, Natty Le Pio, ¿en qué nave andaba? I now that it was a SPECIAL California Edition, Meanstreak… the French turned it into a Marauder. Ask, Princesse Tam Tam, she learned all the Chords; wake her ass up if you have to.

Sieg Heil — Hasta La Víctoria Siempre… con MADRIGAL

Nothing imaginary about this FABLE.

Ask your HIStory prof., KeyWord FRANC MASON de la rue CADET. HYPOCRITES de La République 🇨🇵.

Breaking Bat y Can  

Mi BANDA El Mexicano, “¡Meza, Meza, Meza’l que más aplauda!”
BOLA DE PUTOS… It’s ALWAYS “Samedi” en Vincennes.


³~. http ://www .mexicoaparis .com /fiesta-mexicana-2022/


samedi, Samedi, SAMEDI.


Note to editors, the “mexicoàparis” link is not SECURE because it is missing an « ESE »… y para muestra, un pinche BOTÓN:

Put A Bug On It!

Mexicanos en Rancia. “The Trane! Mr. O’Rourke, The Trane!!!”… Only on Fantasy Island.


Season V 🇨🇵; Episode Tú 🇲🇽

This is a Spécial Édition of Allegretto JUNIOR, live from TAMAULIPAS, and Öüï begins with a Franco-German (Gaul-Teutonic) Huapango titled:


But, FO’ist, The U.K. Subs menu for the THEY:

¿Qué Saco?

¿Qué Saco?… Bugs, and if you eat The Wabbit, of course Ewe knows, that IT!, —means GWAR!!!

https ://www .theguardian .com /environment /2022 /sep /02 /let-them-eat-bugsuk-urges-hunger-stricken-african-nations-to-farm-insects

Mi Banda El Mexicano – ahora con greñas


Previously at Le Château de Vincennes, Métro Line Won (The Yellow 🟡 Line) “Leonardo DiCaprio” was getting a special Quiet Riot–style Iron Mascara, from LóReal en LEVALLOIS-Perret (92044)

Vrai King Bat y Can

Finnish Bombs yo te Quiero infinito
Yo ti’QuiEro–oh mi Corazön.

In local news, la =Ñ= en La Prefécture de Police, un tal Laurent, got a warm and bloody rentré Welcome at the Kiosko de Châtelet, and all that this fool will note is that the red lines running down a skinny pale b-boy’s spine was a sight to be cleaned.


HEI! 🇫🇮

Time now, La Sorbonne is having it’s its homecoming ceremony and The Clooney is off limits.

Only fo’FoolZ, Dan.

Only a Fool Would Say D.A.T., period! 🇺🇸

En París, Francia, it’s the First They of The Rest of Your Préfecture 📐 🇬🇧 and over at Pearl 🛩️ Harbor 💥 it’s Primetime, —off-course.

👑 🦇 y 🐕

It came to pass, that The Holy See in ROMA could no longer solve their financial obligations, CaNaDa 🇨🇦 was playing the role of Pontius Pilotos and in Argentina Cristiana Kirchner no cantaba tan mal las rancheras en el IHEAL de Saint-Germain des Prës, y por eso —a Lo mejor, je ne sé, Paz– por eso / esa razón don Bergoglio 🇦🇷 turned the Virgen de Guadalupe Chapel at Notre Dame de Paris, into a METH Factoría.

Previously on Bulls One Parade: Turkey is below the Horizon, Peacock aussi.


“Get off of my plaza” — Janvier 1965, page 7 of El Mundo de Le Monde

But FO’ist!!!

Entitled cat. Breaking update: Mr. Novak will be performing down Victoria’s way.

DJOKO GETS A MEXICAN VISA to look at Kangaroos and possibly a fair share of syphilitic Koalas.
No word yet if Mr. Novak will be able to swing his racket Downunder.

