We now return to Adventures in interpretation* with Marie-Ange Schiltz

*~. And justice for all, it’s Mel Brooks’ birthday.

https ://www .leparisien .fr /faits-divers / death-of nahel_scenes-of-looting-and-ransacking-in-the-heart-of-paris30-06-2023

Eyes on the ball, it was a perfect no-Hitter at La Samaritaine where Jay-Z made New York, New York, famous again [según él], Émilie Munera was at the Point Neuf reºgatºeanºDOºseº un huipil de contrebande de Pharell Williams’ “clochard collection”.

Ensayo de vida, continued… and to celebrate the return of la Urbanidad en la cancelación de las jornadas de información de France Musique Jean-Baptist Enfants cancelled the entire month of June 2023 from his work-schedule.

Hypocritical tangent in with Mediapart via Musique Matin with J-P Mo’urbain.

7h40 – La chronique d’Antoine Pecºqueºurº : qu’est-ce que le journalisme culturel³ ? Pour sa dernière chronique dans Musique Matin, il nous donne sa définition du journalisme d’investigation dans le secteur culturel, un domaine ambigu et paradoxal… which is code for backstabbing son’s of a Happy Bitch without A Roof.

³~. It’s whatever your Excellency y sus mercedes wish it to be as it is your divine right.

On l’a rue de Rivoli, La Samaritaine witnessed how the Monk on l’a rue de Bourdonnais got raped. It’s a “Signé” that C.C. de Chorœægrafía will have to weave into her matinale con mister Urbanidad.

Où en suis-je,
à présent,
avec les personnes à la rue ?

Los Hilos de Mariana X. Rivera, tercera y última con la llanura de Xochistlahuaca y sus féminas graves

https ://www .theguardian .com /commentisfree /2023/jun/27 /worlds-richest-man-bernard-arnault-france-philathropy-billionaire-class

Page 177Three:
One morning, a new one, sitting on the ground in rue Montmartre, clean, red anorak, nothing by his side. Twelve hours later, the night is cold, it’s raining he’s still there. I pass by. Days go by, he stays. One morning, the place is empty. Has he found a solution? No, he’s moved to Montorgueil. And as he passes, I strike up a conversation. A banal story, William is English, he mumbles, not very convinced, about going back to his girlfriend, who kicked him out.
Since then, William hasn’t moved, but a few things are beginning to hang to cluster around him, a paper bag, a cloth that looks like a blanket, a cushion that insulates him from the cold. William won’t move until the store that he is loitering in front of asks him to.


AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Bites The Dust and people who buy Louis Vuitton’s French luxury brands don’t care. If you want it then you should have made a PROBLEM of that Bitch, Jay Z.

Page 177, ¶ Four:
Why was I so attached to William and not to the young woman sitting a few feet away from him? This is the store, a tolerant business, it seems. The filthy drunks don’t stay long, but others are regulars. The image of Alain, a veteran at La Bagagerie, it’s been a while since he held the storefront. Years of aging in all weathers beautiful…
—End of page 177

But FO’ist! Breaking on Deadline, “C’mon!” President Biden just obtained South Korean citizenship, thus shaving two years off of his birth certificate. The White House strategy scheme upset the Land of The Rising Sun’s Prime Minister after Secretary of State Anthony Blinken had assured the Japanese PM, Fumio Kishida, that Joe was feeling Japanese, on a Mexican Radio.

Yo, bring it on down… “Someone came in sayin’ I’m insane to complain
About a shotgun wedding and a stain on my shirt 🩸


Tenga su quequi³

³~. Mexican anglicism for CAKE, as in: Ewe may have ton thon queki de tuna y atún and Eat, IT!, tú, Aussie.

But seriously, “And Justice for All!” compared to what? But first, here is what Freddy Cats “action figurines” look like behind the counter of a real panadería:

AhhhJustice ⚖️.
Page 178, ¶ One (Interrupted development in the Clitoris of infatuation… Continued from ¶4, p,177.)
_ man with whom I’ve never managed to make contact, on my way, standing or slouching on the same sidewalk, then one day , 💨, he’s gone.


https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /2023/6/28 /l-epouse-d-un-trafiquant-de drogue-été abattue-a-l-interieur-d-une~boulangerie_(Vidéo)

A Closer Cake 🎂

Get Crazy with The Cheez Whiz. Seoul…a-mente Korea _ AP News. To celebrate the new Turn Back The Years Reel, South Koreans around the world celebrated, with you’ve guessed it, Cheez Whiz.

