16 de septiembre, 2016 ∴ hoy marchan

Les frescos de la salle de garde, secret Patrimonio in plain sight, today Öüï begin to by re-visiting Saint–Louis, 1 Av. Claude Vellefaux, 75010 — CED_EX, for more reasons than the orgy which, began to take shape on a tour bus that departed from there, —no less.

Ma sorcière bien aimée, ISSY, ¡Viva México, ratones!

“They’re just the interns”

Meanwhile at Longchamp, I’ve seen that movie Aussi, Alix.

Gaviota, el son de Georgina y Alix.

Si yo fuera Lionel Messi, metería de materia un gol por la puerta de Dios.

Fuck yoU, Matt Damon… see you in Marseille

… and starring as the Church Lady:

And in Paris, France… all of the Magnum©️ shutterbugs are off~Course, fags.

Michael Schmidt, now with a tie 👔 and rolled-up sleeves.

Well isn’t that con* Clinton!

*~. With, as an ingredient.

And oh, dear God! Sean Penn is having an orgy with the daughter of A.I. on Earth Tú.

The Life of Penn


Mike Memoli returns in the role of the altar boy with the personal perspective.

It’s Saturday Night, on a Thursday afternoon in Paris. Issy, fuck your selfie.


… but seriously Volks!

https ://www .dw .com /en /germany-suspends-migrant-intake-from-italy/

I love Philippe Leclerc de Hauteclocque, really, I’ve always respected the AMX projects and now, well now you have shit and a Mariachi ensamble for your future ARMOR defense systems (punto y coma) gulp, gulp, gulp (wine sippin’ sound goes here).

We love the all, the all of youWhere lands are green and skies are blueWhen all in all, we’re just like youWe love the all of you


Maybe in the Mean~time… does any of them fucking mariachis know that one?

Woo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-oohWoo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-oohWoo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-oohWoo-ooh-ooh-ooh

https ://www .reuters .com /world /europe /italys-lampedusa-at-point-no-return-with-migrants-mayor-says-2023-09-14/

I’m an Alligator yes, but also a Distinguished Armor Technician, I could have designed the perfect THANKs for y’all, instead you are going to get the mariachis to cover your precious “patrimoine”.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Leclerc_tank

Don’t worry about her, [ I bet you think this post is about you] she’ll find a güey from the temporary visa pool to start a new orgy at her workstation or clinic. Her husband won’t mind the divorce or PACS dissolution, if he is cool, and only if he is cool and “integrates” he will get that €150,00 solidarity check and, in six months, full-RSA and a studio to live in.

Now don’t you fuckers forget to dispose them soft-skin 56’s on your TRI and forget about that XLR-Standard, put them fuckers in the “gaspillage” bin. Fucking €16 million per unit, what a waste, but keep on granting that €150,00 solidarity pay for your “incoming” artists, I honestly can’t wait to see all of the stranded Lampedusa arrivals at Florence Cassez doorsteps in Calais.

I am sure Alicia, Georgina and Sergio will be there to do the things that they do best, and which is to “INDIGNEZ~VOUS” and tear thier clothes apart in solidarity with the France INSOUMISE orgy.

https ://www .sudouest .fr /societe /religion /he-makes-fun-of-secularism–lfi–is-outraged-by-the-presence-of-emmanuel-macron-at-the-papal-mass

To quote Howard Johnson at from Rockridge:

… and in Paris, France, Marie Cuire, just obliterated another intern’s penis at the water fountain. It was her fifth this week alone.

but that is only because Marie Curie was listening to jazz à fip.

He looked so healthy… must have been them Hamburgers in COYOACÁN

Messieurs SMITHS?

If only the Paris Tourism Board had the Spotlight — like a Voodoo Chile 👆🏞️


The Lives of Others (ISSY this is dedicated to JOHANNE GRACIA POISSON³) and THE FRENCH NAZI STASIquesqui LOVERS who clap at Juanito Guanabacoa.