Successeur de M. Lopez Mateos à l’Internationale socialiste de Veracruz

[Nereidas suena como fondo]
https ://www .sortiraparis .com /actualites /a-paris /articles /210710-crue-de-la-seine-paris-en-vigilance-jaune

X marks the spot… shoot to kill.

Le président Diaz Ordaz mettra l’accent sur l’expansion économique du Mexique, or how i learned to love el PRI in the role of el MOvimiento  de REnegados NAcionales

In recent news, congratulations to “La Vieja del Sapo productions” who just secured a juicy contract with la Bibliothèque publique d’infomercials à Beaubourg.

Marilyn the misfit… well, you have already heard about Frida’s troubled relation with the American, “surgeon sons of bitches²“… but Eye is willing to bet that THE FRANCE-AMÉRIQUE are unaware that Frida Kahlo was a fervent ANTIDENTITE!!! Öüï can attest that her grill was just as fucked up as those 8 Spinal Chop-Chop Tap operations that she went through. Spinal Tap, man! Spinal Tap.

².~https ://www .karger .com /article /fulltext /91136

    1. Kettenmann A: Frida Kahlo. Köln, Taschen, 2003.

https ://www .pinterest .jp /pin/449585975274380433

“La Frida”, as she is known in La Colonia ROMA, secured a security guard position with the Centre Pompidou after a judge in Mexico ruled that the heirs of the FRIDA KAHLO ESTATE can profit from the COPYRIGHT mug shot of Salma Hayek.

True to form, FRIDA wasted no time to plug* her Tam-Tam™ tangas, all while delivering a sucker punch to the American Ambassador’s neighbor at rue Gabriel:

*.~ to take the opportunity to advertise and/or self-promote an idea, a statement or a lowdown dirty ass mattress they sale

Obligatory mask in your ass³

… and She Was, the little creature she was.

³.~ Ewe literally can’t write this shit up.

And, Katty Key… sorry that Eye mispelled your name, “La Xingada” follows

Ladies in Gemini, this is a Time delayed overview of Caracas

And in Hollywood,

https ://asegovia3 .com /2021/04/19 /downtown-inset-scheduled-stops/

Where’d ya’say that Quinta was located at?
Le Mexique est un pays d’une classe modeste très foutue […] qui ne va pas s’en sortir. Pour la télévision, c’est une obligation d’apporter du divertissement à ces personnes et de les sortir de leur triste réalité et de leur avenir difficile. La classe moyenne, la classe moyenne inférieure, la classe moyenne supérieure. Les gens riches comme moi ne sont pas des clients, parce que nous, les riches, nous nous n’achetons rien”, Emilio Azcárraga Milmo, El Tigre.
Traduit avec (version gratuite)

“See what happens when a dirty bum meets the filthy rich.”
https ://www .infobae .com /america /mexico /2021/05/07 /el-dia-que-emilio-azcarraga-dijo-que-hacia-television-para-jodidos/

And, Katty Kay, meet Lucía, Anda, meet Lucía, why don’t you, y de Paso, here’s another name for Aristegui:

I Told you so, pinche Frida.
https ://monoaureo .com /2021/11/30 /andy-y-su-fabrica-de-chocolate/… Ketch~Up, kid.

In Local News, Spain brings the Flamenco to Les Halles and there is nothing that THE PARIS TOURISM BOARD can do about it.

Anyhow, Adrienne Elrod, KNOT to be outdone by Antonio Banderas and the Andalucía Tourism Board next to Frida’s Tangas Shop at Châtelet on La Rue de Cinéma, Willie Geist (hello Sir) is bringing out don jamón~jamón in the Role of Lucie’s crutch for his Little League Sunday Show.

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt4995540/ Being The Ricardos

Or… as Noelia Gregorio Fernández in LA RIOJA says:
Knot another pinche CHOLO con una pinche GÜERA moovie

Just like the good’Ol THEYS of La GUAYABERA Blanca… Horacio-en-milenio comes courtesy of el monoaureo _ ese.

