“Get off of my plaza” — Janvier 1965, page 7 of El Mundo de Le Monde

But FO’ist!!!

Entitled cat. Breaking update: Mr. Novak will be performing down Victoria’s way.

DJOKO GETS A MEXICAN VISA to look at Kangaroos and possibly a fair share of syphilitic Koalas.
No word yet if Mr. Novak will be able to swing his racket Downunder.

Successeur de M. Lopez Mateos à l’Internationale socialiste de Veracruz

[Nereidas suena como fondo]
https ://www .sortiraparis .com /actualites /a-paris /articles /210710-crue-de-la-seine-paris-en-vigilance-jaune

X marks the spot… shoot to kill.

Le président Diaz Ordaz mettra l’accent sur l’expansion économique du Mexique, or how i learned to love el PRI in the role of el MOvimiento  de REnegados NAcionales

In recent news, congratulations to “La Vieja del Sapo productions” who just secured a juicy contract with la Bibliothèque publique d’infomercials à Beaubourg.

Marilyn the misfit… well, you have already heard about Frida’s troubled relation with the American, “surgeon sons of bitches²“… but Eye is willing to bet that THE FRANCE-AMÉRIQUE are unaware that Frida Kahlo was a fervent ANTIDENTITE!!! Öüï can attest that her grill was just as fucked up as those 8 Spinal Chop-Chop Tap operations that she went through. Spinal Tap, man! Spinal Tap.

².~https ://www .karger .com /article /fulltext /91136

    1. Kettenmann A: Frida Kahlo. Köln, Taschen, 2003.

https ://www .pinterest .jp /pin/449585975274380433

“La Frida”, as she is known in La Colonia ROMA, secured a security guard position with the Centre Pompidou after a judge in Mexico ruled that the heirs of the FRIDA KAHLO ESTATE can profit from the COPYRIGHT mug shot of Salma Hayek.

True to form, FRIDA wasted no time to plug* her Tam-Tam™ tangas, all while delivering a sucker punch to the American Ambassador’s neighbor at rue Gabriel:

*.~ to take the opportunity to advertise and/or self-promote an idea, a statement or a lowdown dirty ass mattress they sale

Obligatory mask in your ass³

… and She Was, the little creature she was.

³.~ Ewe literally can’t write this shit up.

And, Katty Key… sorry that Eye mispelled your name, “La Xingada” follows

Ladies in Gemini, this is a Time delayed overview of Caracas

And in Hollywood,

https ://asegovia3 .com /2021/04/19 /downtown-inset-scheduled-stops/

Where’d ya’say that Quinta was located at?
Le Mexique est un pays d’une classe modeste très foutue […] qui ne va pas s’en sortir. Pour la télévision, c’est une obligation d’apporter du divertissement à ces personnes et de les sortir de leur triste réalité et de leur avenir difficile. La classe moyenne, la classe moyenne inférieure, la classe moyenne supérieure. Les gens riches comme moi ne sont pas des clients, parce que nous, les riches, nous nous n’achetons rien”, Emilio Azcárraga Milmo, El Tigre.
Traduit avec http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (version gratuite)

“See what happens when a dirty bum meets the filthy rich.”
https ://www .infobae .com /america /mexico /2021/05/07 /el-dia-que-emilio-azcarraga-dijo-que-hacia-television-para-jodidos/

And, Katty Kay, meet Lucía, Anda, meet Lucía, why don’t you, y de Paso, here’s another name for Aristegui:

I Told you so, pinche Frida.
https ://monoaureo .com /2021/11/30 /andy-y-su-fabrica-de-chocolate/… Ketch~Up, kid.

In Local News, Spain brings the Flamenco to Les Halles and there is nothing that THE PARIS TOURISM BOARD can do about it.

Anyhow, Adrienne Elrod, KNOT to be outdone by Antonio Banderas and the Andalucía Tourism Board next to Frida’s Tangas Shop at Châtelet on La Rue de Cinéma, Willie Geist (hello Sir) is bringing out don jamón~jamón in the Role of Lucie’s crutch for his Little League Sunday Show.

