The Ninja Scroll is not even a trou 🕳️ translation

Previously on Desperate Housewives… Roc°Paper°Scissoring°

https ://asegovia3 .com /2017/04/18 /contribuidores-notas-y-la-postproduccion/


« Con su permiso, señor presidente (de La Madrid), “gracias por su ‘benevolence’… »
“los muertos que a gritos quereis matar, gozan de cabal salud”, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo parafraseando a “El Mentiroso” de Pierre Corneille.


Radio Televisión Pública Española… presenta:

La Pasión del Primo de Rivera mirando CARA  AL SOL

Ewe and Mí… The Ballad of Co-optations and Interpretations.

“Ya llegó Niki Lauda”

Parchís 🇪🇦 chis, chis.

https ://www .slate .fr /story /228109 /in-spain-the-far-right-is-using-the-drought-to-campaign

Ultras españoles logran que himno franquista se emita en cadena nacional… JOAN MANUEL SERRAT lo interpreta mejor que Miguel Rios, Miguel Bose y el mismísimo Manuel Valls*.

*~. Don Diablo

🌫️ nebulosa, tu chingada madre, Juanito Guanabacoa… SIX SIGMA en la máquila de procesos INTEGRADOS de conTrol de Thompson bicicletero de Amsterdam XXX.


.. we know we now return to our first Heineken® sponsored translation of Schiltz’ bum wrap. And for that we touch base with Alicia Leo’s and El Mariachi ARRIERAS (del Francés, arrière) en el parvis de NESTLÉ en BOTZARIS.


“Caminante no hay camino… ∇ Do Not Try to Adjust Your Programming, you ALL had that opportunity during the François Hollande/Enrique Peña Nieto presidencies (respectably) but you were all too busy BEEFING-UP your *hartistic curricula vitae while wearing a CHE GUEVARA costume that made you ALL look like “el payasito de la tele” CEPILLÍN, en SciencesPo, campus PARIS ».

But, first, here’s a little background for today’s sponsors of the JUANITO GUANAVACO “informática advertorial” Show, mister Juan Valdéz and Laboratorios del bebé agradecido en el Nidal-de-Guigoz en BOUÉ,  Francia… la ciudad más bonita de l’Ainse en Normandie.

Miss Informations follows…  sponsored by Nestlé “Tiger’s Milk Formula”.

De piedra de ser la cama, de piedra las cartulinas… 🎶 la mujer que a mi me quiera — registrará su merca en perpetuidad® 



Over at the Juanito Guanavacoa Show, it’s how to squeeze el presupuesto del consumidor. Reflexiones empresariales de los Amigos de México en Ámstérdäm, o algo así.  


Jardín 21 en la rue Ormesson-del-Ocho, with musical guest, La Tigresa de Los And-Es 🍤🥑 en El Orienté de los Bravos.

Sector BFMTV en TéléCaracol…

https ://www .indiatoday .in /world /story /colombian-rebel-commander-ivan-marquez-killed-in-venezuela

No bathroom breaks.

Of course knot, no cafecito, Tampico.


Across The Universe — The Pygmalion Effect*

And, Ari Melber… The Grand ol’Painter, died last night and he told me back in 1973 that you and Bernard-Henri Lévy are a pair of gilipollas.


For context on the Ari Melber Show, know that last night during the Purple Pundit Show (hey, Nicolle!) mister Melber misquoted MAL-Haga’s favorite son, and both of Manuel Valls and Miguel Bose’s fingerbanger… but this blog is not adequate enough to engage in that adaptation.

Amateur artist borrow, great artists steal it.

Ari Melber in the role of Manuel Valls asshole.

*~. Advanced profiling (OBEY)… in Paris, France, for the first time of my 12 years here, a helicopter was hovering over Châtelet and the Saint-Michel Fountain, it’s the Compton effect, that’s what it is. Details tomorrow on The Adeline François Show. Right now, President Sarkozy is second-fiddle in the Executive news carrousel. It’s called the “not to be outdone by (x), the French yada, yada, yada,” effect.

https ://www .lemonde .fr /politique /2023/06/13 /nicolas-sarkozy-entendu-en-audition-libre-et-perquisitionne-apres-la-retractation-de-ziad-takieddine

Meanwhile at El Toledo de Miami — Golden Slumbers.


