Wake up… get up — El Santo no es como lo pin•tán

And, Alicia Menendez, the following is a transliterated transcription of Karins Cat-5e Copper Compliant patch sketch. Our promise to Ewe is that our PoE’s are industry compliant and that Copper Clad Aluminium will not be used in the making of this sketch… ⇑ up ah•Bob ⇓

Bitch — Catch

Santa Mónica y Júpiter (si no te mueves no te cuerna)

In local news the body of a woman was discovered in one of Jupiter’s moons, the one called EUROPA read the report.
The discovery was made after a group of explorers digging for WaWa on that moon… you dig? … found the frozen remains of La Femina one foot below under an ICY DUNE.

https ://www .space .com /jupiter-moon-europa-alien-life-dig-deep

“Retenez votre langue, votre mari retiendra son bras ; et vous ne serez jamais battue.» Ainsi Monique conseille-t-elle une de ses amies qui lui
raconte que son mari la bat.” 🥖 N°2601 The Last Sunday of a month called Ahhhhhhhh—OUT 2021 CNEWS matinée.

… ‘Cus love, it’s a bitch!

“Yeah, you got to mix it child
You got to fix it must be love
It’s a bitch, yeah
You got to mix it child
You got to fix it but love
It’s a bitch, alright »

En fin… out of that ∪nion came an Onion and his name was Agustin, but Every body knew him as TIN… Trou story, ask Felipe at CNEWS, he used to run a Bull Ring called Something, o algo asi.

Now, because Jupiter just could not run around mere humans in his true form, Jupiter (that motherfucker!) turned himself into a “a man of wealth and taste” and his name was PATRICIO… and white collar crime followed him wherever he went.

And, Rev. Al, Io no está para contarla… and D.J. Kronos (Saturn, according to Romans) there was heard saying A•Men!

En esta IDA, pues, Reverend Al, and since Io is going to recount the rest of the story anyhow, operators are encouraged to make use of twisted cable as opposed to circular Venn diagrams.

The following patch is Cat5e compliant. Keep your Telephony shielded from the noise of the tele phonies.

And Medhi Hassan, just like Saturn had issues with Gaia, Agustin too had issues with Mónica.

N° 2601, page 23… Lindsey Reiser takes on the chores of Santa Monica

FOREWORD by Philippe Labró.

“Going Back To Cali”

The Sun also sets… and the tolls ROCK THE BELLS 🔔🔔🔔

La IDA del “Pledge Allegiance”
on Livestock medecine, “and coma.

From televangelists to TELEmedicine

Page 13, CNEWS matinée de la rentrée … Well, you’ve heard about “la persiana americana,” — It’s knot one of those, this here is the Bein Le Monde de France TV version of the Babylon Garden’s French Windows, « la pérsica franca » Anti-Terrorism Summit IRAK 2021, featuring, the former “collaboratrice”  now « organisatrice » of that new take on Terror: The France.

https ://kiosque .cnews .fr /player /?q= NEP&d= 2021-08-27 &c= CNEWS

If you ever plan to motor west,
Travel my way, take the highway that is best.
Get your kicks on route sixty-six.

Anyhow, Santa Monica… it ends with, qué? If you say it Three Times in French. Now, if you were to ask one of them pachucos at the end of I-10 on Ry Cooder’s side of the tracks they will tell you that the Beach is called SANTA MO’rica.

The West is The Best.
And Rachel Engle, did the current president not have the option to ignore Trump’s agreement with the Taliban, and have the Supreme Court strike that decision down instead.


Over on HoBO Max, Santo “El Enmascarado de Lilas” takes on the Théâtre de Paris… Quasimodo and Vilma Fuentes lead the pride of licántropos de la SalpéTRIère. Hilarity ensues when Alejandro JODOROWSKI joins a el Blue Demon at the Museum of Modern Art¹ which oh, by-the-Güey, happens to be right next to the House of The Rising Sun next to Trocadéro PLATZ.

¹.) Resisting the Present, Mexico 2000/2012
Mr. JodoroWski  presented a series of comic strip planchas; one of these was about a Sleeping Tiger and a politician who complainted and complained about how the tiger was going to eat him (punto y coma)… at the TIME, the fellows from a still to be formed MorenaFrancia began to splint from the cult-like followers of El Movimiento por La Paz con Justicia y Diginidad. KNOT that the followers of then presidential contender Andrés Manuel López Orbrador didn’t act like the popular kids in Sa Majesté des mouches.


https ://leplus .nouvelobs .com /contribution /576731-yo-soy-132-les-etudiants-mexicains-veulent-en-finir-avec-la-corruption .html

responsables de la coordinación en Francia y otros comités extendidos en Europa y países nórdicos.”

https ://vanguardia .com .mx /noticias /nacional /2781488- yosoy132-se-hace-presente-tambien-en-paris– FWVG2781488

Cinco de May0 Marathon

We [the staff] continue to Catch–up with May3 observances and today, to Celebrate the gringo’s take of Mexican Independence Day, öüï… first remind Saint David Ignatius at The Washington Post, that The Paladin* over at LATINUS, working as a contributor for El WaPo, conspired with a known NARCO operative in U.S. custody, in addition and FOR THE RECORD at the Administrative Tribunal in Paris, the target of THAT KNOWN Conspiracy (Florence Marie Cassez) was one of the subjects that I, Armando Segovia, requested to follow in an independent journalism project filed at the French Consulate in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (filed Nov. 2010) and under the auspices of The Skills and Talents French visa program. … just saying.

