Weekend Edition: The Shrimp in Les Barbies Bleues… Känguruh Carlos meets Wendy The Frog

Play it, SAMMS 🦐:

Australia 🦘 is the Enemy… Eye Gotcha, Hot 🐟 Tuna!

It’s the month of December of 2010 and through the French Consulate in Los Angeles, California, I receive notification that my formulaire for a now retired*, talents visa had been approved for review; long story-short for Ol’ who hate them dreaded ‘semi Colon’s’ (casi Columbus in Oh HI, oh), the person on the other side of the service window asked of little ol’ Mí, why a U.S. citizen would want to do research about Mexico in France, and my response was that:

unlike other wetbacks (Robin Hood’s) I can speak with a Mexican accent.

You Dropped a Bomb on Mí, dijo Nuevo México, TAOS.

⚾ In Sydney 🇦🇺, the Lioness’s-esas 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 titled that flick 🎬 “The Boyfriend From Hell,” 👈

↗️ “One thing about a Dodger, we have a lot of Patience”, ask Izzy, he wrote the fucking song. 🍍

Play Ball, MAGAfakas!

Moving on… It took a while, but there it is 🪶


And, Katie Phangs, Öüï missed your sho’, see ya’Mañana ☄️

… ⚾ when it’s Primetime 👉🏼 in Hilo, Hawaii


Style vS Substance — Reality vS Ratings

🎪 Welcome to another edition of:

We will always have la rue Borrégo… as°párt°ame° una “BOTELLITA” de DIET COKE, Marie-Louise; anyhow, here is the start of a new page in the adaptation of « If Youse Out Of Schlitz, Youse Schiltz Out Of Luck, Luc » … [O]f Coke, mocking: “Passers-by are nicer,” she says. I often come across her and her “Coke”. ¶1, fragment from the top of page 179.

https ://www .wsj .com /articles /aspartame-health-riskslaspartameestilmauvaispourlasantecequilfautsavoirsurlingrédientcleducocalight

Across The Atlantic it’s “Fuck You G.I. Jane”, Colour Mí Bhaaaadd, because OSAMA BIN LADEN and SAUDI ARABIA are celebrating like the French tonight, but with real powder, not with fire CRACKERS.

Over at the Électrik Big Top, Metro L11 à Lilas:

SUSANA PUBEDA tries to say “Oh, mon dieu” and all that came out was, “ah mai gad” and she sounds bhaaaad.
TimeStamp: 19h13 in Fip Central Time… “Oh, the stanza,” Susana was in “the chamber taking care of her business, when all of a sudden Thomas “el corbillón” walked in and got a whiff of Susana’s pa’ellas special discharge… cualquier parecido with our segment, “her farts smelt like green onions” es pura CausaLiDa‘.

🌬️🎶 Soldiers keep on GWARING


French on Parade


Los Indios de Ceylán, not to be confused with los indios de Celaya ni con los Indios de Juárez (those fuckers had the Spotlight in 2015).

And Reverend Al… let’s give it up for the Coloured Fellows on the Capitol Show.

Lisa who?


Appointment of United Statesian³ to key EU post sparks controversy

³~. https ://france-amerique .com /fr /americains-ou-etatsuniens/

And Katy Kay… I am not going to talk about masculinity on this blog, that’s too toxic for feminists, and it’s bad for politics. Artificial insemination is taking too long to market. Which is where Donnie Deutsch comes in, hilarity ensues when George Constanza becomes the Perfect man.

https ://www .sciencespo .fr /usfoundation /content /benjamin-haddad-i-do-today-kind-job-brought-me-sciences-po-first-place

But First, following the successful dick-swinging of BIDEN’s—nato (otan en Español del bueno, no en el de la flacida Falange franquista) trip to the UK,  LITHUANIA, and FINLAND leave it to France (happy National Holiday, by the way) to act all flamencos de ALABAMA in Brussels, AND TO ANSWER mister Benjamin Haddad (23 october³ 1985) of the Rennaissance party:

https ://www .lesechos .fr /monde /enjeux-internationaux /la-nomination-d-une-americaine-a-un-poste-cle-de-lue-suscite-la-polemique 

³~. De octubre tenía que ser este cabrón, —también!