Previously on Le Pen Club translation project… I was in the middle of adapting the translation of Schiltz’ “incompetence”, her words… knot mine, when all of a sudden my incontinence got in the way so I had to transgress my eschatological intolerance on el toledo³.

▶️ §

Schiltz’ Incompétence continued:

En huit années, j’ai croisé plus de 150 usagers des services de l’association. Je reprends la liste. Peu échappent à ma mémoire. À l’évocation d’un nom, un visage, une personnalité surgissent. S’impose la diversité des caractères, des situations et des parcours. Quelques-uns sont sortis de la rue, d’autres se sont rapidement éclipsés, tandis que certains organisaient leur vie autour de la structure ou s’investissaient dans le fonctionnement de l’association. Sans oublier ceux qui en ont été exclus, incapables qu’ils étaient de respecter la charte de bonne conduite (alcooliques, drogués, violents, désocialisés abandonnés par le secteur psychiatrique que l’association est inapte à gérer). Et enfin, ma souvenance va à ceux, trop nombreux, qui sont morts prématurément.

L’ombre del Tour de France… Only on The Kerschovas Show, now in motherfucking STEREO.

In eight years, I’ve crossed paths with over 150 users of the association’s services. I revisit the list again. Few escape my memory. The anamnesis¹ of a name brings back a face and a personality emerges. The diverse characters, situations and backgrounds overwhelms². Some made it out of the street, others quickly slipped away, while others organized their lives around the structure or invested themselves in the running of the of the association and, without forgetting those who were excluded, unable to respect the charter of good conduct (alcoholics, drug addicts, violent people, derelicts abandoned by the psychiatric sector, which the association is unfit to handle). And finally, I would like to remember the far too many who who died prematurely.

¹~. Platonism. Recollection of the Ideas, which the soul had known in a previous existence, especially by means of reasoning… ASK MARY J. BLIGE, she knows this one, “🎶 it’s a déjà-vu, don’t Ewe know that you remind me of…”.

²~. Overwhelms for IMPOSING.

³~. Slippeed away instead of ECLIPSED.

P. 176 ¶2

³~. Actually it is spelled “tolido” and it’s what the good people in El Segundo Barrio (2nd ward) of “El Chuco” (El Paso, TX) call the toilet.. over in Little Havana, the Comode is referred to as, “el cagadero”, but that’s only because of all of the Bacardi terrorists crowd who live there… moros y cristianos.

The Misfits — I Turn Into A Martian

Meanwhile en CATALUNYA, Manuel Valls shoots his COOL~ARROWS:


Number ONE, Cul Héros: What has undermined the left in recent years?

Manuel Valls: “The laziness“… pinches SIN DIENTES! – a lo mejor diría su antíguo patrón.

La Saeta, de J.M. Serrat inspired by the Ponce Pilatus Barcelona Fútbol Chambers in Évry, France.


Now before Eye gets to the Month of May and the scrolls that would shift from the berrinche ensangrentado del Año de México en Francia, que según la Profe. Christine Brookes, nunca fue, and over to the long and winding roadthat leads to the Occitan gardens de “Tu mamá también” en Cannes, no less, Öüï has to touch base with a Mexican State that exists only in the outer limits of El Puerto de Guaymas and Sammy Hagar’s joint in B.C.S.

³~. Quivy, V. Incroyables mais faux ! : histoires de complots : de JFK au Covid-19. Éditions du Seuil. Paris. 2020.

~. https ://www .ledevoir .com /opinion /idees /320524 /-portrait-d-une-violence-inouie-au-mexique

~. https ://www .rottentomatoes .com /m /sicario _2015


Pg. 33
Paul in the sky without diamonds… via Lac Tica and La Jornada universitaria Michigan Daily in 1966³.


²~. https ://www .ladepeche .fr /2023/03/16 /manuel-valls-retour-en-politique-accident-espagne-quedevient-lancien-premier-ministre -11065467 .php

“And some even go on and say, that morena has all of the MAR_kings of a cult”

PEDRO from Baja California Sur.

March 25th, 2012³

³~. Context follows, suffice to say, 4 days earlier, a cyber-security contractor for the then governor of the State of Chihuahua, Mexico, was in town. He was my guest, turned out his then girlfriend was a campaign officer for morena in Chihuahua. How fitting, that the first of a STRING of Judas Iscariots on this passion, just took his life jumping off from a BRIDGE 🌉🧱🧱🧱🌉.

