16 de septiembre, 2016 ∴ hoy marchan

Les frescos de la salle de garde, secret Patrimonio in plain sight, today Öüï begin to by re-visiting Saint–Louis, 1 Av. Claude Vellefaux, 75010 — CED_EX, for more reasons than the orgy which, began to take shape on a tour bus that departed from there, —no less.

Ma sorcière bien aimée, ISSY, ¡Viva México, ratones!

“They’re just the interns”

Meanwhile at Longchamp, I’ve seen that movie Aussi, Alix.

Gaviota, el son de Georgina y Alix.

Si yo fuera Lionel Messi, metería de materia un gol por la puerta de Dios.

Good Mornings, Francia, how da’Fuck are you doing (🔥) on this Fine Fall-back weekend?

Over at the Poles positioning system of the F.I.A. at Concordia, Team Toro Rojo got fined like a Zillion Euros, but regardless of that, not a single fucking European SCENT will go towards this thing called, “The Bossa Nova” in the scalping of The Amazonia.

To Dr. Marsalis’ credit, he did use the word, “Meta-phore”:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/10/28 /deportes /red-bull-pagara-multa-de-7-mdd-por-incumplimiento-del-limite-de-costos/

With that in mind, la CORCHOLATA Roja is being piloted by Augusto Pinochet… no wait, scratch that mister Cohen³; Eye meant to write ✍🏻 El titular de la Secretaría de Gobernación, Adán Augusto López Hernández.

³~. FRENCH-canadian of, “HallelujahPare de SufrirBrazilian fame.

… in local news 📰, jump to Page Tú.


Previously on, “Ya Llegó Nikki Lauda”

Ladies in Gemini, Su Majesta’… FORMULA 1 (for IMER dummies):

Soon I discovered that this rock thing was true
Jerry Lee Lewis was the devil
Jesus was an architect previous to his career as a prophet
All of a sudden, I found myself in love with the world
So there was only one thing that I could do
Was ding a ding dang my dang a long ling long… 🏎️🏎️🏎️🏎️

Song: Jesus Built My Hotrod
Album: Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs
Released: 1992
Artist: Ministry

Pay attention now, because if you are just joining our take from The Jean-Pierre Melville Médiathèque à la Rue Nationale in Paris, Francia, this year’s edition of the Race is definitely going to include a Swinging Time, and GOODNESS GRACIOUS Great Balls of Fire! 🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹


Je Ah Do Ré

🎶 Will a Matchbox hold my clothes?


Today Öüï highlights “La Corcholata Morada”, MARCELO EBRARD 🇲🇽 (King Louis XV 🇫🇷).



But FO’ist, Brasil.

Who are you, and… What did you do to Heidi Przybyla?