Fuck yoU, Nancy Reagan… and your actor president Aussi³!

COTEJADO… Bootes Boötis Bisous Barber 💋.


³~. Sincerely, Rock Hudson at The American Hospital in Levallois, Île-de-Pécresse.

Say no to The Regan* legacy… I’m Sirius and happy New 🌑 Moon, fuckers.


*~. Sorry if Eye misspelt your fucking National Airport’s nomenclature.

Any how, this is The War On Peace Report… now with Mexican Fentanyl de la china poblana de BOTZARIS, FRANCIA. And what better color than the very color that represents a certain shade of Pink, and that shade of course is R 228, G 0, B 124, “hot pink” or simply, Mexican Pink. Issy, G.L.O.R.I.A. this segment is narrated by La Barbie.

Now, if you are just joining the:

Time delay between apps, recalibration follows.

מלחמת בזק

please be advised that the maker of this most non-consequential blog do(es) (k)not select the Events of the day, nor the quick snapshots by those who for better or worse made history today. Por ejemplo, Field Marshall Carlin agrees, Benjamin Netanyahu’s Blitzkrieg into Poland… wait, (k)not Poland, but a place called Gaza is making Field Marshall Rommel cringe.

With that out of the way, just a mere few hours after Mexican President, Andrés Manuel López Obra d’Or, condecorated General Cienfuegos (Kike’s secretary of national defense), don AMLO celebrated Nancy Reagan’s war on “niggers” and “spics” in the United States of the 1980’s by committing the Mexican Army to intensify the fight against “CRACK COCAINE”, after one of his unmistakable soapbox deliveries at the crack of dawn, no pun intended.

72 virgins eh? I told you, “yo no busco, —encuentro.”

The Thyme Warp factor, pay no attention to magnetic North in these frame, it’s only the space 🌌 that bends when real time gets synched with planet Earth, i’m Sirius but don’t take my Word for, IT!, pediod!

So, if you are wondering why Rosa Mexicano instead of Rosa Mexicana, well that would be on account of the 60th Anniversary 🕯️ of La Vie En Rose, of course, and besides it’s tonight’s homework on The Telerama, and it’s a very Chomski thing to print.

🏜️ 🦊

Beautiful Loser… 🏜️ 🦊, he was General George C. Scott’s “Pancho Villa” at the Octoberfest of 1944 in North Africa of all places, best Nazi ever, so much so that he’s become the exception to the Godwin Rules of combat. A mere 15 years later, (una quinceañera, pues) in 1959 a beloved actor who once played the role of Robin Hood, but with a Third Reich accent, died without ever facing a firing squad for spying for the Nazies and for trafficking weapons of war out of the Port of Veracruz and over to Vigo, Spain

Unlike other Robin Hoods… I can speak with a dejo republicano.


Looking back at Ronnie Wood, yes, that Ron, it takes a special “hoodlum” to pull a Donald John Trump on behalf of the Falange and use, Paris, no less, and probably with the aid of their future MINISTER of Culture, monsieur Malraux, to promote a cheesy Hollywood film.

🌱 Detrás de la Sierra 🪚 Godwin’s Law waits for Ewe

Canon en ré Majeur pour cordes et basse continue.
Johann Sebastian BACH
Choral BWV 721; Cantate BWV 147 : Choral nº 10; Cantate BWV 167 : Choral; Cantate BWV 140 : Choral nº4… Orchestre de chambre Jean-François Paillard.


It’s Medio Ambiente Day, so, without further ADO… fuck you Donny Deutsch and Fuck your ugly hypnotist suit… Esto es: It’s Pleno Ambiente, the whole 33 1/3… here’s your Revolutions per minute, puff on this, Donnie. You son-of-bitch! She’s a good lady, JO’mama—she told Mí that she had trouble admitting that you were adopted.

Secrets On Plain Celsius, that’s the secret for the ‘ondulations’ on that there Unidentified Musical Object, over the lavandería at Tuileries.


