Intermedio con Carla, hoy no hubo Sarko!

Las piedras rodando terminan:

… and in this corner, fighting out of the Camden N.J. corner liquor shop, is Stephanie Rhule. Across the Atlantic, the singing wife of a French mandatario and mortal enemy of “La Beba Gaytan³” is challenging “la pundita” for the intercontinental belt. Tropicana Oil Wraslin’ Rules and the Uruguayan MudSlinging Commission sanctifies, blessés, and approves of this bout.

³~. Víctor Trujillo (Fundación Televisa)

By: How does it feel (Question mark and 99 tears)

Pago en Especie.

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Tengo orgullo de ser del Norte, —en De Quel Âge

And starring as Toña La Negra, Laura Buenrostro, with Juanito Guanavacoa in the role of “EL JUDICIAL Malacara », órale, hay que ser Juanito para meter la cuchara así en una canción.

Y por eso, Haz Patria, mata una Concha. ISSY, Pablo Neruda tenía el récord de matar conchas. Sí, Neruda, a parte de ser chileno y Extraño, le gustaba apuñalar los moluscos de la Caracola. 👹👺👹👺👹

I am a feminist, and women get mad about that, Women want a Macho-man like Juanito Guanavacoa, not a pussy-lover 😺 like Mí, so of course you get shit like this in La Florida. And VANIA, this is your Cue to CoMe iN.

La Regla Desantis

Previously on the Donjon de Vincennes, Leonardo DiCaprio was trying to sell Submarines to The Topo Chico Gendarmerie en Nuevo Lyon, “Take It Away”, Juanito Canales!

Sha, Cha—BOOM!
Bésame, bésame el culo…

CaraCola es BuenRostro en anatomía, así como BellaVista es igual a panochas.

Ahora resulta que La Huasteca, huerca Brasileira, es parte de Centro América… y Santa Qtarina en Persia, a lo mejor por eso lo de Sultana. Es un ballenato cumbia con ARREGLOS en polka y bossa nova, pues.

Orca submarine – You Hate Mí Eye loves Ewe.

Orca submarine – You Hate Mí Eye loves Ewe. Al regresar, en Ventaneando las lunas de Octubre, I told Y’all motherfuckers that It Was Going to be a Double-Header, following the Décalage session with Laura Buenrostro en rfpp, SoFy BelleAsco, that self-described “artist trafficker” kidnapped Buenrostro from Dé Quel Âge and Johnny Canales made her dance on the station’s pole Al ritmo de, 🎶 Mesa, mesa al que más aplauda 👏🏼👏🏼👏⛏️🐝🧭🎩👮🏻‍♀️😺🤠🌬️

Still to come, Juanito Guanavacoa y SoFy BelleAsco will SuperImpose “la caracola” de Lola, in Barry Manilow’s Copa Cabana en San Pedro Garza García, with Serrat’s Penelope en Cadereyta de Terán. 💃🏻

Ahora resulta que La Huasteca, huerca Brasileira, es parte de Centro América… y Santa Qtarina en Persia, a lo mejor por eso lo de Sultana.

After the break is El Beso Sucio del Barrio Antiguo en La Fundidora en Saint Opportune… El Beso Sucio, “you don’t have to drink our Apéritif-es-esos but if you don’t you can’t stay here.

Note to non—readers³, today’s edition of Laura en Décalage con Juanito Guanavacoa is of course, recorded, or as the Juánaticos de la Matrix relay: par téléphone, or as the Bostonian guest on rfpp yesterday said: PHONED IN…

En fin. Take Mí to 2012, here are the coordinates:

The Lord’s Resistance Army at the copa cabana… starring Juanito Guanavacoa as “the madrina de Zacatecas »… Based on a true psychological persecution at the Georges Impromptidou European Medial Center…

For the record, it is sad to see how people who ran from that time-period in Central Africa and Centro América, like El Perú… are the ones who get annoyed for my SPIEL on this Nido de Hipocresías called France.

Long-story short Sofi Velasco, decidí no ir a preguntar lo que la notificación del Procurador De La Prefectura quería decir cuando escribió, DOS PUTOS AÑOS Después,  “las cámaras no funcionaron y no pudimos distinguir a los chilangos”, o algo así, lo cierto SoFy Velasco es de que los franceses aún no han inventado las bitácoras (blotter reports), ∵ the perp was a cop nationale. And isn’t it ironic! The French invented Juanito Guanavacoa, y por eso, poeta que Juanito es, y en el aire 🌬️ las compones, yada, yada, yada… en la voz de SoFy of course.