— NO. No motherfucker, your Immigration Minister de Outre-Mer, or something like that, abolished all  “compétences requises” for your European Union post in Brussels, all you have from the pool is « talents » but they have not the competence nor, LA PERSEVERANZA to save democracy.

BONUS Jeopardy Round… for a life-time supply of iPhone charging cables, don’t complain about CONFLICTS of INTEREST with the GAFAM³ Lobby, when you can’t see past your “little movie-festival-industry noble persons” at the préfecture de police en Cité.

³~. Google, Apple, facebook, Amazon, Microsoft.

and by the way, mister Haddad, nobody seemed to have had a problem when your Sciencespolitaass spent some time in SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA, at that RAND racket called the HUDSON INSTITUE, and isn’t that convenient

Haddad felt there was little understanding of the European Union as an actor when it came to trade, digital issues, environmental issues, or engagement to shape common norms and standards between the United States and Europe. “These issues were really under explored [sic], if explored at all,” Haddadsays. “That is what brought me to work on them, first at the Hudson Institute and the at the Atlantic Council.”


FemmeNazies and Diet Coke, like a Chevy Nova, it’s a bad marketing strategy in Spain.


Pocket pussy with Évry comment.

https ://www .washingtonpost .com /opinions /2023/07/10 /christine-emba-masculinity-new-model/

Unrelenting Constanza. It’s a Festevus miracle.


Costanza nf (Città tedesca) … perseveranza n … Issy, John Scofield (you son-of-a-Route—66³ denier) “tedesco” is French for schatzi-pot.

🎶 School’s Out for Summer… not if the man from “the” Havre gets his bigotes on it

Podemos 🇪🇦… subjuntivo Présente 🎁 del verbo PODAR 🌿; por ejemplo, se conjuga como todos los verbos (no sustantivos) que terminan en “AR³”:
NOUS-otros PODEmos
Etc., etc., etc,…


³~. Señor Iglesias, le recuerdo a usted y al ciudadano Sergio Ávalos de morena-francia, y su fundadora, la señora dama parisina Georgina Moreno, que yo soy gerundio y mis Ah-Erres (AR’s) are on the prefix not the suffix… dicho en francés, yo soy PUNTA DE FLECHA y ustedes son puros culeros.

It’s Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii. _____________________

Okay, okay… It’s Pat Robertson, Dr. Theodore Kaczynski, and starring as a Nazi concentration camp capo, P.M. Berlusconi… Hop on in, Bunga-bunga, you fascisti-fuck. Even Ferrari showed up first at the Sarthe racetrack. Ewe lucky Basterd’.

https ://euro .dayfr .com /trends/ reduce-the-duration-of-summer-holidays-edouard-philippe-s-proposal-is-debated 

And, Natalie my 💕 love… Fuck l’Alliance, those elitists Phucks, with their fancy pants and all. Join the Accademy… and Lego®: Fuck You Too!


For the record, this post is not about MÍ, it is however, about LA, and “non-dits” or « unspoken » conflicts of interests between the Ministère de Matignon and Le Mexique à la rue des Longchamps, next to Iéna.

Can Ewe hear Mí now? Can you see Mí now?

But most importantly, can you see the real me?


In the next segment it’s another edition of, “WASP” or « Oakie ». In the next segment:

Édouard Phillipe, WASP or Oakie

— Surveillance says?

Most definitely a WASP… If he was teaching at some pretentious U.S. University.

The 24 Heures du Le Mans, WASP or Oakie?

— Survey says?