And, Cousin Joe… You are such a gay lord.

Note to non-readers at the P.E.N. Club Mo’Naco:

https ://asegovia3 .com /2023 /04/15 /track-7-us-and-themus-and-them/


The first thing that your 🪶 tips should know, is that Armando Serrano~Prieto is 12-years old and of course he finds this entry funny and witty 🧏 not to mention, —pretty.

This message is approved by PBS in 1994… Issy, Mika Brzezinski, that’s only a mere Ten Years after, wait FO’it, wait… PANAMA!


But FO’ist, we now return to RFPP 30th Anniversary Celebration with le PEN Club de France on the March to The Road to Wigan Pier, 🎵 Sunday morning bottle of wine. 

Faul de Mo’Naco… en marcha a Metro 🚇 République, with a “dry-ass” Corona beer.

Hey there, Jacques, youse gonna need a bigger Tati®️ for that Would D.A.R.E.

⚒️🛠️⚒️ Springtime for Deutsch: Das Boot 👢

Jack who? Never ho’id of that bum, this here is a white glove affaire, Clemente Clamato requires a conformist translation of all foreign nomenclatures, see that fellow over there? That’s Jacques, Jack! He used to be Santiago.

Draw a line under, IT!… and never mind that Camel puffer: Donnie Deutsch.

For context on the above-mentioned camel-puffer go to the month of mayo, here:


Ich Bin EIN bolus Berliner …
These prizes [Prix de Traduction 2023] salute the linguistic exercise from one language to another, as well as its consistency with the original text. The pleasure of reading in French¹ will be appreciated in view of the displacement that is a translation. In the case of a rare langage³, a consultative reading from an expert may be requested².

The Nile is a river, denial on the other hand is like that fickle bitch, The Summer Wind

³~. Such as la bendita ‘lengua’ de Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, dit Molière.

²~. https ://www .penclub .fr /activitespermanentes /les-prix-de-la-traduction/

¹~. Knot-to-mention the torture of wondering why in the fuck some letters of la bendita Alliance Française are never to be spoken of, in casual conversation. Ask Daumesnil, that po’Basterd’s nomenclature sounds like the Irish-american German negation of a dome, where the “NIL” part is not a river in Northern Africa, but rather the nominal noun nothingness of NICHT… 

Ahora cúentame una de Cucos minimalistes. And, Piano GO’ill, “Cuco” es el diminutivo de Refugio.


the adjective form of zero, —for NULL, period!

Note to editors:
Please be advised that our Translation “STRUGGLE” for the bendito P.E.N. Club de France will be shifting gear into “a rare language” from the the U.S. Southwest and the North of México, it’s not “Spanglish” and you should not call it CALO, it’s something else, but Eye is not going to tell you the name of said lingo right now… just know that for the most part, the rules still apply even if the dimensions are distorted and sometimes even perverted, but that’s just the French angle here, knot ours. Por ejemplo, Marié-Ange Schiltz:


https ://www .theguardian .com  /2023/jun/19 /orcas-are-attacking-boats-the-marine-revolution-has-begun

The Who? I can’t explain, ask Melville (1851’s 🐋 classic) but stay away from Mt. Kilimanjaro, because Mika likes to sow her Wild Oaths there.

https ://successionsource .tumblr .com /post /endiness-so-looking-forward-to-dinner-yeah

Spanish does not have an auxiliary form of the conditional. The mood and/or manner is marked in the verb conjugation.

Saddle Up!


Ahhh… Prairie Shit!³

³~. Slim Pickens

After the break 💔 it’s Blazing Saddles… a re-boot 🤠… not those “🛠️🛠️🛠️ boots”, Donnie Deutsch, you son-of-a-bitch! These boots 🥾 it’s the Kraft, pass the mustard.


Last Week Too They — … “Grizzly Adams DID* have a beard!”

Chinese Food… Hey, P.E.N. CLUB de France: tomorrow is Taco Tus Days. Sin Celery, Mao TSE Tung.


