Baby Crack Formula — Hamburgers in paradise

It’s Reaganomics, Mika.

Et je jure que je n’ai pas d’arme 👻 🍔

But, FO’ist! It’s LA Nocturne de las tres de la tarde in Central Siesta Naps, with musical guest, Diablotin Makes Three.

Forgive the F.D.A., Dr. Murthy… It’s America, we can figure out how to bring joy to the World with just baking soda and Coke®️, but try to feed the post-embryo babies of Children’s Hospitals, and the first thing that The Biden Administration does is SATIATE the Bentley’s need of doctor Saldmann {and} his quasi-oligarch peers at The European Hospital of the Rich at Citronella Heights 🪁 in the 15éme Arrt. of Parigi, home of the GENERALLI BALOON.

If only president Biden would supply The Georges Pompidou doctors with waiters in their Brasseries. Coq Suckers de mierda.

And, Willie Geist, fuck you! Da’fuck you mean is the “SAUCE”!!! That Wisconsin burger-eatin’ fool is in on the Time-share stratégie for HoBo’s and of course, them motherfuckers that Dean Martin called, Kings of The Road.

I Know Where Ronald McDonald was buried 🤡… John Wayne Gracie

And Mika, when youse down and out, {knot} that you’d ever know what that is, what with your royalty PIN like the one that little Cunt at La Jornada [Poniatowska] sports on her lapel at Wimmenn’s Fairs, the price of a happy meal gets you an 85 cm x 175 cm table with cushioned loveseat.

Ladies from Gemini: Bernie has left the Strip

and men plunder…
You better RUN—You better take

Now, now, settle down

“Now, now, settle down,” .:. E665E558-3E41-4A78-90FC-544191412A09  🕥  and hold your questions until the end of the Session, ya’Bums!

Meanwhile on Mesa Dr., Gremlins and Gknomes were caught messing with our Trademarked TimeStamps, aussi, The Paris Hotel in Vegas can’t get enough of them peacocks.

For the record

For the record .:. 1059EF35-CB09-4D55-9056-353780710ED0 🕕 Previously we [the staff] brought up the issue with the digital minute hand “jumping a click” at the 12, 20, and 40 minute mark. Earlier in the transmission, the clock dragged an entire hour behind Central Europe Time. And please, Alex Witt, don’t gives us that “ Yikes”, because öüï know that you can see the parallels here, even though Mr. Sorkin does not read us.


Time Life and Oblong* records present:
An introduction to Carville Records.
The Las Vegas Sessions.

You are nothing without The Ruhle

You are nothing without The Ruhle .:. 84F3A793-A025-4D36-B971-7095F2D3C0F6 ⌛️Sincerely, David Gura at the 14h00 timeslot.

Men at work

Dear, Avi Velshi; Eye “wonders what is going through your head,” you sir are probably Mexican, why with the way you dish out las indirectas like that time when Dorian hugged the U.S. Eastern Coastline and you, Sir, reminded “that guy from the neck of the woods” about his family past. Now, mr. Velshi, Eye would not pull this out of thin air, no Sir, it’s Black History month and you would not shot the messenger like them pussy-cats at Buzzfeed and the Morning Joe crew from the days when Louis Burgdorff was covering the Way-2-Early crowd… but speaking of absent minded talking heads, what ever happened to Mr. David G.?

Now, mr. Velshi, before öüï [the staff] ask that you please relay to them Stanford University diplomats and National Security Advisers that the culture of “shot the messenger” was started way before Adrianne Elrod was pitching the Hamburgers in Paradise [to Sir Paul McCartney, no less] and previous to a certain Congresswoman from the state of Florida performing, “Debbie does Brazile” on the nomination count of 2016.

