Happy birthday mister Terror 👑 “Do you remember the 21st night of September?”

Fuck Chucky III… the meaning of a performance depended almost entirely on its BACKDROP 🎤 , period.

🌗… Mr. Moonlight.

Synopsis: It’s a terrible flic… and in 1961 a different kind of horror was brewing from the L’Olympia, but for now let’s get back to September of 1637 in Loudon Town in France where the motherfucking abbé d’Aubignac is about to ask the demons Levia°Than and Lo°rou if there are more Pelagians in Hell, or Donatists.

~. Ibid., but fuck it let Mí drop a ref. for the un-initiated:
Theiss, W., p. 80_82 in The Journal of The History of Ideas, Vol. 84 – n° 1, January 2023.

½  Autumnal equinox observances in the Northern Hemisphere, vernERal equinox observances in the Southern Hemisphere ½

³~. GYPSY WimeN …
🎶 La da Dee la Dee da (5X) 🎹📺📻
… Previously on the body of the lay widdow Marie Beaulieu, d’Aubignac tried to converse with the demons (no less than SEVEN) inside of that po’WidoW, “♦ Oh, The Humanity ♦” and that ³Sorcellerie et politique sous Richelieu ³. Page 80, ibid.


« Hence, on that occasion the Pontiff referred to two of them: the Pelagian temptation and the temptation of Gnosticism. Thus it is that Francis told them, with regard to the first one, that the Pelagian temptationpushes the Church not to be humble, disinterested and blessed. And it does so under the guise of a good“. Because Pelagianismleads us to put our trust in structures, in organizations, in perfect planning, being abstract“. »

Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

— 1947 Stephen King, American author and screenwriter

https ://www .vaticannews .va /es /papa /news /2018-03 /carta-placuit-deo-pelagianismo-y-gnosticismo-segun-el-papa

Page 81He later studied her body with more of the same scrutiny:

Rolling Stone Magazine présents: never mind the Negro, JANN WENNER,, and DUST MY BROOM before Donatus comes in from Libya.

When, in her exorcism on MONDAY 15 SEPTEMBER, sister Claire performed her contortions slowly and with languid mouvements, she found herself with her legs extended in a straight line, touching the EARTH with her two thighs. This is certainly difficult and painful, but not impossible. Many people even do this easily, once they PRACTICE… as an ITALIAN dancer did a hundred times in the THEATERS of PARIS, where one could observe that he had his son there, aged ten or twelve, to get him used to it.

— 1961 : Johnny Hallyday, qui vient d’avoir 18 ans, fait salle comble lors de son deuxième concert à l’Olympia

The concert hall would remain hunted by terrible rock and roll until the arrival of Trini López and some up-and-coming rosbifs who had just dropped the Silver part of Hamburg back at Capitol Records. Those chaps would of course inspire A Champagne Supernova in Lucy’s Sky or something like that! —And That’s The Way It Is, eh.

And in 1978, 🕖 Flavor Flav 🕗 sampled the 21st of September on an EARTH, WIND and FIRE beat. It soon became the official track of the infamous Virgil’s Dantenesque Purgatory tours.


! People who know, know that the abovementioned tours are guided by former employees of the Paris Tourism Board, and if you know who Stéphen Bern is, then you know that said frog has a special tour bus waiting for him just outside of the gate.

Los Hilos de Caro y la empresa de Alicia en el Paris 2

Hippo Crits, behold:

Thanks, Obama.

Across the Atlantic


Katia ROUX of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL is shocked, Alicia Leos, shocked³!!!


The trick(le) Alicia… is to show your Work.

³~. That there’s gambling going on in the HOUSE.

Yes, Öüï knew this, know that staff knew.

Disclose said that French authorities under the presidencies of President François Hollande and President Emmanuel Macron were “constantly informed” of the developments by staff at “several military departments”, but that their concerns were ignored.

French reporter arrested over leaked secrets

4 hours ago

The count is Three and Oh!


And, Ayman Moelhaldi³ it’s another Édition of the Captain Louis Renault Award.

³~. Sorry if I dismembered your last name

And here’s another thing that is conspicuously curious at el bendito Boulevard de Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Alicia Leo’s, not that someone who told Ana Anabitarte that she, meaning you was a journalist in the great state of Chihuahua, México, would care 💅…

That place that used to benefit from the Gutenberg Press(e) mile marker in Paris, France (knot the one Texas) is about to turn its internal bowels into a “networking” store, and Alicia Leos, not that you would care 💅, but that corner del Boulevard de las putas viejas de Gabo used to be called The SciencesPo School of Journalism, and here’s the kicker Mike Barnicle, —you son of a bitch! That used to be The New York Times Ivory Tower for their Paris correspondents. Haw’Bout that, COLUMBIA University, how about that! You coq sucking Sons of Bitches.