So, never mind that fellow with the stone 🪨 on his back, according to the Brittany Tourism Board and the Le Mans Pantomime Institute of La Sarthe, la Panoramix on this one is of little cultural value, at this rate Mickey Mouse will in fact, said Lee Treviño 🏌️, “turn into La fucking Vache, mister Bowie.”

The Brotherly LOVE Bridge… yup, Eye burnt that one down, Aussie… it used to be the city of one bridge, now Ewe Got Nuttin’!… Sincerely, The Brooklyn Bridge.

Previously on the 30th Anniversary edition of rfpp 106.3 fm:

Les prix de Traduction du PEN Club français
(2° édition-2023)

The Rulhes des Rhunes and other assorted Procédures for entry:


La convocatoria de texto para los precios los grandes precios del 2023 se extienden desde el 1 de abril (April’s Phish) hasta el 1 de julio (Bastille They pre-nupcials).

Las solicitudes en toda su totalidad son para el beneficio del hijo de Juanito Guanabacoa en Canadá.

Mexicanos, “traguen su maíz 🌽 Transgénico® y sus 🌮 tortillas que sean de Play-Doo®”, dijo el wambo-jambo-Colorado-red-Mexican Greaser, Ken 🪶 Salazar 🤠 en el Chamizal.

Sin Salarie

Billy “Esta Vez” d’Kid…

I’ll make you famous.

Cualquier parecido con la política de París Fréquence Plurielle es mera causalidad para la gloria del ex-agente de la policía judicial de Tijuana, Baja California, Francisco Belmont; o mismo para el provecho del cinito mexicano tijuanense en Annecy…sur Savoy-Truffle.

The translations must have been published within the last two years from the publication of the call for papers (April 2023).

these translations can relate to texts from all eras and languages. Translations must be published at the publisher’s expense, in French.

Zeppelin needs not apply.

https ://www .golfchannel .com /news /lee-trevino-wishes-he-had-not-made-cameo-happy-gilmore

For those just joining us, please be advised that Fenster the copy-editor reserves the right to revise each post on an Hilo—Paris time-delayed fragmentación, and in Hilo, Hawaii it’s is Primetime right now, in la Finistère it’s Second Amendment news, ahora en Francés y narradas por un Leprechaun 🍀.


The stupidest hitlerian* Autobahn on in the world 🛣️, period! President B.

*~. All freeways, toll-roads, and AuTo-pistas are a NAZI invention designed for tanks and to kill public transportation… My name is Clint Eastwood, and in Washington, “Eye prefers public transportation.”

Una de Camargo… 🎶 and Öüï don’t take no trips on LSD

Centre Culturel Bonlieu… or just as good as any I reckon.

W/OFA. Without Fixed Abode… if you wish and please , Öüï can most certainly notch up a Waltz, mister Valls… bring mister Édouard.

Featuring: Papa Poule (El Gallo Claudio*) and El hArtista exclusivo de Montreuil-sous-Bois, the one and only, Freddy Cats.

*~ Marcelo Ebrard, candidato a Los Pinos… A-Gain.

BELOVED, cotejados:
Loft 3Bonlieu.
Pendant huit ans, j’ai côtoyé des hommes, des femmes, des jeunes, des moins jeunes, certains ouverts, d’autres renfermés, parfois propres, parfois moins propres, amicaux ou pas, dont la seule caractéristique commune était l’absence d’un domicile. L’interaction était quasi quotidienne : réunions, assemblées générales, démarches auprès des autorités, permanences, comptes rendus, gestion des fichiers, entretien des locaux, actions collectives (vide-greniers, vestiaire, collectes…) destinées à assurer l’autonomie financière de l’association pour les dépenses courantes. Proximité, familiarité et parfois sympathie, parfois antipathie, avec une frange de la populationque tout un chacun croise avec, usuellement, peu d’interactions – ne veut pas dire discours scientifiquement établi. Je n’ai pratiqué ni l’observation participante, ni le carnet de notes de l’ethnologue. Je n’ai jamais passé la frontière, fondamentale, me semble-t-il, celle de « ne pas avoir un chez soi ». Je suis restée ce que je suis, une ADF – de surcroît, par tempérament, peu encline à l’écoute. Aussi tout ce que je peux dire leur sujet n’est-il, à mon sens, que partiel et partial.