Business as Usual

Business as Usual .:. E1300D82-3701-4F12-B576-8FB280019717 🚒

So please, mr. Velshi, if that is your real name… as much as Eye hates seeing the American Dream siphon through the gutter of American democracy (and by American, Eye means the entire continent, not only the part where Them Vikings set foot before that Wop, Columbo, landed in the Bahamas) Eye must point out that Washington should be grateful that no “Junta Style” Kissinger student (Pinochet) or a Sandinista turned Pare de Sufrir Evangelical Christian modified them “white picket fences”, no mr. Velshi you should be thankful that the fear of Vlad the Russian stealing the Electoral College election of 2020 is in great part because all them “Young Americans / Baby Boomers”, as predicted by Lazarus and some Cat from Japan, turned into Fat Mickey Mouse Cows, or something like D.A.T., in other words: KEEP ON Tweeting and Facebooking in the Free World!!!

And remember, mr. Velshi, —motherfucker—  Don’t Shot The Messenger. And Mr. Buttieieg nevermind the count, it’s the Electoral college that will get you in the End.

Eye come from a Land Down Under

Eye come from a Land Down Under .:. 0DBAD4F5-0C15-49DC-BB18-F02570951E47 ➰🃏

Oh, hey there Brian Williams — Live from Babylon III: It’s Saturday Night (today)

How’bout them Lights staying on and the Kornacki cam at 22% at the 04:11 in Seattle, eh!? And, oh boy! That is to say —You know— you will not be forgiven for changing the TIMESTAMP template and Quality feed of the Sanders campaign stop “in that Old West Texas town in El Paso,” because as you know, the Devil, —motherfucker— is in The Dentils, and James Carvill in the details.

Dear, A.M. Joy

Dear, A.M. Joy .:. D9549049-6F74-4A49-A14F-25129BF8111E 🧗🏼‍♀️ Yow cannot —you cannot— eat popcorn and do journalism at the same time, PUNDITRY, —on the other hand— requires truck loads of Palomitas en El Chuco.

But never mind the purple pundits, our focus right now on is the little mixed martial media things that can make or break a candidate, like say that midwest MINER daughter in the last demo-debate when Telemundo tried to take her down on a momentary lapse of reason, but as the entire Mexican nation (except those in the Tlatoani cult) know, AMLO’s name went into the same Venn diagram of CSdG, and —motherfucker— the so–called Latino X’ers from NevaDA could be forgiven if they don’t know who “los innombrables” that sent their parental units out of their hometowns south of the Bravo are, and if you call that river “grande” then you will know why the template on that El Paso timestamp matters.

Weekend Weather with Zbigniew Brzeziński — D.A.T. Parasite

Previously on, “Forced Perspective and Reaction Formation”, Uncle Miltie* was in the process of man’xplaining to Ciara, the Blaxploitation Perils of Ru Pauline and ‘Chad’.

El Clima en Top Gear

El Clima en Top Gear .:. BE088A09-868A-452E-898C-8CA01C2936D9 🗺 …

Ladies in Gemini, please cover your eyes as the next segment is a ‘message’ in “a bottle” disguised as a love letter to the « La Concha de Cathy Anne », and Mitch Che, please relay to Cathy Anne, that D.A.T. Ho D.A.R.E. had me at IKEA meatballs; El Pollo Loco, now that —motherfucker— is nuthin’ but Icing on the Venus mound.

Cathy Anne, all that Eye is sayin’ is that maybe your parasites would enjoy meeting the best parasites in the whole wide–world, let Mí introduce your Pollo Loco®️ invites to our Escalope de Poulet Provençale drop-in’s.

All of Mí

Your Crack, my Brown Sugar .:. B865307C-735E-4ECC-B7B4-3496CC9CE6DA — It’ll be like a Blue Heaven. I’ll even give you ALL of the Weed!!! …………………. 8 hours later WEEKEND UPDATE, lasamigasde Cathy go with Oscar the Grouch Amoebas, instead. Reached for comment, the Cookie Monster said that it’s for the best, adding, “Say no to Crack®️and never hit the pipes without suspenders.

TimeStamp in HILO, Hawaii is:
20:11:34 in HST
And the Mercury sign is a lovely
71° in American Currency
22 in The Rest of the World Celsius.