¡Luuuuuuuu-Chaaaaa_rHan! — Dedos at rescaídas


LADIES and germs! It’s Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, and in PANAMÆ, Franche, it’s Thyme for the Tent 🎪 edition of 🇨🇵 National Sports They… and deer doG all mighty, Denisa KERSCHOVAS!!! Here comes The Clowns!

At La Maison de La Radio (not that one) Emily Munera has just been Violated by Chi Chi the little Latin fag, and in the process, that fello’ with the phallus standing next to her has been relegated (per request by the Publisher of Pedro Navajas) to stand in the role of, wait fo’, IT!:

La Hija de Tony Curtis… ¡SANCHO PANZA!

In Local WEBS… little ol’Eye saw “Nobody” coming, but then again,… ah, fuck it, i give up, just give l’assemblée nationale française, pro-russian hackers, their Early Retirement and their monthly R.S.A., RFPP is hiring bénévoles anyhow.

https ://www .huffingtonpost .fr /politique /article /le-site-de-l-assemblee-nationale-attaque-par-des-hackers-russes-anti-macron _215795 .html

RUSSIAN nazies: if you are monitoring, i need my file folder that Manuel Valls at Le Dépôt de Cité censuré in 2013 ~ 2014.

Any güey, Benito Bodoque from “The Bronx”, en Ponce 🇵🇷… Ewe got’s to rrrrrrhol your erres, —ese. In this section of your G.E.D.¹ pilot test, Eye is going to be your “Are-assistant” coach and the MSNbePeacocks hope that by the end of your first season, Öüï can get Ewe son’s o’biches in Ponce de León to stop treating the 21st* letter in the Spanish alphabet like she’s 13th.

So, c’mon Chi Chi, —VIDA is waiting:

F.Y.I.: Noxeema Jackson used to play for The Tribe 🪶, Willie Mays Hayes ⚾ was his name.

¹~. https ://usahello .org /fr /leducation /diplome-ged /qu-est-ce-que-ged /#gref

*~. If you include the two digraphs (ch / ll) in the R.A.E. abecedario and off-COURSE la bendita eñe, anyhow even in the Anglobecedario de los gringos de gringolandia, the aforementioned ERRE is already 18th on the timeline, so Rrrrrroll that sexy bitch like the friend of the boyfriend on the BORDERLINE of lady MADONNA (1984) did.


Indiana vía el INAH. For context please read the “little” six below.


“If GLR and me were populists, perhaps a prominent successor to Ismael Rodríguez would film a second version of « We the poor », and GLR and me would appear as brothers of “La Guayaba” and “La Tostada.””

~. Hombres G. “Indiana“, track 2 of “You fucked up, Burt Lancaster », Warner Music for spics from The Bronx; 1986.
Over in Manhattan, Benito Blanco from “The Bronx” goes on a “PACHANGA” tour across Am[?]ica (not sure if it’s the show about the continent with LA CARRETERA de MANU CHAO or the country made of exterminated tribes, yet).

Goya (not that one, KachunKachun RaRa) sazón.


https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2023/03/26 /opinion /013a2pol?


The Mexican Left and the Gilbertian Hurricane
by: Francisco Xavier Guerrero. La Jornada.


The only truth in life is inside of a lucha libre ring, » according to Alan Kardec en Père Lachaise, en face à Apollinaire.

With that in mind, Charlie 🐘 Sykes,  fuck you, The Bullwark ⛵, and of course, Donald John Trump. Anyhow, here’s an inverted “T” from what you just said on the Morjo Show… on the DL, you do have a point, but yours has no SaZón, because yours talks about Cracker Barrel politics, while Eye, you son of a bitch, am at The Forum.

Rabo y Concha para La Argentina 🐂

Que no te haga bobo Jacobo y que no te cargue el Halcón…


Over at the Meseta (🇦🇷), The Meat Puppets, were covering Juantanamera en la rue Hidalgo, casi esquina con Wanitobacoa en Botzaris.