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt4995540/ Being The Ricardos

Or… as Noelia Gregorio Fernández in LA RIOJA says:
Knot another pinche CHOLO con una pinche GÜERA moovie

Just like the good’Ol THEYS of La GUAYABERA Blanca… Horacio-en-milenio comes courtesy of el monoaureo _ ese.

The news of Bardem playing the Cuban card on the Mambo Kings channel threw Banderas off the charts and so Antonio had only one thing that he could do and that was to squat the dang-on Rotunda of The American Style Mall in Saint Eustache and now po’SANTA is outside in the Cold-Cold Quad.

The gypsie caravan released a flyer stating that “El Duende” would be appearing next to LOS HILOS de ARIANNE for like the next two days. And that Pablo Picasso would be manifesting sometime before dinner time on the aforementioned Rotunda. And he did… that motherfucker passed right next to Los Hilos de Arianne.

With that in Mind, let Mí remind Monica AlBa that Eye is not Xicano… but according to La Rioja, Ewe is³additionally Öüï should never-ever-ever call Mí “His~panic”, and Chuck Todd better not call “cholo”.

1 to 8
3 .Bandit Mexicain.
4 . Equivalent a bandido
5 . Fait ici référence aux bandits mexicains installés à la frontière entre les États-Unis et Le Mexique
6 . Jeune Mexicain venant d’un milieu pauvre et vivant aux États-Unis à la fin des années 1950, souvent rejeté par la société à cause de sa manier de parler, ses coutumes ou encore ses habitudes vestimentaires.
7³ . Terme péjoratif identifiant une personne d’origine mexicaine vivant aux États-Unis.

Cinémas d’Amérique latine #29

El humor en el cine chicano contemporáneoParodia y transnacionalismo en la trilogía de El Mariachi de Robert Rodriguez
By: Noelia Gregorio Fernández (universidad de Alcalá, docente investigadora de La Rioja).
Witt special mention to PAGE 119;
and of course Raphaël Morán’s neighbor, the one and only, Freddy Cats

Originally published on 22 Nov, 2015: —!— Arte plástico en Montreuil-sous-Bois, 2012. Exposición adentro de una “panadería de pan”. En el contexto del tiempo y del espacio, se tienen que considerar dos puntos de vista, uno siendo el del artista plástico y su manifiesto sobre el concepto artístico, ‘Noche de los Muertos #3’; y dos, la de las noticias que salían de Ciudad Juárez Chihuahua durante el sexenio de Felipe Calderón Hinojosa. || Foto de la calle, capturada por armando segovia / segoviaspixes… you can keep the photo, no license is being claimed.

3 . Mexican bandit.
4 . Equivalent to bandido … {and isn’t that redundant, pues}
5 . Refers to the Mexican bandits living on the border between the United States and Mexico… {like FREDDY CATS-es-ese figurines???}
6 . Young Mexican from a poor background living in the United States at the end of the 1950s, often rejected by society because of his way of speaking, his customs or his clothing habits. {Ah, for FuCkS sake, if you change Young for Old that is Mí in Paris, France!}
7³ . Pejorative term identifying a person of Mexican origin living in the United States. {Let’s stop for a second here and Let ALICIA MENENDEZ deconstruct this one for both of us, Eye don’t think that that word means what you think it means}.

Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Notes de Traductrices de Master 2 du CETIM de l’université de Toulouse Jean Jaurès sous direction de CAROLE FILLIÈRE
Pg. 114Éléments Parodiques Dans La Trilogie El MAriachi : Le Personnage Masculin En Tant Que “Bandido/Greaser
La notion de masculinité latina sera, yada, yada, yada… 3 stéréotypes liés a cette masculinité parodiée (et la criminalilté) chicanal mexicaine : le bandido fronterizo5, le pachuco6 et le cholo7(3), tous ces clichés associés d’une façon ou d’une autre à l’archétype du bandido latino.

https ://www .theolivepress .es /spain-news /2020/06/05 /andalucian-government-invests- e22 – 5- million -in-promotional-campaigns-to-attract-tourists-featuring-hollywood-star-antonio-banderas/

National Awareness Frida DAY — 13 de julio, 1954

El “Punch” de la suerte

Hispanoamérica y Los Hijos de La Colonia.

