En fin… it’s just another Quentin Tarantino rotation of them stars

The Fall fell on the effort. Hoy no hubo jazz;

Coming up on ...

Coming up on … Los Amigos de Ben Franklin en el hotel “”Paris Chiquito”, por supuesto, “Allá en el rancho grande” en el pueblo del abuelito de don Calderón.

Wake mí up when October begins and September ends.

For the record, no copyright infringement was infringed upon in the making of this blog, because this is just another Hollywood Style blockbuster built, of course, with blocks from the Lee Majors abandoned Fall Guy set.


The good thing about this most inconsequential blog is:

That them’Sirens don’t read Led Zeppelin in between them’Lines.


Hoy no hubo fip

Hoy no hubo fip. Hoy, al filo de las meras 14h05 en Central Siren Times no hubo Jazz para policias.

I Can’t Quit You, Baby…
ni con las genoux del hijo de Jodorowski.

Dear, Jorja Smith;
… [P]lease relay to the PH Factor Hardgrove that Signal from the Siren Den is inop. We [the staff] repeat, Signal from the Siren Den is inop…

When the music's over

It appears that, “the music” is now over, at least for this most inconsequential blog. Oh, The Humanity, —COUSIN Joe— the humanity.

in the mean time, while Donald Trump continues to dismantle the ‘AmeriW.A.S.P. Dream‘, elDorado takes a trip to Lille.

Lille? Does anybody remembers Lille?

Anyone? Anybody, Lille?


Simón, camarada: Hoy no hubo Jazz.

Aim High, with ground support, and of course…
Musical Guest: Fire, Fire—H.E.A.T.

18:40 in CENTRAL NATO TIMES:e89009ed-f003-4d49-ab84-bfc810bd7519

Voice of America’s Eve

Come out and play:4f6df81a-23f4-49c0-9c80-cde4c59bab4a

It’s 5 hours and 20 minutes
before there are only
333 DAYS remaining
for the Democrats
to relieve
the Commander-in-Chief
of his
Oval Doll House



Chris Shiherlis

Coming up on The Muller Chronicles:

Orange Crush:b2911ea1-212e-40a3-9957-c74bcc32da12… objects on poster are in Rabbit sizes, without counting the ears.

Just the Facts, Ma’am.
In tonight’s Transmission,
The Purple Pundit plays the role
of a Muller Sleuth, while the Wabbit,
well, let’s just say that the Wabbit,
did warn the Man on the Moon about
the Pigs on the wire.

Coming this Fall — Say, is that a watch on a leash?


Musical Guest:
Jimmy Smith(s)
The Tarahumaras Flotantes

Mientras tanto en San Pedro —Garza García— de R O M A, Harriet se sentía sola, y Zapata no podía creer lo que sus bigotes capturaban de la señal de la Comadre Tati, —chinGA_DAmadre!!!

Veinte después de hora, y no Lucy, no insistas porque ni con todos los diamantes como Oasis en SKY TV tocaré: Hoy No Hubo Jazz.

Live from Paris, this is the “Hoy no hubo Jazz” hour, brought to you by the guys who started a Watch Company.

Surprise Motherfucker, Eye’ve got the Time Tic Ticking in My Cabeza!

Anuncio: The Watch Company Guys
Jinggle: D’ya know who’s chaining your watch?

Right now it’s The MorJo Show.

Je suis un? Anyone?, pregunta el líder de los que conducen las pipas para suministrar combustible a los chilangos… y por eso, el Queso es indispensable en las quesadillas. Haga usted de cuenta como la sal lo es para prevenir el síndrome del “trumpismo tropisindical”

33 past the hour.

Meanwhile, over at Dante’s Al Dente(ist) Inferno, manazO and Doc Hollyday are in the middle of a heated exechange over Joe Pesci’s 1992 veredict on what that little wop would do to Sinéad’s (action) tearing of Infallibility.

Jefe… me vale pito lo que piense, lo que diga, o lo que deje de decir doña Tati, más allá de su chamba; porque aquí lo más importante es hacer un castcall para el rol de Las Mandíbulas de MANDIBULÍN para que ese cabrón mastique bien la cuestión del “Bastón”, o en su defecto, el chingado PALO de Mando (militar) a venir, según La Comadre Clouthier. •—!—*  … y recuerden: HOY NO HUBO JAZZ!!!

In walks a new patron. Her GIVEN name is America (sin acento) and she perished because of ‘consumption’, the disease of poverty, the Village People, said. Fucking virus was known to deplete even the biggest macho in any crowd. It was still a strand of TB, though, and so, bada–bing bad’a–bum, America (sin acento) meals card designated her ‘repas’ to this joint: Dante’s Al Dente(ist) Inferno.

40 past the hour.

And moebiu.x says:
PS: fammi sapere se servono musicisti a [sic] parigi!

“Say hello to my little friend!” said fetuccini Al, and it was as if a woodpecker was woodpecking short bursts of woodPeking Pain when he introduced the’saurus, which was not a synonym nor kin of the other SAURUS, called CARLOS ROMERO DESCHAMPS.

And the staff went:
Hoy no hubo Jazz, amig@,
but thank you fot the input…
but mostly amig@, THANK YOU for: