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We will always have la rue Borrégo… as°párt°ame° una “BOTELLITA” de DIET COKE, Marie-Louise; anyhow, here is the start of a new page in the adaptation of « If Youse Out Of Schlitz, Youse Schiltz Out Of Luck, Luc » … [O]f Coke, mocking: “Passers-by are nicer,” she says. I often come across her and her “Coke”. ¶1, fragment from the top of page 179.

https ://www .wsj .com /articles /aspartame-health-riskslaspartameestilmauvaispourlasantecequilfautsavoirsurlingrédientcleducocalight

Across The Atlantic it’s “Fuck You G.I. Jane”, Colour Mí Bhaaaadd, because OSAMA BIN LADEN and SAUDI ARABIA are celebrating like the French tonight, but with real powder, not with fire CRACKERS.

Over at the Électrik Big Top, Metro L11 à Lilas:

SUSANA PUBEDA tries to say “Oh, mon dieu” and all that came out was, “ah mai gad” and she sounds bhaaaad.
TimeStamp: 19h13 in Fip Central Time… “Oh, the stanza,” Susana was in “the chamber taking care of her business, when all of a sudden Thomas “el corbillón” walked in and got a whiff of Susana’s pa’ellas special discharge… cualquier parecido with our segment, “her farts smelt like green onions” es pura CausaLiDa‘.

🌬️🎶 Soldiers keep on GWARING


French on Parade


Los Indios de Ceylán, not to be confused with los indios de Celaya ni con los Indios de Juárez (those fuckers had the Spotlight in 2015).

And Reverend Al… let’s give it up for the Coloured Fellows on the Capitol Show.

Lisa who?


Appointment of United Statesian³ to key EU post sparks controversy

³~. https ://france-amerique .com /fr /americains-ou-etatsuniens/

And Katy Kay… I am not going to talk about masculinity on this blog, that’s too toxic for feminists, and it’s bad for politics. Artificial insemination is taking too long to market. Which is where Donnie Deutsch comes in, hilarity ensues when George Constanza becomes the Perfect man.

https ://www .sciencespo .fr /usfoundation /content /benjamin-haddad-i-do-today-kind-job-brought-me-sciences-po-first-place

But First, following the successful dick-swinging of BIDEN’s—nato (otan en Español del bueno, no en el de la flacida Falange franquista) trip to the UK,  LITHUANIA, and FINLAND leave it to France (happy National Holiday, by the way) to act all flamencos de ALABAMA in Brussels, AND TO ANSWER mister Benjamin Haddad (23 october³ 1985) of the Rennaissance party:

https ://www .lesechos .fr /monde /enjeux-internationaux /la-nomination-d-une-americaine-a-un-poste-cle-de-lue-suscite-la-polemique 

³~. De octubre tenía que ser este cabrón, —también!

— NO. No motherfucker, your Immigration Minister de Outre-Mer, or something like that, abolished all  “compétences requises” for your European Union post in Brussels, all you have from the pool is « talents » but they have not the competence nor, LA PERSEVERANZA to save democracy.

BONUS Jeopardy Round… for a life-time supply of iPhone charging cables, don’t complain about CONFLICTS of INTEREST with the GAFAM³ Lobby, when you can’t see past your “little movie-festival-industry noble persons” at the préfecture de police en Cité.

³~. Google, Apple, facebook, Amazon, Microsoft.

and by the way, mister Haddad, nobody seemed to have had a problem when your Sciencespolitaass spent some time in SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA, at that RAND racket called the HUDSON INSTITUE, and isn’t that convenient

Haddad felt there was little understanding of the European Union as an actor when it came to trade, digital issues, environmental issues, or engagement to shape common norms and standards between the United States and Europe. “These issues were really under explored [sic], if explored at all,” Haddadsays. “That is what brought me to work on them, first at the Hudson Institute and the at the Atlantic Council.”


FemmeNazies and Diet Coke, like a Chevy Nova, it’s a bad marketing strategy in Spain.


Pocket pussy with Évry comment.

https ://www .washingtonpost .com /opinions /2023/07/10 /christine-emba-masculinity-new-model/

Unrelenting Constanza. It’s a Festevus miracle.


Costanza nf (Città tedesca) … perseveranza n … Issy, John Scofield (you son-of-a-Route—66³ denier) “tedesco” is French for schatzi-pot.

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