…but seriously, Eva Longoria, you’ve been to France, you’ve met the head cook, and that is all that Dora “la exploradora” told Mí, —Eye swears. Ask Donnie Deutsch, and then tell him to go spin Phi-Phi on Decca.

Why Phi Phi, Ewe might ask? Well let’s back-masque this bitch, or as the bon gens du beau monde such as the Open Jazz disk jock says, “turn the page” to 1918, on VICTOIRE Day:

Nothing-To-See-Here, or is it?

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /musicopolis /1918-henri-christine-cree-phi-phi-

and thus, my deer Phat Basterd’, “My Struggle” began to brew… no pun intended.

I’m Sirius, heck for the past 13 years or so, Eye has been telling Marianne that Marcel Marceau is dead, and that nobody knows who Coluche is outside of Saint Honoré. But the civilized world now knows who Kenzo (not that one🌷) is.

https ://www .bbc .co .uk /sport /football /ajaccio-french-club-strongly-condemns-attack-on-boy-with-brain-cancer-at-game-against-marseille

Anyhow, objects in mirror 🪞 are closer that I told you that I thought.

Previously on… Frogs : what a weekend, eh! LUCHA LIBRE at Roland Garros, Mexican Burlesque between two theaters, and beating up an 8 year-old brain cancer patient just because he was wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt ☄️ Goooooooo…. Dodgers.


And please, don’t anyone bring back the “quinceañera” who got stabbed in the woods (not gonna say where, güera) and then burned alive, so pena of being E-victed from Montpellier.

We found La Kerschovas getting sucked through a loophole in a Milonga across from Saint-Maur and dumped behind a boogie-mobil in Australia. Over at El Cerro de Las Noas, en Torreón, Coahuila, Rodolfo Bruneau-Boulmier just ate Queen Victoria’s last roseta shaped penca. Behind the gas-guzzlin’ CHEVALERET Sierra™ we find Émilie Munera scissoring a pocket pussy that she found on inside of Rodolfo’s backpack as she was fetching a bottle of Mescaline… Oh, the Echo Chamber effect coming out of that truck’s bed.

Katty Kay has cracked the mystery, Miss Alemany follows through, and know I know why Ken Delanian is blushing.


In Australia, c’est évident that Là Kerschovas está Furiosa! However, the sounds out of the Bach of Emily’s CHEVALERET Sierra™ are, let’s just hope that she is enjoying the find, or Rodolfo is going to get his wee-wee cut off.


And in El Ey… all that I can say, is that at least We are not French… Congratulations to the Evil Empire for Breaking the Doors of Dodger Stadium 🏟️, damn nigga! What are you, like some kind of Truck. Jesus efin Christ.

In Extremis : 🎶 Free Improvisation Day³!


On a THEY LIKE TODAY, but of 1880,  Thomas Alba Edison (that motherfucker) receives a patent for his incandescent lamp, setting the stage for the OBLITERATION of “Candilejas”, which would prompt Charlie Chaplin to summon the inner composer in him, and PEN ✍️ a little ditty called “LIMELIGHT”, which is not to be confused with the Blue Jay güey from 🇨🇦 RUSH, who also wrote about the limelight , but in a different way, and for a much different audience, and a very different Holocaust.

Like a dilapidated Piazzolla — ESCUALO in fip . fr times


Page 22, N°560 Février 2023
Title: Oh Non!

Female is in the cunnilingus position on a bed with sheets and pillow casing in GREEN, male partner is under the covers, in the throes of passion, near Nirvana, the following exchange between the two lovers is taken Verbatim from the Fluide Glacial BD:

Femina topless:
— Oh, OUIIII! ♥ ♥♥♥

Male partner:

Ft:— ?


Ft:— ??

