The Year of Egypt in France — La foi en question (Nº 120*)

“Isn’t anybody going to help that poor man?”

It’s always the “though cops” who cry the most.

Harriet Johnson

Blazing Saddles (1974)

But of course you will. Of course you are going to say farewell to 2020 with a big Boom (not to be confused with today in History’s other Big Boom, On Pearl Harbor Observance Day 🚨), the timing is exquisitely awkward, or maybe even uncomfortably sweet, but The Song Remains The Same:

King : Hey, Taylor. How in the fuck you get here anyway? Why, you look educated.

Chris Taylor : I volunteered for it.

King : You did what?

Chris Taylor : I volunteered. I dropped out of college, and told them I wanted the infantry, combat, and Vietnam.

Crawford : You volunteered for this shit, man?

Chris Taylor : You believe that?

King : You’s a crazy fucker, giving up college.

Chris Taylor : It didn’t make much sense. I wasn’t learning anything. I figured why should just the poor kids go off to war and the rich kids always get away with it?

King : Oh, I see. What we got here is a crusader.

Crawford : Sounds like it.

King : Shit. You gotta be rich in the first place to think like that. Everybody know the poor are always being fucked over by the rich. Always have, always will.

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0091763 /characters /nm0202966

Is it necessary to prohibit La Blasphème? Let’s ask La Bohème.

« L’impertinence est une tradition bien francesa but you have got to be French to get away with it.

Lilly Sans-Gêne intercepted by Staff.
via: L’1visible, N° 120, décembre 2020. L1VISIBLE . com


After the Break, The Ministry of Culture will be hosting a “Cecil Blount DeMille, rencontres cinématographiques Égyptiens à Paris ».


The Best People — Breaking the enlèvements contre rançons

Dear, Eugene Robinson… it’s twue, mister, it is TWUE! Donald John Trump lost his mojo with them Okies from Muskogee, mientras eso pasaba, Mike Barnicle, our most non-consequential blog opened up YET another Egyptian coincidence vase; check it out, Mister:

https ://pdf .20mn .fr /2020 /quotidien /2020 06 23_FRA.pdf

Los Hilos de Lencha*

Los Hilos de Lencha* .:. 5C589040-1C53-4B78-BEC0-959F76814EF7 🧮 * “Lencha” is the hypocorism, NOT “the apodo¹” of a person named as Lorenzo/a or, Florencia/o, such is the case with Florence Cassez, which “amigo” Gustavo, is a daily double hipocorístico of « Lencha Casas ».

¹ … as the “Ask a Mexican”, Tavo Arellano, identified here, in this stupidly insipid entry from February of 2007 titled: Why do Mexicans have such ridiculous nicknames?

Irma “La Investigadora”

Irma “La Investigadora” .::. 7DE96CB8-0D89-43A6-A075-4DC85908DC3A 📐🧮📎 Deer, “Ask a Mexican”, syndicated expert on Mexicans for the Republican Party in Orange County, California, look here —motherfucker— Eye is hoping that you, sir, in all of your mighty arsenal of punchlines made for the conservative W.A.S.P.ian mind set, that you sir, draw those sons-ov–bitches a picture that can capture how not just Mexicans, but full Red-Blooded Americans like John Mill Ackerman can earn their nicknames on two different languages and with the connotations assigned to the “code” for the given nickname in both tongues. Par example, Monsieur Le Président du Tribunal Administrative à ParisYou might recall, Madame ou Monsieur, that the Préfecture à Cité yanked (no pun intended) my Compétences et Talents Card when the husband ofla ratain the political cartoon in this frame arrived to France in 2014 to teach political seminars at La Sorbonne and Sciences Po.

Page 3
20 minutes
23 juin, 2020

Still to come, we continue with our interestingly succulent continuing coverage of:

Breaking News

Breaking News .:. EC45653E-90E4-4D6C-94B9-D156A73FA63C 🌋🗺🌊 ¡Alarma!

Taste The Notion
Comparative Analysis of French Magazines in the Second Decade of the 21st. Century A.D.

in this edition, öüï take a look [back] at black cowboys and criminal appropriation with the help of an old magazine that we [the staff] used to scribble on and, most important, make use of it, with the notion of a thing called the Fair Use Of Media. But FOist:

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2020 /jun/23 /suffocating-french-delivery-driver-cedric-chouviat-last-words-george-floyd-case

Corralling the Flasbacks.

We’re calling for calm. France isn’t the United States, but France is becoming like the United States,William Bourdon, Attorney-at-law.