Note to editors:
“Bonlieu” is not listed in the holy petit Robert, however, “bon-chrétien” is, donc, “how do, —you like them Bartlett pears?”… no pun intended, just the facts, Sonia en Annecy?

His eyes did the talking, he followed the security guards on their rounds with a downward glance, monitoring the cameras

Live Libé: 

X marks the spot, indeed, IT!, does.
… For eight years, I amalgamated¹ with men and women, young and old, some open-minded, others withdrawn, some clean, some not so clean, some friendly, some not, their only common characteristic was the lack of a domicile of a chante².


Libération  N° 13048
Friday June 9th, 2023
Page 3

¹~. Côtoyer, a false friend for all of the dyslexic non-readers of the Mexican vernacular agro🍅speak, ‘coyotear‘.

… No aggressiveness, yet I sensed the dangerousness in him.

Anonymous employee at the CCB in Annecy (Haute-Savoie). 

Schiltz continues:

Interaction was almost daily: meetings, general assemblies, approaches to the authorities, red tape³, standby duty, reports, file management, upkeep of the premises, collective actions (garage sales, checkroom [cloakroom], collections, etc.) designed to ensure the association’s financial autonomy for day-to-day expenses.

²~. Chante, basically a pad 📰✍️… ask Beto O’Rourke at the El Paso Times, Bobby is the Calo expert.

Ten years ago, Edward Snowden warned us about state spying. Spare a thought for him, and worry about the future.

³~. démarches auprès des autorités, red tape.

Hail, Hail Rock and Roll ✌🏾

And, Reverend Al, as you pray for repented criminals, spend some Pennies for Benny:


https ://www .theguardian .com /commentisfree /2023/jun/06 /edward-snowden-state-spying-guardian

🎶 Beads and Roman sandals won’t be seen…

🎶 Leather boots are still in style for manly footwear… Hee-Haw!
Proximity, familiarity and sometimes sympathy, sometimes antipathy, with marginal group of the population – whom everyone usually comes across with little interaction – no quiere decir, a scientifically established discourse. I didn’t use participant observation nor the ethnologist’s notebook. I’ve never crossed the fundamental boundary, it seems to me, of “not having a place“. I’ve remained what I am, a WFA (whoof’Ah) – and by temperament, not a very good listener. So anything I can say about them is, in my view, only partial and tendencioso.

⁴~. I don’t wish to sound bias, but the Sacré lengua de Molière knows not what a home or an hogar (en Castellano es), en Francés pues, un ‘chez’ es un lugar, this does not mean that the French don’t have ‘houses’ or an abode to dwell. Linguistically it seems, that in translation the French simply don’t have a word with the scent and humor of a home… sin embargo the French do have las muy mentadas Madeleines de Proust por todo el mundo y puntos intermedios.

⁵~. Biased.

Hello, Pat… say hello to TED. You two are sharing eternity together.


Previously on Ween it’s, “piss up a rope” with your host, Jack Santa Luz.

Raindrops are falling on Mí Park.

Note to Thomas de Corbillón:
Naturally, the minute I asked Jack not to piss on the green, the motherfucker sent the water clouds over the Bleu Hex.

The WO’ild is a ghetto.

And starring as a ham sandwich, Donald John Trump

It’s The Rachel Glasses club sandwich show.


*~.Schiltz. Mar 2023, p 175.

Quelques mois plus tard, me parvient la demande d’un article sur le quotidien des exclus, des gens à la rue, de ceux que l’on désigne sous le sigle « SDF ».  Je devrais avoir quelque chose à dire sur leur quotidien, car en tant qu’ADF (avec domicile fixe), j’ai œuvré à leurs côtés à la mise en place et à la marche d’un service à destination des personnes à la rue dans le secteur des Halles à Paris, la bagagerie Mains libres.

“Nitrates!” Ewe can’t handle the NO-₃ … pass the 🛁 salt.

Low archaeological value… Carnac 🪨 Mon incompetence.*” 


https ://www .rtl .fr /politique /noticias-de-las-5-a-m-se destruyeron-los -peñascos-de-carnac-para construir-un-mister-bricolage [¿?]