Finally! Pegasus is now a feature on all French SIM cards, just like Dr. Alejandro Valenzuela had predicted, all those years ago at SciencesPo during the restart of the Year of Mexico in France in Oct. 2011 at l’OCDE siege en le XVIIeme. It was during that particular Harvest Moon that a then-recently elected Enrique Peña Nieto made his first Presidential trip on a private jet to iron-out los por menores regarding the release and subsequent ‘heroine’s’ welcome-back to France, of a French woman 👠 convicted for kidnapping children in Mexico… Issy-Bendito-Sea, Genaro García Luna. Amén.

https ://cybernews .com /news /france-senate-green-light-surveillance-cameras-microphones/

Big Brother is watching Ewes in The Sunshine.


And, mister Philippe… Correlation is not Causation, but godDAMN, nigga! Had I, Armando Segovia (52*) / Armando Serrano-Prieto (12*) known that La République Français was a big GLASS House with a world-wide array of colonies (dit “departments” at the OFII) i would not have thrown tomatoes at the Year of Mexico in France or it’s its operatives at LA Préfecture de Police at Cité, but yes. There is a lot of talent and compétences in Algeria.

I see them Every Sunday at The BENDITA Place de La République. But knowing how “unspoken” your pencil pushers with a police badge can be, my hunch is that the next reform is going to favor all of the autocrats first-born males and their god-children second (if Allah even allows for god-children, like the good “christian” god does, eh mister former-minister?)

Now that is a novel idea, but it won’t work, and please don’t ask because Eye, Aie cannot say a word… that ability is reserved for La Voix de Sans Voix en Fréquence Paris Pluriel. So D.A.R.E. is D.A.T., but kudos on the PMCS³.


*~. Years of age, if you have any questions just reach out and touch Stephanie Menou at Cité’s Dépôt Group.

³~. Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services.

… For the record, The French summertime’s blues are way too short in duration, these tadpoles need at least until the Columbus “discovers” Américo Vespucci celebration on October the 12th, and then add another bridge (no pun intended Philadelphia) to compensate for the stress of the Harvest Moon before those teachers “fait la rentré” to the classroom. Seriously, the French have the shortest vacation cycles in France. It’s preposterous, really.

”Congruent is just a word you made up and, … ³”.

Page 12, Politis
02 fév, 2023

If you believe MÉLIÈS 🕴️put a man 🌙 on the moon 🐇…


Préfets Les TO’itolls  🐢 de Macron 🐒
It’s Got What It Takes 🎶
… [M]ight as well face it, you’re addicted to romA³

In Local news, 🇵🇪  Osler Amaro dignó con su re-transmission desde El Perú a las ondas de radio en el cuadrante, no confundir con “el cuadrado” porque eso es otra cosa, de Paname, pero eso es solo porque el Pôle Emploi (oficina del desempleo) requiere que todo y toda derechohabiente al desempleo se manifieste por lo menos una vez cada tres meses para justificar el beneficio de RSA¹… o su pago en especie, depende el compromiso que dicho ex-patriado haya logrado en su “experiencia” migratoria.

¹~. Knot to Bee confused with The RZA, because that nigga D.A.R.E. is on the Kung-Fu Channel with Summer Madness.


En fin, para cerrar la secuencía del otro día en la rue de la Verrerie, ahora interpretamos para nuestros no-lectores lo que para este blog significa la Solidaridad Arbitriaria, REMEMBER NOW, the black fellas is not the reason for explaining the sequence of THUMBNAILS showing la rue de la Verrerie on February 1st.

In a few paragraphs I will get to that and address the 🤬 Solidaire Fellows 🐛 who without having a frame of reference of the SITUATION that was developing in front of the All-You-Can-Eat (3-plate limit) Chinese buffet, AUTOMATICALLY and with the STAUNCHEST “🧐indignez-vous” attitude 🐛 took the side of the noble 🤬 EBONY 🦺 MEN and scorned the little “ROM²” being held from the t-shirt 💥 collar by a 6-foot tall 🦺 negro.