A KnowN Record… In The Name Of Love

In Hilo, Hawaii it’s high noon. In Central Europe it’s already too late.

For the record, The Foreign Mexican Service agents are “career professionals” and they keep the chain of succession, in a thing called « La Catafixia », ask Xavier López “Chabelo” in The Family.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/04/03 /politica /mexicana-no-sera-castigada-por-denunciar-abuso-sexual-en-qatar/

En contexto for the good people at La Sorbonne, and points in between, it all started before Su Serenísima Alteza,  El excelentísimo Carlos de Icaza, walked out on the FRENCH PROCLAMATION of February 6, 2011, which established the ☀️ Semaine de l’Amérique latine et les Caraïbes at the IHEAL {or} some institution comme ça.

Ketch Up 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏼🏃rue des Victoires 🃏🛼

I, Armando Segovia/Armando serrano-PRIETO, reckon that had that snub from Mr. de Icaza not taken place, LOS AMIGOS DE MÉXICO EN FRANCIA, responsible for the arrondissement-level ORGANIGRAMME du les capos de événements (such as the film and other spectacles that supposedly represent the vision of LA COLONIA ROMA en el extranjero) would not have reacted like the character of FELICIA ALDEN in the WITCHES OF EASTWICK (1987), at the sight of Daryl Van Horn in the vicinity of their precious “cultural events”.

With regards to the Paris Marathon, FLORENCE CASSEZ kidnapped La GO’ill de Niza… on account of this event, Öüï is going to skip a Maverick episode, more specific, the one about The Third Rider.

Earlier in the They, it only took Five hours!!!

Across the street from Polandia in Ucraniaville no pasa nada.

GO HOME, Duke!!!

Never mind the accidents… here comes the “incidents”.


Ewe’r Knot Foolin’ personne, Salma Hayek

A Naidée, como dicen los FRANCHUTES de La Sierra.

El General wears a Leopard-skin Pill-box hat.

And, radio France… Fuck LaCroix, here’s your subtility in Strasbourg !

Note: to Tiffanny Cross (no relation to LaCroix) please relay to the Heidi Przybyla wanna-be that BLACK SPY and former CONGRESSMAN Joseph Scarborough III made sure that this blog would not have any followers, furthermore, with this blog being a DRAFT of a larger body of work, it is almost  impossible to follow unless you are in on the MOTHERFUCKING blacklist JOKE, like Charles Dumont and Grégoire LaCroix.

For those laser-focused on The Ukraine, but can’t get through the Polish Border, here’s Wisdom, “let s/he who hath understanding…”

Here you go, call Mi a racist now, but KNOT before doing your homework.


LONG STORY SHORT i feel like a BLACK STUDENT in UKRAINE… and here is another THING that AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL don’t know, the ‘nice’ little ol’ Peruvian lady at the reception desk (last year in the month of MARCH) is like ONE-degree of KEVIN BACON from the good people of Andrés Manuel López Obrador before that son-of-a-bitch gave TATIANA CLOUTHIER a piece of HUESO in his CULT.
ENter THrough THe GIFT SHOP!

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /etonnez-moi-benoit/deux-amis-tres-proches-charles-dumont-93-ans-gregoire-lacroix-de-l-academie-alphonse-allais 5684260

… Öüï, now returns to our previous block
en forma de tejas sobre el reloj:
Didn’t you watch PATTON?

“You gotta blah-blah-blah and yada, yada, yada those Putinesque bastards », o algo así, the Things is, Salma… muses don’t believe in Sociology, but they do believe in Martial Arts.

Ladies in Gemini: PURGATORY

But it’s alright, baby
If Eye hurries I can still make CHERNOBYL.

I Am SIRIUS… and you are not.

Instant Karma… In WaWa Land, Chris Haynes turned into The Ukrainian Foreign Minister, DYMTRO KULEBO, and Thee Rachel Maddow Show runs away from L.A. where she was shooting ZOOLANDER.

Shine on, and on, and ON–ON.