Of course you know, President Macron, that back when you were liberating the bus industry to compete for fare with the S.N.C.F., if we [the staff] had told Brontis à La Préfecture at Cité, that little by little, France would start to develop a sort of verisimilitude with both Mexico and the U.S. of A., Eye would have been told that there is already a template for it, and that it went by the title: The Death of French Culture. And of course, I would respond, sure, but this one has Sean Penn saving Mexico.


Transliterated and translated flashbacks for the current President of the 5th French Republic:

It is 133 days until the next U.S. General Election, do you know W.H.O. the next leader of the Free World is going to be by the time 2022 rolls around, Mr. Macron?

Covering the covers

This is not a front page cover calco of N° 3538 of 20 minutes™️France national edition, it’s just a coincidence de ventiladores in different varieties and power sources .:. 64A35CAB-73D9-4BF2-B79A-9B6F2910C5DD 🔄

—. https ://asegovia3 .com /2017 /03 /03 /requiem-appendix-cher-em/

—. https ://asegovia3 .com /2015 /09 /24 /24-de-septiembre-suburbio-de-la-eterna-primavera-iii-2/

Cinco de May0 Marathon

We [the staff] continue to Catch–up with May3 observances and today, to Celebrate the gringo’s take of Mexican Independence Day, öüï… first remind Saint David Ignatius at The Washington Post, that The Paladin* over at LATINUS, working as a contributor for El WaPo, conspired with a known NARCO operative in U.S. custody, in addition and FOR THE RECORD at the Administrative Tribunal in Paris, the target of THAT KNOWN Conspiracy (Florence Marie Cassez) was one of the subjects that I, Armando Segovia, requested to follow in an independent journalism project filed at the French Consulate in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (filed Nov. 2010) and under the auspices of The Skills and Talents French visa program. … just saying.

Anyhow, Willie Geist, on a day like May3 of 1957, your favorite team, the EVIL EMPIRE, aka The New York Yankees, celebrated with Champagne, —no less— the Brooklyn Dodgers owner’s decision to accept a plot of land just West of Lincoln Heights, in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, situated on TOP of a hill known as “the Chavez y Chavez Red Mexican Greaser RAVINE”, and move what would ironically would become my favorite Baseball team… San Fernando Valenzuela (n° 34) would seal the deal.

* Carlos (el paladín del gobernador de LA Hermana República de YUCATÁN) Loret de Mola


Yup, Eye hates to say, it! But it’s probably Mí .::. 25048730-F537-4943-B73C-791BFA76D674 ⚖️

AND IN WASHINGTON, also on May3, but in the year of our Lorde 1802… Washington, D.C. se transforma en ciudad, algo así como El Distrito Federal, pero en Inglés y sin castillo; eso vendría después en 1847, cuando el profesor John Mill Ackerman viajo a través del tiempo y él mismo envolvió a “los niños héroes” (Melchor, Gaspar, y Baltazar) en la bandera mexicana y los lanzó al precipicio de Chapultepec.



Le président de la République Emmanuel Macron s’exprimera s’est exprimé à 13 heures ce mardi 5 mai

https ://www .msn .com /fr-fr /actualite /coronavirus /le-président-de-la-république-emmanuel-macron-sexprimera-à-13-heures-ce-mardi-5-mai 

Monsieur ou Mme. / La ou Le President du Tribunal Administratif de Paris:

With all due respect…

Gooooood morning, Florence Cassez

Gooooood mooooorning, Florence Cassez .::. 4CFA0472-5B8E-4421-A529-F8BE7BE95B58 🎵🎶🎶🎶 Cinco–de–Mayo • Cinco–de–Mayo…
öüï must now start from Scratch!
Cinco–de–Mayo • Cinco–de–Mayo…
this is not the

—_•!•_— The above must be sang in the same fashion that LA CUCARACHA is sang in bars.

Merci pour la suppression de mon brouillon, heureusement Le gros titre de la journée ne laisseront pas mon argument mourir; le tribunal pourrait le tuer, mais les actualites le justifieront.

For the record, we [Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano Prieto] learned just a few hours ago that our draft for the Administrative Tribunal in Paris has been suppressed. For the record, the notification only gives us [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] a chance to do it all over again, —and from the top.


Must show work section of The Test:

— https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/05/04 /cartones /3

Question directed to the “apparent” Democratic party candidate:

Sir, if elected, will you prosecute your opponent, President Donald John Trump for a long list of negligence, and corruption?


Four more deaths!

