The curse of the bamboozeled blind ‘bama boys

EX tortas POR Status Quo, with Joe Walsh on The Ringo Show

Joe's orbit

Joe’s orbit, yup, his head is that big, it swallows Starrs.

Öüï care less about pigskin ball…
but that’s what Alabama gets for cheering the leading leader of the Corrupt world.
Take mí out to the ball game, period
(and Öüï love purple, Aussi)

...[B]ut at least you got El Paso

…[B]ut at least you got El Paso.:.A8A4C962-831B-4EF0-B2BF-D2517EE5E277•|• hold on to that thought beeCAUSE it will come up in the Admin Court, monsieur Le rédacteur at the 11th Office in Paris; it’s part of the show and Chris Matthews holds the Archives on that sketch; so stick around, and god Bliss the Putins at fort united states.

Hoy no hubo Mo’Joe, but at least there’s always real fútbol.

After the break...

After the break.:.271D8FCF-A098-4A31-ABD5-36B13ED5E20E •|• It’s: “No shit, Sherlock”. STARRing David Ike on the Ancient Aliens Show. Episode Önë: Paul McCartney is a Ram. Really, after midnight every Knight, Paul turns into a RAM and puts people to sleep by cloning his LANA under a mattress, into many many ovejas, as they all sing backing vocals to the tune of “Meh“. Hallie Jackson reports, of course.

Coming up on The Captain Obvious Show:
Like, duh! Who else is The “All–Star Drum” going to record with, Faul McCartHney‽

…deer, John Heilemann, we are not only Broke; we are already dead. We knew this when we [the staff] decided to stand our ground. Enjoy “the circus” and « pay only for what you need ». I hope that your kids (if you have any) are learning Russian, because “Latin” is obsolete.

It’s Veterans Day
and that means that somewhere
—on every TV—
there is a Donnie Deutsch
“mattress sale”.
shop NOW!


Oh, hey Hallie Jackson… meh, “yo quiero Taco Campana”

Deer Hallie:

Yo quiero Jingle Bells

Yo quiero Jingle Bells… in Latin Jazz.:.Only on Matthew McConaughey’s, X-mas Latin Jazz Special for rednecks.

Sorry, we missed you on the Chuck Todd premium edition of his weekdays show, öüï were busy musing with “La Niña Blanca”… nice nails by–the–way, they go swell with the dark dress, anygüey, please relay to St. Ignatius at el WaPo, that maybe, —if only Donnie Deutsch could come up with latin “jingles” for Matthew McConaughey and his stupid gas guzzling commercials— then maybe, “the” middle America (sin acento) crowd could eat up quid pro quo, like they did with “hasta la vista, baby”… and that “zinger” was fed to them with a thick Austrian accent. Think about it, and [then] talk it over with the Rhules.

Whatever you do, don’t depend on Ugly Mexicans like Sam Stein to ask other people for “badges” or “credentials”, or “passports”, because your Daily Beasts just have no reason, without a cheat sheet for the president’s lawyer.

In other news, Bernie Sanders welcomes a money bag into the presidential race.

In fashion news, KcDc grew a beard, sort-of.


Inter•ference — Deer, Lorne Michaels

… [T]echnical and programmed obsolescence is causing disturbances on La Corrida del fin de semana, with musical guest:
Tim “apple’s” lightning cables are a criminal racket.

Freddy Cats, reloaded

Freddy Cats, reloaded.

After the break,
“Las estúpidas calaveritas”
Montreuil, 93100

Next week’s guest, Lorne Michels repeats his capitalist strategy of “redundancy” at the set, by sketching—yet again— a Host/Musical guest STYLE’s show.

French artists are fags

French artists are fags.:.0FE749EC-9F57-4F04-8881-F13ECA1F7562, period

In future news, for Season 46 of Saturday Night (Re-runs), our Lorde Lorne plans to do away with the whole “guest” headache and the little fucker is just going to put an apple®️ playlist on loop to entertain the sponsors.


French « snooty » artists

French « snooty* » artists, are fags.:.7395A5E4-2449-4E4B-8B83-3488A0CEF5D3 •|• Por ejemplo, Raquelito, Manyak, and SEYB from the 93100 el la Île–de–France are stand-up fellows. Dicho de otra manera, institutionalized and glorified artists at the service of embassies and/or their Foreign Service “cultural outreach” operatives, are by South Park definition, fags… regardless if they suck a big and/or little Cock or, not.



Cher, rédacteur en la 11va oficina de Paris

Sr. Yannick:

"If you ride, you'll get it"

“If you ride, you’ll get it”… Deer, Judge Judy, of course you would argue FOR the billionaire Mayor, of course you would. In France Judge Judy is sponsored by Vania®️… if you bleed, you’ll get it.

Because, i, armando segovia, loves “LA” France, el próximo toro (o sea YO) es para usted.

Chingue a su madre el que se raje, —NO SUGAR ADDED. This corrida is clean. TimeStamp: 19h25 in post Franco Era Time.

So, motherfucker, including the “poppie” holiday, that gives us 96 HOURS to play around the RUEDO, motherfucker.

bola de putos

bola de putos.

So, get your faggety “light costume” in order, you have, as i made it clear before: after midnight; bring Pablo Gleason and Raphaël Moran, let them two bitches be “las sevillanas”.