And, Alicia Leos y sus Arrière (AS) might or, might not agree 👍 but I Know What Y’all Did in September of 2012/2013 at Balard (M8).


³~. Con especial dedicatoría para la señora Alicia LEOS y su MARIACHI “Las Arrière (AS°), but that is only because doña Alicia, like Dr. Poisson made the campechana official by documenting their intentions with La Bendita Préfecture, en otras palabras, como dice Katie Phangs: don’t think that Eye is into Ewe. Just the facts, mesdames.

https ://www .bbc .com /news /world-middle-east / cairo-masterplan-threatens-ancient-city-of-the-dead

Y… en Egipto, una nueva megalópolis is actually and literally running an express way over The City of The Dead. I was wondering why I kept being bugged about that Hitchhikers Guide in CAIRO.

En Italia, it’s a One-Tú with Verstappen y Pérez.

[This space for rent]

Mientras tanto…

The Wayback Machine y los jaraneros tapatíos.

Que Chingue A Su Madre³
“El Mudo”

Note to RFPP y “sus” editores… Entre PEJE’s y MADRINAS.

If there is EVER, ever ever, any doubt why we THE STAFF, continue to make like the IMER NOTICIAS fellow, Mr. Nájar, that is to say —complaint or, faire LA PLAINTE  auprès du procureur de la République BANANERA de FRANCIA y sus medios en rfpp . net it~is because, y aunque no sea lo mismo ni sea igual, Eye would not allow a STASI cop to moonlight as an “ANGEL of culture” when torture was the 🔨  instrumento ⛏️ that he played THE BEST. (Clap, French motherfuckers, CLAP on RFPP).

https ://www .reforma .com /gana-pleito-de-marca-la-sonora-santanera-de-carlos-colorado /ar2488829 

³~La hermosa Marina (Malinche) madre de todos los, las y LES mexicaines (including Pepito).


Al regresar, “Los Luchadores” con el más técnico de PASADENA, the one and only, Memo Hijo de Ricardo Martínez de La Garza…

Perros Bravos follows:/

The Son of a banker who roamed with many COYOTES during his early years in Coyoacán just boarded the TRAJINERA to El inframundo en Yucatán…


Please stayed tuned for sintonías…

The Ninja Scroll is not even a trou 🕳️ translation

Previously on Desperate Housewives… Roc°Paper°Scissoring°

https ://asegovia3 .com /2017/04/18 /contribuidores-notas-y-la-postproduccion/


« Con su permiso, señor presidente (de La Madrid), “gracias por su ‘benevolence’… »
“los muertos que a gritos quereis matar, gozan de cabal salud”, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo parafraseando a “El Mentiroso” de Pierre Corneille.


Radio Televisión Pública Española… presenta:

La Pasión del Primo de Rivera mirando CARA  AL SOL

Ewe and Mí… The Ballad of Co-optations and Interpretations.

“Ya llegó Niki Lauda”

Parchís 🇪🇦 chis, chis.

https ://www .slate .fr /story /228109 /in-spain-the-far-right-is-using-the-drought-to-campaign

Ultras españoles logran que himno franquista se emita en cadena nacional… JOAN MANUEL SERRAT lo interpreta mejor que Miguel Rios, Miguel Bose y el mismísimo Manuel Valls*.

*~. Don Diablo

🌫️ nebulosa, tu chingada madre, Juanito Guanabacoa… SIX SIGMA en la máquila de procesos INTEGRADOS de conTrol de Thompson bicicletero de Amsterdam XXX.


.. we know we now return to our first Heineken® sponsored translation of Schiltz’ bum wrap. And for that we touch base with Alicia Leo’s and El Mariachi ARRIERAS (del Francés, arrière) en el parvis de NESTLÉ en BOTZARIS.


