Deer, Nick Confessore* — part ii of iii

* Deer, Nick, please say hellooooooo! To professor John Mill Ackerman’s bread–winner; for the record, just like SCOTUS (justice⁉️) John Roberts, but in the role of an MEXICAN CORRUPTION INVESTIGATOR, she (Mrs. Sandoval de Ackerman) heard all of the facts (and known evidence) of Manuel Bartlett’s irregularities, including the witnessing of a D.E.A. undercover agent’s torture and subsequent murder at the Hands of DIEGO LUNA’s made–for–TV cousin, —el CARO sobrino de, “un hombre fuera de SERIE; alegre y apasionado” — mejor conocido como el señor, Lamberto Quintero.

Yespor Eso Que

Yiesporesou Que .:. 727A6C19-77BF-4B7C-BDEC-945F3BE8145B —_•!•_— … [P]reviously on: López Obrador is stoking CORRUPTION, not fighting it; part ii of a Translation in INTERpretation excercise:  The head of Lopez Obrador’s political party (Citlali Ibáñez Camacho*) claims to havemade an accounting errorwhen filing her 2013 taxes, one that saved her $850,000(4in the process.

But, the REAL POLES¹ are relaying info from Satellites in Ay–Oh–Gua
… Oh, the humanity.

Teflon Don

Teflon Don .:. E5A88E63-233F-4331-9740-9490599307BF 🍌


[1] A real Polish person (Steve Kornacki) and not a fake wannabe Communist Bourgeois, such as “the”  EX -president of Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s political CULT: https ://en .wikipedia .org/ wiki/ Yeidckol_

[4]. La cabeza del partido político de López Obrador (Yiedckol Polevnski*) afirma haber “cometió un error contable” al presentar sus impuestos de 2013, uno que le ahorró $850,000(4) en el proceso. El presidente mexicano, hizo uso de su borrador mágico y solventó la hipocresía con el clásico: ahora sí, a partir de este “error legal” la valona con los de la casa se acabó.

La Valona: a favor; or, as the very French from Brussels —en Perros Bravos, Nuevo Lyon— say, “Hook me up“.

SUSAN COLLINS en: La Valona de Trump

SUSAN COLLINS en: La Valona de Trump. La historia detrás de “El Gran Favor”.

Deer, Nick Confessore — Say, Helloooooo! To John Mill Ackerman

Señor, Nick:

Please give my regards to Bloomberg, and please cut back on the “Cough Medicine”, you know damn well that you are not foolin’ that D.A.R.E. Purple Pundit, eh! So just go ahead and go F.U.L.L. Brokaw.

La Mafia de Macuspana

La mafia de Macuspana .:. 074CC4E3-A547-4F3E-B3FE-22B2E4C12B61 — Translation courtesy of a most non–Consequential CALIFORNIAN Vibration: … [B]ut members of his inner circle seem prone to wrongdoing. Electricity sector head Manuel Bartlett failed to report nearly two dozen luxury homes (1he owns in Mexico City worth more than $40 million. Senator NapoleónNapitoGómez Urrutia, a former labor leader, now travels by private jet (2), while his son posts YouTube videos of his Mercedes, Porsches, Land Rovers and other luxury cars (3). And despite his son’s lack of professional experience, he’s jumping into the mining and energy businesses, economic sectors that his father oversees. The head of Lopez Obrador’s political party (Citlali Ibáñez Camacho*) claims to have “made an accounting error” when filing her 2013 taxes, one that saved her $850,000 (4in the process.

For the record, Gin is odorless when it mixes with human taste buds, so have at it, this is NOW the AGE of go’ahead: smoke’EM if you got’EM.

[1]. Propenso a Irregularidades

Official OBServer

Official OBServer .:. 4181D71B-D808-4E5C-95C4-2020F9FCA51C 🧶 “… [E]l jefe del sector eléctrico Manuel Bartlett no reportó casi dos docenas de casas de lujo (1) que posee en la Ciudad de México por valor de más de $40 millones.”

Trollie McTroll

PS.: Deer, Nick; please be advised that following last night’s expected virtual blow-job to the Virtual Monarch (isn’t it IRONIC; Stanley Kubrick) of them United States of america, Senator Gómez Urrutia’s translation will appear later in the Programming on part ii of: Deer, Nick Confessore – Say helloooooo to John Mill Ackerman’s bread winner. TimeNow, High-Noon of the morning after 5 de febrero) Mexican Constitution Day at CAPITOL HILL

Oh–la–la, ahora en espagnol… What a difference a day makes, part IV

Yes indeed, oh but yes y, como dice la canción:

.. I wish that I knew what I know now
When I was stronger.…

… ISSY, dear Sirens, this is an InterMission.

Sin Embargo, bola de putos, quién fuera Dolia Estévez para saber quién fue Manuel Buendía and know why he was killed dead with a load of plomo administered through the back of his coat with one of those goverment issued ‘roscoes’ to the Mexican police.

TimeStamp: The 2 o’Clock hour in CET.

Néanmoins, o como dicen los franceses in their peer–reviewed articles: NotWithStanding, at least for the makers of this most non-consequential blog this sort of strategic REACOMODOS, or key player restructuring is the way that political alignments have been coordinated since we began covering in 2012 when the Exectutive Directive from Los Pinos was to extinguish all political dissent in the old continent pero, sobre todos los territorios, el más codiciado de la labisconería política–cultural mexicana, o sea, París.

Next thing Ewe know, Echeverría Álvarez siempre fue una blanca paloma y no el AUTOR INTELECTUAL MAGNICIDA del imaginario del aparato de Gobernación.

TimeStamp: The Three o’Clock hour in
Central Europe Time.
It’s Siesta, o como dicen los franceces:
Horizontal Time.
See Ewe’all at the
Five o’Clock hour in C.E.T.

The Red Baron and… La Noche de Los Inválidos follows.

BUENDÍA… right now, bola de putos, son las Cinco de la tarde en París.

Bonjour… o como dicen los franceses: BUENDÍA.

The following is courtesy of Dolia at SinEmbargo:


En 1984, agentes de la DFS asesinaron a Manuel Buendía, el periodista que investigaba el vinculo entre la CIA, la DFS y el narco. José Antonio Zorrilla, el director de la DFS que recibía órdenes directas de Bartlett, fue hallado culpable. Bartlett resultó impune. Dijo que no era responsable de los crímenes de la DFS (The Wall Street Journal 05/03/1997). En 1989, el expediente de Buendía fue cerrado. Los autores intelectuales siguen libres.


TimeStamp: “Good Stuff” at 17h30
in Central Siren Time.

Anygüey, Bill Maher,
have Ewe heard the one about
The WereWolf?
Etta James sang it best.

TimeStamp: Diez para las Sies — en plena canícula…
o como dicen los franceses “Comment ça va?”
on this Dog Day early evening, eh?

Jazz Hour follows.