Dear, Lorne Michaels

Dear, Lorne Michaels: thank you for the Birthday Card and the collective “OUIJA BOARD hands over the wine glass” salute .:. 1C842784-D172-435B-BDC5-45299B0C7E4C —_•!•_— … but speaking of Whine, you’d never guess who is a Whinny Little Bitch in Real Time? Hint-hint, that Werewolf spends his New Years in Maui. Eye never thought that this would be true, but Steve Bannon is right about one thing, CHUCK TODD’s republic is the Manifest Destiny  that your  of them federalist papers that you chose, Sir. In the sexy voice os Stephanie Ruhle: you can’t blame the player, when Adrianne Elrod went ahead in 2015/16 and snubbed the American Idiot  in at Hanna’s shack in Montana, o algo así. Así que Billy–Boï, aquí no hay mas que de–dos SOPAs, una es OLIGARCA TIRANICA; now showing in Full IMAX experience; and the other selection from the menu, —motherfucker— is in BLOOM.


El Clima en Top Gear: https ://www .express .co .uk /news /weather /1232745 /BBC-Weather-forecast-weekend-rain-UK-temperature-latest-Met-Office

“THEY” say it’s Your Birthday… Happy Birthday to ya’

Meanwhile in Hilo, Hawaii, Ringo has some mini dashboard deodorant dancing Hawaiian Hula Girl Dolls around his drum set… he’s such a beat’er that Ringo Starr.

Caballo Prieto Azabache Productions

Caballo Prieto Azabache Productions, presents .:. 577B322D-45DB-4FAD-B584-CB29F8B049F3 •|• A Knight at The Opéra, starring the Gospel of Lucky LUKE.

Over on the Bass section of the Stage, Paul has not only broken —¥.€.T— another glass, “the cute one” is now flashing the Confederate NAVY 🆗 Salute… Oh, (Her Majesty), the humanity.

The Making of

The making of .:. AB2F2717-13A8-4E87-801F-25127E344B43 “!” Hamburgers in Paradise… « He’s with Her », starring Adrienne Elrod.

… but WAIT! D.A.R.E. is more, over on the Hollywood Front, Daffy Duck is set to deliver a Netflix Stand-up Special dedicated to Brad Pitt for daring to wear a White Tux to a suicide mission “Black Tie” affaire. Hollywood Front insiders relay that one of the segments of the 15-round show includes a sketch where Brad Pitt is a  « nude, gay, ghostly » Nazi–quack archeologist. Tinseltown reporter AndurielsShadow went the extra mile and got us the name of that “image”, it’s titled: The Brokeback Sixth Sense in Tibet… or something like that.

Jew say goodbye; Palestinian says Hello

las horas

Las horas in the Common Era.

… [A]nd in france, here ya’ go, you “filthy salopard”, here’s your thyme delayed Christmas gift:

A Knight at The Opera
“Eye has a structured settlement,
and Eye needs,
C.A.S.H. now!!!

Opéra House; sector NINE
Parigi, Francia.

File photo

File Photo of two hot Gilet Jaunes holding an elevator on Stand-by while the next patron saint decides if s/he will go down on D.A.T. D.A.R.E. or instead take the Stair Master.

News Tick(ler) Services report that in an un-rehearsed number of CINEMATIC Proportions the troupe of the National Opéra House adapted a M.A.S.H.-U.P. of Wolfie Amadeus “don Giovanni”, and Boston’s own, Aerosmith’s “Love in an elevator” in order to protest Jupiter’s “When I’m 64” retirement plans.

Muerte súbita à Chavez Ravine vía Ebb[ETS]s field

Gooooooo, Dodgers.

Republican dad jokes

Republican dad jokes:
ISIS. ISIS. ISIS… anyone seen ISIS?
– and Ferris Buller replies:
The 45th president of them United States of America send sent them fuckers to Europa.

3 — 1 (Gnats go home)

TimeStamp: The half of the Rachel Maddow set, bring the Cardenales over, “the WaWa is Fine”, former Senator Claire McCass, bring’em over. BLUE has got the perfect pipe organ for your byrds, as öüï head over to the Fourth.

Previously on las maracas del tractor:

No le disparen al mensajero.

“No success without effort or error”… or something like that, said this former DODGER, putain!!! After sending the Washington Nationals to the play ball con Los Cardenales de la ex senadora Claire McCass de Missouri.

