Fuck yoU, Matt Damon… see you in Marseille

… and starring as the Church Lady:

And in Paris, France… all of the Magnum©️ shutterbugs are off~Course, fags.

Michael Schmidt, now with a tie 👔 and rolled-up sleeves.

Well isn’t that con* Clinton!

*~. With, as an ingredient.

And oh, dear God! Sean Penn is having an orgy with the daughter of A.I. on Earth Tú.

The Life of Penn


Mike Memoli returns in the role of the altar boy with the personal perspective.

It’s Saturday Night, on a Thursday afternoon in Paris. Issy, fuck your selfie.


… but seriously Volks!

https ://www .dw .com /en /germany-suspends-migrant-intake-from-italy/

I love Philippe Leclerc de Hauteclocque, really, I’ve always respected the AMX projects and now, well now you have shit and a Mariachi ensamble for your future ARMOR defense systems (punto y coma) gulp, gulp, gulp (wine sippin’ sound goes here).

We love the all, the all of youWhere lands are green and skies are blueWhen all in all, we’re just like youWe love the all of you


Maybe in the Mean~time… does any of them fucking mariachis know that one?

Woo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-oohWoo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-oohWoo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-oohWoo-ooh-ooh-ooh

https ://www .reuters .com /world /europe /italys-lampedusa-at-point-no-return-with-migrants-mayor-says-2023-09-14/

I’m an Alligator yes, but also a Distinguished Armor Technician, I could have designed the perfect THANKs for y’all, instead you are going to get the mariachis to cover your precious “patrimoine”.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Leclerc_tank

Don’t worry about her, [ I bet you think this post is about you] she’ll find a güey from the temporary visa pool to start a new orgy at her workstation or clinic. Her husband won’t mind the divorce or PACS dissolution, if he is cool, and only if he is cool and “integrates” he will get that €150,00 solidarity check and, in six months, full-RSA and a studio to live in.

Now don’t you fuckers forget to dispose them soft-skin 56’s on your TRI and forget about that XLR-Standard, put them fuckers in the “gaspillage” bin. Fucking €16 million per unit, what a waste, but keep on granting that €150,00 solidarity pay for your “incoming” artists, I honestly can’t wait to see all of the stranded Lampedusa arrivals at Florence Cassez doorsteps in Calais.

I am sure Alicia, Georgina and Sergio will be there to do the things that they do best, and which is to “INDIGNEZ~VOUS” and tear thier clothes apart in solidarity with the France INSOUMISE orgy.

https ://www .sudouest .fr /societe /religion /he-makes-fun-of-secularism–lfi–is-outraged-by-the-presence-of-emmanuel-macron-at-the-papal-mass

To quote Howard Johnson at from Rockridge:

… and in Paris, France, Marie Cuire, just obliterated another intern’s penis at the water fountain. It was her fifth this week alone.

but that is only because Marie Curie was listening to jazz à fip.

As you were — spics in Cannes follows


SPEAK. Ladies in Gemini, if you happen to be one of them Andalucians who go on The Juanito GUANAVACOA Show on the 106.3 de Fréquence ModuLADA de rfpp . net, or perhaps one of them SORBONNE Law School professors who moonlight as wanna-be Punks on the same show, please be advised that what follows is neither a REPETITION, nor a MOTHERFUCKING RANT 🗣️ , with that on your Music Sheets, please bear in mind that ARMAnDO Segovia does not control the Mail that arrives to his domiciliation at la rue des Bourdonnais, we just play the MOTHERFUCKING tune. Enjoy your two RSA checks and I hope that Gil Scott Heron’s alter-ego doesn’t catch up to y’all.

Let’s go Papi ChuloLet’s look for La Tina in Rome, because R o m a, Roma es Amor. But first, motherfucker, Eye is about to show MEDIAPART and its little “paperboy”; ROLLING STONE (france), Denis Roulleau; and Mr. José Lopes³ at the Direction du bâtiment et de la sécurité at le Service de la sécurité of the Georges Pompidou Centre, “the fleeting, unidentified voices proclaiming [that] “Ive been mad for fucking yearsand [that] “there is no dark side of the moonin fact,” (V&A Publishing 2017, pg.217) allow Mí, gentlemen, to borrow from WATERS “interspread … spoken-word segments” and create for that GainsBourg fellow at the Bpi’s 2nd level “an athmospheric SUB-PLOT », to “The hidden face of the PRISM.”

Live from the San and Reas FAULT, it’s The Great Gig at La Samaritaine.

³~. Lusitano perhaps, but that signe diacritique on the PEPE part of his first name makes him soupçonneusement spic.

Lets dedicate local park to Mussolini* », says-italian minister, according to The Times (not That one!).

https: //www .lemonde .fr /politique /article /2023/04/14 /At the evening of “Current Values*“, Manuel Valls worries about the “civilizational risk” in front of the gratin of the far right

The oldest cliche in Da’book… some might say, is that all Rhodes lead to fascism, or something like that, so to clear the burrata* from Pachanga³ (dijo la changa) we switch, IT!, over to Daniela Piedra-Brava en Viña del Mar to ask her if what Benny Blanco from the Bronx is preaching rings as Trou 🕳️… as a pretentious bell from a French church (in Avignon)… Alésia is standing-by with Alicia (not that one).

Technical Leprechauns 🍀 in Dublin just ate the pissaladière from El Papa, John Lengua Samos reports from la rue de Ravioli.

Ugly Mexicans follow…


In local news:

All discord, no Excuses and most definitely no contemporaneous video-chat leprechauns.