Four more deaths! Four more deaths! Four more deaths! .::. 8375C4F7-32F2-42BE-BC13-97FBCDBA6B76 🔚

Will you behave in the same fashion, as the current Mexican president who pardoned the behavior and long–track record of corruption of politicians in his cabinet, including one with ties to the torturing and murder of a D.E.A. Agent in the mid–1980’s?

… por ejemplo, Mr. Biden, meet: ¡BROZO!

¡BROZOOOOO! con una Chin–Gada.

¿BROZO, en dónde estás cabrón? ¡BROZO!

And just like his neighbor to the North, who at the beginning of his first year in office made a statement of unity, which he did not keep, el presidente de Brozo made a very insightful declaration that every Mexican citizen (except el wüapito*, Carlitos Loret de Mola) knew, and which now he cannot see, and/or know about .::. 7589499D-919F-4ED2-B56F-D73BAE8C0A69 🚂✈️⚾️ ¡PLAYBOL!!! —_•!•_— https ://old .reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /gcjjps /el_presidenteo_es_cómplice_o_se_hace_de_la_vista/

* Washington Post columnist, W.H.O. coincidentally collaborated with a KNOWN  Minister of The Interior (Secretaia de Gobernación) that used his position of power to WORK with Drug Traffickers and kidnappers like La Banda de Florence Cassez.

Mira, pinche Brozo, antes de que te ponga unas cachetadas, —¡por payaso, q’eres!— cabrón, Eye FOist have to address Garret Haike W.H.O. is speaking (without his Mortal Kombat mask) at The Hill.

Garrett!!! GARRETT! To quote Matilda’s Favorite son, “Show some respect,” Andrea Mitchell is working 24 for Mr. Fed and you show up to work out of uniform. C’mon, Garrett, get with the Program.

It's Mexican Independence They!!!

And over at the Redneck Riviera, it’s Mexican Independence Day! .::. E0B5EAB2-FDCF-4F12-A642-7B34C3BE4467 ⛱🏖🤧🚑🏥⚰️🦠🚬

Y de paso, méndigo cachetón, Eye is going to Ketch-up! Get it? With an observance from Yesterday May3, anyhow, Licenciado (con mayúscula, porque aunque su camarada Vero no lo crea, nos cae bien… pinche botijón) today on May4 we observe the Rise of Mayan king Bird Jaguar IV Also Known As “Willie Geist*” of Yaxchilan in modern-day Chiapas, which used to be GUATEMALA, before Porfirio Díaz assumed the presidential trone, also known as “la silla presidencial”… así que para responder la pregunta de Ricardo Arjona, en su rola “Si el Norte fuera el Sur”, se me hace, pinche Brozo que Sam Houston nos quedaría del tamaño de uno de los rocanroleros y paisanos de Carlos Loret de Mola: Los Baby’s.

* Because Willie Geist is more human than human, of course.

The only RUSH that matters — The ARMY goes Rolling Along

Sponsored by:
CORONA… expand your Latitude!

This is an Inter•Mission.

————————–🇲🇽 🗺 🇫🇷 ——————–

Free Speech for the dumb*

* Deer, Marine Le Pen, please ask Steve Bannon to translate this little ditty for you; i am too fucking drunk, extremely depressed, not to mention — horny as fuck to Bing Translate the google machine; but if you, or La Prefecture de Paris à Cité ( Metro Line 4, 75004) think that La France does not have The French as priority #1, just ask Florence Cassez about that.

Free Speech for the Dumb

Free Speech for the Dumb .:. 465936F1-D525-4A3F-8AC2-CB3F522AC814 📐⚖️ Exhibit ONEReloaded

God —your god— forbids that a brown-skin_nerd American dares to follow HER*kidnapped’ crusade from the start to the finish, because for starters, it has been my EXPERIENCE, that outside of the bureaucracy there is no such thing as a “brownSkin_Nerd American“, that is you know, outside of the Prefecture, because on the French economy, the only Americans are those that speak with a “Bostonian” or “White” accent, of course, Blacks are excluded from this observation, because as noted earlier in OUR programming ‘looking in — from the outside’, the regular French (the ones that bathe themselves with TAP Water) want to be Black, just ask Nino Ferrer, and fip.

* Lencha Casas

P.S.: When afforded the opportunity for an interpreter, the French official channels have opted to assign me with a Spanish–speaking interpreter, this includes, courts, police departments, and the holy prefecture de police.

It’s a good thing that French law does not allow for “demandas millonarias” in París… gonna jerk-off now, if you are monitoring (and Eye knows, that you fuckers are) enjoy the show.