²~. For context, it has become a normal thing in La FRANCE, for me, Armando Segovia | Armando Serrano~Prieto, anyway, to be second-guessed about my nationality by both peace officers and regularIndignez~Vousfaggety-fucks, and be called a “roma”, which is just fine with Eye and it sure fits Mí well… Check with Emilio “El Indio” Fernández, because in my neck of the cotton fields of La Laguna (en Durango, MX), El INDIO killed a “terrateniente DEAD” [https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /2023/02/03 /tribunales-resolveran-secuestro-del-lago-escondido-en-argentina-9706 .html /cabayo.jpg-4546 .html/image_large?bc=2023-02-03T20:00:06-06:00] for pestering a group of “húngaros”, which is what the Roma people are referred to as, down yonder.

Frame 1 and 2 have a TimeStamp of 16h01, frame 3 was snapped at 16h02 and for CONTEXT, up until this particular point in time I had not noticed the short fella looking in my direction on that frame (n°3), I did not become aware of THE SITUATION until I arrived to the intersection that joins the All-You-Can-Eat (3-plate limit) Chinese buffet, the Thai Massage Parlor and a certain big chain conveniance store in front of Madonna’s Record Shop on La Verrerie.

From Red October… _–·’·–_ told Jah, you niggas would turn White as a reciprocal property o(f) reactions🇨🇵 .
🧐 Capt. Ramsey: Speaking of horses did you ever see those Lipizzaner stallions.
Hunter: What?
🧐 Capt. Ramsey: From 🇸🇦 Portugal. The Lipizzaner stallions. The most highly trained horses in the world. They’re all white?
Hunter: Yes, sir.
🧐 Capt. Ramsey: “Yes, sir” you’re aware they’re all white or “Yes, sir” you’ve seen them?
Hunter: Yes, sir I’ve seen them. Yes, sir I was aware that they’re are all white. They are not from 🇸🇦 Portugal; they’re from 🇪🇸 Spain and at birth, they’re not white; they’re black. Sir.
🧐 Capt. Ramsey: I didn’t know that. 🧐 But they are from 🇸🇦 Portugal.
🧐 Capt. Ramsey: Some of the things they do, uh, defy belief. Their training program is simplicity itself. You just stick a cattle prod up their ass and you can get a horse to deal cards.
🧐 Capt. Ramsey: Simple matter of voltage.
To see the full effect of the scene, you can watch the video here.

[Frame sequence with new picture ratios follow]

From my recollection this is what followed after I walked away from the la rue Saint-Bon (where I have been snapping shots of that corner starting from the point of VIEW of la “FAIENCE de BUGS BUNNY” in front of the Presbytere, days before The King’s daughter departed Earth to join Elvis in Machupichu or Titicaca, —o Yo-Qué-!!!



“a square is a rectangle with congruent sides and right angles”.

Excerpt from a reddit LPT³ thread

³~. https ://www .reddit .com /r /LifeProTips /comments /10smg7x /lpt_dont_fool_yourself_by_comparing_a_few_google/

Dear, MARA Gay (The NYT) meet Phat Basterd’, guy’s a fag

Have a doughnut, because the Reverend Al’s face says it all, the GW Bush pundits³ are all laughing at you, Knot with Mí:

Across The Mancha, women no longer have to pay The Taxman for lettin’ IT, Bleed 🩸.


Press 1 for Dominion, press tú for Ewe!

Famous Monsters… Don’t Open ‘Till Doom’s They. Misfits Only.


https ://youtu .be /6nG_4e39gL4

Mara Gay, Dr. Poisson can’t let me, Armando Segovia, lie. As she was receiving the news from Montpellier, I was invoking Gary in the very City that he was born in (Corona)… I don’t say this lightly because she is the one who turned in the “love letters” to BORIS and Stephanie Menou at the Prefécture. Issy, there is a personal side, but this blog is ALL TRADE… as in profession not a fucking EXCHANGE.