The news of Bardem playing the Cuban card on the Mambo Kings channel threw Banderas off the charts and so Antonio had only one thing that he could do and that was to squat the dang-on Rotunda of The American Style Mall in Saint Eustache and now po’SANTA is outside in the Cold-Cold Quad.

The gypsie caravan released a flyer stating that “El Duende” would be appearing next to LOS HILOS de ARIANNE for like the next two days. And that Pablo Picasso would be manifesting sometime before dinner time on the aforementioned Rotunda. And he did… that motherfucker passed right next to Los Hilos de Arianne.

With that in Mind, let Mí remind Monica AlBa that Eye is not Xicano… but according to La Rioja, Ewe is³additionally Öüï should never-ever-ever call Mí “His~panic”, and Chuck Todd better not call “cholo”.

1 to 8
3 .Bandit Mexicain.
4 . Equivalent a bandido
5 . Fait ici référence aux bandits mexicains installés à la frontière entre les États-Unis et Le Mexique
6 . Jeune Mexicain venant d’un milieu pauvre et vivant aux États-Unis à la fin des années 1950, souvent rejeté par la société à cause de sa manier de parler, ses coutumes ou encore ses habitudes vestimentaires.
7³ . Terme péjoratif identifiant une personne d’origine mexicaine vivant aux États-Unis.

Cinémas d’Amérique latine #29

El humor en el cine chicano contemporáneoParodia y transnacionalismo en la trilogía de El Mariachi de Robert Rodriguez
By: Noelia Gregorio Fernández (universidad de Alcalá, docente investigadora de La Rioja).
Witt special mention to PAGE 119;
and of course Raphaël Morán’s neighbor, the one and only, Freddy Cats

Originally published on 22 Nov, 2015: —!— Arte plástico en Montreuil-sous-Bois, 2012. Exposición adentro de una “panadería de pan”. En el contexto del tiempo y del espacio, se tienen que considerar dos puntos de vista, uno siendo el del artista plástico y su manifiesto sobre el concepto artístico, ‘Noche de los Muertos #3’; y dos, la de las noticias que salían de Ciudad Juárez Chihuahua durante el sexenio de Felipe Calderón Hinojosa. || Foto de la calle, capturada por armando segovia / segoviaspixes… you can keep the photo, no license is being claimed.

3 . Mexican bandit.
4 . Equivalent to bandido … {and isn’t that redundant, pues}
5 . Refers to the Mexican bandits living on the border between the United States and Mexico… {like FREDDY CATS-es-ese figurines???}
6 . Young Mexican from a poor background living in the United States at the end of the 1950s, often rejected by society because of his way of speaking, his customs or his clothing habits. {Ah, for FuCkS sake, if you change Young for Old that is Mí in Paris, France!}
7³ . Pejorative term identifying a person of Mexican origin living in the United States. {Let’s stop for a second here and Let ALICIA MENENDEZ deconstruct this one for both of us, Eye don’t think that that word means what you think it means}.

Translated with (free version)

Notes de Traductrices de Master 2 du CETIM de l’université de Toulouse Jean Jaurès sous direction de CAROLE FILLIÈRE
Pg. 114Éléments Parodiques Dans La Trilogie El MAriachi : Le Personnage Masculin En Tant Que “Bandido/Greaser
La notion de masculinité latina sera, yada, yada, yada… 3 stéréotypes liés a cette masculinité parodiée (et la criminalilté) chicanal mexicaine : le bandido fronterizo5, le pachuco6 et le cholo7(3), tous ces clichés associés d’une façon ou d’une autre à l’archétype du bandido latino.

https ://www .theolivepress .es /spain-news /2020/06/05 /andalucian-government-invests- e22 – 5- million -in-promotional-campaigns-to-attract-tourists-featuring-hollywood-star-antonio-banderas/

National Awareness Frida DAY — 13 de julio, 1954

El “Punch” de la suerte

Hispanoamérica y Los Hijos de La Colonia.

