Armando Segovia à Monsieur le Président du Tribunal Administratif de Paris (Exhibit « M » ; ii)

Dear, Marianne:

El Alternativo

El Alternativo.:.338DE3CB-82BE-493C-9FAF-BACA65B1F51B `-•_!!_•-‘ “Con el estilo « Lamentablemente Inconfundible », de Banderilla, Veracruz.

Thank you for your very ROMAN ways of inclusion, for your nourishment, for your municipal baths, and for your Liberty.

Thank you also for the Greek in you, which for our most insignificant taste and with U.S., not having that Bostonian accent that your ENArquist and Sciences Po pencil-pushers put on a pedestal, keeps on keeping U.S. [lowly chicanos] DOWN for a FAIR share of RESEARCH that the very FRENCH get to do all over THE GLOBE.

Come Tuesday morning, December 10th at 10h00 in CET, the staff of this most inconsequential blog will be before an Administrative Tribunal that will try to convince me, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto, that my life started on 2017, the year when a “CONFLICT OF INTEREST” between the organizers of The Year of Mexico in FRANCE and The Préfecture de Police at Cité, spilled-over all of the repercussions of the past 14 years; EIGHT OF which started with a simple request from the Mexican Foreign Service in France:

Chéquenme a ese cabrón

El mejor Melón es de Bermejillo

El mejor Melón es de Bermejillo, casi esquina con San José de Las Panochas, Municipio de Mapimí — Zona del Silencio.:. y, Viva Villa, Cabrones.

Article R. 776–12 • La production d’un Memoire Complémentaire

_en “colaboración” con Aguascalientes TV
y “el” Canal plus 26

Count the Baisies

Count the Baisies

Télérecourse citoyen with Dickey Branna, desde Nice, Alpes Maritimes don’t go away, it ain’t over until the fat lady changes Cardigans.

But FOist, Florence Cassez is at the Plate and it’s la Prmera Caída en el Estadio de Béisbol Geppetto Pepito en Lilas. Genaro García Luna, el “headhunter” de La Geniecilla de Lille, Florance “lencha” Cassez (n° 65) is at the owners box next to Carlos Slim (who is actually a Fat rich Cat) and Canelo Álvarez, the most evil of Gknomes in the ballpark. Camilo is set and Cedes the walk to Lencha, as the hurler sends a signal to Manu Chao (wearing the Armor behind the Pôle–Emploi re-hash) and it’s the Houdini Lightning Round… playBOL!!!

Pobre don Erick...

Pobre don Erick… cómo gozó con Las Travesuras de la condenada Kate. Qué en paz descanse el viejo don Erik

Sean Penn is sending signals to Kate, and this thyme Madge goes full: What The Fuck, Penn!!!

Eye gots 99 gnomes but that Chupacabras is knot one of Em#

Tlaloc spared La Serie del Caribe pero El Chupacabras se perfila al Doral Nacionalista de Donald Trump. The Atlantic for children follows.

Besos desde Buckingham Palace

Besos desde Buckingham Palace, Venezia Thyming follows ; Aussi, period

European Model spoiler alert follows ; lyrics are courtesy of La Jornada de la HYSTERIA de Pepe Tomás Elliott, de Def Leppard en Hong Kong.

Dear, Cousn Joe, don't bee a Chuck Todd

Dear, Cousn Joe, don’t bee a Chuck Todd with Elrod.

Hold the Line,” Mad Dog—6 dixit on The Atlantic, After Action Review follows… but First, Fidel is transliterating Jair Bolsorano and Donald Trump.

“Segunda cuestión, Bolsonaro es el máximo responsable del incremento de los incendios. Ya desde su campaña electoral inició una campaña de descalificación de las instituciones, leyes, regulaciones y multas dedicadas a la protección de la selva amazónica / Frontera de donald trumpI will pardon you, Take the Land.”

A funny thing happened...

A funny thing happened…

Bambi is at the Mound, and former Nicolle Wallace’s Attorney General of the U.S., Antonio Gonzalez (sin acento) is wearing a catcher’s mask.