— NAZI,,,

Ft terrified pushes the Mp away from her business:

Mp still with a stoked look on his face :
— ADOLF,,,

It takes tú:
—1939 – 🇪🇸 Spanish Civil War: Catalonia Offensive: Troops loyal to nationalist General Francisco Franco and aided by  🇮🇹 Italy take Barcelona… that was YESTERDAY, today is HOLOCAUST REMEMBERENCE DAY1825The U.S. Congress approves Indian Territory (in what is present-day 🪶 Oklahoma), clearing the way for forced relocation of the Eastern Indians on the “Trail of Tears“.


— HITLER?,,,

Ft now wearing a PURPLE bra carry-folds the rest of her garments on her right forearm and her high heels on her left hand as she leaves the room :

The last panoramic frame finds the Male Partner sitting in what appears to suggest, is a shrink’s place of business, greco-roman wrestling art is above Mp, female shrink has her Diplomas above her.



From the producers of the Rocky Mountain Classic, “Bananas & Coke”, comes the story of “Pretzel and Mustard” and “A Polish Dog… with no Mayo”.

2023First recorded Suplex on an alligator… and, GO’ill de Niza,  “Polk Salad Annie” ain’t got nothing on La Kerschovas, but speak of The Devil, Cerf-panthère is a salad-tossing fool at 20minutes . fr, and you may check with Phillipe Labró, at CNEWS Détente . fr, Cerf-panthère is not sure if his Reno 🦌 Ass is a boy or a girl… kind of like that Holy WaWa in that cuadro behind Kerschova’s newly RE-FURBISHED alligator skin Tati® bags… maybe it’s not 💦 “holy” 💦, maybe that PoDevil doesn’t like to shower and his Evil Ass is comfortable with his funk!… after all, he does leave Ewe’s nostrils with a signature whiff of Poop 💩 and Florence 🇫🇷.


Öüï caught up with La Kerschova en la rue de La Solidarité in la Franja Fronteriza between Montreuil-sous-Bois and Vincennes–del–Roi, Kerschovas was about to run into an Alligator 🐊 as she crossed the gates of Papa Poule’s Park.

In 🇨🇵 20minutes, Cerf-panthère is, and Eye is Knot 🪢 Making this up, 👯 “Fast-fucking” 👯 her way through an internship at The Centre de Recherche Scientifique at The Georges Pompidou’s Européenne Hospital.

The Ghetto, talkin’ bout the Ghetto.

August 3, 2022 — FASCISM AT THE Bpi

Ne regarde pas… It’s a GERMAN MUSEUM…’

In a few seconds I will be running out of battery, so later on,  this thread (hopefully) might be continued. If the French don’t get all Gestapo at the Bpi.

Viva La France… Play Ball, motherfuckers.

It’s like the ballad of John and Yoko, if Napoleon had not set his eyes on Chepina.

20h03 RATP cops… Yea! What are the odds! Cleared at yada yada and sixteen minutes.

It’s gonna be a long night… Now the reason that I strolled to the Blvd. Bourbon next to Bastille is on account that the police has a record on me there, but wouldn’t you know it, they ARE CLOSED PERMANENTLY.

 If youse just joining us, for the past month or so, 3 July, to be precise, I took a closer look at the disassembly of a temporary outdoor elevator shaft at the Bibliothèque Publique d’information national, today I took a closer look at the inside of that tangent on the Third floor of said parking lot. What followed is straight out of CASABLANCA… “what do you mean that there is gambling inside the house!”.

Racism in France… not a chance, they are simply complicit with Despots [ capital “d”]. It’s their job.

20h37 CET… the temporary headquarters of The Grand Palais Commissariat. En Espagnol: we are closed, go to our (Prefecture) Palais Royal precint { you fucking wetback} only pretty Mexicans are allowed here.

For context, i’ve been there before, I was sent there from the 5éme. I had burnt marks to compensate the visit. The pigs there could not operate the computers at that moment, like Mexican cops they laughed and acted like circuses monkeys. Too bad that the camera there requires a “JEWdicial” audit.

20h30 CET… Back to the Grand Palais Commissariat, it seems that all of The Paris Police precincts went on vacation to KABUL, or some strong-arm department like that.