Las Fábulas de Nicho

Las Fabulosas Fábulas de Nicho .:. 26289DBE-A01F-4F94-9CA3-A00961C0C987 🦅 …[A]nd then the Striking Eagle replied to the rest of the Furries on Hans Nichols chimney mantle, “What am I, an animal‽”.

Deer, Jon Meachum, there is a Spectrum on your upper left-hand corner, which of course, is the upper right–hand corner to the non–viewing public.

https ://www .msnbc .com /morning-joe /watch /trump-s-attempted-campaign-reboot-hits-another-snag -87584325639 ⬇️

Ghost Hunters are fags

Ghost Hunters are fags .:. E3F547AC-2F08-4392-9270-DA04A502A137 ➿  “Yo no busco — encuentro.” —_•!•_— Intelligence findings from the Trump “rumor mill” tagged Dr. Anthony Fauci as having a 𓁨 bigger 𓂹 than 𓁪, and so obviously 𓁩 had Dr. Fauci 𓀏, period

https ://www .jornada .com. mx /ultimas /politica /2020/07/08 /trump-a-empresarios-amlo-el-mejor-presidente-que-han-tenido -9084 .html

Señor, Bernardo Gómez

Señor, Bernardo Gómez .:. C9739541-F7EB-4E55-A34B-2810814ECB52 ⛏ Please inform your newest client (Jared Kushner) that Cuauhtémoc’s dad remains the undisputed best president of México. 🎞📰📎 Uso justo de todos los medios con fines educacionales y para la memoria, of course… sin embargo don Bernardo, el señor presidente de los EEUU tiene toditita la razón, ustedes [hijos de La Colonia] nunca han contado con Mejor Ejecutivo desde los tiempos de don Porfirio.

https ://amqueretaro .com /deportes /2020/07/12 /julio-cesar-chavez-cumple-58-anos-de-edad-y-loteria-nacional-lo-festeja/

… [A]nd on this corner, La Lotería Nacional para la Asistencia Pública se enorgullece en presentar, al Gran Campeón mexicano! LÁ–ZA–Rho Cár—De–NAS!!!

https ://www .lanuevarepublica .org /2020/07/13 /el-alternativo-los-morales-en-nostalgia-con-saldanajorge-recordandole-el-13-julio-2020/

El Sapo

En fin Pepe Garduño, en fin. Para variar Mona Lisa no me podría dejar andar escrebiendo sobre lo oportuno de la programación de hoy 13 de julio del 2020 en “El Alternativo con Jorge Saldaña”, vaya nostalgia, eh, 1984. —_•!•_— De cualquier manera, Mona Lisa, se imagina usted como reaccionaria don Jorge luego de leer la columna del buen John Mill Ackerman? En la escala de los “publivoires*” de 2011, yo digo que don Jorge mandaba fusilar a toda la mesa directiva de La Jornada… “¡qué poca!” _–*¡*–_ This Campaign Ad is approved by Donald John Trump.


Señor Jorge Saldaña, Señor Jorge Saldaña… rogamos que por favor deje usted d’estar dando vueltas en su última morada; dicho de otra puta manera, don Jorge, cualquier parecido de el PUBLIREPORTAJE de arriba con una nota de Radio La Nueva República es una mentada de madre.


Independientemente de las relaciones raciales en torno de La Casa Blanca de Donald John Trump; a.k.a. “individual One”.

Hispanoaméricaas a choice of words in a DISCURSO by the 45th president of the united states of america during the same week that Goya Foods C.E.O., Roberto Unanue, PRAISED Donald John Trump for wanting to dump Puerto Rico like a Latin-American adopted child.

The break-down

The break-down .:. 8A18CDDF-3B63-4D93-BCD2-A3BD4E7EF1F4 𓄈 The Art of The Troll.

* Fair Use of all USA’s today.


Las fotos de las filas en la reapertura de Disney mientras Florida bate el récord de nuevos contagios

Still to come, Hans Nichols narrates Disney Plus’ new programming on their new tier: An American Horror Story, episode one, The Furries on the chimney.