Previously on: Happy Birthday Quasimodo

April 15, 2019

If the Nation does not get a Flashback

If the entire Nation (Red and Blue) does not get a Flashback .:. D3406558-FF28-4B11-BBD8-28D3AE7A18EF •_!!_• …[A]nd a very dark and negative one, at that, then ladies in Gemini, Gestapo and Stasi tactics are going to follow.

Perhaps flying water tankers could be used to put it out. Must act quickly!
Donald John Trump,
president of the United States of Russia

En México, Evry body loves Meaux, c’est Vrie; véritable et fidèle à Brai.
Meaux is the assigned Medical Center to the CDG Airport, just like the penitentiary center in Xochimilco, where Florence Cassez served part of her sentence for kidnaping little kids in México, used to be. The fact that the NOW incarcerated (BUT NOT YET CONVICTED) Genaro García Luna (in collaboration with Bernardo Gómez from Televisa and Pantalion Films) staged her capture does not negate the fact that for The Zodíacos Gang victims, does not make doña Florence into an “inocente palomita”

Issy, Eye is willing to bet that a Flashback to October 19, 2005 is triggered on the victims of the Zodíacos, * just like with Florence, as she declared it in a statement to the Northern press in Calais.

Time Now

Time now.:.1D0A62A6-8949-42A0-A0F2-59CDFE79C14B


Efeméride: No insistas Lupita, mi Corazón es de Suzi

12 de diciembre, 1163

My name is Diego

My name is Diego.:.F9F84191-584F-45B4-AC2C-D126B5BBD888 🔫 but people who know call Mí, “Juan”.

Page 4, N° 2503
C’est Arrive, but you fuckers are going to have to wait until 1345 to see this Dame de Paris, “enfin achevé ».

Eran peregrinos

🎼 Eran peregrinos, eran peregrinos.:.63BBCF0C-1BF3-41F2-9635-794764E597C8 •-_!_-• Los “halcones de Genaro eran peregrinos”.

Happy Birthday, Quasimodo.

Mean, while Donald Trump failed to generate more substantive news than a Nordic girl, time in the U.S. will not Forget that the Young Turks committed crimes against humanity in Armenia.

It's almost like a Festevus Miracle

It’s almost like a Festevus Miracle.:.155188B2-8059-4D9F-A1A4-4B7358FB80DF •|• NOW, if the U.S. Senate could just recognize Jamal Khashoggi’s brutal Murder by the House of Saud, hope would return to Chuck Berry’s “Promised Land”.

It’s another Lupita Miracle!!! And the cover Girl says, “thank you, may we have another one?”.

Dear, Carlos Loret de Molé… en Tijuana B.C. ¡son las Tres de la puta MADRUGADA!!!

“That’ll be the day”, courtesy of the Wolfman jack! On Central Siren Time, eh.

Next goal, the end of Nepotistic Backscratching… o lo que es lo mismo: el godínazgo institucionalizado.

Buenas Noticias del gobierno de Peña Nieto, ahora solo falta que se vuelva una realidad… context follows.

Cautín enfriado de televisión… Referencía vía Laura Barroco, ex coordinadora de contenidos de Sr. de Muela… ¿o será, de Molë?… en fin, mientras fue melón o salío SanDía el tono gris de la affaire Cassez comenzó con “Primero Noticias”…

¡Brozo!!! Chingas a tu Madre—Ha, Ja, Ha!!! The Purple Pundit on the msnbc’s wishes you a happy anniversary, Cabrón…

TimeStamp, 12–Noon! CET

Time Delayed purple shade of gray and Mika’s personal  Norman Rockwell talking head.

Coming up on the programming, a re-enactment of a “sting operation”, starring Sarah Palin.

The Chapel of Holy Angels y… Machu Picchu en Veinte Minutos

Full Disclousure:

The following text is courtesy of the CITY of PARIS and its HISTORICAL MONUMENTS, dicho de otra manera, lo siguiente es un uso JUSTO de TODAS LAS REFERENCIAS, para satisfacer los requicitos de la próxima CITA con BRONTIS à La PRÉFECTURE, de LA PUTA –Cité.

