Downtown Inset – Scheduled stops

No word if the Train will run on time… it’s MLB ON THE EURO LEAGUE… boom chaka-LA-calaka it’s the U.K. Premier League move to Saint Louis, Missouri, —just to complement the London Bridge in Arizona.

A screen shot here, a screen shot there. It’s not capricious because that would be as unpredictable as having the one once deemed as a “clear and present danger for The Mexican United States, of América”  posing next to a very big ol’tree with “El Capone” de telmex in between.  PREDICTABLE WOULD BE, brothers in Siestas, to have ese “peligro para México” throwing a Pi al líder de la llamada “mafia del poder”, but these (two) are KNOT predictable times, instead once again you have La Mano de Bernardo Gómez stirring that Té de Tila a don Andrés… “Are You KNOT entertained?”, niño Luc, perhaps you wish to have the next Manchester jersey painted black.

Issy, Roger Bennett, y sí: Eye seconds Qatar as the 2nd Worst Idea in Fútbol history. Told you about MLB sanctions yesterday, and about King James and the Red Devils and, in today’s known news Öüï learns about the J.P. Morgan super liga league.

Most Loaded Billionaires. Killing Mí softly with Jazz.

But seriously, why is the Biden Admin going to scrap/renege — surrender the college debt campaign promise when ÖÜÏ NOW KNOW that the Univision/Televisa remarriage is going to pay like a bunch of taxes (in Mexico anyhow).

A single contribution from “La Rosa de Guadalupe” alone would pay for half the loans East of the Mississippi… Sábado Gigante (en Domingo Siempre) would take care of the western college stations.

In Telemundo news, President Biden orders “la migra” to stop calling non-mexicans in Tijuana « illegal », the new nomenclature is “non-nationals” pro-dodgers fans, period!


Hit the lights.

P.S.: Deer, Victoria de Francisco Sota… is your lamp fluctuating in current or is your office happy to see Mí? — C’mon, Katty Kay! Don’t let the BBC catch you with your lamp off. — That’s the spirit AP Lemire, keep the light on and don’t forget to charge your cellphone.

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