Fidel is at the plate, and Cancer is a circumstance that The Border Patrol and I.C.E. know one thing about. The file nº: Luis Posada Carriles. He (the former Bush the FOist “operator”) was given leniency because of his skin condition. C’mon, I.C.E. you have it in you, save another cancer victim, if you guys can make an exception for a terrorist like Luis Posada Carriles, why would you fuckers not warm your heart for a kid wit a 33-day get-da’-fuck- out of my Land notice from the LAW.

Symfony for the Devil (3) — ¡Señora!!!

Cherche pas j’ai raison… dijo Jorge Saldaña desde la Sociéte pour l’instruction élémentaíre en el FRAMEwork del Aniversario del MATCH que Philippe Labró.

And if the plane is a Lease — No'lease

And if the plane is a Lease, Tonto?
— No’lease, Kimozabe.
Sell. Sell. Sell.

But first, ¿qué chingados es un frameWORK?

« Hello World ! »

… and so we [the staff] switch it over to Fabien Potentiometer, commonly referred to as simply the motherfunking “pot”.

Je t'interdis de m'oublier, Jon Stewart

Je t’interdis de m’oublier, Jon Stewart.

En résumé, les bases de Symfony para un Chamuco (part 3): Before you launch your first page, bee adviced that “collusion” is now a registered clothing trademark en la Ciudad de Las Luces.

But first: 📎, more 📎 and yes Cousin Joe, more 📎…

👁‍🗨  Si vous ne maîtrisez pas ces trois points, je vous invite vraiment à les apprendre avant de commencer la lecture de ces cours. Symfony (para el Diablo 3) requiert ces bases et, si vois ne les avez pas, vous risquez de mettre plus de temps pour assimiler ce cours. C’est comme acheter un A380 sans savoir piloter : c’est joli mais vous n’irez pas bien loin. 

“Développez votre site web avec le Framework SYMFONY3”,
by: Fabien Potencier.
Éditions Eyrolles;
Saint-Germain, Paris.


French bashin’ iii — Jugüemos al Béis, güey

That’s Hardball if you play Cricket en Inglés, which is the sport of Grillos en Espagnol. C’est a dire Le Roi du Spotrs.


Dear, Rachel Maddow, do you know what the good thing about this B.l.og. is?

That neither you, Madam, nor Mr. Manuel Valls will ever read it.

VOX de España
Les Echos del Generalissimo Franco

… wait for it, Chrissy Haynes, wait.

These people had SEX with their parents”:324E5292-6315-4DFA-8E12-47AABFE0CD66 —|— Sex with their papás and their mamás. •|• The following is a Copy/Pasta for Jared Kushner: Los medios galos son de hecho los que más se hacen eco de la noticia y resaltan que Ciudadanos, el partido que apoya a Manuel Valls y que quiere aliarse con En Marche, forma parte de la colaciónand Jared, Your BeauPapá had sex with your W.I.F.E..

In Rachel Maddow news, there’s something about Rachel’s hair, —must be the Super Moon.

TimeStamp: 02.43 in Central NATO Times

So… about that V.I.S.A:052A50F0-DA32-4BEE-8F47-BFA49624943E •!• Why exactly is it that Brontis wants me to voluntarily WALK INTO A POLICE STATION, before France, the country —not the singer— decides what it is that it will do with my Dossier à la préfecture de Cité; room 1511. Are you guys at Dêpot turning Japanese? Or, (motherfuckers) is this part of The Métamorphose of the (motherfucking) Process?

Today in History, a few hours ago, but in 1804 Napoléon “dale por su” Buenaparte, promulgó el llamado C.I.V.I.L. CODE (motherfuckers)… oh, the waste of paper.

Did you know that it was a very French devil, who went ahead and invented “the political pacts”; cosas del C.h.a.m.u.c.o., vía La BBC, El WaPo, and the lovely Amy Goodman; what a beautiful nom, Bonhomme:

Dear, Rachel Maddow.

Thank you for never taking a Mynut Minute to read this blog for it would constitute a copyright infringement on Brian Williams XEROX machine, which BTW, thank’s thanks to a clause on Vocational Rehabilitation BATTERY courses, ÖÜÏ the staff are also skilled to adjust.

[previous picture is being benchmarked to R.S. Standards… wait un minutito chicolito, Raquelito].

The only things that convicts carry is their soul, unless those convicts sold that soul to Donald Trump:7249FFA4-BD3E-41CA-B42B-6F0E09EEC224 — Judge Sabo presiding; alguacil ejecutor: Sebastian Bach.

… from the creators of “the” Extraterrestial and “Castaway”, and from THE PRODUCERS of Schlachthoffünf and, The Childrens Crusade, comes a mash-up of the FRAGMENTED events in the life of a “Most Unreliable and UNEMPLOYABLE narrator” stuck in an Island calledLa Isla de la: » ILE deFRANCE.

But first, let’s Waste some “Virtual Time” in New York, where yet, another candidate throws his tapa-noggin into the Morning Joe Circus round-up. Brian Williams has all of the necessary forms to process an “Eye told Ewe So.”

Ale! Marianne… Live forever? Definitely Maybe it’s 6 o’Clock

“Like a workhorse caught in a Stable”… o un periodista en un Oasis, o mismo en un baño Turco.

Oh, hey Billy G, you must have met Caroline… but have you met Marianne? Ah!!! Let me tell ya’ Man, La Grange ain’t got Jack on them set of Legs.

A Lasting Warning, and Trump’s bandoleón–wide web of LIES en Argentina FOLLOWS. Stick around.

Yo soy Armando Segovia y la edición en Ah–prietos, starts, Right Now after the 20 minute hash-mark.

Please Stand–by for Signal Identification:

Bienvenida morena… faltan 2 días, 3 horas y Cero minutos para el 1 de diciembre a las 9 de la mañana, Tiempo del Centro, –el centro de México— no el Centro de ustedes, o el de los López–Obradoristas. En París son las 13 horas.

Frequency hop:
The Following must be read with a Sonny de Valdés announcer voice in the key of Ángel Fernández.

Ladies in Gemeni, live from the Faber & Faber limited arena at The Sands in Les Halles on The güey to the Forum.

SIRIUS EDITIONS and Titan Books,
in collaboration with Ciné Vintage
and Golden Canelo Boy and Longhorn Press presents:

KATANA vS. Harley Davidson… The Brawl for A Few Dollars More.

12–rounds of main–Streaming horror Brand Snatching in the middle of a Freejack recall of Yellow Colored Autobots®️ and freelance automatons and androids across the TONKA and Concept Artists UNIVERSES–es–es, ese, as the Very French use of a yellow-colored “attention getting” glove compartment emergency habit, —or boring garment— as their “trapo de guerra” en la contienda por puto litro de gasolina continua en el melodrama de la Historia del primer quinquenato de Jupiter.

TimeStamp: almost Veinte para Las Tres in Central NATO Time… Eye Want—Your… yes Sirens, you’ve guessed it: Eye Want Your SEX.

BREAKING THE NEWS: HEY MR. MUSIC… this is SOME SERIOUS SHIT, The “mighty dread” and Reggae Music is now un Patrimonio de La Humanidad… and Ewe know what, without the Ganja none of it would have happened, “Yeah Mon”… Jamaica, Rocks… steady—nenah.

16.00 hours in Central NATO Time

Allez! Marianna, thanks for the ale… Jazz Central follows. This message will self–destroy following the execution of  Sirius Error 16, which is code for “Trial” period is Over… Kafka follows… KAF•TA,  not Kafka, —follows. It’s Lebanese night… where’s the Moon at?

TimeStamp: 19 hundred hours in Central NATO TIMES.

Vamo’ Marianna, picha de nuez… Eye know You Love Me, at 19:03 on Central Siren Den, it’s Live, but that frame there is Not, we [the staff] repeat it Is Not The Bossa Nova, You just don’t know it yet.

Complément de Affaire — CERFA n° 13473*01

Good morning Marianne:

Let’s dance,
shall we?

El proceso… context follows. Stick Around!

Shall we start, 3 hours after 4h20 “with the very thought of You”?

… and, Sweetie, wadda’Ya say if we [the staff] start at the beginning, which of course, fucken of course, on Your itinerary is « the last –item– in Line ». Now Baby, You, of all the free—swinging bosoms in the Free World know that “I’m a man of Means by no Means”… and that this situation was brought upon by your man: Brontis à La Préfecture; allow me to recapitulate… because Mari:

”What we’ve got here is failure to communicate”, and understand beteween the two of us what a “Catch–22” starring Jim Carrey looks like.

