Invitado[s] de Honor: 10

10 del mañana en París, Francia.

Paloma Negra

C'est Normal

C’est Normal.

En Los EEUU, el presidente de esos territorios despliega una parvada de ventajosas redadas Racistas en contra de los “provincianos” de Ontario, Canada.

En Los Filtros de Camargue, Chihuahua, el Sindicato de Mineros Mexicanos de don Napoleón en Quebec, protestaron contra las medidas desproporcionales de la Migra Agropecuaria de Donald Trump.


It’s midnite in America — Para una sonrisa COMpLICE

RELEASE THE HEIDI… and nevermind the Deutsch, eh! Just lock the Donald up.

Fear politics

Fear politics with the Deutsch–es-esos.

Mean, while Donald Trump prepares for Tuesday’s President Day Event, los msnbc are sending little cute kittens to LOCK-UP. Oh, the nerve of the predators of Madison Ave.

La SINtaxis de Norma

La SINtaxis de Norma.:32E73949-FA9F-400E-8A03-9FEC649F2B1F •|• BOUM!!!

This is not normally normal, Norma.

Keeper of So[u]ls

Keeper of So[u]ls.:0008D007-FA88-4D46-B870-89BC95472E55 •|• Is it possible, that Donnie Deutsh stores the Heidi inside of a Tienda de Hule? Ancient Astronaut Pundits, lost en Los Filtros say “Esto huele a Pez!!!”.

… and the Heidi goes:

— Me pareció ver un lindo gatito.

Y el gato Silvestre contesta:

— Nevermind the pussy, here come the 30 heliCOPteros de La Europa.

Egos for Peace — …

Starring: Pénélope KOMITES… de la “Adjointe à la Marie de Paris, charge de los pinches espacios Verdes, y otras naturalezas de la chingada Biodiversité, La puta AgriCultura Urbana… y por supuesto, « los Asuntos Funebres ” del sindicato de parisinos del XXII concéjerisisisiZÍsisimo arrondissement.

Produced by: you got it productions and of course, Luc Fregon sirens.

sombras nada mas.

sombras nada mas… what else Ewe got, Luc?

Don’t let those Jazz folks fool you. That joint is a Sq. Titty Bar. That’s how THEY get Ewe!!!

MANIFESTO — High Noon on the Eve of Bastille THEY

Dear, Tommy Vick (Neighbor):

Tristeza no tiene fin

“Tristeza no tiene fin…

Our kids played together, and the FIREMAN on DALE Rd. or, the one on ROSE Ln. know very well that our kids experienced the same ripple effects of failed marriages.  Now, Tommy, you know that as an American, on AMERICAN soil, i support and LIVE by the 2nd Amendement of our living Constitution.

please stand-by for context

please stand-by for context…

Tommy, the following is not going to be easy to swallow, but the good thing about this Most Inconsequential blog is that the U.S. Postal Service will not be delivering this manifesto to your new home in Marfa and/or over at Del Rio.

Soap mí two times

Amigo, it is because once or twice, that i exchanged a point of view with your dad, that i know you have a heart, maybe that’s where you get your guitar playing skills, which tells me that there is a little troubadour in that Border Patrol uniform that 12 years ago you used to wear.

Do you know the ballad of la bastilla

Do you know the ballad of la bastilla? It’s the one where the Cowboy knows why terrorists enter the U.S. vía Canada and not through your president’s Double “Tee” political scarecrow at the border, which for your fellow rednecks is code: Tamaulipas—Tijuana.

13h00 in Central NATO Times.

Excuse me, neighbor, it’s 2 o’Clock in Paris, gonna take a siesta now; catch you on La Muerte Subita.

… [Zzzzz]

Este pueblo [bueno] ya no tiene remedio… ingratos, Act ii

Now these people are REdistricting the WATER!!!


frogs and their water

What will they think of NEXT???

Misty showers on a nice wooden deck so that children can just stare at’em?

Even wolves don't do that

Even wolves don’t do that to los Romanos.

These people are just cruel, reDISTRICTING the water. Bastille Day is coming. Just Sayin’…

Macho man

Macho man

so don’t shoot the Messenger, Rachel Maddow (followers).