“There are more important things than life” in Texas

Dear Mount Rushmore:

Donald Trumpscovich

Donald Trumpscovich .::. 5D35D426-F75F-4653-8F21-56636300E036 .::. Our first Russian president.

Remember The Alamo

… and D.A.T. is tonight’s last word in Hilo Hawaii, where TIME NOW is Oh–Four–TWENTY in PST (punto y coma) in New York it is pineapple time with Steve Schmitt.

🎶 What the world needs now
it’s [some] accountability
Short of D.A.T.
a Kamakazi Helicopter pilot

It’s the bottom of the second and Seth Meyer is at the plate

Over at the Ozarks, Elise Jordan is playing tea party and serving Johnny Cash and El Che Guevara like Colin Jost serves tea to his pretty little dolls.

Line drive to shortstop

Line drive to shortstop .:. CED04560-64C0-4C20-9FB8-A34A5FF5BE7D 🚣🏽‍♂️ … banjo playing Martin picks up the ball but fails to get Mr. Meyer out, runner on FOist.

Over in Washington, John Bolton is playing the Role of Kellyanne Conway’s wife. What a patriot. Looking out for number one is the title of his next mémoire, a political thriller that asks the fundamental question, is aged beef better, Jack?

Paul McCartney, of Death Cab for Cutie’s fame doesn’t thinks so, but The Walrus is willing to bet Lucy’s diamonds and swear on a Gideons bible that aged cabbage is.


In•deed, Michael Steele of republican fame is at the mound and he just rubbed the palms of his hands like a 6th grader trying to get the ink to flow down to the ball-pin tip of his pen .:. C87003FA-C4F5-465F-9981-6E838A0ECC54 🎟 Our station signal’s identification disclaimer is forcing us to relay to our non–reading audience that all images from third-party screen-grabs are a Fair–Use–of–Media in the study of current events for educational purposes.

An old rookie playing with a funny sounding nomenclature just got called–in from the farm, Josie Duffy Rice, a mac and cheese hater just mimicked “El Bambino” pointing the tip of her Louisville Slugger to Centerfield. Seth Meyer on first is giddy like a tea-party hostess, Duffy Rice taps the plate con el tolete, Steele sends a fastball, Duffy-Rice swings and that motherfucker is sent into orbit. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Neil Gorsuch coaching from third base sends a signal to the mound; it’s the tip of the hat for a pitch well sent, as the Washington Supremos just scored two runs against the Comcast Rockefellos.

The furlough

The furlough, after Duffy Rice’s homerun, Brians William was given a pink-slip by the republican Richard Steele for failing to complete el ceviche campechano de autores en el libreto de la Jordan de los Ozarks.

And just to close June 18th with a proper bang, stay tuned for, “It’s the bottom of the first” after today’s double header between Los Supremios contra Los Rockefellos. On tonight’s episode Mr. Schmitty answers the age-old question: what do you get when you mix the African diaspora with a tribe of chichimecas, apaches, y criollos?Is it possible?”

TimeStamp: 20h in HST with 138 days before the next power check, Meanwhile in Paris at 20h in CET it is now a mere 137 days before öüï learns if NATO is going to go the way of disco under a Motor City Madman ax and bow.

Cooking on 3 burners — Deer, San Judas Tadeo meet “el patrón” del coro, los ciegos y, Los Calvos

Sentaos… imperativo afirmativo del verbo: sit the fuck down!


Saint–en–Hervé .:. 77368AF5-1725-442E-B07B-D5AEA8CB2944 🎙🎚🎛🧭⏳💶 CNEWS Matin Nº 2546. Mercredi 17 juin, 2020 — “Hybarnion, pieux et chaste”…  Erveo is the Patron Saint of bards and singers, invoked to cure eye diseases, to disappear fears and to heal horses, he also relieves anxieties and nervous depression, and puts demons to rest.

[Note to editors: the following Liturgy of the Word, o como dicen los franceses, La Liturgia de la Palabra, must be read in a Father Guido Sarducci voice; the background for the actor playing Sarducci is that this is an “origins” story for “The Americans” who watch the Seth Meyers Show.]

From our political reporter at l’Osservatore Romano in Roma Texas, Estado de Durango, —México.