[Voz de hembra… Westward Ruth en el rol de Sarah Silverman]… few people realize the following, but the woman in Delacroix’s most iconic painting was inspired by a practitioner of the Oldest Profession in the World… pero como ustedes ya lo sabén, y uno no está para contarlo, ninguna revolución se propagó con chicas de la alta sociedad, y si no nos creen, pues pregúntenle al Profe Pedro Salmerón Sanguinés sobre doña Josefa Ortíz de Domínguez, y sus orgias… perdón, sus terulias amenizadas por –Su Alteza Serenísima– don Miguel Gregorio Antonio Ugnacio HIDALGO y COSTILLA y Gallaga Mondarte Villaseñor; mejor conocido como «el padre de la patría» y estrella principal (invocada) durante la Ceremonia de EL GRITO en PARÍS, por la Asociacion France-Mexique… Arriba Los Amigos de México En Francia y El Club del Servicio Exterior Mexicano… ¡AJÚA—Raza! And, Raquelito… sorry about the “latter” when it was suposed to be later, pero, ¡ni pedo — Gustavo — ni que que decir! i remain your most loyal fan; par de putos.

« Jacob’s fight with the Angel in Chapter 32 of the Book of Phil Collinsof the BOOK OF GENESIS… when jacob arrived in PALESTINE, The Promised Land, where his grand—papá had lived, “SOMEONE WRESTLED with HIM until DAWN. Realizing that he could not Control Jacob, he hit him on the hip () and SAID to HIM: release me () JACOB replied: [FUCK YOU] JACOB REPLIED: I will not release you until I have your Blessing () HE THEN SAID: You Will No Longer Be Called JACOB but ISRAEL () Jacob is [as a matter of fact] “STRONG IN THE FACE OF GOD” » [… pero de todas formas y putas maneras; como bien dicen los putos de MOLOTOV: que no te haga BOBO Jacobo, así como él lo hizo con su hermano ESAÚ… en la página dos de DirectMatin.]

Dans la interpretation de Delacroix, l’ange SOUTIENT avec Serenite les efforts désordonnés de l’homme QUI NE VEUT PAS SE SOUMETTRE. C’est la traduction (¡La Puta Metáfora, pues, doña Vilma!) de notre combat intérieur quotidien oú nous [le Staff] devons découvrir que DIEU n’est pas Contrainte, MAIS LIBERTÉ [ironically, not on a fucking AZERTY keyboard] et que c’est de nous-mêmes que nous devons TROMPHIER.

En el Plano Pictográfico,

… cualquiera se puede dar cuenta de la admirable neblina borrosa [dust haze]… cualquiera también, puede notar el magnífico balance de la NATURALEZA MUERTA [Still life] en el primer plano; un montón de ropa abandonada a la carrera, sombrero, espada y flechas. [TODO ESO] fue plasmado [por Delacroix] en VEINTE MINUTOS.

The City of Paris commissioned EUGENE Delacroix to decorate the Chapel of Holy Angels [at] The Church of Saint-Sulpice in 1855 and [HE] finished SIX YEARS LATER in June of 1861. INSTEAD OF THE PEACEFUL IMAGES, WHICH THE THEME OF ANGELS WOULD SEEM TO SUGGEST, [DELACROIX] DECIDED TO ILLUSTRATE THREE [Motherfucking] SCENES OF COMBAT, WHICH WERE MORE SUITED TO HIS TEMPERAMENT.

Don Goyo“, para los que no sigan las noticias de Carlos Loret de Mola, el presentador de noticias de la Empresa Télèvisa (responsable por cierto) de que Florence Cassez hoy este libre, sin el debido juicio que la muy bonita se merecía, no es otra cosa que el volcán POPOCATÉPTL; Don Goyo es una montaña que echa humo, pues. }–~~~\*> USO JUSTO DE Sir IAN en Reddit… porque hasta Merryl Streep se puede equivocar y tener sus Veinte Minutos de fama… el resto de los mortales solo puede aspirar a tener 15 minutos, —pues, ¡doña Vilma!

In addition… WE [the motherfucking STAFF] might add, that some of the most magnificent Trompe-l’œils ever drawn are expressed [by Delacroix] in THREE of the Four PENDENTIVES, which are the TRIANGULAR MEMBERS, that SUPPORT the DOME of the CHAPEL of ANGELS at Saint-Sulpice… if you are ever lost in Paris, you should go check them out… BECAUSE, AMIGO GUSTAVO at the Associated Press, THE [motherfucking] LOUVRE is for FAGS*, y como tú comprenderás, BEING a FAG has nothing to do with gender, in this case we [the staff] are referring to Homosexuality… dicho de otra PUTA manera, lo de FAGS* es lo mismo, pero en Inglés, a lo que “PUTO” significa para describir a una persona pusilánime, como bien puede ser el puto de John Mill Ackermanpor decir— pero eso es solamente un sentir; o como diría el personaje de “McManus” en “THE USUAL SUSPECT”: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7… Oswald was a fag.