And, on that Midnight Train to Georgia it’s 50-50

At midnight on the East Coast (U.S.A.) the control of The Hill (the part that matters, anyhow) is evenly split between the Charlie Daniels Camp and the R.E.M. Crush. D.A.R.E. is however, an exception to the Rulhe, and her name is Nasty Harris,… “and he’ll like it, too!” Said the Big HURT.

A French military source who was familiar with Sunday’s operation told AFP: “There can’t be any doubts or ambiguity, there was no wedding.” 👰🏾 1F768718-90F7-4F8B-B22F-801B728AAF2F 🎯 Vía: Aguascalientes TV Canal 26 de FRANCE 24 International.

“🎶 My Honey, my baby…
—She said: Don’t tell me no lies
and keep your hands to yo’self

The 🍑 State (emoji) 🛰🛰🛰🛰

Notable invertebrate, Jimmy “the lizzard” CarVile just made the rounds in Georgia and the former Clinton whisperer remains optimista that Claire McCass will not finish eating that peach that she’s sitting on, and in Paris, BFM’ed TV just called for Manifestations in the name of Donald Trump… those motherfuckers!!!

In Twenty (French) minutes i am going to show you that i don’t select the Brides (for dressage), nor the news from above for Ariane 5, o como dicen los franceses, « la quintaspatiale” », so stick around, or knot, either way come Hell or High WaWa on February 18th, at the 36 minute mark of The Rachel Maddow Show*, the MARS Rover Perseverance will begin its descent onto the Red Planet, where Reel Men come from.

* Avi Velshi will probably host

… Día de Reyes (proper) follows, but FO’ist, page 9 from Nº 3597: Ver…Seau, or Something in the way that Cerf-panthère (ONCA) fits in a Maria Antonieta “Reina” de Las Nieves (punto y coma, dr. Ackerman) read all about it in DIX NEWS on page 8 desde L’Alsace.

Jealousy and suspicion invade you. You feel a certain disinterest in your career.

She became a snowflake, Cerf-panthère, that’s all, she is, she’s one of these ❄️ now.

And the WaWa Carrier goes:

You wish!

Deer, STEPHANIE RULHE… Öüï is HALF-Güey D.A.R.E. and Nobody is going any GodDamned place just yet, KNOT before you Unpack ITEM n°IV of the recently SPOTTED Dix News, so Estefanía, stop trying to read into Special Agent Claire McCaskill’s Morse code anagrams, understand please my deer-Pundita that doña CLARA was in Éxtasis after she ate the CORN Flake while seating on a GEORGIA PEACH.

🎶 737 coming out of the Sky!!!
Oh, won’t ya’ TAKE MÍ down to Memphis
on a midnite train—Eye Won’t Move.


Deer, Lindsey Reiser… whatever you report, Do Not Knot

Vía: Reforma (monoaureo . com)

As Eye was saying in the headline, do not, Lindsey, do not Knot the Devil into Georgia. In other words, Lindsey Reiser, (love your jammies) The Devil has no scheduled engagements in Georgia, and The Devil will most definitely not be fiddling with the election there on Tuesday, and besides… The Devil’s fiddle is in the shop right now getting refurbished for The Apocalypse, which promises to be a better engagement.

“And said watch him folks ’cause he’s a thouroughly dangerous man … E0BAFBDE-AAF7-4E5B-8234-DF50D4909A1C … he’s an undercover agent for the F.B.I. 🗣 And he voted for George McGoveren for president!”

ISSY, Charlie Daniels is a fag! And that’s a good thing, because according to don Calderon’s crystal ball The Devil went down to TAMAULIPAS, —again. Heck, judging from don Rocha’s interpretation of The Devil has been in Mexico since the “Búfalo” days.



Senator Sanders, this is an inter•mission

Dear, Mr. Sanders, please stand-by while Chuck, zaca la Rocha… [W]hile that happens, please be aware that in local Known News, Gael García Bernal brings me, Armando Segovia /Armando Serrano Prieto, back to square one, or 360° with the already established context of this picture (*) below ⬇️

Señor Gael García Bernal, meet International Super Spymaster Avi Velshi, because, señor García, The Velshi has a point, and I am going to break IT!, down to the neo-Zapatistas living la Vida en Rosa ➿ 5B03F977-5B5C-4CE8-8055-B391AF72152A 🔊 VOTE VELSHI before TUESDAY’s Gone in HILO HAWAII!!!

with your recent effort to sand-down (no pun intended) Capitalism for the consumers that created yet another generation of multi-billionaires. Spoiler Alert, you are fighting MONGO from Blazing Saddles (sponsored by Vania®️) the wrong way.

* De las Lunas, Diego, the ones from the month of October are these:

2010 -2015, 2015-2016, 2016-2020, 2020–202?

478F4E62-F865-401A-94C6-5EB020A080F0… Ahora cuéntame una de Flamenco’s Alley à Buzneval (M-9)

So chew on that, mi querido Padre Amargo, while i do the Rounds with The Failed DUNE files.

And George Harrison tells Brontis Jodorowski:

—He’s given Mí, Wa-Wah.

Brontis responds:

— But of course, he HASS, silly Wabbit, HE’s the Water Bearer that follows a G.O.A.T. on L.S.D., D.A.T.’s what HE Do!

—_φ 不 φ_— Breaking El Tres de Enero —_φ ㄓφ_—

With that in mind, Senator Sanders, across La Mancha, the Rosbifs are mixin’–and–matching CORONAshots with their Beefeathers… Ahhhhh!!! The nerve on them dogs, Lindsey Reiser, and you are Knot there to report on IT!, Lindsey.

https ://www .irishtimes .com /news /world /uk /uk-allows-for-mix-and-match-covid-19-vaccines-in-rare-circumstances-1.4449014? mode=amp

And Lindsey, Eye does Knot want to hear a “well, no one told Mí, about her” because off-course you know what this means, eh?

Off-course you do, Senator Sanders, this is how Canucks got mutated into the mix. Eye warns that if the Queen’s health ministry continues to be so doGDamn cavalier the world is going to see another batch of Australians, and you can Forget about new Kiwis for Easter with this new RAVE mix.

“How can you have any [Kiwis] if you’re going to Mix’em‽”


El Comandante Pink,
O.N.C.A. Special Services

Witt moore on D.A.T., Senator Sanders, Melissa Villaseñor’s evil cousin “the SotoMajor” from the SotoMajors of the Marianne Clan reports from the thorny side of the Senate.

Over on the Tennessee scene, the long-lost illegitimate grand-son of Nakatomi Tower failed base jumper Hans Gruber just had a “Sheer Heart Attack” after the Coffin showed a Clip of how the Brave Melissa extracted Dolly Parton from the FOX PLAZA Nashville (Hours) before The Big Christmas Boom Blast.


Sanding-down Capitalism with Sanders: https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021 /01 /02 /politica /imposible-domesticar-el-capitalismo-hay-que-darle-fin-ezln/

Cueros de rana $ 931 Billion stronger: https ://eu .usatoday .com /story /money /2020 /12 /01 /american-billionaires-that-got-richer-during-covid /43205617/

Tennessee fallout — No insistas Alicia.

Remember, Colin Jost:

Eye is Sí-Rius, and your knot.

Busy now, but call Mí mañana.

In Contexto, Öüï last hooked up with Melissa Villaseñor days after a series of presidential pardons exonerated several Tenne-assassins convicted of crimes against humanity. The affront against the United Nations was larger than a Super Nova, which in return prompted a unanimous decision from Command and Control to go boom on the “volunteer state”, but not before Mando, our newest addition to the fictional characters in an already “established” universe was able to establish the Cross-connection across the universe and thus gained a few precious hours, which allowed Time to get Dolly Parton out of (the) Dodge.

What follows are the blueprints in the dentils of that extraction. And, Mattéo, you probably don’t know it, but that there Queen’s Column at the « Bourse » next to au pied du cochon is “coin-operated”, which is why yours truly could not spend the 9,15 credit units on something as frivolous as a “warm meal”, KNOT WHEN DOLLY PARTON’s legacy was on the line… and if you ever learn where the FO’ist connections for this French experience were made from, then you’ll understand why Jeff Lynne “Telephone Line” is transliterated by a bunch of Yndios in Sonora. One thing FO’sure, my deer Mattéo, is that if Öüï makes it out alive from this trip, your “Funny Paper” is going to take the role of the ubiquitous framed “first dollar bill” that shop owners inconspicuously display on a very specific wall in their place of business.