For those who arrived to France, after 2013 (practically Yesterday) 🕵🏻‍♂️ General Carrillo Olea, founded El CISEN, (Alejandro Poiré en Sciences Po) which was the home of PEGASUS in the golden years of CINÉMA MEXIQUE en la Porte des Lilas.

https ://military-history .fandom .com /wiki /Jorge_Carrillo_Olea

2013, by the way, was a GLORIOUS year for Mexican spooks (orejas del gobierno, pues) in France, not only did they began to take their masks off, but ideologies of both the left and the right joined together at galleries, cinémas, theater, at CHURCH (to celebrate the NIÑA BLANCA, no less) to line up with the WISHES of French President François Hollande and his boy wonder, Manuel Valls.

https ://www .liberation .fr /politique /elections /manuel-valls-condamne-a-verser-277-000-euros-pour-financement-irregulier-de-sa-campagne-a-barcelone-

Hilarity ensues when Maximiliano goes to Germany in search for better fellations. Maximilian chose a little ditty titled “Good Morning, America; Eye Am your favorite SON” but in French.


Meanwhile at the Lido, Camilo Lara (Sony Music / ISM) is covering Kurt Cobain’s rendition of 🌬️🎶 Who needs action when you got words 


La concha en el copete

Ladies in Gemini, the following is an AAR (after Action revista) of last night’s alternativa de novillero, –a matador.

And, GO’ill de Niza… Ewe love Mí. Ewe really–Reuilly love Mí

Prime Time, our own Universal Expo. In the frame, knot to be undone by Venezuela, la hermana República de 🇵🇪 El Perú 🇵🇪 sent 14 MINERS³ KILL EACH OTHER FOR A GOLD AND COPPER DEPOSIT

In Local News, La Cumbre de Las Américas — N⁰ 9, n⁰ 9, n⁰ 9… “somewhere in Los Angeles, California”, with special guest, the GO’ill With Faraway Eyes, Andréa Mitchell 💋.

And Radio Fréquence Paris Plurielle
Te apuesto a Juanito Guanabacoa, a que…
yo sé de que van a hablar los señores de la  Émission ⛏️ Américas
este sábado en París .

³~. No relation to the University of Texas at El Paso
https ://www .bfmtv .com /international /amerique-latine /perou-14-mineurs-s-entretuent-pour-un-gisement-d-or-et-de-cuivre _AD-202206080635 .html

After the break, Allegreto goes Full-Gonzo on Bolivia in El Ey…

¡Viejas Feas!!!
If only the Paris Tourism Board had the imagination, don Quijote.

but first, “It’s A View To a Quill”, at the International Universal radio station in a “dwarf galaxie” near you, mention the promo code Grand Palais and you can go fuck yourself.

Georges Auric
Moulin rouge : Moulin rouge
Album BOF / Moulin rouge / La fête à Henriette (1962)
Label RIVIERA (RM 9 030)

https ://edition .cnn .com /2022 /06/08 /world /repeating-fast-radio-burst-detection-scn /index .html

In the mean while, the Staff at asegovia3 really–Reuilly would like to know, what would happen if the Paris Tourism Board had a little imagination like the good Frogs of the Universal Pictures in Montréal.

Much like the Paris Expo (1900)
Les Expos de Montréal are now a by-gone E.R.A.
ISSY-1968 to 2004
https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Expos_de_Montr%C3%A9al

Sort’ah, kind’ah, así más o menos…
como la vie politique de Manuel Valls
quien ahora se dedica a hacer puñetas —
siendo pues en esta entrada un gran poeta
—in the ‘Gram.

https ://www .parismatch .com /Actu /Politique /Manuel-Valls-remercie-les-messages-d-affection -1810660

Playball motherfuckers, pleybol.

For the record:
Goooooo Celtics ☘️ 75 🏀

Plaza de Toros Monumental de La Quinta Circunscripción


The Queens of Sport.

El fondo:

La etiqueta is nothing but a a Tag.

En Hilo, Hawaii, it is {not} quite Cinco de Mayo (punto y coma), y en Puebla, Les Pipopes del Cerro de Las Campanas, andan de parranda con la doña de La Quinta en La Chingada.

https ://www .eluniversalpuebla /estado /beatriz-gutierrez-muller-invitada-especial-de-la-casa-blanca-por-el-5-de-mayo

Magia Blanca


“One does not improvise a president », or something like that…🧏🏻‍♂️ https ://www .francetvinfo .fr /elections /presidentielle /demission-de-macron-on-ne-s-improvise-pas-candidat-a-la-presidentielle-valls _1803769 .html

La forma:


“Ewe don’t know the first thing about being rich »… Ruth Jordan… Mississurri Belle.