And, Mara, if you want to double-check the source… follow my steps to San Pedro and head over to the French Consulate across the harbor on The PCH to Santa Monica and ask the fellows there what my Home of Record was before obtaining that CCT.

³~. For context listen to Elise Jordan explain Gary WEBB in the context of the Iraq War… which is why I learned to Stop hating The Gwars and Learned to Love mister Dominique de Villepin’s daughter in New York¹.


A Fish is born…
XVIII STREET Games of the XXIII Olympiads

Coffee’s just about to be brewed, and them Cucarachas are seasoning the sugar.

It’s Time to listen to them Roaches…

¹~… but my heart belongs to Nathalie (Not-ah-Lie!!!) 🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🥁

Anyhow, Nathalie, don’t wait for Mí, Eye is going to do some peer-reviewed Bass Extracts… she’s just a source.


¿Buen qué? ¡Rostro!!! Si nunca dan la cara

Picasso en Chapingo… The Mapimí Biosphere Reserve is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, look, IT!, Up ∵ “Amarillo no me pongo ».


Fool Mí once… Treat Mí, mean and cruel. ÉVRY they, mister Volody, i live a Groundhog They in this motherfuck called Paris.

Sin embargo, Eye just disembarked from a Yellow Submarine sailing across La Zona del Silencio. Had some peyote antes de cruzar por  Parras (punto y coma) here is a file photo of a jacalito that Öüï stopped at to get some pericos, which is not coca, it’s more like Paris-Run grade amphetamine pills that Jerry Garcia takes before he drives to deliver mister Zimmermann’s sound stage in Durango.


Je vous ai tout dit : Tatiana Clouthier a révélé por qué renunció : ‘una jauría rodea a AMLO’… morena-francia, cuna de lobos.

https : //www.radioformula.com.mx/nacional/2022/10/10/tatiana-clouthier-revela-por-que-renuncio-una-jauria-rodea-amlo-734710.html


And Willie Geist… This Is Not A Tango³

… Still to come,

I’m Chevy Chase and you are not. I’m serious, literally in The Fletch, —Dan.

³~. But Öüï thinks that The Silver Bullet Train will dig it.

Barbosos los Borbones esos, after the break, Öüï dig out our Civil Engineering notes from Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua… peralteando por La Libre.


Waterloo Sunset Gazzette_Paris, France. In an historic turn of Event on Uncle Tom at The Supremes Court, Dorothy not only went around The World in 80 Theys, the “Deluxe Red Glitter Costume Shoes sparkle-wearing freak” also followed D.A.T. Trippy Ho, Alicia on Deadline, —down a Wabbit Ho.

Doña Pelos on the other side of that Timeline, unequivocally showed her almendras on the avocados.

Taiwan is your oyster, Madame Speaker.

At the spot, The Kansas floosy, orgasmically reminded Judge, Urgo, Michael Bidwill, and Phillip Merkle, just like she told Kavanaugh—that they don’t know where it’s at.

https ://theintercept .com /2018/10/04 /brett-kavanaugh-high-school-friends-loyalty/

… no chores por Mí, malvada Malvina.



22/11/2021 at 17h28 in CET… EXIT 2036 Périph Interior

The Road to Boulogne-sur-Mer

If the maths are correct, then in 2021 the French went ahead and invented the Autobahn del Interior… [Hear Mí Out, Franck] if the maths are correct then by 2036 The French Périph will become lo que el hijo de don Porfirio Muñoz-Ledo y Lazo de la Vega,  Porfirio Thierry Muñoz- Ledo Chevannier denominaría por allá en los años del “PEÑATO³” como un Patrimonio de La Fiesta de La Humanidad, asi como Patty Smith, ~pues… «iel» est classé Monument historique, c’est de la PROspective.

