What’s the point, o cómo dijo Poniatowska³

³~. ¿Para qué‽ ⌨️

Cookie Monster!

_ If Jamal Khashoggi had a “Red Privada” then Manuel Buendía would most definitely have had a Middle East Eye.


What’s good for the Saudis is good for the Young Turks:

https ://www .reuters .com /world /europe /sweden-distance-itself-kurdish-groups-bid-join-nato-swedish-radio-2022-11-05/

Hola, Mano… I’m leaving Vega’s Archives

“Just the facts Ma’am.”

The pad spells, IT!, right out, period!

The instruction reads:

¡Escribe a mano aquí!

and so Eye, did… ¡Hola Mano!

Amarillo no me pongo.

Based on a Rupestres Rodantes album titled, “Paint it, Black”

Eye Rememb’ah, the fucking Masons, it was THE MASON.

Starring Nick Cage as the Enemy of The NATIONAL Archives… at The Georges Pompidou National Art Museum… WITH Alice Cooper in the role of the fuckin’ Mason and The Librarian as The FILING ENEMY³.


³~. Patti Smith stars as THE VOICE of the MASKED FILING CABINET.

This Film Has Not Yet Been Rated.

… After the break, it’s « To The Moon, Alicia! To The MOON!! ».

The Dark Side of Mr. Pink 🦹🌒

I Know It’s Only Rock and Roll — but I like it

The RING = π(R + r) (R – r)


Must show Avi Velshi

A multi-billion USD investment by “Big r” to “little ARE”

Previously on, I Saved Andy Warhol…

Signed, sealed, deliver us from Le PN. Followed by “Pop” music… and, Cerf-panthère, you might think that the ‘straight’ snaking between 1968 and 2347 is missing the 5, but then you would have to factor in what’s at play (punto y coma) The V République, or something like that.

… Let’s do the math


Youse gonna need a NEW FORMULA.

194 turns to FIVE | ✔️🏀🗑️
Don’t forget to add ONE

Shuby Doobie Doobie Bop Bop Thee Wa… pop 🎶 music.

5 + 1 = SIX

Ladies in Gemini: PURGATORY

But it’s alright, baby
If Eye hurries I can still make CHERNOBYL.

I Am SIRIUS… and you are not.

Instant Karma… In WaWa Land, Chris Haynes turned into The Ukrainian Foreign Minister, DYMTRO KULEBO, and Thee Rachel Maddow Show runs away from L.A. where she was shooting ZOOLANDER.

Shine on, and on, and ON–ON.

… CORRECTIONS DEPARTMENT, we interrupt STANFORD Ewe to relay that THEE RACHEL MADDOW SHOW was not in the process of shooting “A” ZOOLANDER in L.A.; instead, TRMS was SHOOTING A ZOO. Öüï, repeats, TRMS was not shooting a STILLER, Rachel was in L.A. shooting a DAMON.

Break on through (to the Pompidou)

Ladies in Gemini, Öüï has a percée…

Jump to PAGE 6 where a smirky Richard Hass explains BLACK MEXICAN Emmanuel Macron’s rage against THE UK SUBS.

And, Siren… slow your French down
and please, don’t shoot the messenger.

Page 311, Chapter 31
What do you do for your money honey, in "The Last Highway; BonScott", by Jesse Fink. « Castor Music » Le Castor Astral                                              

and for the Record, @segoarma is keeping up with the DENTILS, and Ewe already know what an AntiDenti Eye is.

the DENTILS, ‘cus Ewe know, it’s FRIDAY’s Eve at the Rachel MaddoW ShoW.

… and Fellows, do remember, your sorry ass can only beat me if you:

Rhythmstick (1991) Dizzy G.

  1.  CHEAT
  2. CHEAT
  3. and of course… hold the monopoly of power.
  4. Not an “entry” but how does it feel?