Congratulations to the Nats

Congratulations to the Nationals, blood well sucked… ¡Pley Bol!!! •|• …[A]nd little Rocket Man says, “and I guess that’s why THEY call it The Blues,” punto y aparte.

Congratulations to The Washington Nationals.

Final score (as seen from a ghost couch on third base):

Dear, Susana Sepulveda;
Eye knows that you don’t read us,
Might you or any of the Sepultureros
have the date of “transmission”
of the Ry Cooder, Certains l’aiment
… or was that a “sur les jupes de fip

from 2016?

08 11 2016

The date coincides, or rather,
is as you French people say:
s’accordent con el chingado episodio
on The Rachel Maddow Show
titled: Hamburgers in Paradise.

Nationals 7 — 3 Dodgers

Normandy and the Kurds

Normandy and the Kurds, eh? For the record, Raquelito, remember that time when you “thanked” the god of gold for granting you a space from where to work on your current book, “Blowout”? Remember how you were grateful because you didn’t have to bother (by waking up) your significant other at 3 a.m. en la mañana?… them were the days, eh! Lemme’ tell you, ever since crossing roads with the Good People at Buzzfeed at the Unesco Headquarters in Paris, it feels as though you (or your significant other) read this most inconsequential BLOG, pero… déjame que te cuente Morena (Francia) you, Madam, are just about to become an INTEGRAL part of a Mémoire for the Tribunal de Paris. And of course, by “YOU”, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto means the entire Evil Empire of them Rockefeller Center Yanks. Y como de costumbre, USO JUSTO DE TODOS LOS MEDIOS.


Dodgers stay home… monitos follow.

“Whatch the way Eye Navigates »


Las fuentes de doña Vilma

Las fuentes de doña Vilma, Internal Affaire.:.DBB45F66-5442-40FC-B729-00B7D66A8328

Oh, hey Hallie Jackson, say hello to Phil Griffin and, here’s an “Almost Live” text that won’t make your frequency on account that it was not a “terrorist’s” attack; do say hello to the Welk.

Fucking, Canucks

Eye did tell y’all that there was a Motherfucking KNIFE in that Lot:

Internal affairs

Internal affaire… let’s play Hardball, dear former Senator Claire McCaskell à Saint Louis, Misery; listen here, we [the staff] don’t choose the deck, nor the cards, not even the rhythm, öüï just ping-pong the news back to you, —ma’am, just the (tip) of the facts.

day 3, Month 10, Year 2019 C.E.
TimeStamp 14hrs CET

Context is developing

Context is developing on the Way to Le Tribunal de Clichy, only, On The View.

Transmission cut. We repeat, transmission cut.

Earlier in the day:

Forward Observation Report from Centerfield and the description of the Bowi™️; On The View, with Chelsea Maddow’s blow-out Special; Oh, The Thyming, Matthew Mac Con Augustus Jey*, which brings U.S. to that Donnie Deutsch “dead president” brand of performance that leaves Climate Change deniers feeling “good” about their dead presidents monthly-payment “BeeJeeKohls“.

 Bank books courtesy of

Bank books courtesy of: Crédit Lyonnais 1904 – 1911. Now, when the Ancien Regime slapped a couple of tin stick-ons on a Grand Livre (aprox. dead weight: 15 kgs. one–Each) they were not thinking of Smoke and Mirrors, for the record, the Bowi™️ probably makes the weight at 3 lbs. (American, not Imperial) and can probably store a couple og Giga Cubic Tons of the dried calligraphy in them LOGS there; and Vladimir Putin has copies of each and every motherfunking bit in his “Superb” server, named after Matthew McConaughey*

Metadata and Metaphysical dimensiones of the Obsi™️ follow, but FOist, the Bill on el adorable clima de Finlandia…

Ya llegó Nikki Lauda

Ya llegó Nikki Lauda.:.88178C4C-6835-4E42-831A-F6E8B0C6BE0F •|• Y su MXT Mastretta de Limón, de que Color lo va a querer, you “lazy, feckless, flatulent oaf,” period

… and in Washington, trascendió que los llamados “Gnats” fly in clouds…. GOOOOOOOO, Dodgers!

