Deer, Siren… the name of the horse is “7 leguas”, Always®️—Vania, Siete Leguas

Recordando a Palomas, Chihuahua, y a los mormones de Salt Lake.

Andy García guest stars as el cristiano entre los moros 🦇.

Dune follows… it’s Labor They meets The Press:


On Deadline, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-from Hell, Missouri) bastardized Mike Barnicles’ outrage from The Bench. Somehow, asserts Claire, the democrats are going to fuck up the next Supreme Justice nominee and the Republican reptiles will seat another Supreme Court Judge. Watch That Space.


Also on Deadline, Claire McCaskill was caught texting an old boyfriend, across the cheese factory in Wisconsin, a young Amy Klobuchar screams at Claire, “Back Up!” McCass! And pass the cup cakes, said Claire’s ex-boyfried, and a young Amy said, —amen.


On Deadline, if you ever wonder why America sin acento celebrates Labor Day in September, go no further than MAY DAY, Issy, the reason dates back to when “America” started to kill Mother Earth and (aborted) stopped the spread of  Communism.

And who better to carry that “alt” flame than Orange County’s own, Nicole Wallace. Indeed, David Brooks, —FO’sure— to celebrate the CHICAGO labor movement of 1886

BABA64BB-7D9F-4EF6-ABF4-EC22970C8946 —_!_— El primer torero porno (1986).

_CLEVELAND (knot Ohio) the president BASTARDIZED the FO’ist 8-hr WO’ik day in the Galaxie, in the Galaxie, Nicole Wallace, In the Galaxia.

Naturally, Nicolle worked the entire 36 hours instead of taking the fucking day off… like a regular capitalist torero–PIGS do.

What a difference a They makes…

In local news, Belmondo was not a stranger on the set of “El Primer Torero Porno”, he’s right there on the poster… as a TRIBUTE, Manuel Valls (yup, that Manuel Valls… that motherfucker) is going to be taking on the role of “La Invención del Primer Torero Triple X“. For the occasion, Mr. Valls quit his Consigliere post in the imaginary land* of CATALONIA.

*,] Like Baja California Sur, in El Mar de Cortés.

Uno de al-lao… Torero Triple X, the rest of the story, starring Miguel Bose as, “don Diablo”.

Inspired by the “Lightning FAST” approach that the Spanish VOX is taking not only in Méjico, but also en La Copa América, the Valls team put out their Conquista Propaganda.

ATTENTION NON-readers… France Licks Balls, period

We [the staff] interrupt the programming in ORDER to get drunk, period and fuck it, Donnie Deutsch (comma pito y) fuck it.

Manuel Valls se disfraza

Last WEAK tonight: Manuel Valls se disfraza de El Ex Presidente Peña Nieto y su novia se viste de ESPANTA PÁJAROS.

… plus we [the staff] have to jerk-off.

so, are you ready, france? open up and say ah!!!

Third weekend of September 2014, the Then prefecture de police à Cité decorates its walls with WHITE FRENCH GUILT. The walls of Metro Line 4 are plastered with blown-up posters of documents that The bendita Vichy regime turned in to their NAZI pimps. Of course, there is no way to backtrack this because the MUNICIPAL RECORDS don’t keep a MOTHERFUCKING LOG of the “decorations” used by the PRÉFECTURE de Police à Cité, period

Additionally, it’s the 2nd year of the Bernardo Gómez (Peña Nieto) Matignon connection, and the directive from THEN president François Holland is that there “WOULD BE SOME MERIT” in having Professor John Mill Ackerman and his (NOW APPOINTED) Cabinet member wife, stuff little minded Mexicans in a little French dying theater.


In primo piano: Spaghetti alla bolognese

and cheddar cheese for your escargot*.

Mientras unos salían de La Misa de Guadalupe, allá en otros cuadrantes de la ciudad ya estaban moviendo 'el bote' al ritmo del [plot] Twist. | F-A-I-R _ U-S-E_ of LOS Hooligans y La Chica Ye ye.

Mientras unos salían de  La Misa de Guadalupe,  allá en otros cuadrantes de la ciudad, otros  ya estaban moviendo ‘el bote’ al ritmo del [plot] Twist. | F-A-I-R _ U-S-E_ of LOS Hooligans y La Chica Ye ye. | Vía: TuTubo [en Inglés].  || https ://www .youtube .com /watch?v =jY0s2FhrU50

Hola, hoy fue lunes y a el staff le dio güeva escribir y capturar los momentos que van marcando la llegada de Donald Trump al escenario
—ahora sí—
[ya] como el Number 45.

But before we say Fuck-it:
Burger King® is making an impact on the Quick’sR.I.P. in France,  and  while commercials across multimedia platforms across the U.S. of A. show a Napoleón Dinamita  quítandole  agandallandole su queso a un tal Pedro.

* Spaghetti alla bolognese, and cheddar cheese for your escargot must be played back [tiene que ser reproducido] ♫♫♫ al ritmo de “Agujetas de color de rosa”, en la voz de Andy Summers [ze pronunzia Zuhmehrz] de los Hombres G: “Vamos juntos hasta Italia, quiero comprarme un Jersey a rayas

Nota del staff que anda de hueva el día de hoy:
Agujetas de Color de Rosa primero fue un ‘hit’
[éxito, en Español —pues]
de “Los Hooligans”;
y luego fue una telenovela.