So… A funny thing happened on the way to purgatory

A beautiful Artificial Mind at la rue Grabiel 75008.

Starring the decomposed body of a sex doll.

Charisma for Cold Gin All Night Long… And, GO’ill de Niza never mind Perpignan.

La Résurrection de Casablanca en HellFest… Ketch-up, Marié… Öüï knew this Yesterday, bay-Bee. Anyhow,  Cerfie-puss en 20 minutes, what is my Charisma?

Great Expectations… The Pygmalion Effect.

Psssst… Emily! Emily Monera! Know now is your chance, Rodolfo se fue para Barcelonnette, let’s go bitch, Pornichet is waiting… Eye will touch your base at Pornic 💋.

And, deer MARIANNE, Tony Palma of Esi Agora no me puede dejar decir a lie… Los Beatles no son como los pintan… Esi Emmaüs kept the original print that I personalmente signe for El hArtista Roger Pérez… Ese ‘ijo’E—puta! 📸

A place where even squares can have a ball… like the hippies out in FRISCO DEW.

And Ari Melber… never mind Lacan, with his maths and tongues, I bet that when the linguist quoted Picasso, he forgot to factor in the “jiribilla”, or as Alex Trevek says in his trivia game (theory):

It’s the symmetry of surrealism 🥸 

Synopsis : It’s the language of the looney at Sainte-Anne, and the grammar of Heidegger’s nazies.

From the producers of “Hell Freezes Over” and “Youse Schiltz Out Of Pabst comes the story of “The Slopes of Summer”, featuring The Eagles of Scrap Metal.

https ://www .reuters .com /markets /commodities /india-talks-with-us-steel-aluminum-tariff-exemption-sources-2023-06-08/

And in Paris, France… India’s PM is about to brag about his new drones to Emmanuel Macron on the National Holiday Parade on July 14th.

Yup… seen it, Aussie.

Welcome! To another edition of the Daily Double Sense of the they.


Yo no busco¹, —encuentro²

¹~. Seek or search.

²~. Meeting,  a face-to-face, coming together as in:

The closest thing that comes together to two bullets meeting on opposites direction on the same trajectory line is William TALES signature shot, you know the one, the arrowhead splits the shaft through the fletching.

naturally, context is important unless one happens to be French, context for the French is not important, so nevermind all of the crowds rushing Pablo, and let los lacaños believe that encuentro² only means finding, as in:

The  funny thing on the way to India, when Columbus landed in the “new world” is that he thought that he found it, … not realizing that los indios there did not appreciate that particular encounter.


Meanwhile at Versailles in Little Havana: it’s a tale of two showmen, two president’s and, off the course of Milan, —the road to hell.

Fiiiiiiiioul !

🔬 Ghost 👻 Busters 🔭

… in comes the pitch. A slider from Father James, 🪶PEDRO CERRANO 🪶 is at the plate, swings and that fucker is on its way to the next solar system… and oh, the fucking humanity, the umpire has Imperium³ and the motherfucker is blind as the Bat that just drove that ⚾ straight through the upper bleachers of Centerfield only to be called a Foul, by the MSNBC-pinto baseball league empire, Katie Benner!

³~. https :// /watch?v=His Year: Julius Caesar (59 B.C.E.)

The count is Tú Strikes, and how about the balls on that Benner, eh! Together with the new Rulhes of the game, Cerrano’s homer is counted as a STRIKE and off the plate he goes to have a personal moment with Roberto Fonseca’s god.

Meanwhile at La Maison de la Radio 📻, Pi was squaring the Empire and his bogus call 🤙.

“¡SANCHO PANZA!…” continues Mr. Blades, “¡Quita’Ese tipo de allí!!!”, arguing about “who wants to read about a yada, yada, yada… ».

Psssst! The Window is open… now is y’ER chance, — Munera… Meet Mí, —mañana.

Deer, Donnie Deutsch… fuck New York

_ Yankees fans, Donnie Deutsch. Fuck’em.

As for you, Texas…

And Willie Geist… fuck The New York Yankees, in 9 steps… [A]nd here’s why, Mike Barnicle (you son ovabitch), Número Uno, Pinstripes on a uniform is the Sign of an Evil Empire; DOS.SYS, Take Numero Uno and put a counter on it then make it RESET when it reaches Number Nine-number 9-number-Nein,… etc, etc, etc,…

And loss of signal, youse the best.

One thing is FO’sure, Nicolle Wallace, I am not even going to refer you to Radio France International’s, Raphaël Morán, and his suggestion that I turn all of my reporting information on Mexican Corruption in France to the same Préfecture de Police clerk at (Cité) who (at the time) was a volunteer with THE MEXICAN FOREIGN Service moonlighting as cinéma “ambassadors” at La Porte des Lilas (75920)… Barr none, youse gotta love them PARALLELS, don’t ya’think?

And now:

Eye is telling you, The Devil, Susan Page, is in the Details and in Evry crevice of that Ship.

“Do not try to adjust your settings”

Senator John McCain is doing the Funky Chicken Dance, and there is nothing that The Ruhlz can do about, IT!… mannnnn.

EVRY SINGLE FLYING BUTTRESS HAS THE DEVIL INSIDE, Devil inside—Devil inside, every single Pentium has the Devil inside —Ah-ah-ah 🧗🏽‍♂️


Goooooooo Dodgers!

The X-Más Hunt… A La Italiana — Año de Hidalgo

Soon… the president will speak and the Pussy will like it too.

The godfather... starring

The godfather… starring .:. 9B7089EE-7595-4711-9664-3BD3D283743C 🏄🏽‍♂️ L’obelto Benigni as Donald John Trump.

After the Casablanca speech it’s “What’s happening in at and “rround*” Mars House”, Pilot Episode:

* In an effort to HELP our Puerto Rican brothers and sista's in Nueva Yo'l, asegovia3 is working to-get-her witt the Academy of Future (knot ancient) Tankers of America in an effort to infuse José Feliciano with the full sound of the Letter R... sino como jodidos v'haber Rhumba, boricua‽

It feels eerie. An almost empty street and the music of Christmas just in front of the Paris official tourism store at City Hall. A few steps away from the aforementioned “entrance 33” at City Hall (HdV, en francés SVP) we [the staff] witness yet again the things that go to waste in France. Back in March you might recall from the detail on the dentils the waste of perfectly good food that went into the waste bin, this SEMESTER abroad, we see what happens to knowledge behind the curtains of la rue de Compagnons del deber…o algo así.

But FO’ist! Öüï breaks down the week by The Numbers:

1 — La Banda del Gorro Rojo
2 — Teefies
3 — The president’s speech in Italiano

Ou sont les toilettes?

S.V.P. and V.S.O.P., ou sont les toilettes? .:. 4E5F0999-51B6-4905-A009-2C83E5FB3E0E 🤥 SUJET D’ETUDE número Ocho:  La mundialización y La diversidad Cultural, page 149; in the snapshot, Roberto Benigni Version Français sans “TITERES” en ficción… photo by TORU Yamanaka /AFPcontext by Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano Prieto.


Must show WORK section for Magnum P.I. [π]

Le photo-gaspillage

« Le photocopillage, c’est l’usage abusif et collectif de la PhotoCopie sans authorisation des auteurs et des éditeurs… yada, yada, yada .:. 3E6791F1-B035-4B8F-BF2D-C06B543CA7B1 📚… au cœur du sujet d’étude: Je mobilise mes connaissance como si El Norte fuera El Sur… dicho como un Dr. Chapín (en México):
🎶 Entre recogiendo las musas que dejaron tiradas

Upon further inspection, Gov. William J. Le Petomane determined that “these batch of texts are defective…”, the governor complained that the books did not have “a look up the answers appendix”.


Any güey, Franck — Let the poles talk!

You know, Franck, the Dreyfus affair was not the only affaire where the Ministry of Culture has condemned a regrettable decision by the Cesar (sin acento; not the Verb… as in Pete–Cesa; Elizabeth–Cesa; MIKE BLOOMBERG–Cesa, etc., etc., etc…).

Tropical parallels

Tropical parallels… Le mardi 10/03/2020 “La Sociologie est un sport du combat” dans le Forum Des Images – dans le forum des Halles; 75001.  .:. followed by: Politicks is The Art of War!… motherfucker.

It’s the 20th hour over in WaWa Land, where James CarVile just proved that he is not The Cult follower D.A.T. öüï had previously pictured, Indeed… and in the voice of Brian Williams « the ragin’ Cajun » could be forgiven for sporting an official ‘U. S. M. C.’ headgear*.

Previously, in the vicinity of the 20 arrt.

Previously, in the vicinity of the 20th arrt. .:. B88B9A5A-3BA3-4D7B-96B6-B381499970B1 🏍

* USMC headgear:
u suck mí 🐓
or something like D.A.T.
—in French

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/02/29 /espectaculos /a05n2esp

In Local News… exit through the Elevators

At 18h20 in CET Iran releases hostage in exchange for a Persian scientist.

Coming up in Masterpiece Toones

Coming up in Masterpiece Toons .:. E698E192-95BC-4EBA-AC9C-96C83ECACF6A •|~ The Day The Earth Stood Stupid — Scene One, where Lila (Leela) sows her oaths with QUIQUEG (and yes, ZEPPELIN GOES HERE). Order the Audio Version of this classic, read by John Winston Lennon.

Meanwhile at The Westfield Shopping Mall in Paris, 75001, holiday shoppers are on lock-down as a National Movement passes by… just the facts and please don’t shoot the messenger… métro and RER corridors are also shutdown. Lines are forming at the elevators exits, holiday shoppers seem exasperated, however if any of them would read this most non-consequential blog them holiday shoppers would know that the Saint-Eustache exit is wide open.

The Saint–Eustache exit by-the-way is smacked right in the middle of the shopping mall, this is to say, in order for shoppers to get to ANY elevator exit, holiday shoppers must pass by the Saint-Eustache exit. French Logic, like short people have no reason. Again, please don’t shoot, or kick the messenger out of Les Halles, ‘cusit’s cold outside“.

18h41 Mairie du 1er…
—Celeri Remoulade
Paupiette de poulet pommes de terre persil
—Doughnut sans trou (chabacano fillin‘)
—EDAM de Holland

19h45 Ne me quitte pas (on Blues harp)

Bright blue lights that would otherwise make for a nice complement to the bottlenecked corridor that is the Right Bank stretch from The Théâtre du Châtelet all the way to the The Louvre are exasperating “An American in Paris” ticket holders.

Fucking Flamencos:

Love this guy

Love this cat, but he did diss Route 66 here in Paris while at the Siren Den.:.FE2125E9-70BE-47B9-A192-A11A4A46B4BF •|• Watch yo’ass Jon, watch yo’ass, San Brdo. is gonna git’cha!

In Fip Siren News. Jon (Route 66 denier*) SScofield is on the Seine waves… Comadre Letty, if you are going to break ranks to bring us the Jazz do you really really REALLY need to spin that cat?

Ladies in Gemini, at 20h03 in Central Siren Thymes  in Rennes, Jon Scofield is officially an UGLY Mexican. Fuck It, “The Show Must go On“, period


En fin… it’s just another Quentin Tarantino rotation of them stars

The Fall fell on the effort. Hoy no hubo jazz;

Coming up on ...

Coming up on … Los Amigos de Ben Franklin en el hotel “”Paris Chiquito”, por supuesto, “Allá en el rancho grande” en el pueblo del abuelito de don Calderón.

Wake mí up when October begins and September ends.

For the record, no copyright infringement was infringed upon in the making of this blog, because this is just another Hollywood Style blockbuster built, of course, with blocks from the Lee Majors abandoned Fall Guy set.


Efeméride: 1985, la muerte del Ete de Pancha

34 años…

The 11th hour

The 11th hour

Las causas de los decesos:
Sobredosis de cemento.
Fuentes: (No insistas fip
vete a besar a tu Flamenco.

Coming up in the programming

Coming up in the programming, Bulls on Parade, con las SeVillanas de Sam Stein, the ugliest Mexican en la cuadrilla. —•!•— …[O]ver on the Disney/Miramax Channel, it’s Four non-Blondes and their One Hitter, “Everybody Gknew”. •¡• fip over to the Quentin Tarantino Channel an it’s another edition of “No Service for Viejos feos“, starring Vicente Fox, in this episode, el siempre divertido, “VIEJO LESBIANO” protects the waters of “El Rey”, para USO EXCLUSIVO de sus benditos potrillos. }—~~~\,,,*>  Deer, mr. “Last Word”, beefour “The Eleventh Hour”, just before MidNite: PLEASE BEE ADVISED that “El Soplapitos was not watching The Rachel Maddow Show, however, Eye was.

Oración a los Saint–Ignatius de los WaPos, las WaPas y, por supuesto los soplapitos and early-warning AGUAS GÜEY de todos nuestros benditos imperios del Concejo Mundial de La Lucha Libre en el pancracio del Nuevo desOrden global…

… [A]nd for the record, Camilo Cienfuegos just granted a walk to FOist to Mme. Lagarde, y los técnicos de ayer head on over to Second, where Madge tag-teams Cindy Lauper who just happened to be “bopin” along with The Go-Gos on FOist with a “pinball wizard”, or something like that, and while that Circus–Circus spectacle develops, Justice Sotomayor steps up to the plate… y en las ondas del Sena en parís, La Comadre letty sigue de armada, insistiendo; pero no, comadre lety, el corazón de Camilo le pertenece a Susana sin sus sepultureros, period

México – México – Mhe’jiCº … “Yo tengo otros datos ».

Buenas madrugadas tengan todas sus mercedes, hoy es el 16 de septiembre, and Kool & The Gang wish[es] to ask “Oh Sheila”, if Trump is going to make the ballot in 2020?

The Poles as seen in Australia

The Poles as seen in Australia… HASTErisk* •|• And in Boston, tuba player Katharina “grillos” Clarkson doubles-up on Impeachment

In Washington, Ayman Mo breaks the  news, « al revés* », but them poles stay the same, and Natasha Bee (politico) reports the news while riding a pony, TRASCENDIO, según el Voto Latino, y la voz de las mutualidades de la libertad, que el pony de Natasha no puede obtener parte de la “Totalidad” de la pantalla de KC⚡️DC a razón de que “Emu”, quien es un cliente de Donnie Deutsch, tiene un contrato de “exclusividad” con “los” Em# es en B.C., period

Coming up on Quesadillas con queso:

Quiche, what a fuck is it? Ayman travels to Santa Fe to ask French ex-pat chef, Sal Quichotte:

Summer 2008 — Philadelphia, PA

Summer 2008 — Philadelphia, PA .:. F732D591-693F-4D4D-BA45-83A0E439FD6F — FATWA DIS non-binding legal opinion; fatwa AUSSI, this little West Texas town of El Paso, Drum enSAMble line.

Summer 2008, Philadelphia —PA

Salman Rushdie offers a “coloquio” in the City of Brotherly Love, or some passionate motto like that, during the event, a member from the audience asks the celebrated writer some advice for aspiring writers, —His answer, when we [the staff] return and, when Congressman O’Rourke explains the ROLE of guns, arson, and his BEAU PAPA, Bill Sanders, on the attacks strategically launched against a community of “the ORIGINAL maquila workers” at a PLATEAU called “Lomas del Poleo”.

It’s like blazing saddles, but with a concertina-wired perimeter, and at least one scorched toddler que ni pinche ruido hacía.


Hey there, JoWyNa… VOIES et Delais, or something like D.A.T.

14 de septiembre, 2019

Wild Horses

Wild Horses

Nueve de la mañana:

For the record...

For the recordFUCK MR. Dickey at “The Daily BEAST”… atentaMENTE: an American in París, —a reprise— now thru San Silvestre Day at the “FAKE VISA” Theater à Châtelet… Eye did tell y’all about that « lindo gatito », dijo PIOLÍN.

Acto n° 44

Articles 33 et suivants du decret n° 91 – 1266 du 19 décembre 1991… Happy MxMás, period

Movin' Along

Movin’ Along.

“The death of democracy, with Brian Williams and an Ivy Sciences Po leaguer from Nantucket, in Cousin Joe’s “neck of Mika Brzezinski’s WOULDS, period”.

An evening with Los Apsons

An evening with Los Apsons… and other assorted “love songs”, with Rick James.

… tell mí more, tell mí more.

d'eso no voy a'blar

d’eso no voy a’blar, san punto ISSY’acaVO. La Catafixia ; a slight return, what a difference a They makes… cualquier parecido CON Africa, Sra. Brzezinski, es pura Salma Hayek (Serendipia).