—_*¡ㄋ_— But FO’ist —_可!*_—

We take a moment to follow- up on “The Situation” and our Tunisian connection under the Mug of Geronimo at the entrance to Indiana.

One Flew Over The Corsica Sky .:.  CBBB1D0D-F0C4-4C36-83B7-9DDC4F88574E 🧶 As i put the text in this box my Tunisian fellow is probably doing what Tunisians do on an early Sunday evening in Tunisia. We Know This, Kate McKinnon, because on that early morning when “The Situation” took place, the Tunisian fellow offered us the spot under Geronimo’s mug, we declined. But if the most informed cop in France checks the cameras between 07:55 and 07:57 on New Years Day, he will see yet another set of Bare Nakid’ Long Legs that ended on yet another itsy-bitsy miniskirt walking past where the Municipal Mobile Jet-Streamers were parked on the morning before New Year’s Eve. 🦵🏻Coincidence, who cares! This spot is starting to put ZZ Top’s iconic video (about legs) to shame.

Note to Tiff Cross: i got your soccer ball, and i am going to paint it Yello. Youse gonna like the way your soccer mom singer zinger is going to look on The BFMer stream.

And it’s going to have SABOR…. mi Negra!!!

Over at BFMerTV Central Elaine is Back in Black

Aussi, à París the Météo remains at-large breaking levees and bringing down (possibly) the snowflakes this weekend to ring-in 2021. Y por si sobraran Azules en France, San Silvestre será La Noche de 100,000 chotas hexagonales… or Something like that.

*… [B]ut only when Eye lays you down to the side (landscape/ horizontal position) on your website .:. 52959E7A-0931-4BCE-93F2-1974219E2BCF .:. BUT WAIT—D.A.R.E. is MOORE .:. 7F2FFD7B-2A82-46D4-9CC5-E3AC75DBC1DC 🗣 Knot only does your Blue Stripe cutoff the area where the “news ticker” used to go, the little frame on the bottom right of my gadget screen is sacrificed to overcompensate for “the brand”, Elaine Jeannine—Genie—You.

ISSY, over at “La Poissonnerie”, catty-corner to BFMer Central on la rue ELIANE Jeannine-Garreau, Led Zeppelin is doing a cover of the B-52´s Rock Lobster, and in Landes, The B-52’s « en revanche » are bringing The Levees Down, down, down, … Down… 🗣 here comes The BIKINI WHALE!!!!

Preliminary reports suggests that Florence Cassez kidnapped 2nd Runner-up for the Publivores Award for 2021, and the Météo now suffers from Stockholme disease, holmes!

In New York, New York, Catherine Frot just closed the 11th Hour and another Eve of yet another Century, and Öüï could Knot think of a better femina to do so, considering that Chris Jansing witnessed the first crater being blasted To The MOON, Alicia!!! TO THE MOON!!!

In Hilo, Hawaii, our Number Thread is on Track upping the Sum of All u.s. COVID19 related deaths to 341 times 1000 Bell Tolls at the Saint Patrick Cathedral.

Jump from Page Tú… In Technicolor (75 to 94)

Roger (Taylor) DAT…
[H]oy por ser Día de tu Santo, drummer boy.

“It gives you WINGS” .:. 0855B0C1-A74B-4837-9210-964E162269FF .:. It was captured by the CaMeRas that captured the BiKe rack in front of Nº33 rue du Pont-Neuf, heck, “the most informed cop in France”, according to the BBC, should be able to confirm; that fucker’s got access to the eyes in the Sky, right*?

🗣 I’m in Love with my car.

* En contexto, and as the good Reverend and honorary Mexican, Al Sharpton, often reminds his congregation ThAt it-does-take a high definition camera to capture what took place in front of the lens, Sin Embargo, mi muy reverendo en pantalla, i would add that it most often than KNOT, the evidence from a camera depends NOT on the proverbial “eye of the beholder” but rather, en los intereses de los guardianes and oh, —but off-course— the angle of the situation¹can Eye get an Ey-Men

¡Gracias, Maestro!