Dearly beloved,

Before we dive into the merienda de las 18 horas en Central (extinguishing) NATO times, we would like to say that we, the staff [of this most non consequential blog found the little “blue” bag. If you want it back; including the 100 reasons to feel free in , IT!, please let u.s. know… much obliged.


Mariachis & Cowbells

Mariachis & Cowbell… motherfuckers!

Moving on, we are now going to test the system… we would hope to be right back.


From the creators of “Resources y recursos humanos” comes the sources from las fuentes, Chato. De arranque, in Hilo, Hawaii it’s the 11th Hour.

El Tenampa para principiantes

El Tenampa para principiantes .:. 3306F17C-8052-4834-A60B-B4DBA502F29C 🎺🎻🥁
Galerie Frederic Moisan, (75006)
Alfredo Vilchis Roque
Pintor del barrio.
Fotos por armando segovia, segoviaspixes (2020).

Roma Texas: the desert NEVER lies!
https ://en .www .inegi .org .mx/app/mapa/espacioydatos/default .aspx?ag=100130103

Por allí pasaba un tren

Por allí pasaba un tren .::. 04C26E40-034A-4B10-A27D-D0CCC94BEC5F 🚂 Indeed, the ruckus from D.A.T. production case woke “La India Durmiente” just West of the GERMAN ruins at El Puente Colgante de Ojuela… In•deed, Eye was D.A.R.E., period

—. Sainete–en–Hervé:
Génolini, D., “Le Saint du Jour”, vía N° 2546; CNEWS . fr, https ://rss .cnews .fr /pdf /NEP /20200617

8 minutes, 46 seconds.

Dear, Eddie Gloude Jr., professor… Eye am speaking to that S.O.B. part of you, —on Deadline… do you copy, Sir?

From the guy who brought you Amnesia in HIStory

From the guy who brought you Amnesia in HIStory .::. 4D45BDEC-BA55-4682-91FD-F1206139A6BF 🚷 “History is nothing but assisted and recorded memory”, GEORGE Santayana wrote D.A.T., and Reverend Al, if Donald John Trump gets his way, in 30 years time, the grandchildren and children of those who are protesting today will have SELECTIVE AMNESIA like the people in China today.

Let’s pretend that you do, D.A.T. you, Sir, most certainly don’t read this most non–consequential blog, now then, the reason that we are signaling you specifically is because the good Reverend Al is engaged on a more pressing matter, so, without pussyfooting around the issue, if Jesus was killed by a government, as it was stated at the end of today’s ceremony in Minneapolis, and oneas you saidmust earn his or her deathThen it stands as testament to future generations on a day like today, that IF MSNBC does not mention Tiananmen Square [by the end of the THEY] then we [the staff] will get a hint that Mr. PHIL GRIFFITH is being politically correct, y así, mi negro, —pues nomas no se pinches puededo you, Sir, need context on D.A.T.?

Anyhoot, Chris Hayes… keep on moving, driving, or something like that, and “I’m–a–bring it to you like this”, following the funkiness called out by Biz Markie in the Track below ⬇️ the next thing out of the cut is a Rest In Peace shoutout… and he didn’t forget Bruce Lee, just sayin’, Chris Hayes, just–say’n. Now, Rachel Maddow, the following segment is–a–gonna have some strong Language, but that’s because Kasie Hunt went back in TIME, öüï ain’t making it up we [the staff] warned you ’bout D.A.T.:

Sponsored by


The Polish call, IT!: SOLIDARITY… and please don’t break the Mirror, —Rachel Maddow! You sure you want to bundle the Tiananmen Square PARALLEL on the Republicans —no answer— to General Mattis rebuke of OUR dear leader? In any case, say hello to Mr. Schmitty.

Page ONE, Saudi Arabia is barred from buying the Olympiens de Marseille

Aussi, « €£ Matador » number 9 Ednison Cavani is going to Spain where he will have an opportunity to follow in Hugo Sánchez steps. Qatar let the Charrúa go following the 200th goal mark … y como dicen en Paraguay: ¿y lo baila’o, quién te lo quita?

https ://www .france24 .com /en /20200527 –trump-planning-new-arms-sale-to-saudi-arabia-says-senator

Previously en...

