“So you’re an American?” — No Ma’am, I’m from Kentucky!*

Let’s do this

… and Loss of Signal, youse the best, but Eye will be back, believe Mí.

* Groundhog Day via Edge of Tomorrow.

This is the sound of Hands Clapping 👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿👏

For context, i don’t know if there’s such a thing as a reincarnation THEY, but what i do Know, is that the marinating time for a good idea to be Etched in Stone again is 4 years. Ask Simone at La Mairie de Paris, Madame Anne Hidalgo—she’ll Show You.

Now then, for all you Monkees up in Heaven, a couple of years ago I, armando segovia, showed you the Sound of Woody Wood Pecker on the Seine… and Pierre, i can assure you that this is Knot one of Those. This here Madame PrietaGala is the sound of Memo Picapiedra (and I swear to goD that that is his name, but in French) doing what he does best, and if you catch Memo at The House of Detention he’ll Tell’ya that like Mí, he is a Paris im’plant not in-plant. Ask him! G’Ahead—He’ll tell Y’all.

… offline, please note that a Clear Sign of the A Poco Lips Sis is the fact that Paris invented a Ukelele Club and a Young Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) was caught between The Man from La Mancha and Victoria being all giddy and jolly.

A “P” in the Bush is usually sponsored by Tyranny or The 3rd Reich Bank of America… this is why you can’t have NICE things Paris, Texas.

Eye swears, Ewe ca’Int make this shit up.


Stranger mis huevos.

It’s 19h in Central NATO Times [Stop] All That Jazz

And on the 999th presidential golf outing…

Not to be outdone

Not to be outdone by the CJNG .:. 3B78F62A-DC15-41E5-9234-3CC2BC2A8D3B 🎶 Oh, happy Theys, oh happy Theys…

What a wicked game,” Deana.

https ://edition .cnn .com /2020/07/18 /opinions /portland-anonymous-security-forces-mark-of-dictatorship-ghitis /index .html

Meanwhile in Méjico:

Coincidencias de la industria

CoincidenCIAs de la industria .:. 5D80FED1-0022-4367-9039-3D44043B62BE

Oh, the humanity… on account of losing his presidential pension, former Mexican president and friend of the Morning Joe Show, Vicente FOX is selling his “personal greetings” for $5000 pesotes mejicanos (each).

https ://www .theguardian .com /commentisfree /2020/jul/18 /portland-oregon-federal-officers-trump-department-homeland-security

To show her solidarity with the Mexican “pelele*” for that time that the Fox team got a former president of the FORMER United States of América, Nicole Wallace (a former press lieutenant for Bush 43) order a dozen greetings from the Boot Empresario^ for her staff on Deadline… her 8 year–old was not amused; “and so it goes”, across from The Atlantic.

Mist be read in a

The following greeting must be read in a Vicente FOX voice .:. 85AA5200-D4BA-4413-B0FA-28291CA7EDB7

Page Two:

Good news for the CAR rental industry. The federal government is bringing much–needed mullah to this niche market following a drop in rentals due to a pandemic that the Trump administration is unwilling to eradicate control like most of the CIVILIZED world has done. The ACLU, those motherfuckers! Are promising to rain on yet another “Make America Great” promise fulfilled by the best non–pro–golfer in the despotic world.

Over at Hotel–6, a disgruntled beaner was heard shouting at the TOP of his lungs, “KAYLEIGH, KAYLEIGH!!! Drop that cheat–sheet folder with answers to the White House Correspondents corps AND LETS FUCK LIKE SAVAGES!!!”. The poor and horny bastard was shot on sight.

SAY ANYTHING and nevermind The Boom-box

https ://www .thelocal .fr/20190129 /france-in-numbers-police-violence-during-yellow-vest-protests

And starring as

And Starring as Jérôme Rodrigues 𓀎 28E3E5A6-9E3D-4B24-BA5A-688810B6ACA8 🏌🏻‍♂️ Donovan La Bella.

https ://www .commondreams .org /news /2020/07/18 /end-unconstitutional-nightmare-aclu-sues-trump-administration-over-use-secret-police

Journo 1402: Psychoanalysis, punditry, and Demagoguery

This interaction takes place inside of a doll house, where an audition for pundits, reporters, correspondents, TALKING HEADS, experts –of course– and an NSA strategist by the code name ‘Black Spy’ are running up and down Studio 3A to come up with the best metaphors for the current White “Doll House” administration.

In this ACT, the auditioners are going over some eminent euphemisms on Donald Trump’s ‘Eminence Front’.

🎶 Mauricio —Babiloniaaa.

And Yes, Donnie Deutsch:
“I’ve seen that movie, too.”

Musical guest:
Sir Elton Pig.

Journo 1402:
Psychoanalysis, punditry, and Demagoguery.
Room: The Doll House at 30 Rock.
Professor: John He•ille•mann.
Time: Whenever, y en dónde sea.

Lo bueno d’este blog es de que ni mabm, ni don Reginaldo Hércules Dwight Juan, lo leen.

Carl Linneaus (1707) [Nice Cardigan] is the most important Pig in history*, he single-mindedly took it upon himself to name all living organisms.  Linneaus was a Gemini by Western standards, pero andando en Hong Kong, —Duke Ellington— era igual de COCHON… MITT ROMNEY, ese político habla en Oink–Oink igualito que Snoop Dogg… <*,,,-—–~~~{ • } ~~~-—-,,,*>  ¿CARL JUNG? You’betcha — he was a Pig.

De cualquier manera, para poder llegar a ver quién está trabajando los controles de tus potencialidades y todas sus limitaciones, —por el otro lado de la cortina— sigue el SENTIER de la Yellow Brick Road.


President Trump is going to do a rendition of the Beastie Boys “Ill Communication” at the White Dollhouse in Washington.

Michael Steele has the
“Ill Communication”.
Hear all about as the Purple Pundit Sings:

“Viva el Son”
… or something like that.