Así que ahorita que “calienta el sol” aquí en lo que próximamente seran las playas de París, could You believe that the very trade that brought me here is keeping me from filling up a CERFA form?

Yes, indeed—yes indeed. Of course for You to triangulate the paraghraph above with concrete references concerning my case, You—precious darling— of all Icons would have to go back to MY INITIAL REQUEST FOR a French VISA, —because it was from San Bernardino (my birthplace) Baby, from where I opened up that last Stretch of Route 66 to arrive to Your Consulate General satellite in Los Angeles, California in order to request that God-forsaken visa that would allow me —an aspiring journalist— a crack at taking a look at Mexican Corruption from abroad… “oh how i laughed” (internally, and to quote Ziggy, at that moment) when a Consulate Employee asked me: what business does a Californian have, wanting to take a look at Mexican corruption? In her defense, it was in the context of my request, which was a Skill and Talents visa, a sort of LONG TERM immigration MECHANISM that France offers to “developing” countries or something like that., and here you have a U.S. passport holder asking for that sort of “special” and privileged visa.

Long story short, on that initial request i mention a hypothesis that it’s probably similar to the thesis of the current (three times running) and leading Mexican presidential candidate, Andres Manuel López Obrador, regarding his thesis (According to The New Yorker Magazine*) “about the political formation of the Mexican state, in the nineteenth century.”

TimeStamp: on this Dance… “you think that jamming was a thing of the past” Bob Marley— in fip Central Station Time… y lo bueno es de que Francia no tiene un National Public Radio, eh… diez para las 21h20.

… Anygüey, Mari, along those archaic and supposedly “ quiet villages” of the nineteenth century “i put forth the proposition” in so many words that up to 2010 (an emblematic year for Mexicans) the French Civil Code and it’s constitution was a mirror image of how “el godínazgo INSTITUCIONALIZADO” ran things in modern Mexico, but with the particularity of having Washington’s (D.C) interest rammed up the country’s ass and all the way up the so-called “horn of plenty shaped country” neck’s in the YUCATAN PENINSULA… remember, Marianne, what Mafalda found out about THE MAP OF THE WORLD ACTUALLY BEING UP-SIDE DOWN**.

A QUE VOY, regarding the voucher for CREDIT from a BANK OR CREDIT INSTITUTION… or something like that (HAAAAA JAAAA HAAAA)… en voz baja—¡no me hagas reir Marianne!

If your préfecture reviewers at LE 6ème BUREAU à CITÉ wanted me to be able to properly complete A GOD-DAMNED CERFA Form for small entrepreneurs (freelance Journalist) then they should have instructed me back in March of 2011 about « LA PUTA CEDULA PROFESIONAL NECESARIA”, para ejercer como periodista en Francia—INSTEAD OF HAVING ME RUN AROUND THE PARISIAN MEXICAN MUCK— with a “talents et compétences Card”… MARIANNE, “my fickle friend”, You gave me a « carte blanche » to operate and when it turned out that i figured out that the roosting chickens came from Your motherfucking coop—YOU PULLED THE MOTHERFUCKING RUG FROM UNDER ME.

Glosario para Stephanie y Brontis à La Préfecture:

a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions. [Sounds familiar, Ewe’all?].

Jim Carrey:
Actor, painter
… in the role of Truman Burbank, he happens to be the star of the most popular live show in television history. The only problem is, he doesn’t know it!

Rayuela — Siren song

The following is a Public Service Announcement:

Las remesas: pues… si la horma trazada sigue siendo la misma que se conforma y que le es fiel al mismo patrón que se ocupó de administrar los “intereses” de Los Braceros, pues entonces lo más seguro que va a devenir con los niños separados de sus padres es de que ellos y ellas van a formar la próxima versión de otra “Mara Salvatrucha” que va a gorgorear desde el Centro y las dos Costas que forman la cintura de la CORNUCOPIA del país que “el patrón sindical de PETROLEOS MEXICANOS”, Carlos Romero desChamps, y todo EL puto PARTIDO revolucionario INSTITUCIONAL han administrado como el si fuera el corral rascuache del Capitalismo Salvaje de Washington, District of Columbia… “amigo” Sergio, por favor no confundas COLUMBIA con tu añorada Colombia… son dos cosas completamente diferentes; aparte ese “jardín”, Washington lo granjea de otra puta manera.

