French bashin’ iii — Jugüemos al Béis, güey

That’s Hardball if you play Cricket en Inglés, which is the sport of Grillos en Espagnol. C’est a dire Le Roi du Spotrs.


Dear, Rachel Maddow, do you know what the good thing about this B.l.og. is?

That neither you, Madam, nor Mr. Manuel Valls will ever read it.

VOX de España
Les Echos del Generalissimo Franco

… wait for it, Chrissy Haynes, wait.

These people had SEX with their parents”:324E5292-6315-4DFA-8E12-47AABFE0CD66 —|— Sex with their papás and their mamás. •|• The following is a Copy/Pasta for Jared Kushner: Los medios galos son de hecho los que más se hacen eco de la noticia y resaltan que Ciudadanos, el partido que apoya a Manuel Valls y que quiere aliarse con En Marche, forma parte de la colaciónand Jared, Your BeauPapá had sex with your W.I.F.E..

In Rachel Maddow news, there’s something about Rachel’s hair, —must be the Super Moon.

TimeStamp: 02.43 in Central NATO Times

So… about that V.I.S.A:052A50F0-DA32-4BEE-8F47-BFA49624943E •!• Why exactly is it that Brontis wants me to voluntarily WALK INTO A POLICE STATION, before France, the country —not the singer— decides what it is that it will do with my Dossier à la préfecture de Cité; room 1511. Are you guys at Dêpot turning Japanese? Or, (motherfuckers) is this part of The Métamorphose of the (motherfucking) Process?

Today in History, a few hours ago, but in 1804 Napoléon “dale por su” Buenaparte, promulgó el llamado C.I.V.I.L. CODE (motherfuckers)… oh, the waste of paper.

Did you know that it was a very French devil, who went ahead and invented “the political pacts”; cosas del C.h.a.m.u.c.o., vía La BBC, El WaPo, and the lovely Amy Goodman; what a beautiful nom, Bonhomme:

Correlate: Intermedio + Anchor Song

Frequency hop.
This is a time–delayed apunte.
Las tres de la madrugada
Location: Montreuil, vía Azincourt.

Henry the Fift and Nº3.
22 hundred hours
por el Nº2.
Navidad 2018.

Fift Spoke (Shifty Henry) and N°3 (as himself) are a pair of jail birds. They make a break for it after Fift Spoke notices that the warden was preoccupied with “sad sack”, a blue–balled square who’d been weeping all night at The Cell. Hilarity ensues when the Super Star ain’t even 24 hours of age [on this Universe and the Next] Ladies in Gemeni, and the Seasons Greetings (Christmas Tree) float like jetsam por arriba de “les paves “.

Apunte para los editores:
The following is made possible by Muebles Troncoso®️, and it must be read in the voice of Chabelo™️.

Nº 4 is a square until 20 comes around.

Shifty Henry, never outgrew the thrill of Christmas day, and so when he got word that the warden was putting together a band for a Christmas party, his pedals knew that it would soon be time make a break for the Pas at Calais.

… le decía una muda ciega a un sordo mudo: ‘pos si Valentín cantaba sin acentos, por qué yo no he—de ‘Scribir.

Shifty Henry and “las hijas de La Chica del Coro” used to cross every Christmas Day into France to play “war” with Charles and the Quickly Misstresses–es–es of Orleans, a Roller Derby gang of feminas who answered only to SaraH–thoustra who, as a leader, was usually a nice cunt so long as no one mentioned the “charolastras”, a two–bit gang who_in_this —D R A F T— play_the_role of a_rival_gang from R_O_M_A who rode around in “avalanchas”. The charolastras wore a patch on their backs that depicted a Mowgli bust… if Mowgli was an Apache Indian, and not the Indian that Columbus was tryng to reach [in A_N_O_T_H_E_R   u-n-i-v-e-r-s-e] from la retaguardia.

[SaraH–thoustra mugshot goes smacked right below these brackets]

wait for it, wait… in the meantime enjoy the musical break sin acentos.

Ladies in Gemini:
Valentin Elizalde
… y los arboles.

Exit thru El Changarro —but if Ewe break it…

From the Producers of :
I Love You Paris, but you’re bringing me down.
and the writer of what Time Magazine called:
The Death of French Culture.

Stayed tuned for:
If you break it, you buy it.
By: armando segovia.

… but first a word from our Sponsors.
TimeStamp: veinte para los Once años.

The perfect gift for any of Jupiter’s Sirens.
Satisfaction Guaranteed y toda la cosa.

TMMT is dying 2 take Ewe a güey… “ Ahhhh, Roll up for TMMT, step Right This Way”.

Act now and we [the staff] will throw in
A Magical Mystery Tour.
Next boarding cuando faltén Veinte para:
El Medio Día.

What friends?

“Amarillo no me pongo, amarillo es mi color”.
El nuevo macanzo de Los Vikingos del Norte, en la voz del Güerquillo del Sueco.
Escuche al huerquillo del Sueco en Radio menonita.
Radio menonita, la estación de los menonitas de Chihuahua, —en Argentina.


Tuesday the 9th — Intermission…

Sabbatical Day Nº 8th

Ladies and gentlemen, The Color of Cross–Media Tangents is:

TEAL… The Color of CROSS–MEDIA Tangents is AZUL VERDE, and it’s primary tone es el color de la Esmeralda. }–~–~~\•>  Calendar date is courtesy of FOX Searchlight Pictures, y don Guillermo del Toro.

[Man’s voice
Jeff Goldblum]

I tell you what, the staff hasn’t even consider reviewing my latest project with the Marvel Comics Thor franchise, but for this movie about the water’s shape… or something like that, the staff put on the filter glasses and sat down to review “for research purposes,” don Guillermo del Toro latest Opus; and to be fair, we haven’t seen the staff so captivated with a thematic train —from Engine to the Caboose— since they first experienced The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulin; as a matter of fact, the staff thought that Mr. del Toro’s latest flick was a tribute to Amélie, and while it’s true that many parallels can be drawn from elements like, the Color and Lighting effects for the background, the Musical soundtrack, the Destiny of the Heroine, and many other props in the movie that call for a repeat viewing, one can only say that The Shape of Water can hold for itself as an original script and a fantastic story.

[Woman’s voice: Sarah Silverman] — The Money Shot… every movie, at least the memorable ones have one of these, the shot that pulls ‘ya right the fuck-in, and for the members of the staff this take was it, the Triumphant Return of “The Story of Ruth” and “Mardi Gras”. }-~–~~\•> Uso justo del 7º Arte; ibid.

The staff remains out of the scene, but let’s just say that they have given me full authority to give The Shape of Water five stars out of Five, and call the Music score for this film as the favorite for that other Celebrated Awards show.

Jeff Goldblum es: La Mosca… Wait for it, wait… on the next intermission I am going to show you the process of The Metamorphosis and how to go from Yellowish Chrome to Verde Azulado, or as the French like to catalogue it: Chrome Jauni }-~–~~\•> In the mean time, enjoy an Ink Sausage.

[Female voice
Sarah Silverman]

Stay tuned for more, because the staff is going to watch this movie again and figure out how why this work of fiction left them so fucking mesmerized.

TimeStamp: 23:45 CET