Knot, to be undone: Welcome Back, ¡par de putas!

It’s Oh-kee-Dho, Qui*?

With Subtitles: The Singer 🎙64F5D44C-A09F-402B-AAF7-4EF1427D0CB1 🛰 🎵 Every time that he saw a weed he said, “Kill, IT!, before IT! grows ».

Advertorial [Les Inrockuptibles… your cover of Nevermind said “Venez comme vous êtes », and tonight’s feature of The Twilight Zone brings us the Sold-Out extravaganza of “El Cantante”… Hilarity ensues when Kanye Ou Est walks onto the Ari Melver Show with FRANÇOIS HOLLANDE and busts out quoting, “My Singers in Paris”*

June 22, 2021_ Paris, FR. From the wires

https ://www .vanityfair .com /news /2021 /06 /donald-trump-coronavirus-guantanamo-bay

One ticket to Guantanamo Bay, —Pigs… S.V.P. with Four Years in of your beautiful streets on my BACK. — Sometimes Eye feels like a Motherless Update.
—_*!*_— All together now, 🎹🎹🎹🎼 PARANOID, as arranged for Guitar-playing Zappa’s on “the MTV”… Ah One- Ah Two-🌳—FO’ :
Finished with my woman ’cause
She couldn’t help me with my mind
People think I’m insane because
I am frowning all the time

Eye Gknew, IT!… SR. Roberto Fonseca, Öüï knows YESU is a Fan on account D.A.T., NOUS (them motherfuckers) heard that you too are a “Remember The Alamo” on a torrential ‘sunny’ They like the one that Paris is having right now (punto y coma) the Locals call, IT! the “Noah’s Arc” app•roach 🥁 Silvio lo llama, “un aguacero en venganza”.

p. 93

Next to Knew Years Eve, The Knight Before [Today] is perhaps, maybe, quiSAS❗️The morning after when the very French cannot, Eye repeats, cannot blame the lovely piss smell next to the bugambilia or that there shrub on under Senator Mazie Hirono‘s (D-Hi) on the hobos de Paris, Texas (punto y coma) Senator Hinoro, EWE might recall, was caught dancing on top of a Bush (punto y repita) what you might have missed is the factoid from a distance that showed Mazie in the middle of a dance with a drunk baby version of Arizona Senator John “The Maverick” McCaine, ISSY, “McCaine” with an ¿eh!, on account that it is just a hand, and Eye quotes, “in the BUSCH ».

* And, Katty Kay, IT IS AN APPROXIMATION of The Maverick, but where did you ever get that beautiful smile! You can’t possibly be a true Blonde… wait, What? ¥ou can’t possibly be a true Brit, eh! Eye bets youse Japanese, what with them almond-shaped jeepers on your mug.

The empty stands at the Pershing Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes are passed-out next to the lovely Château D.A.R.E.

A University used to stand there, it was structured and constructed by the SPIRIT of 1968, but Charles de Batz “D’Artagnan” CastleMoRe and Colbert ⚜️ deconstructed that Project and literally, sent IT!, next to the projects near the RATP Sector of the Saint-Denis Cathedral. Trou Story… this is why all of the Empty Stands of the Sherman Memorial Baseball Field are still crashed next to The Castle that was once a personal GUANTANAMO cell for the Minister of Finances of the King living à Versailles.

The sad part of that Trou Story is that by 2011, when former candidate and then, French President of La Quinta Via was pirating Jay-Z’ and that other Singer, “My Singers in Paris” , the Zapatista’s over at Paris XIII had just gotten the Earl Schibe’s 19.95 paint job, and then they added a neo’n Sign.

Still to Come: These Queers fight back. Just ask Ice T. “800–SEVEN_five oh… the humanity.

Pour la Pride, le bar gay de Stonewall boycotte la bière Budweiser et Stella Artois

Meanwhile, over the waves at La Seine [that floosy], La Chapelle got wind of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s (D-NYC) counterfeit Chappelle rendering at Madison’s very 📐 Garden.

Yoko, come Quick! It’s another Edition of:


Reve 17: ONE through 18ème. — Shallow WaWa?

Dead As Disco

Eye is a Creep…

« Fip Prize: Listeners’ Portraits »

Organizing company hereafter referred to as “Radio France ”:

21 Grams was originally written in Spanish and set in Mexico but it wasn’t difficult for me to relocate it. I think the film deals with very primary and universal themes: love, hate, revenge, death and life. What the characters go through can happen to anyone in the world¹.

Guillermo Arriaga

https ://www .fip .fr /contest-rules-fip-listeners-portraits

En contexto, el Inspector Héctor Belascoarán Taibo lo advirtió en los años previos a la llegada de Coronel Gilberto Bosques a Marsella, and with that in mind, Madam Alcaldesa, i sincerely hope that you know and understand (o comprenda, pues) that i share the same fears that you happen to harbor (no pun intended) about the Nazis, but if you must shoot the messenger, Let It Be, the Genie at the top of La Bastilla first.

“The Contribution”:

The Contest involves taking one or several photo(s) (hereafter referred to as the “Contribution”) of yourself listening to Fip.

With that in mind, pues…
Submitted for your approval, etc., etc., etcetera.

Take what you like, i did not choose the moments, and the fip . fr screenshots are nothing more than a Clock on the wall, hereafter referred to as « timestamps », full disclosure, Radio France might have to specify what the rules mean by the following:

Participation in the Contest is free of charge and with no purchase obligation, and the costs involved in participation can be reimbursed in the conditions defined in article 10 of these Rules.

Indeed, free of charge… now, because F24 is a place that we used to follow since like before fip and F24 were neighbors at ISSY-Les-Moulineaux, and because the lower frame of the featured screengrab below is in perfect step with yesterday’s manifestation outside of Metro Stop Olympiads at Paris’ 13 District, we  i am Knot going to say: i told you so.


1. Jump to Page 144 of The Faber Book of Cinema by respected author, Jason Wood. It’s the 7th chapter of that book; it deals with Sean Penn and 21 (grams) con Los del Toro.

🎶🗣 Shockolate Au Lait… mum, mum, mum—mum, ummm

Quartz12… Chocolate au lait, indeed.

As a drunk socialist, Cousin Joe, I am speechless .:. CA12A53D-AC8D-4E43-826D-246E6D79D141 🗣 Extra Extra! Knot to be undone by The Ari Melber Show, FRANCE INFO will be interroGATEing Gates at 2 a.m. in EST / 0800 hours in CET… Those Sneaky Basterds. ✍🏼 And Willie Geist, did i happen to mention that The interview is going to be in French!!! The Gall of these Frogs. These is THE REASON, Soledad O’Brian, why nobody understood his 2015 BULLETIN on A Pandemic. Because the Mécénartiste was de-briefing the French. BUT WAIT… There is MOOREEEEEE! The man is giving away [encouraging, pues] THE SOLUTIONS without showing the WO’ik… thank god for BFM’er TV who make me show their Boats. Which, as Former senator Claire Mccas NOW knows is a TITANIC endeavor 🐰. FRANCE INFO… I’m coming to get you. Wanna know why? Because MARS Mom keeps me up on Way Too Early—so don’t be late… like that mule-riding Republican honcho, Muppet Steele.

Breaking the News: U.S. State Department issued a bulletin (whatever that means) warning Americans to not TRAVEL to The United States because of a terrorist warning. At this time those already stuck in the United States are not required to take their shoes off.

Still to come… French presidents say Da’DARNnnnn–dest things.

But FO’ist!!!

Saxifrage en Sax major .:. 87707642-035C-4A0D-871F-BE6128908530 .:. In local news it turns out that the president of La France is a Pedro PicaPiedra aficionado, it’s TWUE!!! MadaFaka—Check The Roots. It’s right there on the Front Page of the Dec. 24th edition of 2020. Seriously, check the roots on the Piedra Picada. 🌸 I lost count of how many Pedros, Peters, and Piedras he lanzado en este mes.

Musical Guest: POISON IVY

Over in Miss’Ourra… Claire McCaskill brought out her lazy chair because she wants Mí to paint her as a French Whore… It’s a Titanic proposition, but what a heck… Kansas City here I Come.


Quick programming note:
Deer-sirene, Eye wishes to remind yo’Silly ass that Karl’s soul in the form of a Bichon Fraise remains by our side; and Aussi, you seductive cunt, Larry King —WHO just settled in as he awaits his transfer— remains an optimist and, Denis Soula should know that GLORIA is a fucking Trophy Wife… Issy, Charlotte BibRING, Eye loves it when your sultry voice talks Dirty to Mí, you provocative twat. Wanna try again?