Previously en… Los Héroes de doña Vilma .::. BE28D06C-077F-4278-87E4-D02E0761A1DF 💱💊

Subliminal Messages with Nick Confessore

Note to editors:
Somebody, anybody. Please remind The New York Times that there are 8 year-olds watching the Purple Pundit’s 2-hour after home school special. Jesus Christ, Nick, it’s 3 o’Clock in NEW YORK.

El padrino

El Padrino .::. 35771037-1F46-49B3-B581-B880DB2733EE 📐 “Late Night” kicks off the Seth Meyers era by welcoming guests Amy Poehler, Vice President Joe Biden, and a performance by A Great Big World… and for the record, “ninos” and “ninas” are the terms of endearment that niños and niñas used in Old Mexico to refer to their padrinos o madrinas you ungrateful ahijado you.

Aussi, is that 12″ reference in “gentile” units or are öüï etching with The Torah clippings here; do confess, “Nick”, because Michael Che and Mr. Johannsen are making a “movie” and they are in need of a leading man, —holmes!

From the band that brought you, Alice

From the band that brought you, “Alice”, comes a movie about a man W.H.O. breaks all the rules on deadline .::. 6EE52D56-1053-4E2E-9BF4-755CAC8B00C9 📰 Weekdays at 4 pm Eastern, 1 o’Clock Pacific.


At The Auction • Part III point One — The Sun also rises


Ibid… that’s Latin for, “What she said!”

“There’s a feeling Eye gets when Eye looks to the West”.

or something like that…

You don't say

You don’t say…. ahora cuéntame una de banqueros. .::. 👁🦠 “You ain’t nothing but a hound dog”, said the pig waiting to be euthanized because he was not expected to make it this far, and not be to put down —no pun intended— man’s best friend, but a Crocker Spaniel never found a truffle. 🐽 It’s one thing to euthanize “crazy British bovines” on account of a virus; bone marrow became “ la hiel”, it’s quite another to waste milk just because of the All–You–Can–Eat bacon buffet has to be closed because the tailless monkeys got a Virus up their nose, no pun intended mr. Meyer.

Page III (jump from p.2)

Quick recap: MarCELLO Ebrard had originally requested, back in September 2019, for a complete disclosure of the weapons running program dubbed “Rápido y furioso”, from the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms part of the F.B.I. which as Evry body knows, was put together by the French, and not just ANY FRENCH, but the VERY NAPOLEÓN, sí señor

https ://www .animalpolitico .com /2019/03 /amlo-se-reune-con-yared-kushner-yerno-de-trump-negocian-acuerdo-de-inversion-por-10000-mdd/

Concrete Blonde

What the Evry « They » employees at the 6éme Bureau dépôt de La Préfecture de Paris (Metro ligne 4 à Cité) might not have factored in was what this most non–consequential blog has come to term, as THE COMMON friend DENOMINATOR between two populists governments in the land of The Bravo, and The Backyard of The Home… or some fucking pledge of allegiance like D.A.T…

“… and now, the rest of the Story“:

El Brazo

El Brazo de Hierro.::. 6E81EB68-55F8-47A2-A523-8BBCA75C2601 ⚒🛠⚒🛠⚒🛠⚔️⛓⚔️ “We need military discipline [in order] to face uncertainty,” said the President of The United Fruit Companywait scratch D.A.Tsaid the President of The United Mexican States; aka CDMX.

Somewhere in the deep dungeons of Hell, El General Augusto Pinochet shed a tear which failed to evaporate ipso facto because contrary to popular belief in the U.S. Senate, The House of Pain Has Frozen over and nobody D.A.R.E. is requesting “Iced Water” from Louisiana.

https ://www .wwno .org /post /people-hell-want-ice-water-too-sen-kennedy-opposes-bailouts-local-and-state-governments


Don Leo, el codo de Vinci… narrated by “Knuckle Sandwich” author, Dermont Hoggins

The following is a Mr. Saturday Night Special presentation on the Scale of “Tuesday’s Gone”. This presentation is sponsored by CEMEX and it is rated TV-14 for all of the people in Babylon 2 and by order of The Absolute Leader and FAKE TAN Intellectual erudite from Walmart U, anyone reading this news sketch in an Alec Baldwin voice is w•R•O•N•g. The only allowable Baldwin voice to be invoked in this news sketch is that of his younger (and more talented) brother, McManus, a born–again, God-fearing christian fellow just like the Absolute Leader of the daily press rally propaganda briefings at the White House.