³.~ Porfirio es un excelente partido {Representante Permanente de México ante la UNESCO}… [A] día de hoy, es uno de los niños mimados del partido que gobernara Enrique Peña Nieto… todo un portento para una jovencísima Genoveva.
04/12/2014 23:40 CET
©2021 Europa Press
USO justo de todos los chismes.

https ://www .europapress .es /chance /gente /noticia-porfirio-munoz-ledo-antiguo-amor-genoveva-casanova -20140111165342 .html

And Ewe knows Eye got{s} SOUL —_!_—
If i was a dancer (dance part. 2)
The Rolling Stones (1979)
Rarities 1971-2003 (1979)

Anyhow, FRANCK, you remember this, right around the bend of 2014 a quasi-spaniard² with the legs of lego® doll was the SUPERINTENDENT of of all things related to the peripheric avenues along:

².~ Let the FO’ist « hijo de la chingada » en las filas de PROMéXICO who denies that don MANUEL “Carlos” VALLS is from BARCELONA throw the FO’ist STONE, because BARCELONA ladies in Gemini, as Évry body knows is CATALUNYA y no es ESPAÑA. Now about those lego™ legs, Président Hollande declared these a state secret©.


El canal de la Mancha de Jordan 23… NIKE has no SOUL, that is why they CALL her VICTORIA.

BREAKING THE NEWS, not to be outdone by THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR, The International New York Times [ISSUE Number No. 43,135] France edition € 4.00. is re~inventing the INTERNATIONAL BRIGADES with a CALL to ARMS in THAILAND where the PEOPLES’s DEFENSE FORCE, according to the AFP and GETTY Images (those motherfuclkers) say that the resistance opposes the Myanmar’s regime.


WILLA JEAN reporting from The Combo Stop at Route 66 where Willa is talking to a French tourist who calls himself Luc Fregón… and The REVEREND Al Sharpton and 300 Ministes say, “fregón, eh!!! Will, put that motherfucker to the test“, On Route, ~66.

Mr. Fregón according to the 4db band is a Urban traffic controller for the RER, which like him in the 1960’s was nothing more that a little tadpole in his daddy’s loins. Anyhow Mr. Fregón, if that is even his real name, introduces us to this —EXPRESSO DRINKING, red wine sippin’, GOAT-TEE SPORTIN’ 32° hipster— named Pierre¹ Vivien.

¹.~ Thereby throwing the FO’ist stonethat motherfucker!

On The Bad Plus… R U 4 REEL? FISH SCALES for lunch, what is this 2017?

Évry body with short Lego Legs® wants to Rule The World.

In Local News: sometimes Eye feels like the grand daddy* of Dave

Still to come, adventures in cacophony and the rest of The Ban on Le Petit Robert story, but right now we play Catch with our sponsor on at, la rue de los SDF’s.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /mundo /2020/11/08 /gritos-de-alegria-cacerolazos-baile-y-musica-en-varias-ciudades -7444 .html

Witt that in mind, it’s a Breaking all of the Rhules marathon, así que no le cambie, because Öüï didn’t select the topic.

For the record, the conversation started while we, the staff of this blog were autodidact–ing French vocabulary lessons from the pages of a1972 edition of a WORD SALA[u]D* list of ingredients, which oh-by-the-way, were kindly arranged in alphabetical order by a French house called Larousse. We the begin in the middle of the exchange after Öüï asks Esteban what the word on top of BAN means. (Note to editors: Öüï knew what “faire la noce” meant… because we’ve seen Braveheart, and off–course, Robin Hood Men in Tights, Öüï just could not figure out what the “Bword” meant in this context.

Now wait a goddamn minute D.A.R.E.

Now wait a goddamn minute D.A.R.E. 💄B1B7BECD-72C7-4C0C-8453-E24C358942BF 🗣 “You want this nigga here to play the role of Milton Berle and I am supposed to dress the part of RuPaul?”, said Dave, after hearing the first draft of ideas for the show. —_!_— “And the Winner is, AEROSMITH”.