Dear, Negrita…could it bee, possible

We [the staff] interrupt our AMLO contra las momias de Guanajuato to bring you the latest on the Epstein “abduction” to Dr. Moreau’s Island.

White, Rick at El WaPo reports

White, Rick at El WaPo reports.:.D0C7B158-BACB-4657-A839-AC4E3E380329 •|• Hey, Beto seen the News from them Nordic Countries, Lately?

The Washington Post reports that Val Kilmer’s genes were crossdressed with Bugs Bunny’s D.N.A., and introduced to the reclusorio de Manhattan, the very same holding Federal Facility where “El Chapo” tears were harvested for ALL of the Media in at the La Jornada to see.

Zakira news

Zakira news, at Mr. Noah’s favorite Biblioteca. Breaking NEWS, could it BEE, that Tim O”brian just called Donald Trump a “Reptilian”? Dean ObLADI Oblah Da , a talk host on the AM JOY… says yes. Donald Trump is a close relative to genetically manipulated DinoSaurians. Symptoms include having an RH-negative blood TYPE, playing pelota Basque, and chomping the head from a Live COCK ; right-wing French post-SeptauGENErian Brigitte Bardot, from the Versailles chapter of the Semolina Pilchard’s animal protection group is on the case. MEDIABASK, at the Biarritz (G-7 headQuarters) report that the PERP feels bad for his Ozzy Osbourne moment… With a Cock!!! And to the disgustó of the French, and AM JOY, the fucker didn’t even finish the rest of the bird.

WaPa reporter Karola Leonning Quinn reports that the theory is no longer a secret. Jefferey Epstein was in fact abducted by the WALL STREET GRAYS and a “body replacement”, es decir, Raquelito, an exact replica of the “lolita* trafficker kingpin” was left in the ALL–blind–EYES of a maximum security Federal holding tank (no relation to the LIMA, OHIO m1a-Series of MBT’s). Right now, Jefferey Epstein is enjoying a cock… tail and a couple of burgers prepared, —yup, you guessed it— at his very Own Private PARADISE island.

Listen HERE:

Puro corazón en Lima

Touché: Puro corazón en Lima, Perú.

Mientras tanto en la otra LIMA, la de los Cholos y las Cholas de la Pachamama, it’s ALL about Race.


The color of Cross–Media Tangents — Segunda entrada

Sabbatical Day Nº 8
Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Because, Baby, as the whole Wide World Knows: it was the French who invented the In-and-Out; and_You–know—that! Y_es–por–eso—que, “that’s what a hamburger, —is all about.”  Nevermind, about that double whopper

and please,
Don’t forget —The Onion.

[Voz de hombre:
Jeff Goldblum, or whoever dubs his voice in the Spanish versions of his movies].

We know return to:

Hamburgers in paradise

[Woman’s voice: Sarah Silverman]   — El staff de asegovia3 les estaba comentando en la entrada de ayer de que, “lo bueno de este blog” es de que don Guillermo del Toro no lo visita… o algo así. }-~–~\•>  Californian Burger joint menu (invented by the French, of course) is brought to you by John 3:16; source: the bottom of the disposableHoly Grails” at chez In–N–Out, the best cheeseburgers West of The Rockies, and apparently now even in some parts of Texas.

[Man’s Voice

… because if “Memo” would drop by, then it’s safe to say that the next time that the Award Winning réalisateur visits Paris, in the Winter time, it would be a given that he would be standing in line à la côte deAu Pied du Cochon“; 75001, if only to confirm the exceptional taste of the daily food servings at chez La Soupe Saint–Estauche. Check it out, the staff already mentioned it before on another post, but here it goes one more: the benevolent at Saint–Estauche offer a three piece meal, with dessert included, which BTW features some of the best tasting [and generous] portions of food for anyone who shows up for supper, the street feast starts at around 19h30ish CET on the West End Façade Columns of the church that meet with la Rue du Jour. Their logistics permit for a nightly accomodation of around 250/300 meals, and in addition, the good folks volunteering there are nice enough to send every Eater off into the night with a bag of goodies for when, you know, the munchies strike; no questions asked. In France, ladies and gentlemen this is one of the Original, “come as you are” joints.

