Only in théâtres: Mika had a little horse… Kurwa was his name-oh

Mika had a little horse is the brainchild of Mike Lupica and some old fucker, “Mika had a little horse” is being brought to you by Heinz Ketch-up.

Corruption information library

And Katty Kay, would Greta work as the rebellious re-interpretation version of a young 007 franchise? And what Eye means to say is that El Mundo de Le Monde is fed up, FED UP, EYE say!!!, of the old re-invention of James Bond.

Don’t get U.S. wrong, Katty Kay, Öüï is certain that your 50 over 50 narrative is delightful, but Mí (that motherfucker) pictures this Benjamin Button re-gression to “the origins” version of a Rosbif tale.

And just to provide ornamental contrast to the pitch, the first of the New 007 saga is titled: Mika’s Buzz Kill… synopsis, Mika goes to the Amazon® with a chainsaw for luggage. It’s MOW TOWN BITCHES!

Over at the Georges Pompidou Match Libary©, Stephanie Ruhle dares to put vocal chords on that writing on THE WALL™:

— Nothing, it’s just a rack for the books.

Hoy no hubo Jazz…


Dear, Elise Jordan… Cc: David Ignatius, Robert Costa, Joe Scarborough…

Hola, Elise!

https ://old .reddit .com /r /politics /comments /hz54ew /the_world_is_realizing_the_us_is_no_longer/

That's all folks!

That’s all folks!

Very briefly, heck you could reframe this and just say, in briefs, please stop scaring Nicolle Wallace on Deadline because deep down beneath that Stockholm Superstream–rinsed brown mane that The Wallace sports on the msnbc set at her laundry room in Manhattan, there is a blond living in that Orange County, California head of hers.

So, Elise, you have to be really-really bee careful when you point-blank start a question with, “when was the last time that The Bush (43) Administration,” yada, yada, yada.

The Eagles Wings

The Eagle’s wings .:. 39B54918-68F6-4ADC-96C9-A57DDBB65B13 🛂 Wanna know how “trickle down economics” morphed into a funneled through Pinto League? D.A.T.’s a Major League reference, and if you want the rest of that KURWA, you are going to have to subscribe.

You just don’t go doing D.A.T. to Nicolle on Deadline just out of the blue because God knows what sort of human rights and civil liberties trespasses might be Coming Up , in the form of a question, —of course.

Still to come: how to start a war, with Mika Brzezinski. In this episode Willie Geist goes over the basics of how the U.S got into Iraq, the answer? It must come in the form of a question, eh!

With that in mind Cousin Joe, fuck the Reagan Foundation and all of the Republicans that slowly but surely would overreach their authority with items like this:


Ibid… Sociology is a combat sport. These are their stories on: Stand-up, special bigots unit.

Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism [A]ct


Bcc: Eugene Robinson’s desk:

HOY NO HUBO « LIVE » Talent a Jazzafip during Set One… [L]et u.s. Hope that on the Second Set, Charlie Parker grows some, wait scratch D.A.T. Siren, let u.s. Hope  that on the 2nd Set, Charlie gets some.

They have Rocks for Brains

They have Rocks for Brains .:. 22FFF0B4-3734-48FD-8ACF-1DA99BD43378 .::. Lucky for them poor ignorant grunts D.A.R.E. is always a dependable Armor unit full of Distinguished Armor Technicians for T.H.A.T., eh!

ISSY, Ladies in Gemini, foreward path(ogen)finders report that a sort of piano “desafinado” along with two other characters on the rhythm section duo of the ensamble did not play any Jazz along the Seine waves.

Noisy Frogs 👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾, and 👏🏻 from Noisy–le–Grand (93051) a “New Suburb” that spawned next of La Marne, following the collapse of a thing called N.a.t.o, which Eye is sure you used to like, croaked in protest in their own particular way 👏, period!

Dun–Dun sound goes here

Law and Order Criminal Intent 786FEAA8-8486-4411-9878-8AEA466752BA .:. The names of the innocent have been changed ⚖️ Dun–Dun (Law & Order) sound goes here¹, [enter] Arizona Republican Representative Lebbie Desko from the Judiciary Committee at Capitol Hill in the Washington, D.C. District.

https ://www /emissions /club-jazzafip /speciale-festival-pianissimo-volume-xv-2-5

Sadly, öüï regret to inform the rest of the listening posts around the Complex, que Hoy No Hubo Jazz.

WFEiK the sound of the sirens on the Hilo a.m. dial returns after a word from DOLE and Mite your choice in pineapples since the Fall of Saigon.

… and now, The Knews.

Right Now

Right Now .:. 966C2FA2-E7D7-4A0F-B489-E4F5567229BA .::. Right now, Donald Trump’s personal Attorney General just told the Nation that he was not aware of the “Trumpists” that threaten to kill a democratic sitting governor of Michigan, “the woman!” whom his boss, John Donald the first, clearly feels threaten by.