Las Fábulas de Nicho

Las Fabulosas Fábulas de Nicho .:. 26289DBE-A01F-4F94-9CA3-A00961C0C987 🦅 …[A]nd then the Striking Eagle replied to the rest of the Furries on Hans Nichols chimney mantle, “What am I, an animal‽”.

Deer, Jon Meachum, there is a Spectrum on your upper left-hand corner, which of course, is the upper right–hand corner to the non–viewing public.

https ://www .msnbc .com /morning-joe /watch /trump-s-attempted-campaign-reboot-hits-another-snag -87584325639 ⬇️

Ghost Hunters are fags

Ghost Hunters are fags .:. E3F547AC-2F08-4392-9270-DA04A502A137 ➿  “Yo no busco — encuentro.” —_•!•_— Intelligence findings from the Trump “rumor mill” tagged Dr. Anthony Fauci as having a 𓁨 bigger 𓂹 than 𓁪, and so obviously 𓁩 had Dr. Fauci 𓀏, period

https ://www .jornada .com. mx /ultimas /politica /2020/07/08 /trump-a-empresarios-amlo-el-mejor-presidente-que-han-tenido -9084 .html

Señor, Bernardo Gómez

Señor, Bernardo Gómez .:. C9739541-F7EB-4E55-A34B-2810814ECB52 ⛏ Please inform your newest client (Jared Kushner) that Cuauhtémoc’s dad remains the undisputed best president of México. 🎞📰📎 Uso justo de todos los medios con fines educacionales y para la memoria, of course… sin embargo don Bernardo, el señor presidente de los EEUU tiene toditita la razón, ustedes [hijos de La Colonia] nunca han contado con Mejor Ejecutivo desde los tiempos de don Porfirio.

https ://amqueretaro .com /deportes /2020/07/12 /julio-cesar-chavez-cumple-58-anos-de-edad-y-loteria-nacional-lo-festeja/

… [A]nd on this corner, La Lotería Nacional para la Asistencia Pública se enorgullece en presentar, al Gran Campeón mexicano! LÁ–ZA–Rho Cár—De–NAS!!!

https ://www .lanuevarepublica .org /2020/07/13 /el-alternativo-los-morales-en-nostalgia-con-saldanajorge-recordandole-el-13-julio-2020/

El Sapo

En fin Pepe Garduño, en fin. Para variar Mona Lisa no me podría dejar andar escrebiendo sobre lo oportuno de la programación de hoy 13 de julio del 2020 en “El Alternativo con Jorge Saldaña”, vaya nostalgia, eh, 1984. —_•!•_— De cualquier manera, Mona Lisa, se imagina usted como reaccionaria don Jorge luego de leer la columna del buen John Mill Ackerman? En la escala de los “publivoires*” de 2011, yo digo que don Jorge mandaba fusilar a toda la mesa directiva de La Jornada… “¡qué poca!” _–*¡*–_ This Campaign Ad is approved by Donald John Trump.

* https://asegovia3.com/2014/10/03/octubre-tenia-que-ser/

Señor Jorge Saldaña, Señor Jorge Saldaña… rogamos que por favor deje usted d’estar dando vueltas en su última morada; dicho de otra puta manera, don Jorge, cualquier parecido de el PUBLIREPORTAJE de arriba con una nota de Radio La Nueva República es una mentada de madre.


Independientemente de las relaciones raciales en torno de La Casa Blanca de Donald John Trump; a.k.a. “individual One”.

Hispanoaméricaas a choice of words in a DISCURSO by the 45th president of the united states of america during the same week that Goya Foods C.E.O., Roberto Unanue, PRAISED Donald John Trump for wanting to dump Puerto Rico like a Latin-American adopted child.

