Intermedio before frequency hopping back to Bobby McGee

… before we [the staff] switch it over to Bobby McGee we’d like to remind the recent and current War Pigs that there is no Glory, or decency (…!…) in “joy-sticking” a U.S. built drone to drop a bomb.

We [the staff] propose that the economically solvent, the trust–fund enablers, and that the plain ol’ money grubbing rich send their children to fight the insurgents of any given corner of The Globe that threaten their off–shore accounts and their personal wealth.

Drone logic and joy–stick logistics… ISSY, the cover is courtesy of Siren Central at the top of the Jazz hour, eh.

The age of war and romance died when Disco went down.

A tale of Two dailies… part ii

It’s 18 hundred hours in Central Europe Time and across El Canal de La Mancha la manipulación en caso de que el chingado “Brexit” no jale ya tiene un “No-Deal” en el horno.

pero nuesta entrada de hoy es sobre México y los E.E.U.U.
en donde por primera vez,
México estornudo y a La Casa Blanca le dio un contagio de
así que a la verGansitos,
porque ya nadie compra
BARRITAS… con tanta Rata en Bimbo/Marinela.
it kind of explains Joaquín López Dorigas segment:

Jazz Hour follows —for the ‘rosbif’s’ to be done!
… in the mean time enjoy James Brown’s Own PopCORN brand
Yeahhh-yeahhh-Yiiiiiiiah “PopCorn”, because we [the staff] did ask if you fuckers like Pop,
we just left out the CORN.

No llores por mi Banderilla… ISSY, otro hombre del sistema que al parecer ya tiene el VoBo de IDA, únicamente, para Heathrow desde el merititito aeropuerto internacional de Veracruz en un Lear-Jet particular, eh! Y como dice Pink Floyd: MONEY, it’s a gas———Grab that cash with both hands and make a STASH…

Full Disclosure:
We [the staff] are certain that the recent Citizen led stings of trickle-theft pastry skimming by BIMBO® delivery-persons in Mexico is nothing more than a cover-up to distract from the FACT that, because of flimsy criminal law enforcement procédures (like with the Cassez Affaire) THE SAME MEXICAN governor that gave the GREEN LIGHT to dilute CHILDREN’s CANCER Medecine with tap water at State Hospitals in the State of Veracruz (Gulf of Mexico), Javier Duarte (as a free man) is now probably going to be joining his Wife, Karime, who is guarding the “4-Year Booty” that was stolen from the State of Veracruz, and that RIGHT NOW is sitting on personal accounts in British banks near or around Buckingham Palace, and other fiscal paradises for the Powerful and Corrupt of the Latin front.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren vS. Ruthless Capitalism

Dear, Verizon Wireless, we [the staff] hope that your brass is never in need of a “fire–fighting” first responder, but if they ever do become another statistic on the log books of a fire truck or an ambulance on–call, we [the staff] hope that Dispatch has not —we repeat— have not gone over your most “awesome” cell phone plans… please be advised that there is a special place for all Ewe corporate fuckers in Hell.


Today we begin with a bit of Where in The Fuck have EYE seen these ruthless tactics before? Ah, yes! Denver, —of course:

The Beast in the Wireless racket sure has some sweet–sweet lobbyists in Washington D.C.

[Rocky Balboa’s inspirational theme music goes here]

Ladies in Geneni: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones… Cousin Joe had the morning off.

The System is broken. Just what in The Motherfucking Fuck House of the Mother of All cell phone plans does Verizon Wireless thinks that a Fire Department spend their cellular minutes on?

Verizon throttled ‘unlimited’ data of Calif. fire department during Mendocino wildfire”…  Dear, Verizon: Ewe are not the patriots that you want all of your customers to believe in.

Anygüey, come November, we [the staff] hope that America (sin acento) “don’t get fooled again.”

The what?… The Who, that’s who.


Oh, the Humanity…

Well now, it was very quick Vals and we [the staff] noticed that the tempo was the fastest ever, or maybe, just maybe it was just my imagination y el va-y-ven de aquí-pa’ya was for all intents and purposes a very slow Paso Doble, eh.

Context will continue to follow… in the mean time today marked the first day of work for Mr. Jupiter himself, because really, who the heck starts the return from a vacation on a Monday?

… in local news, Sirens will be wailing à La Fête de l’Humanité, yup! Ewe didn’t misread, you just never read this most inconsequential blog, eh!… pero el pedo es de que para la edición quién-sabe-cuál del festival político-cultural—musical más chingón del Norte de París tendrá como patrocinador a “los fip’s” y algunos otros avatares de Radio France International, y por eso ahora es cuando el staff les tiene que recordar de que en Francia no hay tal cosa como un NPR (national public radio).

Why don’t Ewe do right, get me some access too… while You’re-at-it, eh!?

Siempre cae en mero 16 de septiembre… Canelo vS GGG tale–of the–tape, follows.

Dear, Cousin Joe (Scarborough)… The Gipper never met a Legionnaire

Full Disclosure: and Brontis á La Préfecture de Paris wont let us [the staff] lie, we did not come to France to become French… having stated that, if a foreigner is willing to put his or her life on the line for a Frog, or for France, Marianne will not let him or her down, unlike Columbia and her “manifest destiny” who betrays her foreign soldiers, especially the Hispanic troops.

Still ahead in the programming: The French Connection

With that in mind: FUCK Laura Ingraham and the WHITE SUPREMACIST MOVEMENT in Minnesota, and other assorted States in OUR American Union.

America (sin acento) I love You, but sometimes  you make your better Angels feel like a motherless child.  The “Gipper’s” re-quote is courtesy of Cousin Joe, and in the Grand Scheme of Things, the time line is from January 19, 1989. For more on Reagan’s quotes go to or follow the link at at the source section of this most inconsequential blog.


Dear, Melania Trump,

Congratulations on your parents, naturalization; Hurray for Chain Migration, eh!

TimeStamp: 13 hundred hours in Central NATO Time.