“This is my Time, and I Control IT!”
Ms. Pramile Jayamal¹ (D)
7th Congressional District
Washington D.C. District.

Still to come at the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room

It’s Kayleigh’s News Extravaganza… starring The 45th President of The United States of America

Something Öüï Can all Re-Late Two:

And just like the Black Diplomats say

And just like the Black Diplomats across The Atlantic Re–Late .:. 8F198B65-94DB-41C1-AB3A-8B43E842E933 🗞 You can see America better from Abroad.

In today’s episode, Kayleigh fixes the “numbers” for the Cognitively Übermensch and main White Suprematist in charge… “you’re not in Kansas anymore, tonton”.

Anyhow, Kayleigh McEnany, you playmate centerfold material YOU, you wanna know what a proper got your shit together place looks like, ask the best Mayor in on God’s Green Earth, Anne Hidalgo, of course. Check it out, Monday to Sunday and, just in case you are in Liverpool Time, D.A.T.s Eight Days A Week that Eye want to fornicate with you, you podium of lies goddess you.

La Hache Es Muda… just like you sHould bee, Kayleigh McEnany!

… Jazz fo’Yo sexy Ho’ass follows, yeah Buddy! In the voice of the one and only: Niño Luc, yeah, Buddy! Now, Kayleigh, Eye is not here to tell no lies, or SpickUlate, but did you know that the name Luc in French is one “K” removed from getting LucKy with you, yeah, Buddy.

La Historia behind that myth is D.A.T. the French stole the K from the Devil himself, because Luc means Light, or something like D.A.T., afterglow… in-deed. Dr. In•Deed.

Anyhow, Keyleigh, have you heard the latest Fake News out of the White House, V.45? DAY sound a little something like this:

In Hilo, Hawaii it's Stormy Weather

In Hilo and Kamuela Hawaii it’s Tropical Stormy Weather Times .:. D89A3646-2AD1-4068-9F8F-34D4E8B4511E 💨⛈🌊 The National Weather Service (KeyWord D.A.R.E. is SERVICE) has NOT, öüï REPEAT, HAASS KNOT named this HURACÁN RAMÍREZ WATCH, so in the STYLO of the 45th President of them united states, öüï is committed to SNATCH that same motherfucking Sharpie™️ that President Trump used to draw a phallus–looking curve onto El Huracán Dorian in Sept. of 2019, when he insisted that after his trip to the Bahamas, Dorian should also fuck Alabama… ’member D.A.T., Stephen Miller?  —“Well DO’ya, punK?”  Because, motherfucker, öüï is naming that weather system over 🌋, Hawaii: The Daniels Tropical Storm 🍍🍍🍍 Ananas for all, courtesy of The Lincoln Project’s Hell Kitchens. … Club Jazzafip du vendredi 24 juillet 2020

The presidents powers will not be questioned, and my nana did not die from the Coronavirus, said Stephen Miller, from the Jared Kushner section of the Advisors realm.

Anyway, Kayleigh McEnany, at the club jazz-a-fip Avishai Cohen shed a tear for that misguided Jew. And, Kayleigh McEnany, judging from his Uncle in Long Beach, California, the Millers seem to be an alright bunch, except for that Evil fuck, Stephen.


God help you all… gonna run out of battery now–you–know, catch you fuckers on Deadline.

22h Central Franco Time

… [A]nd, öüï are back.

TimeStamp: 22h  Central Europe Time

Oh, Kayleigh… Kayleigh, you know what?… It’s Weekend Edition, and youse the host… mamacita!

Hello, Hailey Tuck… i don’t mind

You’d be forgiven if you think that in this, and every moment in time you would have to be in them United States to feel American, truth be told, the first time i was told,“America, love it or leave it!”, Eye jumped at the opportunity.

Benjamin Franklin.


https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /club-jazzafip /marseille-festival-de-jazz-des-5-continents-2020-avec-hailey-tuck

In Local Motion News

Paris, un Été particullier, Paris Plages are in full effect, and Madame Hidalgo had her first day at work, promises made to her constituents during the campaign began to be discussed, no doubt they will begin to materialize in no time, sadly the socialista reveals that she is not contemplating running for President in the upcoming 2022 election, frogs in green spaces here, there, and everywhere croak in disappointment.

https ://www .theatlantic .com /international /archive /2020/07 /us-black-diplomats-america /614452/

Meanwhile across The Atlantic, there is a new sheriff in Towns, particularly the ones that want to leave the Old West behind.

En fin… it’s just another Quentin Tarantino rotation of them stars

The Fall fell on the effort. Hoy no hubo jazz;

Coming up on ...

Coming up on … Los Amigos de Ben Franklin en el hotel “”Paris Chiquito”, por supuesto, “Allá en el rancho grande” en el pueblo del abuelito de don Calderón.