The break-down

The break-down .:. 8A18CDDF-3B63-4D93-BCD2-A3BD4E7EF1F4 𓄈 The Art of The Troll.

* Fair Use of all USA’s today.


Las fotos de las filas en la reapertura de Disney mientras Florida bate el récord de nuevos contagios

Still to come, Hans Nichols narrates Disney Plus’ new programming on their new tier: An American Horror Story, episode one, The Furries on the chimney.

National Awareness Frida Theys — No se compara

“[Y]o hasta ofrezco disculpas al pueblo español, al pueblo francés y a todos, porque esto no podemos estarlo comparando.”

Lic. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, on the occasion of México’s pole-position in the eyes of the Dead, and his visit to them United States of Columbus.

https ://www .animalpolitico .com /2020/07 /amlo-reclamo-conservadores-muertes-covid-paises/


It turns out that there was no such thing as “La Nueva España”. It is clear now that his excellency John Donald the First cleared it for all the world to hear, Christoper Columbus discovered America [sin acento] para los americanos, and you can thank “Adam Ruins Everything” for planting that ridiculous statement… Evry body knows that Columbus discovered Colombia… Duhhhh! It’s Right D.A.R.E. in the name.

Adam ruins Rubén’s search for América

… Archive is courtesy of The Brian Williams Self–Quoting Peppers Club.

Del 6 al 13 de julio es National Awareness Frida Theys… Shop NOW!

Previously on, Las Tangas de Frida…

Pour un poignée de dollars
La Fea

La Fea .::. 1BA25328-49A1-4C8D-8417-5409D5B4A81C .::. Starring: Tiffany Cross as the girl from the Blue House over Yonder, —in Coyoacán.

Sponsored by La Casa Azul of Princesse Tam🧶Tam or something like that.

Over at the Washington St. (75008) kiosk, Louis Vuitton just snatched the “V” from George at Champs Élysées, poor George. Over at La République, it’s 2015 and there is nothing to see here.

… [I]ndeed, John Mill Ackerman, in•deed, the mere street setup for the upcoming post Covid-19 Bastille Day celebration, which it is coming up in the programming, following Frida’s day of the dead celebration on July 13, reminds me of that time when Los Hijos de Astérix broke into the Tuileries Garden during France’s version of the Disneyland MAIN STREET Parade on July 14, 2015, when —you guys— sheltered inside of a little theater to watch documentaires about “The Man”. What a güey to herd the sheeple to be heard.

https ://asegovia3 .com /2015/07/15 /15-de-julio-la-placa-de-gilberto-bosques/

Tell Mí Moore

Tell Mí Moore — tell me mo’

… Across The Atlantic, it’s time for Humor and Irony with Willie Geist and just in case you have not heard the News Today, en La Jornada de HOY the News are just like in the Wild Wild West; In•deed Willie Geist, now pass the Ketch-up for them Spaghetti~O’s, Aymen, and give our regards to “La Pundita” who is off today celebrating Frida Day 🦴🦴🦴🐶 in Coyoacán.


El AMLO .::. 7C71FA3F-CB6D-4D7C-9739-DACFBBD8EADE … Aquí no hay ningún BUENO, Blondie, y para colmo allá en El Norte, —puros “Bounties”.

Listening Silence — Congratulations, John…

The good thing about this blog is that Mr. Ramos, doesn’t read it.

¡Viva La Raza! Now more than ever, even more than in Pizarro’s time… it’s like Marley said… “it’s a Soul Shakedown, tonight… i need your concentration…” etc., etc., ETC!  }—~~~\*>  Uso justo de toda La Raza, en Nueva Yo’l.

… at least you got the eyebrows right on “La Frida…” something that even the heirs of her juicy Estate could not do before the “Barbie” pirateada took over… and, yes Mr. Leguizamo, sadly, it is the Pitbull era.

Context follows… on John Leguizamo: Latin History for Morons.