Anyhow, Willie Geist, on a day like May3 of 1957, your favorite team, the EVIL EMPIRE, aka The New York Yankees, celebrated with Champagne, —no less— the Brooklyn Dodgers owner’s decision to accept a plot of land just West of Lincoln Heights, in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, situated on TOP of a hill known as “the Chavez y Chavez Red Mexican Greaser RAVINE”, and move what would ironically would become my favorite Baseball team… San Fernando Valenzuela (n° 34) would seal the deal.

* Carlos (el paladín del gobernador de LA Hermana República de YUCATÁN) Loret de Mola


Yup, Eye hates to say, it! But it’s probably Mí .::. 25048730-F537-4943-B73C-791BFA76D674 ⚖️

AND IN WASHINGTON, also on May3, but in the year of our Lorde 1802… Washington, D.C. se transforma en ciudad, algo así como El Distrito Federal, pero en Inglés y sin castillo; eso vendría después en 1847, cuando el profesor John Mill Ackerman viajo a través del tiempo y él mismo envolvió a “los niños héroes” (Melchor, Gaspar, y Baltazar) en la bandera mexicana y los lanzó al precipicio de Chapultepec.



Le président de la République Emmanuel Macron s’exprimera s’est exprimé à 13 heures ce mardi 5 mai

https ://www .msn .com /fr-fr /actualite /coronavirus /le-président-de-la-république-emmanuel-macron-sexprimera-à-13-heures-ce-mardi-5-mai 

Question directed to the “apparent” Democratic party candidate:

Sir, if elected, will you prosecute your opponent, President Donald John Trump for a long list of negligence, and corruption?


Four more deaths!

Four more deaths! Four more deaths! Four more deaths! .::. 8375C4F7-32F2-42BE-BC13-97FBCDBA6B76 🔚

Will you behave in the same fashion, as the current Mexican president who pardoned the behavior and long–track record of corruption of politicians in his cabinet, including one with ties to the torturing and murder of a D.E.A. Agent in the mid–1980’s?

… por ejemplo, Mr. Biden, meet: ¡BROZO!

¡BROZOOOOO! con una Chin–Gada.

¿BROZO, en dónde estás cabrón? ¡BROZO!

And just like his neighbor to the North, who at the beginning of his first year in office made a statement of unity, which he did not keep, el presidente de Brozo made a very insightful declaration that every Mexican citizen (except el wüapito*, Carlitos Loret de Mola) knew, and which now he cannot see, and/or know about .::. 7589499D-919F-4ED2-B56F-D73BAE8C0A69 🚂✈️⚾️ ¡PLAYBOL!!! —_•!•_— https ://old .reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /gcjjps /el_presidenteo_es_cómplice_o_se_hace_de_la_vista/

* Washington Post columnist, W.H.O. coincidentally collaborated with a KNOWN  Minister of The Interior (Secretaia de Gobernación) that used his position of power to WORK with Drug Traffickers and kidnappers like La Banda de Florence Cassez.

Mira, pinche Brozo, antes de que te ponga unas cachetadas, —¡por payaso, q’eres!— cabrón, Eye FOist have to address Garret Haike W.H.O. is speaking (without his Mortal Kombat mask) at The Hill.

Garrett!!! GARRETT! To quote Matilda’s Favorite son, “Show some respect,” Andrea Mitchell is working 24 for Mr. Fed and you show up to work out of uniform. C’mon, Garrett, get with the Program.

It's Mexican Independence They!!!

And over at the Redneck Riviera, it’s Mexican Independence Day! .::. E0B5EAB2-FDCF-4F12-A642-7B34C3BE4467 ⛱🏖🤧🚑🏥⚰️🦠🚬

Y de paso, méndigo cachetón, Eye is going to Ketch-up! Get it? With an observance from Yesterday May3, anyhow, Licenciado (con mayúscula, porque aunque su camarada Vero no lo crea, nos cae bien… pinche botijón) today on May4 we observe the Rise of Mayan king Bird Jaguar IV Also Known As “Willie Geist*” of Yaxchilan in modern-day Chiapas, which used to be GUATEMALA, before Porfirio Díaz assumed the presidential trone, also known as “la silla presidencial”… así que para responder la pregunta de Ricardo Arjona, en su rola “Si el Norte fuera el Sur”, se me hace, pinche Brozo que Sam Houston nos quedaría del tamaño de uno de los rocanroleros y paisanos de Carlos Loret de Mola: Los Baby’s.

* Because Willie Geist is more human than human, of course.

1 de marzo — Time-delayed entry

Place Louis Lépine

Context continues to follow…

Realmente estamos desconcertados…
y no por el baile que está programado para mañana,
allí mero en el viejo cuarto (1511) del acantonamiento
de La Prefectura de Policía… en Cité.

Estamos desconcertados por otra cosa.

Issy, chatos se trata de una Cita con la carnala de Columbia
mañana pasando el medio día, el staff,
va a Bailar otro Vals con la Chica de
gorro frigio y,
Segoviaspixes le va a proponer a Marianne
que huarachemos todos juntos, el Himno de Jaime Nunó…

pero en versión : BACKMASKED
es decir, con la máscara del « Hijo del SANTO »
puesta al revés, pues.
Un baile de Mascarada con mensajes…
subliminales, —o algo así.


The Good Thing that WE can say about el sexenio de Peña Nieto,
is that the incident in Paraguay, where Green, White, and Red flags
along side Red, White, and Blue flags
— both without a national seal —
were used to decorate the path
not to represent the two States…
i wonder what would happen if Old Glory was to visit Paraguay,
would the Stripes have to wave without its Stars?

Anygüey, Mika…

Tomorrow we will reveal what sort of subliminal messages
El himno Nacional Mexicano delivers
when spinned backwards,
so if you are into that stuff,
our guess is that you’ll have to
Stick Around, eh?