Fuck you clochard… We are closed.

Fuck you clochard… We are closed.

so… The Police Station closed at the rue aux Ours, next to Blvd. Sebastopol… I got this from the French fellows at Rue St. Martin / Ave. Victoria… They had closed for the day. This is what Joseph Goebbels called THE RUN AROUND… because they are no longer allowed to do the ROUND-EM-Up like they did with the Jews

A message for the Algerian NAZI 🕴🏼 à le Centre Georges Pompidou… Do Note the Look, it’s a GERMAN shoebox. I know that you are mad not because I was laying down, but because I Called the TATIANA TROUVÉ firehose-grade leaks shooting of of the men’s bathroom walls… unlike you, sir, i call’em as I see’em, not as your supervisor interprets it, —motherfucker.

Ladies in Gemini — Donald Morrison followed by Rosecrans Baldwin

In local news, it’s 99 ballots of beer on The Wall (punto y coma) and in HILO, HAWAII, the TIME REMAINS at 100 THEYS.

The Rachel MONDAY Show

In God We Trust, et. al.

It’s only a matter of time, mister Préfecture de Police CHIEF replacement, only a matter of time but like I told Stephanie Menou’s boss back in 2014, “¿Sera¹?”

Latinos for Carfentanil, follows… Tout ça pour la bossa nova, starring El WaPo’s own EUGENE Robinson as the last Black motherfucker in AMÉRICA who did not vote for JUAN PERÓN, hail Hitler, because HERR Goebbels was “misunderstood”, at a known Vélodrome in France

https ://www .dw .com /en /in-latin-america-synthetic-drugs-becoming-more-popular-than-cocaine-and-marijuana /a-62633710

I hate to say it, Brontis à La Préfecture… but Time told y’all, you just could not bear what, IT!, Would tell ∴ —y’all.


The Georges Pompidou Européenne Research Facilities à Balard are going to need A BANANA 🍌 for size 📏… and a costal de chiles 🌶️🌶️🌶️ to measure that “rajada²”.

²~. If you need a reference, please go to LA MALDITA VECINDAD, ask for los Hijos de Sánchez at El Quinto Patio, tell them that MONSIVAIS sent you, and take a piss at Octavio Paz’ grave there. CRISTO REDENTOR con los brazos abiertos… Al FINAL—Emmanuel¹.

https ://www .bbc .com /news /world-africa– 62368931

Delivered by non other that the House of Rosbif at the BBC, dig it, dig it, dig it! Like a Rolling Stone.

The Rachel MONDAY Show

1 de febrero, 2022… Meh, (🐯) tastes like chicken

🐏 Black sheep squadron 🛩️ with musical Guest:

On second thought 🤔 … Sink The Fuck Out Of Florida, All Of It.
Walk away, and don’t look back, lest you want your ass to turn into SALT… Ibid.

Louie Pasteur’s ANTHRAX cover band. The band begins at 10-to-Six, when Flavor Flav rolls the Toms and Mr. Aitch axes 🎸the opening chords of KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY, followed by A timed-delayed LIVE FEED of Tony ORLANDO dropping a “neo-version” of BELLY OF THE BEAST”… and Eye quotes from The Twilight Zone:

Dear, 91.7 FM… Exactly what in the Wide World of Schnitzel Gruben and Schutzstaffels is this Thing you call Bahhhhhroque?


We only did as we were told.


Spotie FiDo — The real fags: stupid, loud-pipes, Harley-Davidson lovin’ faggots, period! This is what COPS for TRUMP looks like, an ode to La DAMA Blanca, which coincidentally is Ella. Check the Calendar St. Ignatius, today is Ella’s turn on the Catholic rolodex.

In WaWa Land, Covid kidnapped Rachel Maddow, and Rachel is pregnant! Trou 🕳️ Story! Joe Rogan said so.

Sources close to Meh…di Hasan, relay that Lorne Michaels (that motherfucker) is the insiminator and The Son of a Festevus Miracle plays the role of the Stork and, « doctor » Laura Ingraham is of course the motherfucking Fox, AESOP reports.