Intermedio – Canis Lupus Solitarius

Sobre Aviso No Hay Engaño

14 de febrero,2014
Sabbatical Day N° 41
Enter San-Diego
Atelopus franciscus
(True Toad — not a fucking Toadie)
… no nos consta pero.

No nos consta pero de creerle a los diálogos escritos en la expo sobre México en el Gran Palacio de París en el 2016/17, casi esquina con El Elíseo, Diego RIVERA no encajaba con sus contemporáneos en la Llamada Ciudad de La Luz.

Una amiga que ya no se encuentra en este plano de existencia solía contarnos [al staff] la anécdota que ella escuchó, —de quien sabe quién y de quién sabe cuándo— el borlo, por así apuntarlo, fue de que cuando Diego regresó a México y la pinche gente enjaquecosa le abordaba con la puta pregunta de:

¿Qué hiciste en París?

Diego solía responder:

… pos’nomas me hice pendejo.

En fin, quién sabe si ese desgaste de tinta [porque el primer borrador de este inconsecuente Blog se escribe con una Bic® ensamblada en Tijuana] tenga unos mililitros de veracidad, lo cierto es de que Alfred Molina en su paso por un set de Hollywood que se suponía que era el Rockefeller Center, allí donde chambea el mismísimo “Cousin Joe”, le dijo al puto de Edward Norton [esposo en aquél entonces de Frida Kahlo … perdón esposo en aquél entonces de Salma Hayek!!! ¡Con una chingada, ¡staff!!! Con Salma Hayek, no con Frida Kahlo, ¡pendejos! no confundan los choco-roles con los pingüinos… anygüey, comentaba de que Alfred Molina le dijo a Edward Norton de que él [don Diego] no iba a quitar a LENIN del mural que el magnate [del Rockerfeller Center] le había comisionado, en primera instancia a dibujar.

… en otras palabras; en su paso por París, quien sabe porque San-Diego se apachurró con los BoBo’s del Sena, pero según Hollywood, don Diego en Nueva Yol’ no fue el Pendejo de ningún magnate; porque mismo si el puto de Mr. Rockefeller lo “invitó” a que pintara un mural —en donde hoy son los estudios de MSNBC— y luego, instigado [el magnate, no San-Diego] por la presión de almas tímidas y lambisconas del sistema de WALL STREET le dijo a Diego, que borrara el material, don Diego [propiamente] procedió a no doblarse —y pues eso, eso estuvo bien.

Tenga pues, su pinche muro.

En Fin, lo más seguro es de que San-Diego no cambió el contenido de lo que ese PINTOR fue a plasmar, y menos, por las méndigas preocupaciones de algunos timoratos de Washington, D.C., siendo que desde un —puto—principio, don Rockefeller sabía muy bien de qué trataba la obra del más talentoso de Coyoacán.

Fotos —pinches putos— follow…

El Sapo de Frida and other ponds:



Never thought We’d make it this Far — Te Quiero Mucho; Act Two

1 de febrero
Sabbatical Day N° 28
«The Tam Tam Princesse Ad Campaign»
… or some Vintage stuff like that.

Realize that everything connects to everything else.”
Leonardo da Vinci

… including, the eyebrows, so let me [Armando Segovia] fix that for you.

«¡Pero qué falta de respeto, qué atropello a la razón!… Mezclao con unos Converse® va Don Google y La Tam Tam, Scribe y Visa Card, y Productos de a montón… Una porquería ya lo sé».  }–~~\*>  Y como dijo Enrique Santos Disépolo: Igual que en la vidriera irrespetuosa de los cambalaches se ha mezclao la vida, [los arribistas siguen al 100%] En El Billete de a Quinientos—Y en el [de] DOS MIL También. ♦—_!_—◊  Uso justo de todas las Fridas de Stephanie Rhule, por supuesto, on MSNBC.

[Woman’s voice
Sarah Silverman]

previously on:
The Tam Tam Princesse Ad Campaign
… or some Vintage stuff like that.”
Act One.

[Omnipresent voice from El Más Allá
GEORGE CARLIN narrates both the scene and the setting…
it’s January
of 2017]

Ahhh, yes! Love… (love… love
there’s nothing you can’t do that can’t be done).

