From the gutter to Ferrari — Viva Las Vegas

After the break, Adolf Hitler stopped rolling in his grave after hearing the news today, “Oh, jungle!” In Munich, the Young Turks smashed the German national team in the Euro Cup qualifier, and “la bendita Préfecture de Police” a Cité just accomplished what Pétain’s collaborators could not, after the break it’s “Bye-by” les bouquinistes parisiens, 2 hours of ceremony will cost you your spot.

In local news, la F.I.A. is not happy about the Strip, and Carlos Sainz³ has never been to Spain.

If it’s cherry, take it.

³~. … no Insistas Susana Pubeda, no hay cita ni nada de Grasse, and here is why, because the Tijuana Brass “Solo Toro” is not a « Lonely Bull », it’s The Only Bull 🐂 (but not the Energy Drink) the Tractor maker who is not even in the race.

Any how, Katty Kay, Eye just wants Ewe to relay to Cousin Joe and his little pre-taped weekend review show that:

— The staff at, nor its syndicate, have any saying in the order in which Öüï, [that motherfucker] eats a sandwich, or the sequence of the News of The They.

— All content, including all of the fictitious fragments included with these OATS over the years have one of this little seals on our archives:

Las noticias de México vistas por un transnacional californiano © 2007/2023 by Armando Segovia is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Le égout de péché, o como dicen en La Place de La Concorde: Sin Sewer.

Now that there just turned into a hunk of metal

It’s Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii*

*~. In Paris it’s already September the 12th… of 2001 and right now, all Saudi Arabian nationals involved in what was supposed to be the 50th Anniversary (2023) of The Twin Towers in N.Y.C. are safely back home, thanks the W.A.S.P. (turned Evangelical) Governor from Texas.

I’m Mary Poppins y’all, and my umbrella ☔ kills fascists.

… jump to mañana, catch a Jet, go ahead Willie Geist, grab’em by the ACHILLES nuts


A Minute of Silence before Helio shines — In the Mean Time Kelly O’Donnell renders Yellow Submarine in a Shade of Green

And now, “The Rest of The Story”.

All the Fits That make news.

Kier Simmons, got in on the mix and proceeded to tone the Lime hue into an avocado shade of dark Olive, while that beacon of hope developed, the Supreme Court of them United States started the 6-hour countdown to see the face of the Wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, as the SECOND African American Supreme Court Justice gets sworn in into the Highest Court of Yellowstone Park and the Rest of The LAND of Those United States of America.

… And starring as, a NATHAN HOT DOG:

We’ll put a Turkey on Évry flag pole and make Judge Pirro’s lick Janice’s Weiner.

Vice Chair Representative from Why Oh Ming? (WY) 🌭🌭🌭

End of Season… in Oh, about 6 hours time, Jimmy’s little Justice³ is going on a PERMANENT VACATION. Congressman Scarborough will be issuing Mojito Subpeonas to the jury. ELEVEN hours later, a FRIDAY if the Lake does not catches FIRE, Allegretto is going on hiatus… to Yellowstone 

³~. https ://abcnews .go .com /US /supreme-court-justice-stephen-breyer-officially-retire-thursday /story?id =85935832

It’s Oh-Six hundred hours at the United Nations building, pissin’ distance from The Dakota’s next to Central Park.


… Right Now, it’s Midnight in Maui .

Le pusierón Jorge al niño.

🎶 Mi Matamoros querido
Nunca Te POUDRE olvidar.

Tuesday’s Gone, what’s on Wednesday, Addams?… and Denisa Kerschova responds: Mary Poppins, off–Corse.

Tuesday’s Gone…
at París, CDG.
À Hilo—Hawaii
it’s Primetime