… CORRECTIONS DEPARTMENT, we interrupt STANFORD Ewe to relay that THEE RACHEL MADDOW SHOW was not in the process of shooting “A” ZOOLANDER in L.A.; instead, TRMS was SHOOTING A ZOO. Öüï, repeats, TRMS was not shooting a STILLER, Rachel was in L.A. shooting a DAMON.

“Y ya no seas tan puta*”, aconseja cónsul a mexicana agredida en Qatar

Live Local News

Behold, fuckers!
It’s another edition of Coq Fight’s at Emmaüs…
Sponsored by THEE Melle. PITCH AWARDS in Châtelet.

https ://www .marianne .net /politique /gouvernement /gerald-darmanin-veut-revoquer-le-policier-qui-a-insulte-une-victime-dune-agression-sexuelle


Smoke Alarm at Gallieni

At 17h40 in CET, THE Bel Est métro stop {M3} decided to take a Smoke break.

Meanwhile at the daily Mexican presidential State of the Union address, Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a known baseball fanatic, touched on the 100 lashes and 7-year prison sentence which TAINTED the “carrera” of a career-professional in THE INSTITUTION:

El cónsul Luis Ancona is TONE-DEAF… but throws a heck of a PITCH, which is why he is at the MOUND in BOLIVIA.

You probably think that Eye selects the themes of the THEY… and AVI VELSHI, nevermind what the Random Penguin and his little banned book says, worry about the books that will never be …

https ://saladeprensa .sre .gob .mx /index .php /comunicados-de-sala-de-prensa-global /4313 -embamex-fra

https ://wradio .com .mx /programa /2022/02/16 /el_weso /1644987854_599316 .html

I did tell you all that they don’t care. Now, to be fair, I can’t be for certain that, el Serenísimo cónsul mexicano en Qatar, Luis Ancona, le HAYA dicho eso allá, a Paola Schietekat, pero viéndolo desde mi cobertura EXCLUSIVA del Segundo Congreso de Mexicanos en Europa (2014) no me queda la menor duda que los diplomáticos DE CARRERA en México se conporten de otra manera, en sus mentes LA SECRETARIA DE RELACIONES EXTERIORES es independiente “del pueblo”, ellos son DE CARRERA por el nepotismo aristocrático que los mantiene rotando posiciones en LA ONU, LA OCDE, la unesco, y por supesto, en LA PREFECTURA DE PARIS.

And, Cousin Joe… how’s the “take out in Taiwan?”

In this section³ the student is advised to go for “Cigarros A Hong Kong” vía la ruta NorDaka en Matamoros, Quintana Roo.

3. Ironía situacional²

³.~ AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL placeholder N°6:  https ://estamosaqui .mx /2021/11/10 /wendy-galarza-parte-a-europa-invitada-por-amnistia-internacional-para-exponer-represion-policiaca-en- {PARIS}-cancun-el-9n/

².~ Situational irony {Jagged little pill, 1995} not to be confused with its evil cousin, Jerry SineFeld; with chance or what’s worst, a bad case of bad luck… however, if someone at the Amnesty International MEXICO outlet should accuse me of jumping on Ms. Galarza’s bandwagon, Eye would point that the very definition of SITUATIONAL Irony is when someone (like say little ol’Mí) writes about police abuse and repression and then Amnesty International {LONDRES} goes to Narco Paradise to talk about, IT!; debate about, IT!; and then design{s} a tote bag and an entry on the STORE CATALOGUE to go with the donation. THAT, that would be ironic, — 🇨🇦 Alanisknot the fucking Fly on your chardonnay.

https ://www .bbc .com /mundo/noticias-america-latina…turismo de fiesta y narcomenudeo

With That In Mind: la fiesta brava returns to 🇵🇪 El Peru y EL PRÓXIMO TORO le corresponde a 🇫🇷 Médecines du Monde

That there is a novillo not a toro, but if the student can name ese Pase¹ you get an EY!, ese.

https ://www .thejakartapost .com /culture /2021/11/14 /ole-bullfights-return-in-peru-after-lengthy-pandemic-pause .html


Now that the COP Twenty-something is over and done with, what’s for lunch?

— Manna, according to Flynn…

N° V
Control information at home; misinform abroad


Michael Flynn says America needs ‘one religion under God’

Does it come in halal?