[Potential female voice of
Penelope Cruz or Jennifer Lopez]

Mientras tanto en la UNAM, en plena etapa de la Globalización 3.0 del mundo hecho como una tortilla, por Thomas L. Freidman, y mismo que quiere tener una referencia alivianada y amena con el lingerie de “La Casa Azul” de Salma Hayek… chin, quise decir una referencia linda y hermosa del México a través de “La Casa Azul“, en Coyoacán, de Frida Kahlo-Corporation®,  los vicios en los procesos judiciales, pero sobre todo en materia de Rendición de Cuentas –o de “Accountability”, como dice Carlos Puig en Milenio punto com– pues, sigue estrpeando esa referencia idéal; la cual continua siendo mermada por los mismos males que viciaron el proceso de investigación en el juicio de la francesa favorita de todo el gabinete peñanietista: Florence Cassez.   }– ~\*>   Es decir, las viciadas fuerzas del orden público, los viciados peritajes y, para que esto sea una trifecta imperfecta, los viciados procesos en los tribunales. }- – ~~\*>  Asi que para celebrar el quinto aniversario del fallo de la ministro Olga Sánchez “nunca hubo quinto (aniversario) malo” Cordero, quien con su muy oportuna decisión durante el primer mes del sexenio de Enrique Pena Nieto, cedió la libertad incondicional a la hoy ex colaboradora de “los zodiaco”, Florence Marie Louise Cassez Crepin, el staff echa hoy, 1 de febrero del 2018, un reojo a lo que se presume que es un país regido por INSTITUCIONES. }- – ~~~\*>  El chiste” de este reojo [por asi llamar a este ejercicio] se hace a través de un paralelo en los procesos, –y no en la persona. Dicho de otra manera, en la secuencia de obligaciones que un servidor público debe de seguir desde el momento cuando alguien es detenido, y hasta el momento de su liberación o formal encarcelamiento… ¿O qué culeros del sexenio que están por salir, nada mas cuando se trata de salvar intereses en el extranjero usando a señoritas europeas extraviadas por la mala vía se hace la excepción?… Viva México.

Uhuuu, so, Donnie, as we communicated to your staff last month during the preliminary selection, our firm is going to be sponsoring the next season of the Florence Cassez documentary series: Getting Away With Murderer, (Pffff) sorry, I meant to say ‘the’ Florence Cassez documentary series: “Women in Difficult Situatons”

Act Two follows, but first, it’s another edition of: Did You Know that it was the French who invented the National Anthems? And that The Beatles, a band of mopheads, would eventually redefine La Marseillaise, with a little tune that started with the proposition that “All You Need is Love,” anygüey the band would reach the Top of the World on A Day In The Life, like today, but in Philadelphia, PA when they reached number one on the U.S. Billboard charts, with Their intentions To Hold Your Hand.

It Was 199 Years Ago Today “Sgt. Pepper Told the Frogs To Play. They been goinig in and out of style, but they guarantee to raise a smile, so may I introduce to you, The Act You’ve known for all this Years… }–~\*> February 1 is the 32nd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 333 days remaining until the end of the year (334 in leap years). This date is slightly more likely to fall on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday (58 in 400 years each) than on Saturday or Sunday (according to Wikipedia), and slightly less likely to occur on a Tuesday or Thursday. }–~~\*>  1793 – French Revolutionary Wars: France declares war on the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. }–~~~\*> 1865 – President Abraham Lincoln signs the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. }–~~~~\*> 1942 – Voice of America, the official external radio and television service of the United States government, begins broadcasting with programs aimed at areas controlled by the Axis powers. }–~~~~~\*> 1964 – The Beatles have their first number one hit in the United States with “I Want to Hold Your Hand. }–~~~~~~\*> 1968 – Vietnam War: The execution of Viet Cong officer Nguyễn Văn Lém by South Vietnamese National Police Chief Nguyễn Ngọc Loan is recorded on motion picture film, as well as in an iconic still photograph taken by Eddie Adams. ♦—_!—◊ Captura de datos cortesía de La Semana que Philippe Labró, CNEWS Matin.