And, —Cousin Joe… did i happen to mentioned that Republican honcho and Maryland Seminary school-lad, Michael Steele is at the mound? For the record, i didn’t want him on our side of the line-up, but Camilo Cienfuegos remains “incomunicado” because of a recent embargo. It’s the bottom of the FO’ist and The BLADERUNNER MEMORIAL Stadium is hosting a sold-out crowd.

The previous hit is still in play and there is one out on the scheduled Triple play… And,—AP LaMire, what’s with that Saudi Arabian crematorium set that yo’ass is transmitting from, you are not fooling anybody with that formaldehyde bottle behind you.

Pg. 17 Les Fils du Vent — and “a closer look”

Sumario, pg. 140, “Tout* ce que l’on peut faire en compagnie des CheVaux”; ediciones NATHAN.

Claire Lefebvre, en Gründ; 2005, “1000 infos les chevaux”, de Marion Curry .:. ACC4C9F6-7C17-45AC-A06F-48B9D8EC648A ➿ Es, ciertamente, John Mill Ackerman, lo que tu suegro (Q.E.Paz D.) llamaría « una chicanada », aquí en la OCDE.

*Todo, menos la charreada. Incluso, el capítulo que trata sobre las actividades que se pueden hacer con un caballo (o una yegua si eres LatinX) arranca con una proclamación disfrazada de contenido advirtiendo quiénes son la autoridad que controla dichas actividades.

AnyHOW, Rachel Maddow, the good Milton Freidman fans at BFM’er TV probably think that our triangulation in TechNiColor is about la tal Perrine Storme or about La Caballera* del Zodíaco, knot knowing that Hamburgers in Paradise is just around the corner just before… Wait for IT!, wait… SEMINARY SCHOOL au Molineaux. Now unless you are aware of where all of the Saint Sulpice minor league training camp Padres come from you’ll miss out on the Mystery of Willie Geist being a big “Big” fan of Los Molineros de Issy, which are the Satélite equivalent of VERO BEACH for the San Diego PADRES in the Catholic Church.

Ladies in Gemini… the presidential medal of freedom*

When Jimmy Buffet met Ziggy they had “HAMBURGERS in Paradise.” IN•Deed, Rachel Maddow, indeed .:. 6E2CEF48-02CB-4367-8F74-D9F46EB433A5 .:. Big Fernand was hiring at the time and, this is IMPORTANT for the JACK DORSEY crowd, Jacques Higelin (a French singer) was being asked by a Seine Siren if Öüï was an outlaw? Higelin’s answer was of course, “J’espère”, or Something like, does the Sun sets on a Hypercube à La Défense?

Oh, hey Hallie Jackson! i didn’t realize that you support your local Latin X community… well, nobody’s perfect. Survey here says Öüï still dig your waves.

* football… Anyhow, congratulations to Alabama, you guys are the Champions, (in the TROU sense of what Freddy Mercury meant to imply with that song when Queen rocked you) but before Trump gets to his border waltz rendez-vous, do take a closer look at those WaterBurger Eyes:

Lomo de búfalo bufado… Öüï didn’t kill the cow… pero “tanto peca él (o LA) que mata la vaca, como aquéllos/ellas que le agarraron la pata”.

 Bullit¹ Proofing a story for Zita Arrocha at the Cotton Hall on The UTEP Campus, right there at the Sam Donaldson underground bunker. Pura Vida, profe, ¡pura Vida!

OLD GANNETT known News for dummies: https ://eu. usatoday .com /story /news /politics /onpolitics /2018/02/27 /house-members-can-charge-taxpayers-bulletproof-vests-guards /379469002/


1. Steve McQueening an independent story that began to unravel at The Sun Bowl. Now, if you are wondering what The Loué 24-Hour Le Mans pilot is doing here, know that if The El Paso Times would have covered Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua in 2005, when the “shit hit the fan” then doña Kate would have learnt from QUINTANA-Woodstock that Next To where FRANK Sinatra got his “quicky divorce” (just across the Santa FE Bridge) casi esquina con la Calle Stanton y Laboratorios Camacho, en El Paso, Steve McQueen smoked his last FAROS in a clinic that is no longer D.A.R.E. in Ciudad Juarez

This has BEAN: gerundiando la noticia, con Steve McQueen.