It’s a Festevus Miracle!!!… Put it in a bag, man. Put it in a bag.

Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace prepared the baby shower ritual, which will take place at The Rainbow Room with an after party at Mika’s penthouse at 30 Rock… Check please, don’t be like Joe Rogan.

It’s 4 a.m. in Paris, —Chinois New Year’s EVE in Bette Milder’s Headquarters in pineapple 🍍 land.

GALLEGO studies…
Agora errr… Ahora en Castellano, knot, « Agora » en la lengua de Hernán Cortés de Monroy y Pizarro Altamirano and, if you wish, in Español, —Aussie.

🇮🇱 💥 The Associated Press… good for Israel, “they have a right to yada yada yada”

And Ladies in Gemini, as promised, here’s Y:

The world will know less about what’s happening in Gaza because of what happened today.

Gary Pruitt

https:// youtube .com /watch?v=nylRrbF5cbs

Eye always picks the god-damned losers.

Coincidence??? Only if Öüï flips that equilateral circle… and Mika, please note that the “one-finger-salute” is from NETANYAHU to the World, but especially, to you here in the land of Equilateral Circles, magnanimous π’s, and of course 🥢🥖🥁 y Baquetas.


… [A] clear act to stop journalists from conducting their sacred duty to inform the world and report events on the ground.”

Mostefa Souag
Al Jazeera

https ://www .aljazeera .com /news /2021/5/15 /building-housing-al-jazeeera-office-in-gaza-hit-by-israeli-strike


HA•i•Ga•ci•Do como haiga sido son un chingo de HO•Mí•Sí•Dios al estilo HEIL NETANYAHU



https ://thehill. com /homenews /media /553686-apstaffers-flee-gaza-building-after-told-it-would-be-targeted

DA’fk you! “It’s a demo »… it’s a demo•lition.


El error de Karol Józef Wojtyła — Part 3.1

We had asked who, WHO thought that rape couldn’t be funny and France Inter Radio responded:

And in the next segment, fip is going to laugh about it. Our Zamunda affiliate is on the beat… remember now, Sean Penn was filling the role of Jonah, and Michael Keaton was… wait, what in the fuck was Michael Keaton starring as, fuck!!! Those Dang on Pericos are a hell of a Byrd.

Anyhow, Dick Hertz is on rue Watt and according to Very Low Freq relays, fip . fr is now quoting Russian President, Vladimir Putin’s response to POTUS 46, with a “Sticks and Bones” bullshit and, using a known ROUTE 66 denier to do it. Which is our cue to say: FUCK YOU Jon Schofield!!! Route 66 is alive and paved… ya’Cunt!

= la ache es muda

Ladies in Gemini, Eye can’t really tell what in the Whole Wide World of Sports is Ah-Going-on, first an earthquake in the Land of The Rising Sun, then Bjork gets pissed-off (probably on account of the fucking elf’s) and activates a 6000-year dormant volcano and now this:

Let It BLeeD… sponsored by Vania

Hoy no hubo Black Panther. ONCA follows, and at La promenade des Anglais in Old Nice, a certain MARBLE MAN with ties to the best built chimneys in the PACA region cannot LET Me tell a lie, because it’s TROU!!!

The following is a public service announcement:

Puzzle piece N°: 697A8214-49FE-4012-90A5-0F6800B2EF2B 🔊 Deer, Residents of WAKANDA, nevermind the Hype, and in advance of today’s Goncourt’s book feature, All Apologies, because Eye has seen this movie aussi³. it played at THE JAZZ FESTIVAL à La Défense (2014), when A Certain SAX player from Ciudad Juárez (Chihuahua) México was awarded the Keys to the City.

And in Paris, Virginie is trowing away the White Scarfs, and the abandoned daughter of Jewel is pulling all the Stops on the Presse with a Sports coat on the frame. In Washington, Brian Williams can check Öüï whenever it is deemed appropriate.