La teoria de «el conflicto de interes»

The following Breaking the News Update must be read in a Vintage Mono Voice of Brian Williams and it must have as a background WWII military music used in WWII  theater news reels.

Man’s voice, role update
It’s been confirmed to staff, that following the downfall of the youngest French person to ever to be assigned with the care of the guideon of Radio France International, Mr. Mathieu Gallet, «Tam Tam Princesse Enterprises» was forced to make the decision today, February 1st, to drop Cervecería Modelo spokesperson, Diego Luna, from the leading role of Donnie Deutsch in the upcoming behind the scenes promo for the «Tam Tam Princesse Frida Kahlo Advertisement Ad Campaign: ¡Te Quiero Mucho Corazón!» entitled, “Another look at the Tangas, and a Glimpse at those”G-Strings” again.»

Details on the decision to let Mr. Luna go; are still to fuzzy, and the staff has not confirmed if «Beto» from Aguascalientes Canal 26 (in association with France 24) got the role.

One thing for sure is that Mr. Luna is a known close associate of Bernardo Gómez of Pantelion Films, a film production company who might have received special favors from Mr. Gallet, during the time that he was at the helm of the French, National Audiovisual Institute; and yes the staff here is referring to the Televisa Foundation during the revamp of the Year of Mexico in France.

Context follows… The Staff is going to seek an interview with Mr. Raphaël Moran of RFI International; hold that “Conflict of Interest”, thought. ♦—_!—◊ Captura de datos cortesía de La Semana que Philippe Labró, CNEWS Matin.

[Female’s voice
Sarah Silverman]

We now return to ACT Two of the 
«Tam Tam Princesse Ad Campaign»
… or some Vintage stuff like that.

[Man’s voice
Beto Gómez’ voice from AGS TV, ironically gets dubbed by Diego Luna because the «El Camerino» host doesn’t speak American.]

Yes, YesMathilde, I know that without the aid of your Dragons from the Foreign Legion, that Austro-Hungarian «hippie» Maximillian would have re-invented the Ol’BackYard; too bad that in his royal mind he actually thought that he could make a difference by planting gardens and visualizing crazy ideas like establishing a fucking zoo, I mean, pardon my French, Mathilde, but…

– Don’t worry about it, Donnie, fuck is rather a very versatile vernacular of your speech and when you really stop and think about it, that is what this advertising campaign is all about; it’s about promoting the promiscuity that leads to more fucking—so as you people in Texas say, «have-at-it».♦—_!—◊ Captura de datos cortesía de La Semana que Philippe Labró, CNEWS Matin.

You know, Mathilde, you are not like the other French that I’ve fucked excuse me, you are not like the other French that I’ve engaged with.

– Well, Donnie, you fucking butterball, let’s just say that I am one of the first corporate prototypes of the French «désengagement» of the AEFE.

The AEFE? Now wait a minute there Missy, just what kind of Cheese and what sort of Cave goes well with that Plat?

[Mathilde does a little courtious and elegant laugh; the rest of the minions in the room miss the ironic touch of Donnie’s reference to France’s 2nd Export, the Culinary Industry.

The AEFE, o como dicen allá en Banderilla, Veracruz, es la AGENCIA para la ENSEÑANZA FRANCESA en el EXTERIOR; es parte del aparato con el que Francia combate la doctrina POP-Yanqui y los Kinks del apodado British Invasion desde los tiempos de la Guerra Fría }–~~\*> ayer en Tunis; la Alianza Francesa, o sus afiliados le echaron en cara al presidente Macron el recorte de fondos para las escuelas que promueven la Civilización francesa en Tunisia, y el resto del mundo bárbaro que no habla Francés.

Coincidió que como en Mexico en el 2013, el presidente, Béji Caïd Essebsi, recibió a su homologo francés, Emmanuel Macron, en Tunis, para que el inquilino del Elíseo supervise perdón, para que el inquilino del Elíseo “Apoye” en La Transición Democratica de esa nacion del Magrheb.

