SANDERS… it takes a Revolution, and then some

🎶 Mala vida

And we have lift-off… but time-delay is a Mother Theys Fucker, just like Michael Che.

Stick around for the breakdown and Viva MalesHERBes-ese… it means HierbasMalas… igualito a la que fumaba Camelia “la texana”… Eye got nothing [except for the elementary formula to find out if Lin Mai Psyrus (with a Why, griega¹) is going to birth a martian].

1). … [O] como dicen los muy franceces-esos: la i grec

At The Greek bar and grill, Fenster (the copy editor) was overheard saying, “Cecily, will you be my girlfriend?”

https ://www .msnbc .com /transcripts /transcript-rachel-maddow-show -5-7-21 –n1266754

“The Hick from French Lick”
ANCHIA: Right. And are you aware of the history behind that provision of World Migratory Bird Day?
CAIN: I`m — I`m not.
ANCHIA: What was your motivation for using that term “purity at the ballot box,” because that`s a specific set of words that has a lot of meaning in state history?
Jost: I’m — I was immediately relegated to zhe German Purity Law… where do you think Pabst Blue Ribbon come from? Anhauser-Busch?

https ://whc .unesco .org /en /news/ 2285

Under normal speed*-dating circumstances it was difficult to decipher the puertorro gibberish of our great communicator, but this being one of the most important bouts of Fight Night at Cæsars Plaza in the year of our Lorde 2021 just made it impossible for Cecily (or anyone dropping-Eve’s) to cross-reference Fenster’s delivery line.


Baby Groot don’t Fuck around… This is a time-delayed picture, 100 years into the future and this is how Baby Yoda’s tomb looks like in the year 2021. The trauma from Baby Groot’s uppercut uprooted out of the right earlobe of Baby Yoda’s Skeleton. Emperor Joseph Napoleon the 3rd issued a French “Hear Yea, hear yeah” and declared this a Unesco site.

TO THE MOON, Michael Che—To The Moon!!!

15 December 2020 — “To the moon, Alice!”

“Ay prieta color de llanta, ¡pareces una potranca! ».

Vicente Fernández in the role of Tiny Horse.

Today’s “prieta color de llanta” role is being filled by Stephanie Ruhle’s black dress.

As the world turns, the strong men of the globe congratulate the office of the president-elect of Them United States and, the news cycle has automatically shifted from the Trumpsphere, to the continuing coverage of the CORONAvirus 18-wheeler distribution race on the msnbc’s.

After the break it’s time to play checkers with Leslie Jones and the entire Globe Trotters ensamble.

When México wants to be “equal” with los EEUU, it is a lot like when Vladimir Putin suggests to the incoming Biden administration to “talk as equals” in the middle of a Russian cyber attack .:. 32A3EAA5-D596-4EFE-A49B-866772A3CD8F 🗽 From “Fast and Furious” to “Stalled and Cranky”…

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/12/10/

[Leslie Jones just got hired as the general manager (coach) for the cartoon version of The Harlem Globetrotters basketshow team. Tonight’s game-series has the Globetrotters playing against Larry Byrd.]

Youse really pissing Mí off, Jones! The nerve to put a “NORLM-alista*” from Chihuahua, of all places to guard my every move, that’s insulting.

🎶🎶🎶 If youse Irish and you know it, clap your hands .:. 4216ECFA-BB33-4313-A3E4-D19862016ED6 🗣 December the 15th is the encore presentation of Saint Patrick’s They in honor of the new president-elect of Them United States in América. 🛸 Consider it a gift from IndianaJONES.

* With All Due Respect, and in reference to Ángel Acuña, from La Normal Superior (teachers college) in the Mexican State of Chihuahua.


https:// youtube .com /watch?v=hP9Ocf1ZRwcÁngel_Acuña

https ://apnews .com /article /election –2020-joe-biden-south-bend-transportation-coronavirus-pandemic– 1b3e71a61ce48a5d1851e25ada26f12f