A few months later, I received a request to write an article on the daily lives of the excluded, of people living on the streets, the ones branded with the initials « W/OFA » “homeless1“. I should have something to say about their daily lives because as a « WFA » (with fixed address), I arranged and worked alongside them to run a serviceI worked alongside them to set up and run a service2 destined for the homeless in the Les Halles area of Paris, la bagagerie Mains Libres3[the Hands Free luggage room].




https ://www .lemonde .fr /societe /article /2023/06/07 /nitrites-in-ham-the-yuka-app-wins-appeal-against-butchers

WFA (whoof’Ah) — W/OFA (güo’FA)…


Mika Brzezinski drove the get-a-güey car… Willie Geist put on the Ronald Reagan mask and robbed a bank. Claire McCaskill was the look-out working girl on the corner. Mike Barnicle was the security guard (sleeping) on the job and… ⏰ Riiiiiiing, the alarm went off, time to get up.


And, Christian Merlin… Eye is an Anti-christ and I, am an anarchist

1 of 117 … Baaaah, A la tour.

Previously on, Pierre Bourdieu’s “Habitus”, i went ahead and put Marie-Ange Schiltz’ 100-paragraph on homelessness from “el ruedo” and not from la barrera de un ESCRITORIO en la SORBONNE off until the Lucha Libre came to town and Senator Claire McCaskill’s “white boots” popped out of Pandora’s Box at the SOCLE of Saint-Merri.  

El hábito no hace al monje: Then comes the ultimate boldness, the generalization of the conclusions in order to identify some constants and probable causalities that would orient the action of men in society. In a word, you would have understood that understanding the social [fabric] through statistics, is to know and accept that one slices, that we cut up, that we lose information at each step, in order to bring some order to the complex chaos Here I am today I have to approach the complex deprived of my usual tools. [Quotidien, sans domicile fixe (SDF), avec domicile fixe (ADF)]. The final part of the Marie-Ange Schiltz’ reflection on page 177 of a Mains Libres .pdf³

³~. Mar 2023 DOI: 10.3917/commu.112.0173ISBN: 0588-8018. French National Centre for Scientific Research

backward difference

Breaking in France… news bulletins coming from Pas-de-Calais relay that the French just invented “the amber” alert. No word yet if the abductor is the father of the abductee, or if the perp is a perv.

Morralla for your thoughts: Vient l’audace ultime, la généralisation des conclusions en vue de dégager quelques constantes et causalités probables qui orienteraient l’action des hommes en société. En un mot, vous l’avez compris, appréhender le social à travers la statistique, c’est savoir et accepter que l’on tranche, que l’on découpe, que l’on perde de l’information à chaque étape, dans le but de dégager un peu d’ordre dans le complexe. Me voilà aujourd’hui bien démunie, il me faut aborder le complexe sans mes outils usuels.

With that in mind, this is an Amber Enlèvement.

Ni Maistro – Ni Dieu…

https ://www .publimetro .com .mx 2023/06/03 / mother-with-baby-in-arms-and-her-teen-daughter-beaten-outside-of-school

And Willie Geist, congratulations on picking-up today’s Word of The ‘Gram: hashtag pedowhore, say your “Silent Prayer” now.

But that has nothing to do with the Soul of America who, Reverend Alphonse Sharpton the Third, because you, out of all honorary Mexicans should know that if VALLE de CHALCO in the Mexican State of Mexico (Edo.Mex) asks Tennessee to slow down, “Mama Karen” in OCALA, Florida will turn around and dust the soul from the kids… It’s a tale of two cities where “el pueblo bueno” and “good decent Americans” live and die, as they did.

https ://www .nbcnews .com /news /us-news /woman-charged-after-fatally-shooting-neighbor-through-door-has-history-of-harassing-children

Ewe got nuttin’!

Jeez Whizz!

Except of course…

The title for:

Le$ ¢lochards de LA OTAN… but like Mexican Militaire Attachés, you $hu’eat well.

A-ha! A Fleshlight–in-sac… a sure sign of a France Music frog.

Did you enjoy your month of May vacation, Cerf-panthére? Welcome back.

Anyhow Cerfie-puss, Eye told y’all, wait scratch that I have been tellin’ y’all since hashtag Nuit Debout that if you pause in May, da’Man is going to TAKE FIVE, but that’s okay, because like I told you at the sobremesa, —hay más tiempo que vino.

Hey, Mary Poppins, that’s French for “Hey, motherfucker³”

Time-d’LAi $¢₹€€N grab à Châtelet:


Shop now…60 Years of friendship is about to go the way of DISPOSABLE HEROS.