“Caminante no hay camino… ∇ Do Not Try to Adjust Your Programming, you ALL had that opportunity during the François Hollande/Enrique Peña Nieto presidencies (respectably) but you were all too busy BEEFING-UP your *hartistic curricula vitae while wearing a CHE GUEVARA costume that made you ALL look like “el payasito de la tele” CEPILLÍN, en SciencesPo, campus PARIS ».

But, first, here’s a little background for today’s sponsors of the JUANITO GUANAVACO “informática advertorial” Show, mister Juan Valdéz and Laboratorios del bebé agradecido en el Nidal-de-Guigoz en BOUÉ,  Francia… la ciudad más bonita de l’Ainse en Normandie.

Miss Informations follows…  sponsored by Nestlé “Tiger’s Milk Formula”.

De piedra de ser la cama, de piedra las cartulinas… 🎶 la mujer que a mi me quiera — registrará su merca en perpetuidad® 



Over at the Juanito Guanavacoa Show, it’s how to squeeze el presupuesto del consumidor. Reflexiones empresariales de los Amigos de México en Ámstérdäm, o algo así.  


Jardín 21 en la rue Ormesson-del-Ocho, with musical guest, La Tigresa de Los And-Es 🍤🥑 en El Orienté de los Bravos.

Sector BFMTV en TéléCaracol…

https ://www .indiatoday .in /world /story /colombian-rebel-commander-ivan-marquez-killed-in-venezuela

No bathroom breaks.

Of course knot, no cafecito, Tampico.


La B.O.¹⁶ de Buff al Eau… a new fragrance

Like a What? That’s ridiculous!

Eh…. what’s up, Doc?

And… Zeppelin goes here 💥

“Lagunero (de Loch Ness) a llorar a tu RANCHO”¹²

https ://www .elsiglodetorreon .com .mx /noticia /2022 /reportan-el-fallecimiento-del-doctor-manuel-teran-lira.html

¹²~. Dr. Manuel Terán Lira, MD [1939 –2022]

RSVP SVP _ L’appuntamento.

Duke Phyton:
— Do you know why los federales call him “Slab”?

because he makes stones the size of Mika’s Penthouse fly like little Pebbles 🎉  when Bam 🧨Bam 🧨 is in town?


American Curious


Sponsored by Suavitel del Tec de Monterrey y Pizzería SoPaCo.


Use Your Illusion, Rose, use your Illusion when you dance with the Devil in Third Class III

Éleuthère Irénée du Pont (French expat¹⁴)
It’s French Patrimony weak~end’s
in Gómez Palacio, Durango… Municipio de Mapimí.

https ://vanguardia .com .mx /coahuila /torreon /se-suicida-lanzandose-de-la-replica-de-la-torre-eiffel-de-gomez-palacio -JMVG3406618

Öüï, Güï, We… Dinamita, Durango, is the other end of Jodorowski’s bridge en San José de Las Panochas, heck! El General Arrollo even had an Eiffel Tower the size of a Rolling Stone en Español en la otra ciudad de los Palacios, ask Gomes¹⁴ he sent little Wednesday Addams to learn how to cook “fuegos artificiales” 💥💥💥 there with Ahedo, there’s a nice pila there, full of sapos (amphibians not snitches) in the spring, that’s when they mate.

¹⁴~. Not an immigrantwhite rich “exceptionalists” are never immigrants

https ://en. wikipedia .org /wiki /%C3%89leuth%C3%A8re_Ir%C3%A9n%C3%A9edu_Pont

Jabón del Perro Agradecido y Suavitel presentan a su artista exclusiva, DeNiza Pelona.


¹⁶~. Body Odor, it stinks. Ask the Amigos de México en Francia, “they don’t need no stinking eau de toilette”.

Rock Steady, Dinamita, Dupont¹⁵ — Let’s call this town exactly what it is… con información de wikipedia.