Esteban :

[After stepping outside to smoke a cigarette with Count Chockula… it’s TWUE, the count is from Romania, one can’t literally make this BANalisation up!!! But with all of THE MASK wearing protocols Eye can’t vouch for the Constitution of his lips]

— Oh I forgot to tell you, I wouldn’t go around using that word, I mean, I certainly would not use it. It’s very racist, and that is an OLD dictionary, maybe the new one updated the meaning, because we (the French) don’t even use “faire la noce” since like the days when Sophie Marceau dated Mel Gibson in Scotland.


— Really… you don’t say, Tell Mí more, and I’ll introduce you to Adele’s episode were Kate McKinnon redefines the word on top of the BAN, “B-word”.

And like this, Avi Velshi, is how Eye briefly introduced Esteban to a graph we like to refer to, as UNCLE Venn’s diagrams. 🎶 Pass the biscuits please… because Uncle Ben’s Rice on Saturday Knight forgot to mention the Mediterranean with Olive Oil on Mí spinach Variety. Boy Eye tell you, Popeye Doyle “never had a lick of sense”, Billy Joe.

And in the role of Popeye Doyle, Alec BaldWIN, You Are Welcome, PEARL!!! Love: Luci.


Who is Milton Berle?

YoHo! Yoho!!! Congressman YoHo.

Social Control vs. Social Investment… we [the staff of this most non-consequential blog] will get to that. But FO’ist, now that the “F–word” and the “B-word” have been entered into the official Congressional Record, the following is a message directed to White House Spokesperson, Kayleigh McEnany.

The color of A James Carvile oilpainting

The color of a James Carvile oil painting over a DSL land line on Dial-up [modem sound goes here] .:. 0D5C3A09-C125-47E1-9784-008F6E662F00

KayLeigh! If you are going to Fuck the Nation by lying and constructing avenues of Coronation for the current wanna–be–king, then Eye must insist in engaging in crude and passionate intercourse, in other words Kayleigh McEnany, as long as you continue to break your promise of not lying to the audience in front of you (KEY WORD audience) then we [the staff of this blog] must insist in on doing the things (with your sexy ass) that Stormy Daniels did with your current boss. We’ll go mattress shopping on a non–National Holiday Weekend; Eye will even lead you by the Vulva.

So with that in Mind, Kayleigh McEnany, Let’s Fuck, Bitch! C’mon K–hey’Lee, there are 100 and Two Theys until the next General Election and your boss is trapped into speaking as if it was early March in order to sound reasonable to the American people who like to scream: America, love it or leave it. So Time is running out for You and Eye to engage in making Whoopee without the consequences of Child Support and Parental alienation, —Yeah–Buddy.

And in Washington, It’s Take Mí out to the ball game with Willie Geist and the Evil Empire… those motherfuckers!


In publishing news, a judge told Donald Trump’s personal Attorney General that he could not prevent a person from writing a book about CORRUPTION, even if that person is a convicted felon and a close personal friend of Donnie Deutsh.

Fair Use of Publishers

MEDIA MATTERS .:. 6005FFF7-441C-4662-A50F-9AA455915D38 ⚖️ Fair Use of ALL Publishers “Aquí y en China (Nuevo León) », https ://www .leparisien .fr /politique /nicolas-sarkozy-publie-un-nouveau-livre-sur-le-debut-de-son-quinquennat-23-07-2020-8357433.php

In a Parallel universe, it seems, but we Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto are not sure until the month of September rolls around, if the French Republic understands what the concept of Freedom of Speech is.

Right now, in the month of July 2020 we know that a foreigner can be convicted WITHOUT EVIDENCE and without the accuser being in the same hearing room. This modus operandi, is not tolerated by the French Empire when French citizens like Florence Cassez break the rules in “shithole” countries like The Mexican United States.