Hoy no hubo Denisa… 🍍

If you are just joining this monologue, and think that my beef is With “el patrón” at Emmaüs PARIS, [Dangling Participle*] you (little tigre 🐯) would be forgiven for being a dumb-ass, and here is why:

International Free Press Day… in Hilo, Hawaii it’s still Tuesday, Alicia… mi Querida, Alicia.

*.~ Dangling participles are part of the original Venn Diagrams of this blog. Dangling participles are not compatible with this outdated WordPress theme, but if you, our mostly appreciated non-reader, are in on the joke, then you know that you are probably standing gobsmacked inside the regions of a Vesica Pisces.

Well Eye be dammed- una golondrina de primavera. 🥸 “Get higher, baby—Get Hig🔋er, Baby—GET Higher, BAby— {and} Don’t Never Come Down ».

The Chickens have come HOME to Loué… and, Madame Hidalgo, it’s like they say in The Ozarks, “pick your god and pray” in Monaco, “pick your god and get ON THE GRAVY TRAIN 🚂🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃.

And starring as THEE Madd Hater {not} hatter, Manuel Valls… Denisa Kerschova is saCHA in Parisian News {and} Christophe Dilys is turned into an Anna! GET IT? —An Anna? Annaba? Anyone, an Anna, Une Anna por el amor de dios! Une 🍍please 🧢🧢🧢, said Manuel Valls.

“We’ve been going about this All Wrong”

Robinet productions présents:

Yes they are –

American Democrats are pussies.

Now go back to SLEEP, Bill de Blasio. Two Terms, mister Mayor, that’s all you get… It’s way too early, go back to bed… Do The Sleep Number. I’m SIRIUS, governor, you failed as a navel-gazer.

and Starring as Maria LA Burra…

The Phillie-Buster

Los Flamencos de Buzenval
Eye Knows What Your Plumbing Looks Like

… TROU 🕳️ story, ask Imma at the “Zapatista” meeting point next to the ÉVERready Black Cat, my first gig in France was securing a piece of PORCELAIN en “El Callejón del Duende”…  Maria « La Burra » knows what Eye is writing about 💃🏽, period!

Any how, how should I put this, where, of all places can this piece fit this into? The first thing that I, little ol’Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano-Prieto is going to be rated as, is a “wagon jumper” like that “Chris Haines” fellow…

FRANCE 2, won’t erase this fact, 20 minutes before the newly re-elected French president made his way to The Mars de Champs to celebrate (among other things) MANUEL VALLS was the main PUNDIT on FRANCE Télévisions channel 2… sources close to Lady Liberty 🗽 at LA Seine, witnessed the former Ministro del Interior sprinting to be on The Front Row to the French En Marche.

And starring as Calamity Jane…

If, Ewe, insists, Sista, but this is no time for SIESTA.


 youse going to have to listen to The Thundercats in reel time to make sense of this leaked DRAFT:

https: //www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /club-jazzafip /la-galaxie-jazz-de-thundercat -7463279


La hija de Antonio Badu


Django with Alice in Chains…
mariposas amarillas…

Denis Soula can lick my balls… Two Outs, El Ey is at the plate, PANTHRO is at the mound.

Manuel Valls cameos as Garth Brooks in low Places.

¡Ahora, sí!
THEE Camp Town Ladies sing this song, duh-Da’ Dutihil… after the break, Open Jazz plays “The French Mistake”.

And, no! Ms. Judd, you cannot sleep at the Moulin Rouge, it’s booked by the local DAME, however, The Crazy Horse is a mighty fine place to chill… it’s authentic enough to have THEE American Cathedral a un Boccador from THEE real George V Four Seasons.

Over at the happiest whorehouse in Paris, Texas, rue de Saint-Germain des Prés, La MAL is hosting an exposition by New Mexico’s own Filipino “Diamond”, the one-and-only, Chávez y Chávez.

… Jump to page 3 with the “self-REGULATORS”.