In Paris, France, Metallica just earned another $TREAM€R for their Metal Militia Campaign flag, i was not there, but the Friends of the infamous Musée de Visites Guidée de la Préfecture de Police at the Bagagerie had a special all-access PASS* and, motherfucking Cheetos© to go with their Sorrow for Harvest.

*~. 3 rue de la Cité, casi esquina 📐 con Marie-Ange Schiltz at the CNRS.

Hit the lights and shut the door.


https ://twitter. com /SegoArma /status /s=20

Anyhow, every They in the month of May feels like Sunday, even Fridays. With that in mind, this is weekend edition and Denisa Kerschova had the day off. It turns out that after hearing the deep fake opening remarks of a certain U.S. senator from the Great State of Connect-i-cut, La Kerschovas decided all on her own to call-in her Friday edition of thee Allegretto d’aujourd’hui.

Any how, Frank Fig Lucie, I borrowed your last name, but only to cover a French obscenity on Lucie, who just so-happens to be Mary Poppins booty-call when Lilith is at The Gorge in George.


Si vous avez fermé les yeux au début de l’audience, vous n’auriez pas pu dire que nous jouions un clone de ma voix en introduisant l’audience,” said the itinerant radio host from an undisclosed location in her penthouse at La Maison de La Radio.

https ://www .politico .com /news /2023/05/17 /blumenthal-ai-deepfake-recording-senate-hearing

Chapter 3, Salmon rush only to die… pass the Sal and them biscuits, please

Violator, on the other hand is in El Monte… three time zones looking East, Le Pen Club America gala was crashed by a one-eyed Salmon, or something like that, but that has nothing to do with our on-going translation draft for submission to the good people at Le Pen Club de France on rfpp . net.

https ://www .nytimes .com /2023/05/18 /arts /salman-rushdie-pen-america

Eye tell you what mister Salmon, if Leguizamo didn’t make his way to The Natural History Museum near Cypress Hill then Agent Vazquez is loco en el coco… Insane in the brain.

It’s 1995 and Pandora box is about to be opened, at the time, Yakima,  Washington… three hours west from Spokane 🍎, next to Idaho 🥔, was more than training grounds for tank units around Pushtay point; it used to be Squaw Tit on an Indian Reservation plan… but that’s only because, “[S]ome linguists have suggested that squaw is a French corruption of an Iroquoian vulgarity for female genitalia.”

☂️… https ://azdailysun .com /state-changes-name-of-hill

In the words of Josephus, to Mika La Vag’:



Ewe throw a softball 🥎 like that at the plate and, indeed, Denisa, Eye’s gonna eat it.

Peda + gogi… it’s Greek for Barbecue


From the producers of “Madea’s European Vacation… Öüï begin in Mount Olympus », and Niger Nazar’s Gogi Studios in Karachi, acclaimed docu-series “Cops, what’cha gonna do when They come for you?”, comes the story of Benny Blanco from The Bronx, an ex-con turned school teacher.


🎨 COTEJADO, I’m SIRIUS, and next thing Ewe know, Ewe’s knot!


Yada, yada, yada… This film has not been titled yet, however, possible candidates for the frontón are:

— You can’t be Perón about it, but who’s yer Daddy, John?


In Local news, seDuctioN, p. 5; in 20minutes . Cerf-panthére:

It’s like the Mussolini in of PM Meloni in Italy , on the same page, V… paraphrased:

Faire référence à cette catégorie de Français est un poncif de la, communication politique.

this, after Attalejem… after all is the savoir faire that a young lieutenant colonel from Argentina took back to la Milonga de un tal “calefón” from The School od Communication of Il Duce in ROMA.

https ://journal .20minutes .fr /data /3709 /pub /3596 /page /5



It’s good to be the king… Mel Brooks and The Torquemadas del Toledo de Coronado.

🥸 Eye can’t believe that there’s no such think as a Sanity Clause! Marie Christmas.

Later in the Programming, when Öüï, that motherfucker, Jumps to 21street, Eye asks Johnny Depp if it’s “good to be The King”, or was that the Grape that killed Gilbert, let’s ask Do Caption… Di Caprio, that son of a bitch

Hey, retard! Why’d ya put a mask on The King?