¹⁵~. Le village de Dinamita est fondé au début du xxe siècle par une entreprise nord-américaine avec l’objectif de fabriquer les explosifs nécessaires pour les activités minière en Mexique en se localisant dans une zone éloignée de la Région Lagunera de Durango car la région produisait du coton qui est une des matières premières fondamentales pour la fabrication des explosifs et la glycérine. La population a été formée par les travailleurs et toute son activité dépendait de la compagnie de dynamite Dupont, actuellement Austin Bacis. Aujourd’hui, la baisse de la demande et la concurrence ont affecté substantiellement son activité et avec elle l’activité économique de la population¹

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Dinamita _(Durango)

Holiday! A one güey ticket to Nantucket!


Rainbow Fentanyl with The Fantanas de Fontana, Redwoods special if you mention the code 16 de septiembre.

Like a rolling stone 🪨 that’s ridiculous ☄️


A Minute of Silence before Helio shines — In the Mean Time Kelly O’Donnell renders Yellow Submarine in a Shade of Green

And now, “The Rest of The Story”.

All the Fits That make news.

Kier Simmons, got in on the mix and proceeded to tone the Lime hue into an avocado shade of dark Olive, while that beacon of hope developed, the Supreme Court of them United States started the 6-hour countdown to see the face of the Wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, as the SECOND African American Supreme Court Justice gets sworn in into the Highest Court of Yellowstone Park and the Rest of The LAND of Those United States of America.

… And starring as, a NATHAN HOT DOG:

We’ll put a Turkey on Évry flag pole and make Judge Pirro’s lick Janice’s Weiner.

Vice Chair Representative from Why Oh Ming? (WY) 🌭🌭🌭

End of Season… in Oh, about 6 hours time, Jimmy’s little Justice³ is going on a PERMANENT VACATION. Congressman Scarborough will be issuing Mojito Subpeonas to the jury. ELEVEN hours later, a FRIDAY if the Lake does not catches FIRE, Allegretto is going on hiatus… to Yellowstone 

³~. https ://abcnews .go .com /US /supreme-court-justice-stephen-breyer-officially-retire-thursday /story?id =85935832

It’s Oh-Six hundred hours at the United Nations building, pissin’ distance from The Dakota’s next to Central Park.


… Right Now, it’s Midnight in Maui .

Le pusierón Jorge al niño.

🎶 Mi Matamoros querido
Nunca Te POUDRE olvidar.

Tuesday’s Gone, what’s on Wednesday, Addams?… and Denisa Kerschova responds: Mary Poppins, off–Corse.

Tuesday’s Gone…
at París, CDG.
À Hilo—Hawaii
it’s Primetime

Réquiem / Appendix: Cher EM!*

* Emmanuel Macron,
How do you say:
<< …our nation turns its prestigious eyes to you, >>
in Grand École French?

Dear former economy minister of my nigga at L’Élysée**, and current front-runner for the French presidential stationary and all the ‘goodies’, which that particular 5-year post entails.

**My niggas in Paris” was the
slogan in the form of hip-hop from
François Hollande to the 93 zip code crowds
at Seine Saint-Denis, during
the French Presidential Race of 2012.

Anyway, please forget my time-delayed musings, but the staff at asegovia3 was way to fucking depressed yesterday, the second day of the Third month of 2017 in order to make the necessary appendix to this blog. You see Monsieur Macron, you have already happened to have caught our attention back when the policies that you, under the current president François Hollande, implemented into law in order to get the long-distance bus service on your autoroutes [that’s toll roads in English, y carreteras de cuota en Espagnol]. As a matter of fact, we saw the fruits of your legislation come to life on the stretch of highway that runs from the Southeastern on-ramps in Paris in the direction to the Le Mans circuits on the stretch of road that delivers traffic all the way to Nantes, and then to the byways that take you into Pornic, and yes of course; Pornichet on your beautiful Atlantic Tour-de-France coast.


Señoras y señores [y señoritas también]
En México y en mundo La Cerveza se Corona;
y México Lindo y Querido:
La Masturbación no Mata;
pero si tu maldito poder.