Listen Up, OHIO, 🗣 Without FELA KUTI there is no such thing as a “RAM on The RUN”.


Hey, Hot Scarf… all i need is a PINT a They!

🎶 …[N]eurotic to the point of 🗣🔊

Dear France, the only way that you can beat me is when i fall a sleep, when YOUR “V…ery French” minions cheat on the « test », or when you pull the MONARCH effect. I sincerely hope that it is not the latter, because you will unleash the IRE of “el Patrón”, i guarantee it. But, yes, if you play like in 1934 you will crush me, allowing with that move that a new Hitler appears and finishes the job that Will Make You Look “V…ery” Good without me. Have-at-it, Marianne, you too have seen that movie before. And then you wonder why some « paysans » in Alsace believe that “Lizard People” exist.

And, Cousin Joe, lest you forget that incident where the Buzzfeed crowd from February the 5th of 2016 (now “collaborating” with The New York Times) at The Unesco, then you will forget how the “intermezzo” poster was used by then Republican candidate, Donald J. Trump to jump onto the stage. Witt this in mind, please do consider the following:

The only good thing that came out of the Trump mini-series is that The Lincoln Project POLITICAL ACTION commitTEE collaborators became “V…ery very rich” in that process.

But then again, you dumb blind country lawyer, don’t forget that “Loki is the god of mischief”… Willie Geist told you so.

_ am I just paranoid, yada, yada, yada, hope you had the time of your life 🎵🎵🎵

Y tu mamá también, with Mateo García and Gastón* Robles follows, but If-and-ONLY “If”, continues and/or remains at the Side of The Road, con don Andrés… CALAMARO! Cabrones, knot “con el otro güey” dizQue “Obrador ».

* Some of the actors names HAVE BEEN CHANGED to protect the cast of characters from the shade of El Chivo Lubezki

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Germán_Robles


Joaquín Murrieta era mexicano. Walt Disney turned his life into the Scripts for “Zorro” and Pablo Neruda es puto…  y los detectives salvajes are a bunch of fags, period and Holà.

In Paris, France: If, and ONLY IF, BFMTV would follow the historicity of JOUR et NUIT* and La Mairie de Paris (2011-2015) from the bottom of the Eiffel Tower to the back of The Statue of Saint-Michel, then, mi querida « Hot Pants » BFMTV would understand the difference between an abandon PUBLIC BUILDING and a Home Alone.

* Alejandro “Saga” Salazar and his wife Morgana, the proprietors of Jour et Nuit Espace Culturelle, will and CANNOT, let me tell a lie. Los TRAIDORES de México used to play there and even they, stopped playing FANDANGO when Sergio “el bailador » y su comadre Georgina moved in…to the Gilberto Bosques abandoned house in MARSEILLE.

BUT FO’ist… i don’t think BFMTV knows what the term “squattors” means, what they think that the term Squat means, but then that’s their fucking job. Here’s a proposition, the Germans that occupied the homes of French citizens when The “V…ichy French*” looked the other way are not squatters, hence the term “occupied” used in this paragraph as a KEY delimiter; The Spanish Resistance who squatted abandoned buildings were filling-in necessary SPACES on the scene of La Seine.

In case you missed it, here’s a Note to non-readers, the “V” in the “V…ichy French” of course delimits those that i refer to as, The V…ery French.

« It’s the Same Old Song » pero con un sabor diferente desde que tú te jüites, güero


La cuarta ( span* ):

🎶 We'll meet AGAIN...