— Not in 🇭🇺 Hongrie.

But what about the profits?

— There’s a network for that… Flock to 🇮🇷 IRAN

N° X…
Learn and share « autocratic learning at LA Sorbonne », for matriculation register at the gift shop next to the IHEAL en Sciences PO. Mention the CODE John Mill Ackermann and get a 10% discount at the CROUS en Mabillion.

¿Is there a menu for that which explains The Platters… EWE great pretender, EWE!

https ://theconversation .com /so-you-want-to-be-an-autocratheres-the-10-point-checklist -125908

— Start with N° Five as an apértif and chase it down with a N° TEN… del verbo “tener”.

And, Cousin Joe, that is all for Tú They… over on our Twitter crutch Öüï ate an apostrophe out of the Wallace-es loins.

https ://www .rawstory .com /josh-hawley-plays-victim-savior/

“… [A]t one point, he {Senator Josh Hawley} gave a speech to a group of ministers where he talked about that it was the birth control pill and women discovering sexuality that caused sex trafficking,” said former Senator form Missouri, and current traveling cupcake sales person, Claire McCaskill.

And, Jonathan LeMire… what the hell do you know about Jokes at The White House and Infra°struct°u°ration Week! You son of a bitch!… Go, Dodgers.

Entonces…all roads lead to Farm Road 2169

Anyhow, Madame Mayor Anne Hidalgo, Socialist-Fr., the following is a LEADING QUESTION:

Do you, Madame Mayor, support RAPE, or any other sort of micro-agressions, especially when these involve retribution for Politically Charged DIALOGUE?

Because if you don’t, Madame Mayor, then perhaps you should grant me, armando segovia, an audience, before things really-really derail and then BFM TV wonders how “the situation room” at Emmaüs got so out of control.

It should go without having to mention, IT!, but unless you [the non-reader of this blog] are in on the joke, like Willie Geist’s ophthalmologist is, then the fact that don Pablo Bartolomé was a Segovian by birth¹, should precipitate what follows in the next segment of my exclusive coverage of a lienzo that Öüï likes to call:

And in the role of Laura d’América, el tipo este: Antonio Banderas.

Entretien avec un vampire… no! Wait—scratch that…

https ://www .animalpolitico .com /2021/07 /loret-de-mola-comparece-caso-cassez-vallarta/

And you know, Roger, I too sketch the portraits of French presidents, the difference is that you and I do different things, por ejemplo, Mr. Pérez, this portrait is that of President François Holland, with the added CONTEXT of his then Minister of The Economy and current General Manger of the Paris All-Star at Vincennes’ First 150 Anniversary of La Commune. 🗣 93D326FC-8449-459D-BB32-1E161E3FEC29 🎨 From what i gathered from our exchanges over the past 4-years, 2 since i began to notice your portfolio of faces from the homeless, and the down-and-out on the street (two separate castes in the French system) is that you, “paint people from the street, as well as the portraits of the Presidents of La France”, my response is —so What?
—What is the context?
Are you romanticizing the misery on the streets?

Armand, at le Thèâtre de Vampires, already registered that coven (punto y coma) so let’s transliterate the subject to the following:

¹.-)~ Or so he [don Pablo Bartolomé] told me when he first read my name on the list of SDF’s accredited to enter a very exclusive place in the heart of Châtelet where it should go without mentioning, Evry body knows your name.

Hoy no hubo Jazz. And, it should go without mention, that “I feel fine”, period

Key word here is “foreign legions”, not local why-no’s.

The Revolution Will Not Be Brought To Ewe by The American Priest at Saint–Estauche!


https ://arstechnica .com /science /2021/07 /tennessee-has-gone-anti-vaccine-state-vaccine-chief-says-after-being-fired/?amp=1

and You must remember this, i did mention 4 days ago that THAT ship was approaching; i’d draw you a picture of “the 1690’s projects”, Joy-Anne Reid, but i am too damn tired and besides, true-to-form the street wasted no time in letting me know that MADAME HIDALGO is happy to look the other way… let’s see what happens in another 4 days, Pablito.

1971… Öüï don’t needs know stinkin’ badges, like the Détente (C’mon Tennessee 💉🦠🧫, support National Vaccine[s] Day!).