Oh, hey! Negrita, meet “La Gata“ de Mi Vida Loca

Previously on Los Hilos de SASHA and Los Frenos de Mika…

Churubusco-Los Pinos presentan en todo su sonorense estado de esplendor :
Lo negro (👮🏽‍♂️) del ‘Pillo [🤴🏻] JoLoPo:

Populist anthem is courtesy of fonovisa (Miami).

Oh, Hey! Negrita, nice to hear that you finally went ahead and verified that D.A.R.E. is such a thing as a B.C.S. (Check here, here*, y aquí to know that i’ve seen the Canícula MooVie, Aussie).

Over at the MONTRE-MOI State of MO…⤵️

* Congresswoman Cori Bush from Missouri (not the Ozarcks)… and Negrita (JoyAnne ReidOut) please be advised that going through life “TEXTING” your way out of an eviction moratorium crisis is no way to go through an interview with a woman who slept on the steps of The Capitol while you and your buddies where going Wabo in Cabo… kind of like telegraphing to El Primer Torero Porno that you is in SOLidarity with his historical hunger strike outside of la MONUMENTAL DE FIGUERAS (home of the melting surrealists) while eating a t-bone steak in the process of sending that telegraph and, with no WESTERN UNION remesas attached (punto y coma) it is for this reason, Ms. Reid that instead of featuring  EWE next to the good representative from Missouri (home of the KIDNAPPED NETHERLANDS 🇱🇺 FLAG!!!) , the staff here selected a more fitting frame to start today’s final draft to the finish line. Bon appetite you Tú 🥩.

Anyhow Ms. Reid, and please, please do forgive “la jiribilla veracruzana” to segue onto the following segments where “La Gata” de Mi Vida Loca is going to cross the tracks in order to review Natalia’s hierarchies of at the opposite side of La Huasteca, which as every one-arm Obregonista should know, is Guaymas y El Mar de Cortés… aquí la espuma No Es de la corona, but from la Pacifico.

Case in point before Switching IT!, over, to the Pinault-Hayek Benchmark test at the Bourse del Jardin Nelson Mandela durante el llamado “Año de Africa en Châtelet >> o algo así, ÖÜÏ is going to check out << La femme du jour” :

🥃 It’s not a $5,800 Japanease ash oak throat wash, but it’s straight and single like a Scotch.

Oh, l’Humanité:
https ://www.humanite .fr /la-femme-du-jour-cori-bush -716137

Anyguey, Mr. Rich, you are KNOT foolin’ anybody. Evry body in Ivry knows that you didn’t have a heart attack and gone to better pastures… Eye knows that you are with the former Masked “Brazo de Plata” and once unmasked “El Super Porky” in Wabo Cabo catching them big ol’ Wawa Roosters there.

http ://www .dondepescar.com /dondepescar /851-impresionante_pez_gallo%2C_surf_fishing


Fall back to 16/06/2016

Pedro* y Mauro interpretan, El Orgullo de Mi Nepotismo.

* Pedro (el apellido se me escapa) ya había mencionado en la cocina de La Casa De México, allí mero justamente en el preciso patio de La Casa de Los Estados Unidos en La Ciudad Internacional Universitaria de París, Francia, que en realidad Sí Existe un lugar llamado Baja Cabo Wabo Sur, — JoyAnne Reid, lo confirmó… ¡Mauro!, se puede decir era a mi parecer y por su patrón de comportamiento, El Orgullo entre todas las amistades universitarias de post grado en el extranjero de Pedro “el morenista” de La Paz, BCS.

De la aristocracia, el elitismo es El Orgullo de los segundos pisos en un hôtel privado, según Diderot… in case after witt means anything in your books.

El Orgullo de Mi Nepotismo.  La historia de Donald Trump 4 years before Nancy brought in the Charlatanes to La Casa Blanca.

And still to come on the fast-track to the Finnish Line is of course Australia, because Ewe should never forget, Australia is the Hung.ri. Enemy.

Dr. Cueli… Eye is an “anti dentite” y El Toro, señor dentista, —no es como lo pintan!, dijo Jacobo cuando dicen que él dijo, que durante un mítico día En La Plaza De Las Tres Olympiadas, o algo así, ✊🏽 “salió el sol”.


https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2021/08/06 /opinion /a08a1cul


En transito… una de mi calle me ha dicho que tiene un Amigo torero que dice que tiene un ex compañero de trabajo que inventó un aparato para desarticular A la democracia

From “El País”:

KURWA Munch!!! The Brzeziński’s are back in the Wisła Riviera!!!

Via la capilla de Aguascalientes TV canal 26 en Notre Dame¹ de Issy-les-Moulineaux

https://www .france24 .com /en /live-news /20210804- biden-taps-brzezinski-son-as-poland-ambassador-amid-reported-row

Photo credit: El fotógrafo de la película que trata sobre el aborto en España y sobre los dilemas de El Primer Torero Porno.

••• Over at the Ketch’up Channel on El Camerino de Aguascalientes TV, the MSNBC’s Cuban connection is asking those fucking CANUKS and MEXICANS who won the soccer game? Knot because the Miami duo cares about the match, their sport is baseball. And Mr. José DÝAZ-Balart and Dr. Eye didn’t catch your name, never mind the approach, but please do stop calling out the 60K-plus soccer fans who are going to be flooding Cousin Joe’s Redneck Riviera and Little Havana’s COVID clinics and hospitals. BUT HEY! Ask the FED’s Wife! The match provides a good morale upboost for the mining industry Proprietor / Modern-day indentured asalariado relations.

For comparaciones para Madame Truska² at Le Cirque du Freak here’s Chicago’s interpretation of what Eye is talking about, el asalariado on the graph below is of course in TEAL, Mr. HAYNES, it’s always in TEAL, (unless el asalariado is a complimentary color) didn’t you watch El Huachinango del Sr. del TORO, —not to be confused con el pescado del Sr. Benicio.

² L’assistant du vampire: https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0450405 /?ref_=vp_back

Related topic from WaWa Land… Post-Jimmy Hoffa era union leader boss dies at the young age of 72. Who’s looking out for your Health Care Plan at your union busting job? In the picture, the Mexican Delegation of LA INTERNACIONALE SOCIALISTE, El P.R.I., mourns the passing of Mr. Dick Rich Trumka.

https ://wvmetronews .com /2021/08/05 /labor-leader-rich-trumka-dies/

After the W.A.K.E., ÔÜÏ travels back to 2012 to meet “El General” who is going to Rob a Burger and fire un CAÑONAZO de $50.000 U.S. at CinÉma Christine in PARIS (75006)… or something like that. 

Resisting [ 💉 ] the Present (🦠) : Mexico 2000-2012
Yes, MAM! it’s a past Évènement with Blue Demon as Master of Ceremonies.


Benchmarking The Bourse

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