🎶 We’ll meet AGAIN .:. C904E6EE-744E-43EA-8896-E9BD4A3AB273 🕉 … 🎵 don’t know When, don’t know Where—but we’ll meet again SOME day. —_•!•_— And, if you understand the parallel between “un mundo raro” and “un mundo de AMLO” is probably because if you, as a MEXICAN GOVERNMENT pitchman, are going to push fairy tales about moving to a “democratic change”, without holding the last President of México accountable for the corruption that you, as a newly elected Mexican president, then there really isn’t a real democratic change; EVEN IF, professor Ackerman, your wife’s boss sends a New Year gift to Florence Cassez in the form of Genaro García Luna, courtesy of the (backroom deal) for the NAFTA replacement capricious trade deal, where México sold the maquila workers to “GRINGO” work inspectors with diplomatic badges… or something like that. 💩 P.S.: Profesor Salmerón Sanguinés, ¿cuál pinche Revolución? pues.

Y sigue la yunta andando

Previously on, “A ver qué dice el marido”, con Juan Molino Campos–hombre:

Nuestro heroe, —sin acento— le dijo a la mujer, “vieja, tira paro y dile al pueblo —güeno— que el día 9 de marzo, me dan ganas de tirar güeva,” a lo que la ‘ñora del hombre responde, “’ora pues, viejo, nada más una cosa, ¿se las dejo ca’e de jilo, o suavecito?”

MSNBC 02/23/2020; Via The Guardian:

Cheap Trick!

Cheap Trick! .:. E5CE6455-53C2-4C60-AD69-0336C4CEE803 —^•..•^— La 🐄… Surrender but don’t “jump to conclussions” in your office space. 🧶 Hold it now, because we [the staff] have used Godwin’s Law with the frogs (a time or two) öüï are going to play Devils Advocate for the MAD Catholic  on our favorite punditry source, Phil Graham’s msnbc’s; once we [the staff] are done advocating for this rich Irish sonavabitch ÖÛÏ are going to go full Men–At–Work on the 19 hundred hour timeslot in Eastern Standard Time, so WITT D.A.T. in mind, “hang on to yourself” here comes “The Blitzkreig”  ISSY, —motherfuckers— it will be Dictated in “Oddball’s” woof’s! 🤠

Say it Ain’t So… “Let’s Play Hardball

🎶 Now, now, settle down my boy
eat your peas and gravy
settle down…
(Men at Work / Ron Strykert)

Teeny Tiny Cat approves

Teeny Tiny Cat approves .:. 8D98C017-3A7B-4D7B-812B-13A0AC799E94 —^. .^— The Cat Abides. Yesterday applies to 02/24/2020 in the Continental U.S., because in Hilo, Hawaii it is still Monday, February 24, 2020. Today is Feb. 25th, 2020.

But FOist,

Dearest, Heidi Przybyla, nevermind Bernie’s heart, nobody is perfect and nobody lives forever, and besides, that is what the Vice and the Speaker are for. By your standard, Christopher Reeve would have been a great president… until he got on a horse, eh!

Any güey, mr. Matthews, “as far back as Eye can remember,” the All Seeing Eye on the back of the U.S. Dollar bill has been the Cult that the republican party has Literally Worshiped, and now you are worried that someone who actually wants to walk closer to that imaginary GOD that you preach to, and stop Him (Your American Lord Jesus) from commanding little old ladies (like Cousin Joe’s mom in Alabama) to send in their money to the televangelist church so that the preacher man can buy a new jet airplane, you —motherfuckers— want to scare the Dick Van Dyke fans from voting for the candidate who wants to give that money back to the health care system that aunt Scarborough so desperately needs, really highlights what interests you are cable casting/streaming to, eh‽

Now that you have no choice but to talk about Senator Sanders, you chose to play the Senator McCarthy “red scare” card, c’mon now.

P.S.: Fuck strategist Rick Wilson and say hello, aussi, to James Carville in Louisiana.


Las fuentes de doña Vilma:

No Ti-Mec_tas:

El barzón (readjusted):
span = 22.86 centimeters
https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /cultura /2020/02/23 /john-m-ackerman-presenta-2018el-cambio-democratico2019-en-fil-de-mineria-8327 .html

ChrishardballMatthews: https ://www .theguardian .com /us-news /2020/feb/23 /msnbc-chris-matthews-sanders-nevada-win-nazi-invasion