En fin… it’s just another Quentin Tarantino rotation of them stars

The Fall fell on the effort. Hoy no hubo jazz;

Coming up on ...

Coming up on … Los Amigos de Ben Franklin en el hotel “”Paris Chiquito”, por supuesto, “Allá en el rancho grande” en el pueblo del abuelito de don Calderón.

Wake mí up when October begins and September ends.

For the record, no copyright infringement was infringed upon in the making of this blog, because this is just another Hollywood Style blockbuster built, of course, with blocks from the Lee Majors abandoned Fall Guy set.


Efeméride: 1985, la muerte del Ete de Pancha

34 años…

The 11th hour

The 11th hour

Las causas de los decesos:
Sobredosis de cemento.
Fuentes: (No insistas fip
vete a besar a tu Flamenco.

Coming up in the programming

Coming up in the programming, Bulls on Parade, con las SeVillanas de Sam Stein, the ugliest Mexican en la cuadrilla. —•!•— …[O]ver on the Disney/Miramax Channel, it’s Four non-Blondes and their One Hitter, “Everybody Gknew”. •¡• fip over to the Quentin Tarantino Channel an it’s another edition of “No Service for Viejos feos“, starring Vicente Fox, in this episode, el siempre divertido, “VIEJO LESBIANO” protects the waters of “El Rey”, para USO EXCLUSIVO de sus benditos potrillos. }—~~~\,,,*>  Deer, mr. “Last Word”, beefour “The Eleventh Hour”, just before MidNite: PLEASE BEE ADVISED that “El Soplapitos was not watching The Rachel Maddow Show, however, Eye was.

Oración a los Saint–Ignatius de los WaPos, las WaPas y, por supuesto los soplapitos and early-warning AGUAS GÜEY de todos nuestros benditos imperios del Concejo Mundial de La Lucha Libre en el pancracio del Nuevo desOrden global…

… [A]nd for the record, Camilo Cienfuegos just granted a walk to FOist to Mme. Lagarde, y los técnicos de ayer head on over to Second, where Madge tag-teams Cindy Lauper who just happened to be “bopin” along with The Go-Gos on FOist with a “pinball wizard”, or something like that, and while that Circus–Circus spectacle develops, Justice Sotomayor steps up to the plate… y en las ondas del Sena en parís, La Comadre letty sigue de armada, insistiendo; pero no, comadre lety, el corazón de Camilo le pertenece a Susana sin sus sepultureros, period

México – México – Mhe’jiCº … “Yo tengo otros datos ».

Buenas madrugadas tengan todas sus mercedes, hoy es el 16 de septiembre, and Kool & The Gang wish[es] to ask “Oh Sheila”, if Trump is going to make the ballot in 2020?

The Poles as seen in Australia

The Poles as seen in Australia… HASTErisk* •|• And in Boston, tuba player Katharina “grillos” Clarkson doubles-up on Impeachment

In Washington, Ayman Mo breaks the  news, « al revés* », but them poles stay the same, and Natasha Bee (politico) reports the news while riding a pony, TRASCENDIO, según el Voto Latino, y la voz de las mutualidades de la libertad, que el pony de Natasha no puede obtener parte de la “Totalidad” de la pantalla de KC⚡️DC a razón de que “Emu”, quien es un cliente de Donnie Deutsch, tiene un contrato de “exclusividad” con “los” Em# es en B.C., period

Coming up on Quesadillas con queso:

Quiche, what a fuck is it? Ayman travels to Santa Fe to ask French ex-pat chef, Sal Quichotte:

Summer 2008 — Philadelphia, PA

Summer 2008 — Philadelphia, PA .:. F732D591-693F-4D4D-BA45-83A0E439FD6F — FATWA DIS non-binding legal opinion; fatwa AUSSI, this little West Texas town of El Paso, Drum enSAMble line.

Summer 2008, Philadelphia —PA

Salman Rushdie offers a “coloquio” in the City of Brotherly Love, or some passionate motto like that, during the event, a member from the audience asks the celebrated writer some advice for aspiring writers, —His answer, when we [the staff] return and, when Congressman O’Rourke explains the ROLE of guns, arson, and his BEAU PAPA, Bill Sanders, on the attacks strategically launched against a community of “the ORIGINAL maquila workers” at a PLATEAU called “Lomas del Poleo”.

It’s like blazing saddles, but with a concertina-wired perimeter, and at least one scorched toddler que ni pinche ruido hacía.


Hey there, JoWyNa… VOIES et Delais, or something like D.A.T.

14 de septiembre, 2019

Wild Horses

Wild Horses

Nueve de la mañana:

For the record...

For the recordFUCK MR. Dickey at “The Daily BEAST”… atentaMENTE: an American in París, —a reprise— now thru San Silvestre Day at the “FAKE VISA” Theater à Châtelet… Eye did tell y’all about that « lindo gatito », dijo PIOLÍN.

Acto n° 44

Articles 33 et suivants du decret n° 91 – 1266 du 19 décembre 1991… Happy MxMás, period

Movin' Along

Movin’ Along.

“The death of democracy, with Brian Williams and an Ivy Sciences Po leaguer from Nantucket, in Cousin Joe’s “neck of Mika Brzezinski’s WOULDS, period”.

An evening with Los Apsons

An evening with Los Apsons… and other assorted “love songs”, with Rick James.

… tell mí more, tell mí more.

d'eso no voy a'blar

d’eso no voy a’blar, san punto ISSY’acaVO. La Catafixia ; a slight return, what a difference a They makes… cualquier parecido CON Africa, Sra. Brzezinski, es pura Salma Hayek (Serendipia).

Eye gots 99 gnomes but that Chupacabras is knot one of Em#

Tlaloc spared La Serie del Caribe pero El Chupacabras se perfila al Doral Nacionalista de Donald Trump. The Atlantic for children follows.

Besos desde Buckingham Palace

Besos desde Buckingham Palace, Venezia Thyming follows ; Aussi, period

European Model spoiler alert follows ; lyrics are courtesy of La Jornada de la HYSTERIA de Pepe Tomás Elliott, de Def Leppard en Hong Kong.

Dear, Cousn Joe, don't bee a Chuck Todd

Dear, Cousn Joe, don’t bee a Chuck Todd with Elrod.

Hold the Line,” Mad Dog—6 dixit on The Atlantic, After Action Review follows… but First, Fidel is transliterating Jair Bolsorano and Donald Trump.

“Segunda cuestión, Bolsonaro es el máximo responsable del incremento de los incendios. Ya desde su campaña electoral inició una campaña de descalificación de las instituciones, leyes, regulaciones y multas dedicadas a la protección de la selva amazónica / Frontera de donald trumpI will pardon you, Take the Land.”

A funny thing happened...

A funny thing happened…

Bambi is at the Mound, and former Nicolle Wallace’s Attorney General of the U.S., Antonio Gonzalez (sin acento) is wearing a catcher’s mask.

Fidel is at the plate, and Cancer is a circumstance that The Border Patrol and I.C.E. know one thing about. The file nº: Luis Posada Carriles. He (the former Bush the FOist “operator”) was given leniency because of his skin condition. C’mon, I.C.E. you have it in you, save another cancer victim, if you guys can make an exception for a terrorist like Luis Posada Carriles, why would you fuckers not warm your heart for a kid wit a 33-day get-da’-fuck- out of my Land notice from the LAW.


2da mitad: jazzafip is not what it used to bee…

In true Diva fashion,
FIP Central Station is just rollin’ in at La Porte d’Orleans.
Oh, the humanity.

Don't shoot the messenger

Don’t shoot the messenger.

Please Stand–by for argument:

Exhibit: One

Exhibit: One, sponsored by Johnson & Jon son’s pocket change.

— For the record, let it bee known that previous to our most recent récépissé, all possible documentation and/or supporting claims had been presented [to Brontis à la préfecture] including the one that required me to provide, to Room 1151, a DNA sample, which I then refused to provide, and which lead to the graphic approximation, RENDERed by our favorite “Cabby” on the frame above (↑), period

— For the record: here are the events that “transpired” on the 75th Anniversary of some D.A.T. liberating Paris from White Nationalists. FIP CENTRAL station, IN TRUE SNOWFLAKE FASHION HEADED TO LA CÔTE D’Azure:


Of course, or rather, naturally, on the day after the meeting of the Big Kahunas in “the” South of France when a LEGAL Drug Pusher GETS a slap on their STOCKHOLDER’s bottom “red” Line, and their stock actually goes up, why wouldn’t trust-fund babies go to Queen’s Victoria’s secret Back Yard instead of saving a patch of trees and a block of ICE.

In local news:

Vilma Fuentes killed Campbell’s Soup kitchen.

Monsieur, Le President François Hollande à BFM’er TV

En París, Francia (75006)
Son las Nueve del mañana.

VainVille and Urban Development OREOS

While Ewe were sleepin’… the Dep’t of VainVille and Urban Development OREOS has spoken. No New Biscuits!!!

Wait for it, S.V.P. wait.

In the mean time, while the world of Gordo* keeps going round, we [the original talents et compétences staff of January 29, of 2011] remind yo’Ass that, in effect motherfucker, we tried to bring humanity to the Year of Mexico in France; and when i, motherfucker, say or mention “We, the staff” it is because there are two Mexican Niggas all up in this Bitch, es decir pinche Flamby, i am talking about Armando Segovia, y el niño que acaba de cumplir OCHO años mejor maldecido como Armando Serrano–Prieto (así con “guiôcito » pa’que amarre con la pinche Cónsul Peyorativa de la delegación mexicana en la puta comisión Europea).

Au fil de l'eau

Au fil de l’eau… “vers le prestige et le divertissement”, with A new PAGE of history that won’t reach news stands in Paname today.

Across the Atlantic, the Foxes from vainville’s fair relay that Hicks at the White House have Hope that the Commo Bombshell does not, Oüï repeat, does not Trade in her “peanas” for peanuts.

La longevidad de las zorras

La longevidad de las zorras, and other assorted fauna on DeadLine.

Sinceramente, yours truly, bissus:
Yo’motherfucking Mexican Nigga in Paris, Bitch.

P.S.: Merci pour ce moment en Match; and Gordo, monsieur Le President is being brought to you by S.T.I.N.G. and the police. Fuck the Issy Police.