I’m SIRIUS, Leoⁿ… and youse knot!



Our personal favorite:

La Biblia chilla junto a un Space heater, Evangelists in France and other assorted quackery around The Globe.


Never mind the Cock🇲🇫, Sweden, it’s Turkey 🦃with mayo 🥪… Baby Öüï were born to run-off.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /certains-l-aiment-fip /le-grand-ecran-de-bruce-springsteen -7276598

Breaking in Paris:

It’s a gig interview on an Eminence Front


It’s been come brought to our attention that if you are a ticket-holder to The Boss‘ recital at La Défense, you might run into Barack Hussein Obama, and you know that that there choir GO’ill is non other than a former lawyer turned First Lady.

Additionaly, Öüï also got a scoop about an updated version of Tom Cruz’es-ese “Born on The 4th of July”. The new verses on that upbeat ditty will accomodate the RENEGING clauses proposed by politicians who think that Military Service is for losers.

… And, Reverend Al, you of all boot-legged Evangelistas know, You know darn well that James BROWN was a “PERONIST”, you know—Reverend Al, you know. That I know.

HOUSTON… Nevermind the bullshit, here comes VOTER supression. Where is La KUMAR when Voto Latino needs her, where, Güera, where?


After the break, it’s “El Ey is my Lady,” with the one-and-only, “the chairman of the board”, Mr. Tee ♟️ Martínez, a chess militant and, Sinatra’s Melody lover-no-less.


Over on the AlloCine subtitles factory, our most esteemed copy editor, Fenster the copy writer, is sitting front-row on a title-bout fight next to GeekMíMore translator, Fred Le Verre³. Fenster asked the ©Bragelonne word-surgeon, “just what in the fuck is up with NERDS, in this joint?”.

³~. Actually, it’s Frédéric, and the last name is knot glass, but Le Berre, Eye just thought —yes, he did— he thought that Öüï (that motherfucker) could bring for sho’ en Tell, a French Touch memo 📝, period!

Our French Touch demo is a Jamaican Country Bluegrass Blues & Other Jerks From Skid Row.

Jabón del Perro Agradecido de La Calle Stanton en El Paso, Texas… presenta:

En contexto para Marie-Ange Schiltz, it’s like Uncle Willie once said, if you know how the devil’s goose-bumps feel when Hell freezes over inside of a sleeping sack then you know what permanence is supposed to work like.

Any güey, mister Pérez⁸… this Bud’s fo’Ewe

That was then… In this section, the student will interpret the following elements: the time, the transition and the timeliness of the good Senator’s gaslighting comments for a very Dead, Buzzfeed crowd at the Unesco in 2016.

… Entonces, Señora Macron: 

And, Alicia Menéndez… Nevermind that kitty under Mara, focus on the base. Easy strokes, don’t force the bush... I mean, don’t force the brush.


This are certainly interesting times que nos tocó vivir, y por eso como el viejo decía, si los presidentes que valen la pena de pintar, se pintarán fácilmente, cualquiera los pintaría; o algo así. 

And since I can’t paint, nor can I draw I stick to the context on the sketch. Por ejemplo, Mme. Macron, on the one hand you have Samuel Paty’s nomenclature removed from the hill where he died on, and on the other you have a legislation proposal to smack the mug of the resident at l’Élysée at every city hall in France, as if he was some Cheap American Executive on a 14 juillet parade.

We Hart in Paris.

~. Sin embargo, don’t think that this post is about you, roger that, over…

But seriously… Does this mean that Morena-Coahuila can now enjoy diggin’ for coal without any hurdles from those rɪˈniːɡ,rɪˈneɪɡ, Eye say-reneging French reformators?


A tale of to 2 dichos, a new telenovela… “Los cerros de los novios de estudiantes piedras serán ».

In local news, Mister Macron’s “industrial recess” from The Agreed–Upon clauses to keep the Wallace biogeographical line from submerging Sunda (Bornéo and Sumatra) and Sahul (Australia y Latuya)  forever more, instantly triggered the Sanglier Sicko Hunters on both sides of them Pyrenean ridges into bear-killing mode. The recent mauling of a local French jogger 🏃🏼‍♀️ by a Slovanian bear (probably on Cocaine) only made things worse for them brownies.

Rest In Pyrénées .