¹ The inception on the Angle of The Situation: So, just in case the CaMeRaS at the CNES portico with view towards The Indiana, and The doG That Smokes which, como dicen los franceses, « en revanche », face the aforementioned bike rack where the incident took place, —in the FO’ist place and just to be exact— CaPtUrEd a different angle of the event that Gave Mí WINGS, be advised that the exact timestamp of The Situation can be corroborated by the following sequences of events starting at 7 minutes before the 9th Hour and winding back the clock to about 08h30 in Central Europe Time.

7. Mr. K., a fellow SDF stops to say hello. Mr. K., is curious about the reason for me standing next to the BIKE Rack (in so many words, anyhow), i explain the context FO’ist, and then i show Mr. K. the snapshot above ⬆️ with the two car emoji—as he reads and he EnUnCiAtEs, “It Gives you WINGS” EYE THEN proceed to point to the set of WINGS behind Mí, on the sidewalk… Mister Kay bursts out with a most peculiar and deep-toned laugh, very unusual and eerie-like for the soft-spoken fellow from a very exclusive open club, “Where EvryBody knows your name.
6. Municipal Mobile Water-spray Unit LEAVES from the vicinity.
5. Mr. Y. a benevolent ADF at the aforementioned very exclusive open club happened to stroll-by on the opposite side of the street, the Sun by this hour is shining a bright Ray of Light on the East-most leaded window (a rectangle not a circle) of the Church of San Eustaquio, the church recently powered-washed walls are radiant. Mr. Y. makes the Sign of The Cross, takes out his cellphone and captures the Church with his gadget. Mr. Y. then looks towards the danG-on BIKE Rack, spots Mí and waves hello, then Crosses Over to say hello, we exchange admiration to the sight in front of Mí, and i tell him without skipping a beat, (Ari Melber), that that is the reason why i am standing there. I then point to the still bloody WINGS on the previously noted pavement beneath both of us. Mr. Y looks at the set of wings without the rest of the bird. Mr. Y then begins to fidget with his gadget with what appear to be what we, fuck’n Americans call “butter fingers”, Mr. Y then tells me that he is receiving a call, and we both bid goodbye.
4. A sound of something dropped from the sky is heard behind me, i look back and noticed a set of DOVE WINGS on the ground. A flock of birds engaged in a doG Fight are directly above Mí, and fly towards the church that Öüï has already mentioned.
3. A Very Sexy Pair of legs ending at the bottom part of a very nice mini-skirt (in cold weather, no less) is making her way from West to East along the rue Berger. Said pair of legs capture the attention of the pair of Municipally employed brothers and Mí, Öüi, myself—and EYE!
2. The Tunisian fellow (identified just a few days ago) who sleeps outside of The Indiana under the mug of Geronimo, crosses the street to shoot-the-Breeze.
1. Municipal Mobile Waterspray Unit arrives and parks in front of the BIKE Rack, in front of Mí.


Carta a la alcaldesa de París (Cedex): 0294E8DB-DA6D-4412-9BA3-B09539CC8E0F .:. Señora Alcaldesa, gracias por el albergue de la última semana. Sin embargo, rogamos que por favor tome en cuenta que yo no selecciono ni los eventos que se suscitan en frente de mis ojos, ni los los posicionamientos de los anuncios de su municipalidad.
Dicho de otra manera, las alas de la paloma que fueron separadas de una paloma por otra de las muchas aves de París no tienen nada que ver con los mejores deseos que la empresa publicitaria acomodo en las vitrinas con banda rotativa para los anuncios de la rue de Rivoli.
Sin más, Madame Hidalgo: HAPPY NEW YEAR.

And Still to come, after The Revvies, our next “Best Of” show is the ceremony that started IT!, all, “La Nuit des Publivores en el Grand Rex », édition 2021. Our first runner-up in the competition is, The fucking Demon and, Beelzebub.

Let u.s. hope, that next year’s edition of the ceremony that rewards the Donnie Deutsche‘s-es–esos of the world does not disqualify next year’s edition runner-up ad, as it was done in 2012 with The Fritos Bandito’s son.

