Hear Mí out, Franck* — Take a Walk à Gambetta (75020)

Franck Riesterministre de la Culture…
S.V.P. forward this Foreward to:
Mr. or Mme. Président du Trib. Admin. à París (75000–Cedex).

ISSY Eye runs with the Devil

ISSY, from the First through the Twentieth (Century) .:. BE6FE41C-A2BD-4E48-A62A-BC88CC4E36D7 🥁 Eye runs with the Devil.

But FOist, a TimeStamp:

It’s 11 pm in Central Nato Time, and French Marine Scouts at The Seine all agree:

Old enough to go to WAR

Old enough to go to WAR .:. FC69935C-0438-4942-91D3-38845BD4EDB9 🚶🏽‍♂️ Born in that 70’s Show… “Good God!”

The biggest lie that the Devil ever Played on visitors to Paname is that Tourists on top of a DOUBLE Decker (not a Magick Bus) can see the Best of Paris in Two Hours, and that The U.S. of America has the “Coronitas“ fridge stocked with “test kits” for the masses. Any güey, Franck, thank god for Leap Years, and thank god for “Lepes” or les enfants, as the locals in Lutèce call “los huercos”.

🎼 What it is — 🎬 What it is

It's only

It’s only .:. 726D5A8D-358D-4778-A7DD-5971F13BF5FA 🕛 hours before Tuesday, and y’all know what happens on Tuesday, right?

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