Musical Guest: TWISTERELLA on Your Radio Rides (Again!) Featuring Joe Jackson.


Jesus in a Blink of an Eye

Jesus in the Blink of an Eye .::. A61347BE-C84D-4BC0-B536-4B794BCF84B5 👁 40 years with room to spare.

— Narrator Dermont Hoggins’ voice paints the scene at the lectern of the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room.

https ://cloudatlas .fandom .com /wiki/ Dermot_Hoggins

Special Agent McManus is called after a three-hour diatribe riffed by The Absolute Leader of The United States of America on the occasion of his most colossal fuck-up to date, the COVID – 19 pandemic denial that Donald John Trump used for his re-election campaign benefit during the LUNAR eclipse that ushered in the Chinese New Year of the RAT, and which coincidentally awoke The Werewolf of London, which just happened to have been spotted this past weekend during the Jupiter and Saturn cameo on the Occassion of the PINK MOON in the Southern Mexican state of Chiapas, in a quadrant of the Lacandona Jungle. Chilean news outlets initially spread the rumor that said Werewolf was the infamous “Denis” de Paris, but sources close to El Mundo de Mando on the periphery of Le Monde nixed those reports by confirming D.A.T. “El Lobo Hombre” remains hopelessly in a state of ‘Mhee’ around the quadrants of Saint–Sulpice, Sainte–Genevieve, Saint–Eustache and of course Notre Dame ISIS de Lutèce.   

Meanwhile on Deadline WaWa Land in New York, Nicolle Wallace recovers from Ari Melber’s antenna knockdown from yesterday night. Also, the UNITED states say to Donald Trump to go Fuck himself… CALIFORNIA LEADS THE GÜEY, putos! Over at Curly’s Heilemann’s Kitchen, there’s no evidence of pizza being a factor in that island so, this can only mean one thing, John Heilemann is a fucking Android. And no Johnny boy, you are not fooling anyone with them utility fruits in the backgroung, öüï know that them ORANGES are not Sunkist grade.

Hey, Evry body...

Hey, Evry body! It’s 4 O’clock in New York and Ten p.m. in Hilo, Hawaii .::. AE4A9D01-5BDC-4B91-8EDB-4F45E44302D9 ✍🏼 Subliminal subtext follows, vía the Amazon workers who wish for people to stop ordering dildos on-line, but FOist we [the staff] need to take a motherfucking nap., catch y’all at the “all in”, no pun intended… top of the Chris Hayes hour.

Remus on this [past] weekend Saturday Night “dating game” sketch might disagree with the Amazon fellow below ⤵️

https ://metrotimes .com /news-hits /archives /2020/04/02 /dildos-are-non-essential-amazon-worker-says-as-romulus-facility-protests-conditions-amid-coronavirus-crisis

In local news, the lockdown is extended until the first week of May, which can only mean one thing, our mattress padding will not be delivered for another month and we are running low on LA Semana Que Philippe Labró on the CNEWS matines.

— Narrator Dermont Hoggins voice now returns to Our deer Absolute leader, at The Rose Garden:

Rudolph Giuliani’s independent snoop digging in the Ukraine got wind from a pair of Eastern European clochards who are known to frequent the Maub quadrant of a dame called Vilma, a Mexican Source for the former Minister of Culture of President Emmanuel Macron (code name little Jupiter); according to them Clochards at the maub the scoop is D.A.T. the filthy French were hacking another envoy to meddle, much like that superstore merchant Lafayette did during the American Revolution, but in Today’s affairs of the current self–appointed KING inside of The United States of america. For the record, The former Gotham Mayor had a mighty mighty mole and his name was Special Agent McManus.

They call him Tchao Pantin

The very French call him Tchao Pantin (the « TEA » is silent and, the last name is pronounced PAN–Tan) .::. 39A885F7-A006-4EE3-99E3-374EDE502922 ➿ “Ladies and gentleman, let me tell you how this game of musical chairs is going to be,said the Absolute Leader of “the” porto-lectern of the Daily Presidential Propaganda Show.

— The following is read, verbatim, by The Absolute  Leader of them united states of america, from patio just outside the back section of The West Wing.

