Hibiscus 🌺 with Mika — Por si esto o por si l’OTRO

1~. The Rachel López Show, tonight’s tangent is Florida, Florida, Florida y su ley SB 1718, episode 1; Season 12:

Río Va Vel… dijo “el chino” de Pyongyang.

Baby it’s cold outside… Correction: It is alright to be white, o como dicen los bretones, « a rien  race power, period! ».

https ://www .lanacion .com .ar /estadosunidos /quien-es-el-mexicano-que-fue-detenido-en-florida-por-transportar-indocumentados-en-una-van

It’s knot the tint darkness of your windows, it’s the HEX of your pantone that which, motivated the Florida cop, —to put you away.


Still to come:
Las°Tima Marcelino
She°IN°go a tu Madre,
One More Time.

https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /2023/9/6 /claudia-sheinbaumclaudia-sheinbaumsera-la-candidata-de-morena-la-presidencia-en-2024

It’s called the Hail Mary in ovalball (it used to be called ‘football’) and Charon calls, IT!, something else over The River Styx, but that’s all Greek to Mí.

Any how, Raquelito, here’s an instant re-play of how Jimmy Buffett was spared from the bowels of HADES, it was glorious. Literally. Motherfucking Bill Richardson manifested his ass next to the river bank and PRO-ceeded to whip out his big ol’ diplomatic scroll and there was only one thing for Charon to do, and that was to relase Jimmy from having to cover the songs of Paul McCartney in hell. The REAL winner here is not Jimmy Buffett, but the REAL Paul McCartney who as people who know, know, that the REAL Paul McCartney is a waiter at the Dew Drop Inn, which is kind-of, sort-ish, like the Hotel California but for Redneck Riviera customers. Can you IMAGINE having to serve Lennon while Harrison introduces the opening act for GARY WRIGHT who (by-the-way) plays a mean bass line for “DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE“.

Someone is going to make you pay your fare.


Entre Títeres y Objetos

https ://old .reddit .com /r /beatles /bonzo_dog_doodah_band/

Mariposa Tecknicolor… caras de resignación.

Lo Bueno de Adolfo Hitler es de que él, si sabe como gobernar

Putschista vitalicio de Chile
en La Maison de l’Amérique latine°


Hoy si hubo UN BUEN DÍA en Yucatán!

Los Amigos de Javier* en Champs Elysées.

Jump to Paragraph Five Paraphrasing of proceso’s editorial about the Things We Said Today on, Ernesto Villanueva‘s editorial regarding The Pulitzer Prize del 09/04/2023 

Eye Double-Dog Dare Ewe.


*~. Sicilia, y los Amigos de México en París 8.

Act II : The Pledge of Allegiance and La France

Issy, señorita Amira AL-Sharif, como decía el viejo :

En este mismo lugar, huele a azufre, —encore!

🇻🇪 Comandante Hugo Jr. Rafael³

³~. Hijo de los Reyes⁸ 

And, Jennifer Palmieri, “Si no Ent-iendes lo que digo, con-siguete un Petit-Robert!¹ »


~. Y no, “CHACHALACA 🗣️ », not hijo de los 🇪🇸Borbones de mierda… en ABU DHABI


🥊 A Fistful of Chávez 🥋, malaya esa “Juventud 🇻🇪 Venezolana”, bebiendo 🍾 champán con “Los Amigos de México en Francia”, Y’en 🦁 SciencesPo 🦊, no less… 🥂 aunque, asté, excelentísimo marchantito 🇺🇳 no lo crea.

… ⊥ (do the Math)

https:// en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Orthogonality

Any, how. Zat’Ewe at “Au Vieux Comptoir », Phat Basterd’? Bon Appétit, monsieur! Provecho, Éric, I’d snap a shot at Ewe, but that would be unbecoming of Mí, hey! Tell you what Mr. Basterd’, the radio does add like a 100 pounds to your mug. CHEERS, 🍷.