—Esto fue, un ANUNCIO DE OCASIÓN¹—

As a matter of fact, we at asegovia3 happened to have used those road trips as an octane additive to our observations of a Frenchman musings and questionings during his tourist visa stay in Cuernavaca, which he used to observe and or contemplate —yes, Mr. Macron, contemplate— why Mexico didn’t have a passenger train service industry. Unfortunately for this blog, which is now closed —nobody was reading it [out loud]. Our guess here, is that IF A FRENCH INSTITUTION OR A FRENCH PERSON DID NOT INVENTED IT, OR IT DID NOT COME UP WITH THE IDEA—or dared to pose the question, well— Then It Does Not Exists. Do correct us on this [our take on why the rest of the world ‘seem to not understand the French] if we are wrong, tell your people at Poitiers to tell us so [why not, eh?]. Anyway, this coming Monday, the staff of asegovia3 has a meeting at one of the many Pôle-Emploi satellites, this meeting is for the purpose of requesting and/or convincing the staff there to give us their STAMP of Approval  [Un puto COTEJADO, pues] to ‘validate’ the creation of this very First-Draft, which oh-by-the-güey: happens to deal with at least one of the issues [code word: nepotism in politics] that you, As A Candidate in the presidential race of 2017 proposed yesterday in Your Political Manifesto.

“si nos dejan,”
an OPEN-Message to
Conan O’Brian,
will go here].

But getting back to the theme of today’s contemplation, as another matter of fact, the staff here at asegovia3 witnessed in the first person the decline, the closure —and the dissemination— of the nationalized passenger train industry in Mexico, in fact; VICTOR MANUEL QUINTANA SILVEYRA [the “padrino” to the cuasicomunista MORENA-Francia in 2014 and turncoat consigliere to the current right-wing governor in the Mexican state of Chihuahua] wont let this blog lie:

… if you ever rode on the N de M [that’s short for Nacionales de México, not “Nalgas de Manuel”] from Torreón-Coahuila to Ciudad Juárez-Chihuahua you would note that at that particular border stop, on the last stretch of Mexican asphalt that lead you over into the Union Pacific rails [and the Greyhound® and Trailways® bus depots in the United States] the statue of Vicente Guerrero on a horse welcomed you on your descent to an arrondissement called “La Chaveña”… ain’t that right, Professor Quintana?

Yes, Mr. Macron, like a Tom Hank’s fictional character we were there. Is not that we at asegovia3 claim that we’ve been everywhere, but we at asegovia3 have been everywhere that we have said that WE HAVE BEEN TO, punto!

… And yes, Mr. Macron:
“Comme d’habitud,”
be yet another to ignore our call,
and let the Far-Right take a hold of
our musings like “the good people” of Donald Trump did
just a little while-ago in 2016.

Opining from Paris:
The team from DON’T Shoot the MESSENGER News.

Did you know that the French invented opinions, that’s why their most popular knife is called Opinel… go ahead BuzzFeed; take the credit for the last statement. [We wrote the last instruction, of course, “with love in our hearts,” Note to editors: the brackets, in their entirety, must be read in a Brian Williams voice].

TimeDelayed sources en el periférico de un espectacular:

1. Muñoz, E., Becerril, J., en RadioFormula; “Fallece bombero al caer cuando intentaba desconectar espectacular que transmitía video ‘porno'”. VÍA: www .reddit /r/ mexico

En México, los arneses son ensambles para la industria automotriz —no artefactos de SEGURIDAD en el CAMPO laboral. —|— Al regresar: Un Uso Justo de todos los medios y las noticias del "porno" con Denise Maerker y Carlos Loret de Mola.

En México, los arneses son ensambles para la industria automotrizno artefactos de SEGURIDAD en el CAMPO laboral. —|— Al regresar: Un Uso Justo de todos los medios y las noticias del “porno” con Denise Maerker y Carlos Loret de Mola, video dirigido y “Hecho en México” por Duncan Bridgeman, Guión: Pantelion Films y Televisa; Elenco: Las Estrellas. Música: Los Putos de Molotov.