I, Donald John Trump, the only ONE that can rule the United States of America, have it on good authority to inform you, my subjects; my peons; my undocumented workers, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera,… D.A.T. the French are planning to wrap a very dangerous SPY inside of the Arc de Triomphe and!!! Send it via the French Poste like some sort of Trojan Unicorn… or something like that! 

To add insult to injury, the dirty French are using —yet— another “Christo” to wrap a pretty pink bow on this “monument” and present it to Öüï the people, as some sort of “gift”, like that “lady liberty floosy” W.H.O. is known to advertise under her skirt!!! No less, with a vacancy sign for the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. What are we, a beacon of light? more Disturbing, still, was the “manifesto” that our intrepid and beautiful special agent McManus, formally of the Baldwin Clan (those motherfuckers), found attached on the inside of the wrapping paper with which the aforementioned “trojan” Arc was to be wrapped with, right now our decrypting agents from Trump University are hard at work trying to decode the strange language that these sedition instructions are printed in. As i speak to you, MY SUBJECTS; MY PEONS; MY UNDOCUMENTED WORKERS, ETCETERA, ETCETERA, ETCETERA,… special agent mcmanus is trying to reach a “CHARLIE HEBDO” w.h.o. apparently holds the key to the code.


Dolorem Ipsum

DOLOREM IPSUM “The Only Pain öüï Have To Feel, is Pain ITself!” .::. 5CC1BDC7-D53F-4779-A861-E47F9A310802 ➿”Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.”


« Peut-être n’est qu’un simple hasard… » — It’s The 11th Hour

Paris, France_ Place de Goldoni, right next to the Pathway of D.A.T. Deer Stag, 75002. And in case you accuse me of misinformation, the “Fake” Marie Stuart would not let mí lie.

En castellano quiere decir hola

En castellano quiere decir hola .::. 2C688527-8A73-4CDE-8B9F-B9BC40796ABA 🌞 O algo así.

Puede que sea una simple coincidencia, pero en Hilo Hawaii son las 23 horas del lunes 6 de abril del 2020 y, existen 12 horas de diferencia con París, Francia… dicho de otra puta manera, Brian Williams, Eye can See for Miles and Miles*.

* The WHO.

Breaking the Kube’s: 

We the staff knew that he had it in him, (the honorable thomas modly*) and maybe with coincidence being the theme of the day we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] agree with prof. meacham’s take about normal human (partisan) relations and the greek tragedy that is unfolding on the 45th presidential administration of the united states; this is to say, that under pressure a normal person will make 20% of the right corrections for the good of the order, something that Donald John Trump in not capable of doing. Coincidence or not, it takes guts to APOLOGIze and, most important Huevos (for men) or almendras (for las feminas) to resign after dropping the ball

* Acting Secretary of The U.S. Navy.

… [B]ut speaking of “pelotas” and “how the shutdown is affecting the planet” of El Mundo de Le Monde (at 11 pm in no particular Time Zone) here’s another edition of Adventures in Translations and reading the signs on a wall at this green space ⤵️


Raíces .::. 514D003B-3A3D-405B-842E-2AF84327123D ⚽️ On raconte que les vibrations des aux ballons lancés contre ce mur peuvent réveiller des racines d’arbustes qui sommeillaient sous la terre depuis parfois des siècles.
Puet–être n’est-ce qu’un simple hasard, mais lorsqu’ils atteignent les traces laissées par les ballons qui leur taille adulte.
Certains, au contraire, cherchent d’autres points de repère pour avoir une raison de grandir encore un peu.

Se dice que las VIBRACIONES de las pelotas lanzadas contra esta pared (del espacio verde de goldini) pueden despertar raíces de arbustos que han estado latentes reposando bajo el suelo durante siglos.
puede que sólo sea una coincidencia, pero llegan a los hilos (marcas) dejados por las pelotas que las hacen crecer.
Algunas, por otro lado, están buscando otros puntos de referencia para tener una razón para crecer un poco más.

And in Washington, it might might be a small coincidence, but Donald John Trump sure the fuck sounds a lot (true to form) like a guy who sold grown up Jesus for 30 shares of a Big Pharma hydroxichloroquine maker. Every time someone resigns or gets fired the president of them united states of america tells THE WORLD that he (alone) is selling in reel time.