… No se vaya, mañana en el día de la Candelaría, nuestro pícaro favorito en la voz de Beto Gómez regresa con otra entrega de:

The Tam Tam Princesse Ad Campaign
… or some Vintage stuff like that.”

TimeStamp: 21h45 CET

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From Paris to Mexico – I like the way you work it… ACT ONE

31 de enero, 2017
Sabbatical Day # 27
«The Tam Tam Princesse Ad Campaign»
… or some Vintage stuff like that.

Mientras tanto al otro extremo de los probadores de La Princesa en El Dosel Forestal de Les Halles en Châtelet*;  la Calzonería de Calvin Klein tiene su propia exposición de trabajos de Andy Warhol… Diego Rivera Quiso exponer allí mero también pero resultó que a los franceses no les gustan los calzones de manta, asi mero como los usa el ranchero; es decir, hechos de puta manta… perdon, quise escribir de “Pura Manta”, y no de puta manta. }–~~~\*> Uso Justo de Todas las Fridas, incorporadas, asociadas, corporativas, benévolas, o simplemente ambulantes en tiendas de paños menores.

* . Neta que así se llama el lugar
“La Canopéé”… Ask Larousse.

«No Diggity, I like to bag you up»

darling, if you think that this «Ad Campaign»
is merely a freak coincidence, then you,
My dear,
is truly living with your –Ojos Abiertamente Cerrados, porque
after all that happened –y para cuando te cayó el Veinte
of all people,
know damn well that this,
most inconsequential blog should be getting a Commi$$$ion
for the conceptual Idea of this “Ad Campaign”


The Guy you used to Bag
Happy Countdown to Valentines Day

[Omnipresent voice from El Más Allá
GEORGE CARLIN narrates both the scene and the setting…
it’s January
of 2017]

Ahhh, yes! Love;

Mesdames et Messieurs; what better way to pitch a lingerie brand on the eve of the BLUE BLOOD MOON of 2018, which coincides with both the FIFTH ANNIVERSARY of the release of Florence Cassez from a Fortified Security Mexican Radius and, with the St. Valentines sales day event, than with an ironic From Paris to Mexico advertisement campaign of the «Unmentionables» Collection, from Casa de Kahlo-Corporation®.

ACT I takes place at the boardroom of a Fifth Ave. advertisement firm where a group of Donnie Deutsch types, each with his own “dedicated follower of fashion” aide by their side, are welcoming a team of French executives from the Tam Tam Princesse firm… or some lingerie company like that, who is are traveling The Globe in search of the right ad company to produce their next Valentines Day advertisement campaign.

[Woman’s voice
please be advice advised th®áat the role of “the” French executive from the Tam Tam
Princesse firm… or some lingerie company like that, remains open, but budgetary projections for this campaign will probably secure a Jennifer Lopez or a Penelope Cruz, depending on the availability of the Talent.

Uhuuu, so, Donnie, as we communicated to your staff last month during the preliminary selection, our firm is going to be sponsoring the next season of the Florence Cassez documentary series: Getting Away With Murderer, (Pffff) sorry, I meant to say ‘the’ Florence Cassez documentary series: “Women in Difficult Situatons”; but I mean, who am I kidding, we are talking about the French here, and as you Americans already know, we can most often than not, get away with Murder, if our government gets involved, right?

[Laughter ensues]

[Man’s voice
The male’s role for this particular character is based on the persona of Morning Joe’s regular on the Mr. Peacock Cable News Network, Donnie Deutsh; possible candidates for this role include “Beto” from AGS TV (Canal 26) or Diego Luna, from Televisa Productions in Santa Monica – California.]

… wait for it, Wait…
In the mean time here’s a frame of reference, and YES it probably needs more JPEG, but the Staff is still going through a rough time

Context follows…

No se vaya Ahorita Regresamos… en febrero.

No diggity Ariana Savalas cover: