And, Pedro Alejandro… no pun intended, but


Kier Simmons reveals that an animal escaped with the Corona virus from Wuhan, China… The WHO is asking who or what stole the Germ from christmas?

Deer, Andrew Yang… Sir, let me be your FREDDY ROACH, i will draw a smile on you that knot even Justin Beiber fans [those motherfuckers] be able to erase… on any METRO. IZIWEY… HAPPY Asian American and SAMOA ISLANDER’s They!!!

AND IN SAMOA: Judges actually get off of their asses and parade their pretty parlamentarían wigs on to the STRIP!!!

Asked by Jonathan D’Aussi, how Samoa was felling to They, a big motherfucker from a neighboring island identified only as PHAT PHREDY drop the mic on the Trumpet of Miles and relayed that, “Samoa was on Stand-By,” adding that those motherfuckers are feeling Dead with a lower-case of democracy inside but ready to Riot on the outside. Öüï hopes that Things don’t escalate to that.

As a model/nomenclature setup Adán En Todo suena medio Sueños Liquidos, no cree usted, marchantita?

My next doG will be named 🐎 Ferrari ⛽️ Pura 🏎Sangre 🛴, or maybe Eye will keep it simple and just go with Napoleón.

With that in mind, i direct your not paying attention to the Reverend Doctor Al Sharpton, Ph.M. (honoris causa) for the follow-up to the Sermon at Saint Eustache (Annunciation They).

Alternative media, the breakfast of Nostradamus… this is how that Frog stayed ahead of the “mode”

And, Willie Geist, please relay to Cousin Joe (that SumBitch) that the Ph.M after the good reverend stands for Phat Me•Hee•Ka, pronounced with an ese accent.

But FO’ist… The ANSWER IS CHÂTELET-less-Jales, ALWAYS, Mr. Yang… All Güeys! It does Knot Matter if it’s Babylon 2 or, Mexico City, but never\never\ever—ever that Waterloo stop on the BoobTube.

Tranquility Base, the President relays that he’s got One Mo’change to make, please stand-by as JFK reclaims his initials… And CDG, please hold for UN GRAN logistical pedo on your Eastern “Friendly” Skys; STATE-Sponsored Piracy is in full effect.


Dear, Kurt Bardella… Gotcha!

Indeed, Mr. Bardella, indeed—Cousin Joe (a Ronald Reagan fiscal conservative republican) is going to burn you at the stake. Unless, Kurt Bardella, unless… unless that dumb blind country fried lawyer denounces Nancy Reagan for what she was, a ROCK HUDSON denier, Kurt Bardella.

For more unsolicited Gotcha’s, tune in to The Reverend Al Sharpton Show, and 🎶 Please, please, please: support your local GRILLO:

“El Ratón Vaquero”, lo mató… Amigo Aldo (del Quinto Patio) siempre fuiste el más alivianado de la banda y por eso junto con los de REZIZTE (excepto a el que Roco se llevó):
BORDER MANIFESTA forever, pachuco.

But Foist… 🎶🎷🗣 Juárez, no debió de morir—Ay de morir 👣🦵🏻🦶🏽💃🏼🌬 porque si Juárez no hubiera muerto— TODAVÍA VIVIRÍA!

On the next segment of: “Por vivir en quinto patio”, Pata de Perro, explica lo que pasa—¿qué pasa?—cuando uno nombra a las cosas… Jorge Saldaña guest stars on a Blast from a “Cocodrilo—RANFLA!”, from the past.

… 🚕

Previously on, “To infamity* and beyond” — Mano Negra vS the Gracie Family

Hello, Chuck Todd. Happy Tuesday. Check it out Chuckles, with NASCAR in full circle-jerk mode, Katy Kur will be able to not follow our coverage of ¶ 13 of La Politica Online com mx, and as we wait for the 11th Hour to arrive on Deadline we leave you in the City where Mano Negra was born, Pancho Villa roamed along the WATCHTOWER D.A.R.E. and a Seattleite would later cover Mr. Zimmermann’s electrified folk song about El Torreón. Torreón is also the landscape where indios tobosos used to eat their chichimeca and apache neighbors, heck, even the Mighty Mighty Aztecs used to go around (lerdo lerdo) por Raymundo para llegar hasta Mapimí… pasando por Cuéncame, a huevo que sí.

Mano Negra

And in the role of Dr. Ernest Manville .::. 36734889-8D72-4770-A7E1-F2E05402E0B0 ✋🏿 MANO NEGRA (La Mort Vous Va Si Bien), featuring Melania Trump as “la lavadora dedos patas”.

Note to Nicolle Wallace:

It is Imperative, öüï repeat [in a Space Cadet voice] Imperative that for all “Hydroxyquine” intents and purposes, ALL Transmissions (neighboring FOXes-es included) should scrap the neutered word « morbidly » for the SUPER DUPPER testosterone with mezcal worms infused « mortally », por ejemplo, Purple Pundit:

Donald Trump’s « morbidly » annoyed “Dishwasher” dedos patas… became « mortally » motivated to change her Executive’s husbands hydrocloroquine placebo for THE REAL Formula.

Brrrrrrm Brrrmmmmm

Brrrrrrm Brrrmmmmm _•|•_ MACH–2 is for fags!!! And remember K.I.D.S. D.A.T. in Hilo, Hawaii it’s still Tuesday, in case you motherfuckers would ever reference the timestamp of this most non–consequential K.I.S.S.

Are you ready to play this Latin Rhythm called “the bossa nova?”

If you are then consider that this COVID–19 for all of its serious and most consequential regrets, an NBC Attack —no pun intended— will take away ALL of our Memories, Mrs. Glenn.


¥up… Brazilian Jiu jitsu is what a Nuclear Biological Chemical attack would look like between a WWF / Lucha Libre match and a roll en la lona with Brazilian Jiu jitsu .::. D2BABB0E-5FF0-4EA9-9F02-CB17A7EA47F6 ✍🏼 … and as a former Company level non-commissioned officer responder, Eye has read a few FM’s or government training films.


Must show work section of the sketch:

El Amigo de Bill Maher and Cousin Joe’s rejected guest:

Opposites attract

Opposites attract, likes repel; hence, Cousin Joe, Vicente is closer to Trump on a linear scale, and as an Internationalist, Fidel was a better political athlete than Bill Maher’s friend.

https ://www .eluniversal .com. mx /articulo /mundo /2016 /11 /26 /el-incidente-diplomatico-completo-del-comes-y-te-vas

https ://librenoticias .com/ el-dia-que-vicente-fox-llamo-a-las-mujeres-lavadoras-de-2-patas/el-dia-que-vicente-fox-llamo-a-las-mujeres-lavadoras-de-2-patas/

Mano Negra (unmasked):

http ://www .luchawiki .com /index .php /Mano_Negra

The Leyenda arrives from the land that inseminated modern “Catch”, which of course the very French invented, experts and aficionados disagree on the page, the goodie–little tushies say that “the rest of the story” is on “Page Two”, while those that are traveling without moving swear that All D.A.T. Catch lies on p. 22.

Lo cierto Seth Meyers is that In REEL POLITIKS and in TIME–LIFE, the only reality is LA LUCHA LIBRE. The author of D.A.T. D.A.R.E. book (espalda ancha, o algo así) set the standard (stick shift transmission) for ‘el pancracio’ y las tortas de jamón.

The thing is, Mr. Meyer, that The Man From Atlantis is credited with removing the mystery of Mano Negra near Saint Cloud… bus line 72.

Advertisement — Two young 2 Die

Yup, some Jews supported the National Party, and that is all that i am going to point out.

Black Panther meats Minority Whip

Black Panther meats Minority Whip on MAGA and other assorted Stocks Exchange on the “Ey” Train .:. 8C562747-B056-4082-BDB3-2FB638E63332

Any güey, Reverend Sharpton, do you really believe that Cousin and Mrs. Brzezinski really–really plan their early evening weekends in Nantucket, around your Nation‽ Nigga’PLEASE.

“Eye know You — You know Mí”

“One and one and one is:

“One and one and one is .:. FBBDA598-1C84-4EF2-8CCD-F7847AEE6622 🙋🏽‍♂️Three‽


The Source: it figures that fo’Presidents They weekend, our Lorde Lorne lanzara la llamada que anuncia este C•A•R•N•A•V•A•L and that Isoglossa Woodii demanded his “barbas” porque “los morenos” están por llegar.

40 Acres and a Mule

40 Acres and a mule, works for film, however .:. 8C83FFEF-A96E-41CF-99D1-218BF04AD908 🎬 Brother Panther, it must be Chicago, that town does strange things to people in politics, just ask Rahm Emanuel and his version of “The Nation City”, he too Brother Rush* knows damn well, like the Reverend Al Sharpton and Bibi^ what “stop and frisk” means. ♟ Now, Brother Man, not to put mister Mike Bloomberg on the same auction platform but if you are chasing in the 21st Century City for a “House” for them 19th Century-promises… [T]hen the Distinguished Whip from the Great State of South Carolina needs not tell the Nation who he will be voting for, the question is in what neighborhood would he be wanting that House to Burn on next Week’s Saturday Night Live with a Talking Head, eh?

* Brother Rush. https ://www .politico .com /newsletters /illinoisplaybook /2020/01/22/ bloombergsnagsrushrogerschicagosdiversityrankingnot-so-subtle-dis-488124