Wake mí up when October begins and September ends.

For the record, no copyright infringement was infringed upon in the making of this blog, because this is just another Hollywood Style blockbuster built, of course, with blocks from the Lee Majors abandoned Fall Guy set.


The good thing about this most inconsequential blog is:

That them’Sirens don’t read Led Zeppelin in between them’Lines.

Hoy no hubo fip

Hoy no hubo fip. Hoy, al filo de las meras 14h05 en Central Siren Times no hubo Jazz para policias.

I Can’t Quit You, Baby…
ni con las genoux del hijo de Jodorowski.

Dear, Jorja Smith;
… [P]lease relay to the PH Factor Hardgrove that Signal from the Siren Den is inop. We [the staff] repeat, Signal from the Siren Den is inop…

When the music's over

It appears that, “the music” is now over, at least for this most inconsequential blog. Oh, The Humanity, —COUSIN Joe— the humanity.

in the mean time, while Donald Trump continues to dismantle the ‘AmeriW.A.S.P. Dream‘, elDorado takes a trip to Lille.

Lille? Does anybody remembers Lille?

Anyone? Anybody, Lille?


Simón, camarada: Hoy no hubo Jazz.

Aim High, with ground support, and of course…
Musical Guest: Fire, Fire—H.E.A.T.

18:40 in CENTRAL NATO TIMES:e89009ed-f003-4d49-ab84-bfc810bd7519

Voice of America’s Eve

Come out and play:4f6df81a-23f4-49c0-9c80-cde4c59bab4a

It’s 5 hours and 20 minutes
before there are only
333 DAYS remaining
for the Democrats
to relieve
the Commander-in-Chief
of his
Oval Doll House



Chris Shiherlis

Coming up on The Muller Chronicles:

Orange Crush:b2911ea1-212e-40a3-9957-c74bcc32da12… objects on poster are in Rabbit sizes, without counting the ears.

Just the Facts, Ma’am.
In tonight’s Transmission,
The Purple Pundit plays the role
of a Muller Sleuth, while the Wabbit,
well, let’s just say that the Wabbit,
did warn the Man on the Moon about
the Pigs on the wire.

Coming this Fall — Say, is that a watch on a leash?


Musical Guest:
Jimmy Smith(s)
The Tarahumaras Flotantes

Mientras tanto en San Pedro —Garza García— de R O M A, Harriet se sentía sola, y Zapata no podía creer lo que sus bigotes capturaban de la señal de la Comadre Tati, —chinGA_DAmadre!!!

Veinte después de hora, y no Lucy, no insistas porque ni con todos los diamantes como Oasis en SKY TV tocaré: Hoy No Hubo Jazz.

Live from Paris, this is the “Hoy no hubo Jazz” hour, brought to you by the guys who started a Watch Company.

Surprise Motherfucker, Eye’ve got the Time Tic Ticking in My Cabeza!

Anuncio: The Watch Company Guys
Jinggle: D’ya know who’s chaining your watch?

Right now it’s The MorJo Show.

Je suis un? Anyone?, pregunta el líder de los que conducen las pipas para suministrar combustible a los chilangos… y por eso, el Queso es indispensable en las quesadillas. Haga usted de cuenta como la sal lo es para prevenir el síndrome del “trumpismo tropisindical”

33 past the hour.

Meanwhile, over at Dante’s Al Dente(ist) Inferno, manazO and Doc Hollyday are in the middle of a heated exechange over Joe Pesci’s 1992 veredict on what that little wop would do to Sinéad’s (action) tearing of Infallibility.

Jefe… me vale pito lo que piense, lo que diga, o lo que deje de decir doña Tati, más allá de su chamba; porque aquí lo más importante es hacer un castcall para el rol de Las Mandíbulas de MANDIBULÍN para que ese cabrón mastique bien la cuestión del “Bastón”, o en su defecto, el chingado PALO de Mando (militar) a venir, según La Comadre Clouthier. •—!—*  … y recuerden: HOY NO HUBO JAZZ!!!

In walks a new patron. Her GIVEN name is America (sin acento) and she perished because of ‘consumption’, the disease of poverty, the Village People, said. Fucking virus was known to deplete even the biggest macho in any crowd. It was still a strand of TB, though, and so, bada–bing bad’a–bum, America (sin acento) meals card designated her ‘repas’ to this joint: Dante’s Al Dente(ist) Inferno.

40 past the hour.

And moebiu.x says:
PS: fammi sapere se servono musicisti a [sic] parigi!

“Say hello to my little friend!” said fetuccini Al, and it was as if a woodpecker was woodpecking short bursts of woodPeking Pain when he introduced the’saurus, which was not a synonym nor kin of the other SAURUS, called CARLOS ROMERO DESCHAMPS.

And the staff went:
Hoy no hubo Jazz, amig@,
but thank you fot the input…
but mostly amig@, THANK YOU for: