It’s his job… [👌]ROM Dusk To Dawn.

And justice For WASP

https ://www .radiofrance .fr. /francemusique /podcasts/etonnez-moi-benoit /etonnez-moi-benoit-du-samedi-25-juin -5321697

And starring as Kahn… Ricardo Montalbán… The Plane! the plane… It’s Fantasy Island at la rue Verneuil… O algo así.

Deer, Jean-François Kahn… Don Leoncio Orellana³ at LA MAL217² S-G-P¹ won’t let me lie: You Must be French to start a magazine in France. Ask Phat Bastard, guy tryies to play some Jazz on the Vonnegut freq’s and THEY switch it over to “Elevator music” on France Music with a funny hat.

³~. Orden de La Legión de onorH ‍ ‍∴  arquitecto encargado.

²~. Maison de l’Amérique latine, 217, BD SAINT-GERMAIN 75007 PARI


Previously on, “tar and feathered wiimin’
In The USA”

Mai – Juin 2022

Plaza de Armas en El Kiosko de Torreón… “Hot Chile Peppers in The Blistering Sun”.

… Over at the Pompi Square:

Éric D’uThill is a Pat Smear fan… In Utero… In Local News

In Local News, some old fucker on the Saturday Morning CarTunes just found who the culprit of the Doughnut Bun in Hamburg is… Of Course, it’s Click and Clack!!!

Paris, https ://www .npr .org /podcasts /510208 /car-talk wake up.

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