If it’s Mardi, in LA France… 👅 Et Métaphysiques

Well, you’ve HO’id about The Rolling Stones… it’s exactly like one of Those.

PG. 190… « l’autre 👅 », o como dicen los franceces, “Heidegger and the 👅 of être / being”, or something like D.A.T., period!

And in Washington… 
Upon learning that The Greatest Speakers Set of a rock and roll band was to celebrate their 60th Anniversary in France, WILLIE GEISTmade an early start making sure that he is not late,” and set Sail To Le Havre. For the occasion, Mr. Geist invited a handful of his Nantucket buddies to sail on his Mega YATCH. An all-inclusive trip, but following the announcement of a Frenchvodka embargo” those free-loadin’ motherfuckers were advised to B.Y.O.V., period!

{and} according to Los Presuntos Implicados, the biggest Circus trick that Mick Jagger ever pulled, as a tanker in a general’s rank, was convincing Brad Pitt that peaches, bring bad luck… silly, Jagger, Megadeth ☢️ is not superstitious, when asked about the “peaches theory” Mustaine responded in Standard Operating Procedures³, “ha-ha I ain’t superstitious, under the ladder I go…”

³.~ S.O.P. is our newest endeavor, the task involved hones in on the persuit [chasse, en Francés del bueno] of calling a Spade a Spade and a a Hoe a Hoe.

If {and only} if…

Then … Jump in the fire on page Tú of the American copy of “my abuelita’s favorite magazine, “¡ALARMA! on the MSNBC’s, any hoot, to the little old, ol’GRAMA in The Ukraine… who feels sorry for Russian President Vlad Poutine mom’s, “With all due respect…”

WAS THAT “BASTERD », with an ‘A’ instead of a War Daddy’s ‘E’?

“Just the facts, ma’am.

https ://www .theguardian .com /law /2022/mar/14 /cia-black-site-detainee-training-prop-torture-techniques

6 card poker.
According to La Jornada of The Guardian report, “interrogators at the site, known both as Cobalt and the Salt Pit, went beyond the CIA’s guidelines in torturing Baluchi, [a Kuwaiti national] using two techniques without approval: using a stick behind his knees in stress position that involved leaning back while kneeling, and dousing with ice-cold water [yada, yada, yada]”.
The enhanced torture “technique” is apparently called « WALLING », The Guardian goes on to note on La Jornada that said ” BLACK SITE” technique, “involved placing the detainee’s heels against a specially designed plywood wall “which had flexibility to itand putting a rolled up towel around the detainee’s neck.

Edward SNOWDEN goes here.

Source: Musixmatch

“If the RAIN comes…” don’t forget to bring a towel. The “paperback {wards} writer” on D.A.T. .45 is going to appreciate keeping things dry.

Knot to bee (🐝) outdone by the birthday musings of Cerf-panthère, Mick Jagger decided to celebrate, at “Their Satanic Majesty’s Request”, Brian Jones’ 60th Anniversary of SATISFACTION, in France.

Los Ejes De Mi Carreta
Denisa Kay

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