History of Mel Brooks follows… for $100 quids

Category: People Who Know Body Odor.

The Shortest They – Arab Winter en la Concha de tu Madre 🇦🇷 🕎

Nº 919-920 Décembre 2022

Yup, that’s them good Mel’s, Charlie… 🐰

1er ESSAI (White) Countach!

Well, you’ve HO’id about “la primavera árabe”… it’s Knot, one of those. This one started out at The Greek Theater and it ended up on Hollywood Blvd.

Meanwhile at francemusique, Denisas Kerschovas met “some hard pipe-hittin’ niggas” and with their expertises~ese, Kerschovas took back her studio, Denis Soula, that motherfucker, does not approves, but fuck him y también aussi, a Las Sirenas que lo acompañan:

Over at Le Champ de Mars… 🕎 le Président de La France issued out a VF “knot to be outdone” by The Biden Administration on rue GRABIEL³ trompetazo 🎺🎺🎺 to celebrate BUGS BUNNY 🐇 sous les jupes de La Dama de Hierro, —no less.

Fête des lumières
https ://www .linternaute .com /actualite /guide-vie-quotidienne /1330910 –hanouka-2022-que-commemore-la-lumineuse-fete-juive/

Ms. Jackson… It’s Miss Jackson, not Mrs. Ms. Jackson is a single mom from the Ghetto.

³~. Gabriel is the name which Eye hates the Most in an ArchAngeles.

https ://www .timeanddate .com /calendar /winter-solstice .html

Attention Camp:
please be advised that depending on your Ville, “la quatre saisons n’est pas qu’une Solsticewill be in décalage, below are the Time listings:

Over at The East Village in Babylon II, the Solstice will be on Deadline (16h48) and over at The FIA Motel at La Place de La Concorde in Babylon I, the FO’ist THEY of Winter ❄️ will be taking its POLE Position at the 22h48 and in Hilo, Hawaii, the changing of the Seasons’, in spite of the Rhules, will arrive at the 11th hour in Military Time… not in SOHO clock.

With that in mind, please be advised that I, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano Prieto, do not select, EYE SAY AGAIN, I Do Not Select The NEWS CYCLE, I am only barred by the Préfecture de POLICE at Cité from CITING the context in its ORIGINAL FORMAT, so EWE, yeah JEW, are going to have to KNOT read it, this WAY ⇒ Walk With Mí on my JOURNEY to fucking Knowhere, behold:

The Legacy of VasConCelos²…
a Neville Chamberlain production,
in association with El Yunque en Sciences🦁Po🦊

²~. For the silly French at La Sorbonne, Vasconcelos is our 🇲🇽 very 🇲🇽 OWN Martin (ß) Heidegger.

From the makers of Schlachthof 5 {or} Der Kinderkreuzzug, comes the Story of Christmas as told by a PALESTINIAN boy, named YOSSARIAN PILGRIM.


Now before La Casa de España en Cité Universitaire de Paris (75014) accusés Mí, {or} Armando Segovia of spreading right-wing extremist rhétorique or racist propaganda, I ask those coqSuckers to evaluate the parallel to GAZA when Pedro 🇪🇸 Sánchez looks towards Ceuta.

https ://english .elpais .com/spanish_news /2021-05-18 /spanish-pm-vows-to-protect-north-african-borders-with-all-necessary-measures-after-thousands-of-migrants-swim-ashore.html

Warner Bros. Pictures present, a Department of Transportation production.

And, Cousin Joe… don’t get Mí started on your “phonie Beatlemania”

Dear RADIO FRANCE [fip . fr]:


The Antillas called, they asked the following, « Da’FUCK do you know about SOUL », you have none.

