El error de Karol Józef Wojtyła — Part 3.1

We had asked who, WHO thought that rape couldn’t be funny and France Inter Radio responded:

And in the next segment, fip is going to laugh about it. Our Zamunda affiliate is on the beat… remember now, Sean Penn was filling the role of Jonah, and Michael Keaton was… wait, what in the fuck was Michael Keaton starring as, fuck!!! Those Dang on Pericos are a hell of a Byrd.

Anyhow, Dick Hertz is on rue Watt and according to Very Low Freq relays, fip . fr is now quoting Russian President, Vladimir Putin’s response to POTUS 46, with a “Sticks and Bones” bullshit and, using a known ROUTE 66 denier to do it. Which is our cue to say: FUCK YOU Jon Schofield!!! Route 66 is alive and paved… ya’Cunt!

= la ache es muda

Ladies in Gemini, Eye can’t really tell what in the Whole Wide World of Sports is Ah-Going-on, first an earthquake in the Land of The Rising Sun, then Bjork gets pissed-off (probably on account of the fucking elf’s) and activates a 6000-year dormant volcano and now this:

In Local News… exit through the Elevators

At 18h20 in CET Iran releases hostage in exchange for a Persian scientist.

Coming up in Masterpiece Toones

Coming up in Masterpiece Toons .:. E698E192-95BC-4EBA-AC9C-96C83ECACF6A •|~ The Day The Earth Stood Stupid — Scene One, where Lila (Leela) sows her oaths with QUIQUEG (and yes, ZEPPELIN GOES HERE). Order the Audio Version of this classic, read by John Winston Lennon.

Meanwhile at The Westfield Shopping Mall in Paris, 75001, holiday shoppers are on lock-down as a National Movement passes by… just the facts and please don’t shoot the messenger… métro and RER corridors are also shutdown. Lines are forming at the elevators exits, holiday shoppers seem exasperated, however if any of them would read this most non-consequential blog them holiday shoppers would know that the Saint-Eustache exit is wide open.

The Saint–Eustache exit by-the-way is smacked right in the middle of the shopping mall, this is to say, in order for shoppers to get to ANY elevator exit, holiday shoppers must pass by the Saint-Eustache exit. French Logic, like short people have no reason. Again, please don’t shoot, or kick the messenger out of Les Halles, ‘cusit’s cold outside“.

18h41 Mairie du 1er…
—Celeri Remoulade
Paupiette de poulet pommes de terre persil
—Doughnut sans trou (chabacano fillin‘)
—EDAM de Holland

19h45 Ne me quitte pas (on Blues harp)

Bright blue lights that would otherwise make for a nice complement to the bottlenecked corridor that is the Right Bank stretch from The Théâtre du Châtelet all the way to the The Louvre are exasperating “An American in Paris” ticket holders.

Fucking Flamencos:

Love this guy

Love this cat, but he did diss Route 66 here in Paris while at the Siren Den.:.FE2125E9-70BE-47B9-A192-A11A4A46B4BF •|• Watch yo’ass Jon, watch yo’ass, San Brdo. is gonna git’cha!

In Fip Siren News. Jon (Route 66 denier*) SScofield is on the Seine waves… Comadre Letty, if you are going to break ranks to bring us the Jazz do you really really REALLY need to spin that cat?

Ladies in Gemini, at 20h03 in Central Siren Thymes  in Rennes, Jon Scofield is officially an UGLY Mexican. Fuck It, “The Show Must go On“, period