Next on France 24 “Southern California Edition”, live from Calabazas, California, it’s another episode of: Did You Know That It Was The French… in this segment, The French invent the In–N–Out. Guest Starring: Guillermo del Toro. }–~—~\•> Fair use of all travel critique guides.

Last night’s menu included: SOPA DE CALABAZA DE INVIERNO (butternut squash) con trocitos de Tofú; ESTOFADO DE FÍLETE DE PESCADO con laurel y otras especias; ENSALADA; panecillos y pastelitos; café, and I SHIT–YOU–NOT Willy Boy, una rebanadita de queso que al principio pensé que era Reblochon, pero no, el pedacito resulto ser de otra variedad; y ya ve áste marchantito que aquí, De–Variedad, hay de sobra… anygüey, la rebanada era algo asi como un queso tipo Asadero, del que se vende en barras allá en los supermercados del Sur de California, no como los queso Asadero de Villa Ahumada, allá en la ruta de asfalto que conecta a Ciudad Juárez con la ciudad de Chihuahuita… y en dónde por orden del sindicato de queseros y asociados, los queso asadero solamente se pueden montar —única y exclusivamente— en tortilla de harina, y por eso, don Memo, pues, por eso a lo mejor esos queso Asadero son otra cosa. Sin embargo, la rajita del queso de anoche, pues, esa don Memo, esa iría mejor con tortilla de maíz; que anoche, como a muchos mexicanos viera áste como se me antojarón… anygüey, don Memo; no me haga usted caso porque como todo /r/Mexico ya lo sabe, LAS QUESADILLAS SÍ LLEVAN QUESO. Aunque eso, pues, eso es algo que los chilangos nunca comprenderán: que las quesadillas, mi cuate, pues sí llevan queso… en las salchichas, don Memo, el queso es opcional.

… but speaking of gold related blooms, you know, like the Winter Butternut Squash, did you know that it was the French who invented Calabazas and the In–N–Out? –•—!—•– Fair use of some Aussi guy, and Jeff Goldblum’s gut-truck.

Now [the staff] are not saying that he, —don del Toro— does*, but according to an alleged Twit sent out from his account after a celebrated awards show, Sr. del Toro had to munch–out his cravings for the staff’s California version of Les Madeleines de Madame Bovary… or something like that at a Celebrated burger joint; now, the staff ain’t saying that he does*, but Mr. del Toro’s alledged twit sure–as–fuck  reververates like an Echo Chamber, from a previous post, from this non–consequential blog through “them” drive-thrus, —literally.

*  … the staff ain’t saying that he visits this most non–consequential blog.

… I’m doing a project that I have to be secretive about but there is some thematic tie-in to this.

“Chef” Goldblum,
via: EATER dot COM

1. Morabito, G., “Oh Hey, Why Is Jeff Goldblum Working at an Australian Sausage Truck?”, c. April 2017:

2. FernandoMol; vía La página de arranque del Internet:

3. Florentin, B., “Comme Chez In–N–Out”, via, some << trip company >>, or something like that:

4. Snopes dot Com; In–N–Out “Holy Grail” reference:

[Woman’s voice
Sarah Silverman].

When asegovia3 returns:

[Man’s voice: Jeff Goldblum] — Just what in the world is a Cross–Media Tangent, anyway?… take out your Baldor Bible, and turn to the gospel of Differential Calculus… fair use of all wikis.

TimeStamp: High–noon in Central Europe Time.

The color of CROSS-MEDIA Tangents — Hamburgers in Paradise

“La gente siempre me anda preguntando: Sr. Goldblum, ¿cómo pronuncía usted su nombre…? y yo siempre les respondo, ¿cómo te atreves a dirigirme la palabra?.”


today is
Sabbatical Day Nº 7,
it’s a Monday in January, the 8th of 2018
and the good thing about this blog:
is that Mr. del Toro, no lo lee.

Gold Related Context Follows… so stick around

Sources follow as well.