¡Ok, napolitano! Tú quieres hacerte el americano …

The return of Fenster the Copy-as-he-speaks_writer:

https ://twitter .com /SegoArma /status /s=20

Ré-silience en Re-Silenzio… 🎹 📢 ♟️ 🎬

As with Évry thing French ⚜️, all that the ruler-in-Chief has to do is change the name of one racket 🏸for a motherfucking bronze paddle 🏓.

Cognac, one pussy punch at a Thyme.


Earlier on, “Thank’s 🇲🇦 for going ARMY” :

Nice job if you can get it, and Ewe can get it, if Youse All That You Can motherfucking Be, so long Ewe are very French when you do it, just like Jupiter did when he was in charge of placing the “mementos” of young-jews deported to Poland, indeed 🇲🇦, Be all the Napolitano that Ewe can Be.

What’s The Matter With Kids Today? — NOFX [whatso-fucking-ever] 🌉 Heavy Petting Zoo, (1996).

La Marine lance un cours de préparation pour aider les recrues à perdre de la graisse corporelle et à se qualifier pour servir… Oh, les Sacré Fritos de Notre Dame de fip French 🍟 and WHINE, — y’ah fat fucks.

https ://www .stripes .com /branches /navy /2023-04-21 /navy-sailors-recruits-fitness-course -9878715 .html

Rendition? That’s Greek for the Yanks and Chinese for the Frogs, them Rosbifs insist that their ancestors stopped at Caledonia and that there’s no such thing as an “Australia”, arguing that it’s all a Mel Gibson production like the one he produced about la Gran Tlaxcala.


Any how, the fries are always crispier on the crispest high-definition screen, take for instance last week’s numero uno of Le Parisien as Öüï compares apples to apples and chicks for peas:

Pomme de terre

La grande dessertion

One in three young-bloods throws in the napkin before the end of their meal course. This is a phenomenon of unprecedented proportions, [bigger than a Quarter Pounder or one of those faggety Le Royal™Deluxe] a sign of the lack of attractiveness of military chow as compared to The Melle. Pitch Award advertisement sector pretentious mignardise.

Hechos del dia ~ P. 2  y 3
N° 24463 ; vendredi 21 avril 2023

Got Ketchup?

On the next América does Benny Blanco from Belleville, Chi Chi goes to Napoli ⚽… El Niño Luc 🤔 stays in Milan but Saint-Germain-des-Prés don’t care. More Happy™Meals 🍟 at Odéon. That fucker Delacroix is all giddy with Jacob at Saint Sulpice, probably because🎷 Slick Willie’s 🎶 vibes remain at the Orthodox joint below 🧀 from that ol’Wake of the Guy who told his UN guy to just say no.

But FO’ist!

I promised you a Wall for the next Grand Mexican Gig in The Sky, for now i’m-ah—gonna-drop this PAYwall first just for bibliographical purposes and for a semi-fair sort-of use of ALL MEDIA:

https ://www .leparisien .fr /economie /emploi /un-petit-tour-et-puis-sen-vont-ces-soldats-qui-plaquent-larmee21042023

Let’s talk shop, motherfuckers, “Chop-chop, let’s go-go” you are all burning daylight and Marc Conruyt at the French Army recruiting siege of Saint-Mande [Ud., Mí Général] is about to get a re-fresher course in Guerrilla Grills and other assorted value meals out there.

For starters, the French Army (in France, of course) might very well be the largest employer of The Fifth Republic, but I bet you Serge Gainsbourg’s piano 🎹🚭  that I know which CLOWN [who coincidentally has been missing for a good LUSTRO or so] comes in second:


… and not to be outdone by César’s DAUGHTER, Juanito Leguizamo crosses The Poto’MAC, —The Pot’Omac, son! The Poto’MAC.

Previously on, “y dice ansina, Natalia”

But first, the KNEWS

All Along Torreón, Coahuila… 🌬️🎶 No reason to get ex-Cited.


SoFy Velasco, all journalists, the good ones any how, are MOSCAS … ON THE WALL, baby!

Y como dijo Monterosso:

Más bolsera (ratera) nomas, Talía OLVERA, ya que Ella, a diferencia de los que se van a los E.E.U.U. se roba le prosélytisme de las manifestaciones soliDiArias de Paname, it’s TROU 🕳️ 🪰, TRUST ME, like I told Raphaël Morán’s boss at rfi⅓, “Unlike Juanito Guanabacoa (policía judicial) I am a fly on the wall, y siendo oriundo de Califas, Off-The-Wall, Aussie.

Concha, corcel, y carro… The Birth of Lafourcade… Trou 🕳️ South. Only at the Instituto del Sonido Chilango (InSoChi).