In Local Motion News, it’s Nice to know, yet hard to realize, that Charlie Sheen’s blood is not —ÖÜÏ Repeat— it is not immune to the batshit crazy maladie!

https ://www.nicematin.com/sante/coronavirus-nous-avons-deja-du-interrompre-le-traitement-de-hydroxychloroquine-azithromycine-au-chu-de-nice-489118

It's official now

It’s official now .::. 0E61146A-C445-4993-A3CA-D5459228F1B8 🦇🐅🗣😷 America bought a Zoo(ological) curse. 🏄🏽‍♂️ Meanwhile, at BFM’er central, SANOFI, the maker of the panacea that Donald John Trump is trying to sell to the world claims that the blood sucking empresarios are ready to roll out little doses of hydroxychloroquine*… conditions apply. DEER NICEMATIN, the screen grab above ⤴️—motherfuckers— es un uso justo de todos los medios, in the style (you could say) of all of the rich mega yatch owners that dock at your port for that “beautiful” free health care that Marianne offers them, without charging them (too, also) a fucking Euro.

And inside of the four walls that hold the acoustic ceiling of the press room at the White House, it might be a small coincidence but that there nose of Donald John Trump sure the fuck (comme d’habitude il va sourire) grows by the letter like a little Italian fantasy wooden boy air intake branch.

Texto anónimo, snapshot by Segoviaspixes — CopyLeft and fuck The French Gauche

Texto anónimo, snapshot by Segoviaspixes — CopyLeft and fuck The French Gauche .::. B468EC8D-ACA9-4BEC-BFFC-2B377E8466AE 🥑 Señor Jean–Luc Mélenchon, por favor mantenga su línea abierta para el contexto, de arranque, MORENA–Francia y los latinoamericanos que los acompañan, la mayoría son unos RACISTAS.

Back at the Goldoni green space, we [the staff] insist on juxtaposing a SIGN ON THE WALL with the news IN the language of some guy named Molière:

On raconte que le cris des enfants jouant sur cette place (GOLDONI; 75002) peuvent réveiller de minuscule larves d’insects endormies dans ce mur de leur trou et partent à la recherche du cri qui leur a rendu la vie. Peut-être n’est qu’un simple hasard, mais généralement, le chemin qu’elles parcourent forme des lettres qui, si on les prononçait suffisamment fort, prolongeraient étrangement les cris et les Chants des enfants

FAROS A LA DISTANCIA — relapso a las cavernas

The “Silver lining in this,” is that hand sanitizer is being used.
En México no pasa nada.

En México no pasa nada .::. F0D62F97-29B4-451D-8F57-B23A47B9A60C 🧮 Today’s front page photo of La Jornada. According to PELÁEZ, BOLAÑOS, GONZÁLEZ y QUINTERO the man with subdued hands and his mouth covered by a dirty rag is a person in a homeless situation WHO, despite his social stratus takes the precaution of using “hand sanitizer” before he becomes yet another statistic of the NARCO Violence that NEVER ceases to cede in its astronomical numbers of victims; breaking yet, another record from last year war on crime collateral deaths. 🦠 Aussi, Australians have snatched yet another DISCOVERY from The French, according to the expelled nation of Rosbif ex-cons, AUSTRALIA just discovered THE MAGIC ELIXIR OF THE AGAVE plant: TEQUILA for cars! VIVA MÉXICO, cabrones.

VIVA méxico.

Lo bueno de la temporada es de que México finally Catches up with The Times. Spring forward started today at 02h Mexico Time. The mentality of president Andrés Manuel López Obrador however is in PAR with the Donald Trump administration’s to deregulate environmental protections and who instead of taking advantage of the CLEAR BLUE SKIES which resulted from the past month–long work–from–home and subsequent empty roads across mayor cities in the world wants to put carbon emissions back to the pre–Barack Obama days, just to show Melania that he [Donald John Trump] can.

Ray Bones

“They say the Fucking smog is the Fucking reason you have such beautiful Fucking sunsets.” .::. 457371E1-3658-40B2-B9A9-3BB598A9E03C 🕶
Ray Bones (Dennis Farina) in Get Shorty.

… [B]ecause Trump can’t drive: FIFTY FIVE!

In theaters November 2020.