Dora en Allegretto… Kerschovas follows

Meanwhile in ChilangolandiasurBotzaris, los heroicos Pípopes des ButtesFranchutes insist that according to the Ruhle’s of Polite Society, “las quesadillas de La 4ta Transformation”, no llevan queso, puras calabazas, por ser lacias no necesariamente, —LaicAS.

En la oscuridad – The Set Up… after the break it’s Last Week To They. In the barrel, we review last weekend Barra de Programmation en El Cuzco y en “el Mexique ranch” dressing room de GUANAVACOA en Aragón de León y Castilla. And if you think las muertas de Juárez went the way of Freddy Cats, you Sir, get a little VACHE que rit en la Milka del requesón y el Suero de Villa Ahumada-sur-Dune.


Deer, Apolline de Hierbamala, please inform your graphics monkeys and Adeline François that nº 5 is called “QUESILLO” by the farmers who cure it, not OAXACA… considering that MONTEALBAN is the only place French tourists know, Eye thought you cheese makers knew better.

Nº Five

🎶🌬️ You Go To My Head 🧀 like an opened cork of 🥂champagne de Hong Kong.

Hilarity ensues when Dora The Explorer meets Wednesday Add-am-s_ese.

For context, a few weeks ago, Avi Velshi banned a book³, or that bald madafakka read it wrong, Velsho confused this thing called ‘agency’ with un balcón en El Teatro del Pueblo, mais non, ce n’est pas du Shakespeare On The Rocks.

³~. Neale, Hurston, Z. Their Eyes Were Watching God, on VELSHI “Banned B¤ok Club”, aired on 14/01/2023 on the msnbc’s and tagged on this blog, here, period!

Tampoco es una de Cervantes, ni mucho menos… ese señor se burlaba de Campeadores y estoy seguro que de campEaDoras también, because in A Brave New World, Évry intern is a Sancho or a Sancha en Moulineaux.

… and, Katty Kay, did Ewe do Something to your hair?

Glamourous portraits do Ewe Know justice. Love yer’ spectacles 👓

From the makers of Red Privada — A Who-Done It, foretold by Fenster, —a copy editor†

†~. Also a Paperback writing Foo, yes he is.

En décalage con Hilo, Hawaii., pp. 58 – 59 of “La Recherche”, Nº 572 des Janvier -Mars 2023; and, “Le Figaro Magazine”, cahier Nº 1 – NOMBRES 24354 ET 24355 des 9 ET 10 Décembre, 2022.


Any hoot, Alex Wagner, ex cirquera de Showtime, i, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano-Prieto, bets Rachel Glasses spectacles that Congressperson (R-Floribama) Joseph les Char de Scarborough thought D.A.T. I, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano-Prieto, was referencing the battery 🔋 status of this frame, to the 1950 Maracanazo de Uruguay en Brasilia, far from it Alex WaWa, although I can confirm that, INdeed, it travels in the same orbit, but in 2022 when Neymar Jr. stood silent while his gallo de pelea (Jair Bolsonaro) took from the populist playbook of Andrés Manuel López Obrador en Guadalajara, España… la del “Cielito Lindo”, no la del Juanito “bluesito” en Siempre es Domingo en RFPP ✍🏻 106.3 fm de Botzaris, with a known repeater at la bendita’ Porte de Versailles.

If Pinocchio 🤥 worked for Match Paris… Issy, Not-a-lie Piolé, The Sysco Kid drank Mad Dog XX-XX.


Argentina 30 Crow_Ate–She_Ah

Eye am telling Ewe, it is not Mí, it’s in the French “nombres” of La Re Cher, Che! And it has nothing to do with Faul’s “Blackbird”, and Évry thing to do with them “Flying Neutrinos”, behold:

https ://www .larecherche .fr /le-sens-du-nombre-chez-les-oiseaux

¿Cómo dijo?


Fester the copy editor responds once AMLO acknowledges him during one of his morning briefs.

— He said, mister President, that the FFL³ are a bunch of, “racist, COLÓNized, oligarchs”, who according to ‘El Heroico Gobernador de Puebla de Zaragoza’, “use MUSIC and Culture to infiltrate into the mainstream”.

Meanwhile back at Juanito Guanabacoa’s Ranch at Botzaris-sous-Chaumont, SoFy Velasco continued to yawn a “El Jarrón.”

³~. French 🇫🇷  Foreign 🇲🇦  Legion

Mientras tanto en El Circo Wagner, it’s MARACANAZO NEWS and a Twist on The Manhattan Project. And I swear that Eye is not making this up 🌞.

La Marsellesa by Harry El Sucio and the Same ol’Punks.

Naturalize my aguacates, mister Mélenchon

Pass the Bacon, Kevin…

Kevin Bacon Needs Six Degrees of Separation From Spicy Wings | Hot Ones from hotones

But first, Mediapart can lick my avocados, and here is why, because I tried to tell you so, back in Nov of 2019. But your IVORY editorial COLONNE wanted a fucking full peer-reviewed, Top-Secret declassified dossier before your reporters could verify (COTEJAR) MY WOUNDS from the night before, not to mention, a FULL CONFESSION from the police officer who assaulted me, ISSY, i asked for, HELP!… The Police de Police didn’t care either.

https ://www .mediapart .fr /journal /france /170622 /revelations-sur-la-clique-qui-conduit-la-prefecture-de-police-sa-perditionrevelations-sur-la-clique-qui-conduit-la-prefecture-de-police-sa-perdition? utm_source =global&utm _medium=social&utm _campaign =SharingApp&xtor=CS3-5

Content Warning, for those just joining the list of people who do not read this blog, please be advised that Öüï does knot, Öüï repeats, we do not select the news of the they, Öüï seulement joue les cards qui les Venn Diagrams drop on our plate … which happens to be the cue for our sponsors in El Paso, Texas, “los agradecidos del jabón del perro”… o algo así, and if you are in on the joke, this is:

La tradicional
Corrida de Juneteenth…
en Puebla.

Bulerías³ para pipopes Coahuilenses

The Soundtrack of la rue del Cerro Borrégo en El Studio de l’Ermitage³  …casi esquina con Siempre es Lo Mismo en la rue des Cascades (venezolanas).

No Sur.Fea

SitRep at LA Bourse, ISMAEL ya posicionó a las bragadas de la ➗ de las yeguas republicanas en El Louvre.

Note to editors at SciencesPo
la “benditaSORBONNA:

Las catrinas de México en Francia

Las catrinas de México en Francia… with Spécial Guest, “Dread Nathi” de Lafourcade and some fucking Gringos from Tucson and some putos Charros de CALEXICO. 

Me siguen pelando los dientes.

“Señoras y señores, nosotros tenemos más influencia con sus hijos… que tú tienes, pero los queremos”.

Juanas Addicción
“Hum, along with Mí…».