Inspired by El Hijo del Topo, —en París— the new album cover of Sony Music’s exclusive cantora, la fulgurante Lafourcade, is now available at la EfNac, and our intrepid copy editor, Fenster the friendly Narco Quintero, got an exclusive snoop from the source, Mr. Sony Music Foundation himself, el gran Camilo Lara.

Over at the RFPP scene, el colectivo colombiano Mariposas Amarillas andaba de gira Hartistica en la bendita Maison de l’Amérique La∴Tina. When all of a sudden…

Can you show Mí how to get to Destierro Street? O como dicen en la RAE: ostracismo
1. Gral. Apartamiento de cualquier responsabilidad o función política o social.
«El motivo, muy breve en su desarrollo, puede sintetizarse en su conclusión final de que “la Corporación Municipal con su actuar arbitrario y ajeno a todo procedimiento legal, no está decretando la disolución de una asociación, la está privando de los medios materiales para desarrollar su actividad y, por ende, la está condenando al ostracismo, conculcando de este modo dicho derecho fundamental”» (STS, 3.ª, 18-XII-1997, rec. 874/1995).

Los astros se ahlinearon at the Gift Shop of Amnesty International… “It’s TROU!” 🕳️ just like on yesterday’s show with don Osler y Fredo, it turns out that AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL functions just like las fundaciones colombianas en EL PARLAMENTO EUROPEO, c’est a dire: YOU HAVE TO HAVE A MEMBERSHIP CARD to get a refugee card.

En la Serie del Caribe, a eso le llamán ‘PLAYBOL, motherfucker!’

After the break, It’s Word of the They 🇪🇸: bibliópola, as in… The guest for the December 4th of 2022 edition of the Juanito Guanabacoa Show was a bibliópola from Amnesty International at Buttes–Chaumont.


Which, knot to polish 💅🏻 our own nails, but one of the first things that, I, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano-Prieto, have been saying since we first met Georgina Moreno y sus personajes pintorescos de la Intelligentsia parisina, in France and in la LOUISIANA, one’s own story must be Written by the French bourgeois… o Algo así.

Spoiler Alert, Öüï now UNDERSTAND why AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL treated , like a vil colectivo colombiano en el Parlamento Europeo. Naturalmente, lo bueno d’este blog es de que Juanito Guanabacoa (alias “PEDRO“) no lo lee, because if he did, indeed read this blog, the first thing that Juanito Guanavacoa would do, would be to peg my experience on the “NOT SEE Klan” de Médecines Sans Frontiersand then call PEDRO to finish the job

WORD OF THE THEY 3 de marzo, 2016…
French bashin’ en 3ª di’mención  

https ://asegovia3 .com /2016/03/19 /quicksand-jesus-y-la-mano-de-diego/

In Hilo, Hawaii is Sunday night primetime 🌋.


¡Viejas Feas! The Whole Lot of You, en dónde estén junto con SoFy Velasco, por cierto SoFy, ¿a qué horas sales al PAN?

Entre esos tipos y yo hay algo de Serrat


Ese tal Tarres 💃🏻


🎶 Come up, sir.Cheer up.Hang the skin on the sidewalk.Geton the wooden dapple.Forgetwhat it was and how.Jump intothe magic of moving on from it all.Get, — on El  Carrusel del Furo,hop onTwo tickets for a duro 🇪🇸.

Live from, El Cabaret del Furo, it’s the “after antro” from the Serrat recital at the Albóndigas de Granaditas.

Our first act brings the story

Primer verso:
Como árbol carnal,
Mis brazos y mis manos…
Doy a los cirujanos!
Para la libertad 🧑🏻‍🎓

Algo Personal
Song by Joan Manuel Serrat

Segunda estrofa…

And, señora de Scarborough, you get a Flauta if you guess the name of Camarena’s widow… in LaLa Land her last name was Peña and she drowned Kiki’s murder in a bottle 🍾.


Context follows, but if the “leader of the free world” can so-matter-of-factly piss Samuel Adams on journalism, what is happening on ABC?

— “The Wild World of Sports” sponsored by Budweiser™️, said Slim Pickens 🤠.

Jackie Ale Many reports:

La Marcha del profeta solitario

Nancy, France_ lt was bound to happen, an end of un chingo d’Eras came to an end, kind of. Nancy Pelosi gave up her role as La Más Cabrona, but she ain’t going anywhere, at least until the Cows come Home.

One step up and Two She’s down… and, Alicia Menéndez, i think that the camera person really-really likes your back.