Sergio from morena–francia can play the role of the banderillero, and the Amigos de México “en Francia” can be the improvisados (bunch of Harley-Davidson riders— para no tener que identificarlos como: putos).

It’s weekend edition, and Lorne Michaels is on holiday, so it is just you and me (motherfucker).

Fletch Lives

Fletch meets European Odyssey, starring Judge Judy and Judd Apatow.:. via:https ://thomaspluck .com /2009/07/23/


… continued on p.23

“…[B]ut i’ve got a Driver and that’s a Start”

In Hilo, Hawaii, Mercury is about to R.I.S.E., and you can thank a Veteran for that, Monsieur le chef rédacteur a le 11èMe bureau, the temperature around the World on the other side of the eclipse, however, is caused mostly by people who SEND other people’s sons and daughters to war.

No Sopor for you

“Well I’ve never been to Spain”…No SOPOR for you, and tell “Fredo” that Cuomo is a “funny guy”.

“Let’s play hardball”… ¿bee¥ GrawC.I.A.’s yTú?

Deer, Rachel Maddow, any Godfather reference that “the” MSNBC’s report on, Eye can reference at least 24 hours BEE4 you do.

A warning follows

A warning follows.:.FC12B5A4-F829-4FA7-AD28-E2A2A6889551 •|• Page 7 on The Rachel Maddow Show: Double Whammy Rhodes to brief, with a BOUNUS DOUBLE BALDY tangent to FRANKENSTEIN!!! ¤ Way to show your Subject on them clips, TRMS graphic person. Very Current on the currency of gettin the attention of any given viewer.

Mean, while France court’s the Extreme Right for the municipal elections, Manuel Valls buddies, VOX, rises like a dingleberry on Uranus.

Liberty, liberty, liberty — Liberty.

Monsieur le rédacteur en Chef at the 11th office

You, like Chris Matthews at “dee” MSnbc’s hold the keys to the ARchives, check the e-mail records; keyword International House in Philadelphia, PA… city of brotherly love.

South Park took orders

South Park took orders.:.6DDD54A1-FE86-437B-B60B-20BA0C0C2117 •|• from Mickey Mouse… this is a Real Time (motherfuckers) Thyme Delayed message to all BattleStations: Mexican Joker follows.

... Cousin Joe's secret Secret follows. Only on the Rachel Maddow debate Show.

Anygüey, monsieur, little old Mí have no way of knowing what your CREDENTIALS are, but you, sir, have every resource to Know every step that i take; for now, anygüey and yes, Eye feels fine. Check the record.

... and then, Eye saw her standing D.A.R.E.

… and then, Eye saw her standing D.A.R.E..:.71078F2D-14C4-469A-94D1-038AA2DAE244

Monsieur, ALLAin, here’s the thing, you Sir, are inclined to produce a formulaire for the French judge at the Admin court which, perhaps, hints in a VERY Louie the XIV (hypocrite) way at what my CARÁcter is, in accordance to arranged books and testimonies. Eye say fine and in the next attachement to the court, you “sir” will find out why your Character “shines” in the same way that the Court of “them” Louis sparked when their motherfucking heads rolled off the Memotine.

the CreaThors of
The Book of Mormon

The beardles beat-less pundit

The beardles beat-less pundit.:.AD6836AC-0AAC-40FC-9157-E2E0C0DBF051 |•| Ari is nothing but A Sounder, is Eye lying, Archive place holder; just Ask Erick; but don’t make him (Eric Holder) furious, offer Cartman some “willie gohmer” Tegrity Asparagus.

Deer Ari Melver, the Three-o’Clock shade does not suit your costume. So, either let the pelos grow, or shave the “Chompiras” look of your mug. Eye needs a Lawyer, and that’s a fact.


Buenas tardes/nochis doña Poni… para la memoria

¡Pásele, pásele!!!

Breaking old Knews news:

Donald Trump formalizes the

Emmanuel Macron.

The U.S. is officially, not colloquially out of the
COP 21.

No pierda usted la oportunidad de ver la cabeza de Louis XVI flotando por encima de la “venerada” Prefectura de Policía en Cité y por supuesto, La Saint–Chapelle.

Para la memoria... en la prefectura

Para la memoria… en la prefectura.:.3F13DB3D-97EB-45A6-9E3A-9F6B3CB51F19 •|• Respuesta para La Defensa de La Prefectura de París, en el caso contra Armando Segovia, follows… en la voz de “cuchito–cuchito”, of course. —_¡_— Foto por segoviaspixes: COPYLEFT, CREATIVE COMMONS , Share–Alike, Not-for-Profit (putos), and of course All that JAZZ.

Que no le digán, —doña Poni— y ni–que los Vargas Llosas del Club de Amigos de México en el I.C.M.* me la vayán a CUENTear.

* Instituto cultural mexicano

Even Frankenstein was D.A.R.E.

Even Frankenstein* was D.A.R.E. —.:.— 7511F678-D56D-4CE4-8EC9-BC409DB8EEBA •|• *Nothanael Evaristo León Moreno… “just one of the bunch”.

Musical guest:
Skid Row’s holiday jazz album
Recorded L.I.V.E. at Matthew’s Witness Lounge.


Viejo Chauve-nist… pero nunca, eso sí, nunca, !un Viejo Lesbiano como Vicente Fox!!!