TimeStamp: Oh nine hundred hours in Central Europe Time.

… En La Ciudad de México son las Tres de la mañana y aquí en París esperamos por la portada dominguera de La Jornada en La UNAM, porque ahorita —a las 10h43,  en Ménilmontant 75020 — lo único que tenemos son las mismísimas noticias del ayer.

Rayuela—ReLoaded, con una porción de ‘Patatas bravas’, Issy, Maja, ya sabeís que todo este asunto forma parte de los Usos Justos de Todos los Medios, ¿vale?.

TimeStamp: las Once de la mañana con un cachito antes del medio día… no te vayas porque al regresar, we [the staff] review last night “After Midnight” parade ceremony in Honor of Teenie Tiny Cat for standing his post until properly being relieved… coming up is The Big Red One, The Dirty Dozen and of course, straight out of Le Mans 24–Hour circuit à La Sarthe is Hogan Heros, eh!

Eco de Huckleberry hellboy

En el ecosistema de la neo lengua
de un Mundo Feliz,
el cuarto número 101 estaba a espaldas
de un museo dedicado a Marte
“el agricultor.”

3 de marzo 2016—París.
por: armando guajardo serrano


Diez años después…

Siège social. | En el universo de  La Guerra de las hamburguesas, el ministerio de  la  MiniAbundancia  cuenta con  una ala  para bombardear a tu cerebro.  Los anglos de Oceanía —que allí trabajan— llaman a  los  procesos —que allí se forjan— Brainstorming.”   En un principio la  delegación  germana  de Aguascalientes sugirió que en la puerta y en los planes de esa oficina se le registrara con el sello de “Blitzkrieg Bait room,”  pero  el  director de comunicación y de alcance  social  sugirió  que  le  quitaran lo bélico a la seducción, y que simples mentes le llamaran “Quick“.  ||  Uso  justo  de  YuTuv y de  un  aparato  para despertar / consuma frutas y verduras… keep calm and pop a Soma®.


      El volante de la propaganda  de  abajo,  fue  capturado  en  el  consulado mexicano de  la  calle  de  Nuestra  Señora  de  las Victorias. El editor de este espacio por  los  interwebs  —ese día—  acudió  a  una  cita  en  la  sección de pasaportes para dar seguimiento al segmento “Una Comedia de Enredos“.

Trascendió que en la Ciudad de México, la Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores descubrió  fallas  de  origen  y prometió en 10 días (a partir del 29 de febrero) comenzar a saber cómo se puede proceder a corregir dicha falla. Una máquina del tiempo  aún  no  se  ha  inventado; entonces pues, siendo el pasado mes de febrero —un— año bisiesto, el equipo de ruega que a el periodo de espera no se le procese un día cada cuatro años, y que la respuesta o la solución a ese enredo no llegue —si bien le va— hasta el año 2054.

"L'éCOSISTèME" èmpresarial mexicano

Uso justo de los técnicos y la neo lengua empresarial [franco-mexicana]… En Aguascalientes el Pancracio va a deleitar en una muy Centenaria localidad. | De cualquier manera hidrocalidos: aguas, ¡Calientes!!!  Ya  que  hoy  es  Noche de Luchas (místicas) en un Mundo Feliz… ABRACADABRA (2).

La inspiración llegó con tres toques de Rush:

  1. Rush. Working man. Vía yutub a través del enlace: https ://www .youtube .com /watch?v =iIGKlicb8n0&ebc =ANyPxKqEw-og6vjBs4SOzom_QoohZpUegI7E7cmBNKyvfJNyr1VlkI5BEjxWS4vOjuagbEbnkYZQ-cyZRdLv7DcXeJha6N2E3w
  2. Fuentes, V., en La Jornada; Hollande en América Latina. Vía: http ://www .jornada .unam .mx /2016 /02 /28 /cultura /a05a1cul
  3. Bubbles