South of The Border, the fact that natura gave Claudia a concha [¡coño!] does not mean that she automatically gets a “get out of The Obrador cult” card, what it does SIGNIFY, is that like the high-ranking Mexican presidential cabinet member, WHO OVERSAW THE TORURE AND SUBSEQUENT MURDER OF an unauthorized/undercover D.E.A. agent, Claudia Sheinbaum gets to have the deeds to the most “landed” spaces on the “land lord” board game known as El Registro Catastral de Monopoly™️, but has no right for the trains stations or airports, as those properties have already been reserved for The Exclusive Use of the Mexican Armed Forces, but not The Mexican Navy, because they are a bola de Putos¹, !The Whole Vessel of the lot!

Yada, yada, yada…

Cosa fácil …

Mexican-Polish fight in Gdynia:
Two charged over attack


¹~. https ://www .bbc .com /news /world-latin-americaworld-latin-america– 23766759


And, Alicia Menéndez… Have, Eye, got the role for your “voices”.

And, Alicia Menéndez…


Full Stop.

Intermedio entre colonias — Sapo Verde to Ewe (After Midnight)

A Diana… Got your Jara…


… and in Washington, it’s “qué Linda está la Mañana, en qué Martín Luther King (ahora en México)” is the second rey in the Naipes from Yesterday’s hand, which as THEE, honorary Mexican citizen that you are, Reverend Sharpton, you should know that is Spanish for —Lutero, as in LUTERÍA; del que maneja la madera para hacer liras, no de Lutero y sus profecías, ni de el Lutero, of every black neighborhood on the Boulevard of crystal and crack.

Estás son—los sapo verdes— que canta-Haba, El Rey David (that’s the 3rd King in Spanish), a todos los hijos de Sánchez…

Jump to Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, where it’s Porfirio’s birthday Eve:

“Con Ángeles y Flores…

To the Moon, Alicia! To the Moon! 🌖

Rigo es Amor and dis’ are his roots

Bola de putos 🇲🇽…

Good luck in Qatar during the Dictatorship’s  Fifa Cup, HO’id your Mesías Tropical is sending National 🇫🇷 Gendarmerie trained Babysitters to look after los Hijos de H. Sánchez, eh–wey‽

Note to France Banzaï at musique de la ventana (o sea, una serenata) : Phat Basterd’ has no corazón, puro buche. You have no heart  💃🏻… But Augustine Öüïöüï agrees, you got Soul, —frog.


Las Jaras : https ://forum .wordreference .com/threads/jara-las-jaras-del-indio-ad%C3%A1n-donde-pegan-dan-loter%C3%ADa.2462422/

Even Flow — What A Difference A Day Makes

La memoria de tus mamadas en Costa Rica un poema de mi tío, Rafael Caro Quintero, para Sara Cosió:

El Año de México en Francia presenta: la memoria de tus mamadas y los hilos de Sasha.

Ciudades Hermanas

You’ve been Tagged by Amandititititita (2011)
Les femmes s’en mêlent festival… sponsored by The Year of Mexico in France {and} of Course, priméxicoproxico.

Un día 28 d’enero … 🛫

Cómo me hiere’SA fecha

Let the jury in Jura know that EVEN THOUGH, even though, our most-esteemed copy-editor and gambling-foo’Extraordinaire, Fenster Fo’fingers Quintero GUZMÁN, is slotted to go the WAY of Genaro Garcia Luna in New York City, this imminent FRONT extradition of Benicio Del Toro will not hinder in anyway THE FUNK that Eye is about to bring upon thee, on that silly Île de la Cité.

_Un hombre fuera de séries… (2017)

yada, yada, yada,

platicando con su concubina

él estaba descuidado…

Número cinco:

Where the streets have no name.

Your Honor, may EYE approach the bench?

Full-disclosure, if there was such thing as a 2000 Mexican Peso ($) it would be the same color as the TIME DELAY line between the astrophysicist and 1745.

Amarillo No Me Pongo

https ://es .wikipedia .org /wiki /Familia_de_billetes_mexicanos_G

Close encounters with a French Court. EmE de MariHuana, and FENSTER the copywriter just got arrested by the D.E.A. in… SINALOA, maestra, allá en su SOBERANO rancho grande.

Context follows, pero sí, “En Octubre tenía que ser »…

In local news, the Euro is feeling like a dirty Mexican Peso.

For him, according to Rufino Tamayo, México should have been aborted. Can’t vouch for CASTELLANOS next to PAZ, all Eye knows is that Eye don’t know much about the French I took.

Sin fundamento, informe sobre deuda de 386 mdp, afirma Oswaldo García, exedil de la ciudad de Oaxaca

… Just sayin’ Eye didn’t go to Oaxaca, Oaxaca came to me.

Öüïnoughdis, MD… Eye too can see for miles and miles on the WEB{B}, ask Black Spy, he knows the situation.