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*~. And justice for all, it’s Mel Brooks’ birthday.

https ://www .leparisien .fr /faits-divers / death-of nahel_scenes-of-looting-and-ransacking-in-the-heart-of-paris30-06-2023

Eyes on the ball, it was a perfect no-Hitter at La Samaritaine where Jay-Z made New York, New York, famous again [según él], Émilie Munera was at the Point Neuf reºgatºeanºDOºseº un huipil de contrebande de Pharell Williams’ “clochard collection”.

Ensayo de vida, continued… and to celebrate the return of la Urbanidad en la cancelación de las jornadas de información de France Musique Jean-Baptist Enfants cancelled the entire month of June 2023 from his work-schedule.

Hypocritical tangent in with Mediapart via Musique Matin with J-P Mo’urbain.

7h40 – La chronique d’Antoine Pecºqueºurº : qu’est-ce que le journalisme culturel³ ? Pour sa dernière chronique dans Musique Matin, il nous donne sa définition du journalisme d’investigation dans le secteur culturel, un domaine ambigu et paradoxal… which is code for backstabbing son’s of a Happy Bitch without A Roof.

³~. It’s whatever your Excellency y sus mercedes wish it to be as it is your divine right.

On l’a rue de Rivoli, La Samaritaine witnessed how the Monk on l’a rue de Bourdonnais got raped. It’s a “Signé” that C.C. de Chorœægrafía will have to weave into her matinale con mister Urbanidad.

Où en suis-je,
à présent,
avec les personnes à la rue ?

Los Hilos de Mariana X. Rivera, tercera y última con la llanura de Xochistlahuaca y sus féminas graves

https ://www .theguardian .com /commentisfree /2023/jun/27 /worlds-richest-man-bernard-arnault-france-philathropy-billionaire-class

Page 177Three:
One morning, a new one, sitting on the ground in rue Montmartre, clean, red anorak, nothing by his side. Twelve hours later, the night is cold, it’s raining he’s still there. I pass by. Days go by, he stays. One morning, the place is empty. Has he found a solution? No, he’s moved to Montorgueil. And as he passes, I strike up a conversation. A banal story, William is English, he mumbles, not very convinced, about going back to his girlfriend, who kicked him out.
Since then, William hasn’t moved, but a few things are beginning to hang to cluster around him, a paper bag, a cloth that looks like a blanket, a cushion that insulates him from the cold. William won’t move until the store that he is loitering in front of asks him to.


AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Bites The Dust and people who buy Louis Vuitton’s French luxury brands don’t care. If you want it then you should have made a PROBLEM of that Bitch, Jay Z.

Page 177, ¶ Four:
Why was I so attached to William and not to the young woman sitting a few feet away from him? This is the store, a tolerant business, it seems. The filthy drunks don’t stay long, but others are regulars. The image of Alain, a veteran at La Bagagerie, it’s been a while since he held the storefront. Years of aging in all weathers beautiful…
—End of page 177

But FO’ist! Breaking on Deadline, “C’mon!” President Biden just obtained South Korean citizenship, thus shaving two years off of his birth certificate. The White House strategy scheme upset the Land of The Rising Sun’s Prime Minister after Secretary of State Anthony Blinken had assured the Japanese PM, Fumio Kishida, that Joe was feeling Japanese, on a Mexican Radio.

Yo, bring it on down… “Someone came in sayin’ I’m insane to complain
About a shotgun wedding and a stain on my shirt 🩸


Tenga su quequi³

³~. Mexican anglicism for CAKE, as in: Ewe may have ton thon queki de tuna y atún and Eat, IT!, tú, Aussie.

But seriously, “And Justice for All!” compared to what? But first, here is what Freddy Cats “action figurines” look like behind the counter of a real panadería:

AhhhJustice ⚖️.
Page 178, ¶ One (Interrupted development in the Clitoris of infatuation… Continued from ¶4, p,177.)
_ man with whom I’ve never managed to make contact, on my way, standing or slouching on the same sidewalk, then one day , 💨, he’s gone.


https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /2023/6/28 /l-epouse-d-un-trafiquant-de drogue-été abattue-a-l-interieur-d-une~boulangerie_(Vidéo)

A Closer Cake 🎂

Get Crazy with The Cheez Whiz. Seoul…a-mente Korea _ AP News. To celebrate the new Turn Back The Years Reel, South Koreans around the world celebrated, with you’ve guessed it, Cheez Whiz.

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