Lorem Ipsum… and fip Sirène thanks for Breakfast this morning…07:39 i already knew that your NetWork was responsible for the “intervention” at the Georges Pompidou Europeean MC dinning hall [FALL of 2016], and when i learned that you, and The Maçon are the sponsors of RAPE and Murder, i knew that i would never win an immigration trial on FRENCH SOIL, but realizing today that you have the passwords, the keys and the WILL of the place where every body knows your name, NOW that! That is some NAZI evil Shit you got going there.

Reflet (Clémentine)
Oscar Anton (2020)
ALBUM: December pack (2020)

Tous les titres diffusés sur FIP: 192x192_rf_omm_0001982995_dnc.0105096433

In the words of the current mayor of Paris France:

I am not sure that you are even FRENCH… you seem like a fucking ODD to the rest of the World.

https ://www .lefigaro .fr /elections /presidentielles /presidentielle-2022-anne-hidalgo-ne-sait-plus-si-jean-luc-melenchon-est-vraiment-de-gauche -20211122

And, “Clémentine“, if that is even your real name, TELEVISA MONITOS CALLED, LA CHILINDRINA wants her dad, « ‘ron’ Ramón » back.

Votre Supplement, from Nuevo Lyon.

But back to our main headline, and Cousin Joe’s “Phonie Beatlemania”:

Eye believes that that, is what Politico LeMire was angling towards on Friday’s episode of the Morning Mika Show. And Katty Kay, you make Mondays look good.

Them Fkn’ Brooks-es-ese… And, Judge… Lolos echos los Bobos del Beaubourg.

With that out of the way let’s review them Deutsch’s-es-ese…

Nosotros ya no somos los mismos


https ://www .jornada .com .mx/notas /2021/11/22 /politica /nosotros-ya-no-somos-los-mismos/

Foto por: María Luisa Severiano… Just Say’n, next thing you know, Andrés Manuel is going to be blasting SILVIO RODRÍGUEZ along the route of The Parade.

On the CET is O’TWO—hundred hours, but on the EST it is still August 9th

TimeStamp: Sweet Home Chicago on Central Siren Time, with a reminder that an “American Idiot” is still in charge.

Dear, white supremacist… remember Mr. Owens? Of course you don’t, they (the Alex Jones’) don’t teach you that in IDIOT SCHOOL.

Coming up:
Eddie Glaude tells/reminds us something that the Charlottesville Nazis hate to remember from the BERLIN OLYMPICS of 1936…
Stick Around, Hitler on Ice — follows.

… the following must be read in an “inner” Donald Trump, voice: dear, self, Ewe know what would be a great idea? Eye mean, a wonderful idea, —a terrific idea?… Dallas. I should follow up on J.F.K. “space” legacy by holding a rally in DALLAS. Yes, DALLAS. I’ll have an open limo ride in Dallas. It will be great! Me and Melania by my side. Yes, DALLAS. What a wonderful idea.

anygüey, today we [the staff] learned that the Trump administration and, the love child of Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman [r.i.p.]) and John Mill Ackerman are under preassure. We [the staff] have a feeling that this is going to be one sizzling August… context will continue to develop—or not! Stay Tuned.

The pundit was a catcher… now, THAT, Rachel (darling) is one hell of catcher’s mitt you got there, why–EYE–see that you’se developing a sixth finger between the Thumb and the Index on that piano playing hand of yours… anygüey, love your show, i don’t care what TOSH point Oh says about your delivery style.

… anygüey, right now it’s the Eleventh p.m. Hour on the Eastern Standard Time. Here on the Central Europe Time is 05h20.

Coming up on the Kavanaughs Files: the torture docs.


23 is the magic number for impeachement… according to Ms. Pettypiece, a Bloomberg source, probably from the 27th Congresional District of New York, —or not.

Two of Us.

Sources, and Ms. Pettypiece, follows.
TimeStamp: 06h00 in CET.

In Hitler’s Face*“… https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesse_Owens

* as told by to Steve Kornaki
on Hardball by Eddie Glaude

On the eve of an AMERICAN IDOT’S Rally**

** as told by to Steve Kornaki
on Hardball by Eddie Glaude