Context follows .:. 06C8D41D-7B96-452C-9727-965026B6FA97 .:. “Z’at You Santa Claws?”

note to editors:
hoy no hubo Météo on the BFMer report, please stand-by for alternative method, or just open your windows and feel the cold draft.

Previously on, “L’Homme Caché du Cœur – 1 Pi 3, 4”

Hello, Pierre… Karl will direct you to your seat, enjoy the Spectacles from The American Hospital… casi esquina con Hôtel Dieu, à Paris:

https ://www /news /amp /world-us-canada-55481711

NOW, now Nice, play nice with MONACO, and here’s why, because whenever you needed, back in the 80’s —if you recall— to send the sick that France would tag as “unsurvivable” and relegate your newborns to a life of β (beta-service industry, or to get them old Francs out of France), you used to love the American Princesse fiscal paradise.

https ://www .bfmtv .com /people /mode /le-couturier-francais-pierre-cardin-est-mort_AD-202012290119 .html

… [S]o hà’bout that 300 “coronabytes ™️” patients at Le Promenade de Les Rosbifs for every 1000 en la playa… 🎵 Oh_oh-oh OH OH!

Now, you don’t have to believe your lying i’s but, if Eye may say so (AP LeMire), let Mí break it down for you and Jason Johnson …

Musical guest: I showed up in booths with Friends in Low Places.

Lorem Ipsum for “modeling purposes” follows, but FO’ist! Head over to the underground (_+_+_+_+_+) section for this particular post. It is pure « footnote porn » for The Rachel Maddow Show; Eddie Gloude Junior transliterates for Jason Johnson on DEADLINE… you are going to like the Güey, you look (at), period!

… [L]iterally, “Mientras Tanto en México”

J’Adore: 🎵Está tarde vi llover

Una de tocayos


ISSY, you May call Brian,
Dr. Fahrenheit (Ph.D. in Astrophysics)
It’s Trou! Ask Mercury.

and just to close the year with-a-somewhat strange triFecta, Luke Letlow, a Republican-elect U.S. Congressman joins my TOCAYO and PIERRE in death. Congressman–Elect LETLOW, was last spotted low swinging in a sweet Cha-riot eating a bowl of COVID19 Gumbo. 🎶 Ah-Leylhu–Ya’ — Ah-Leylhu–Ya’… “So it goes”.

🎵🎛🎼🎬 Thum-Thum—THUM 🗣 Another ONE (percenter) BYTES The D.U.S.T. .:. B5BA98DD-A8A7-4737-8A08-D28599F1AD0A .:. 7 x 7 x 7 • 343 times a Thousand, in the U.S.A. at the timestamp in this HERE frame, in Hilo, Hawaii… check the numbers.

note to editors and the KIND FUND:

I am telling you Avi Velshi, you just can’t “SIT the SEAM of the ass part of your ASS-on-a–chair (as HeminGÜEY, once said) and Write this Shit Up! ».


Coincidence, knot really PALOMA, consider IT!, nothing more than pure unadulterated Synchronicity in Technicolor, no less.

Hello, BFMers, now you might think that Öüï is obsessed with your “FOXie” ass, pero « déjame que te Cuente, Madame Hidalgo » .:. F5F2150B-527D-44E0-BB1F-A9D1802FCA19 .:. The reality is more mundane than DAT, it’s just a most uncanny coincidence like Mí, occupying the same Building at rue Borrégo (75020) with a French General (retired) and the Colombian Embassy on top of my shower there. The fact is going to be mapped below, the only place Öüï seems to know.

Jump to PAGE Tú.

Deer, Neymar Junior, TODAY es el día de los inocentes

… [T]hey claim that I’m a criminal

The problem of local journalism, is that if you actually report, “the good guys” and “the guardians” will cut your cord and literally hang you by the you-know-what. —_¥_— … [A]nd Beto O’Rourke and the University of Texas, of course, are going to say nay on D.A.T. thing called reporting for America”.  Looking back, honestly i should have taken the opportunity to be a “mule” at El Paso del Norte… neta que Sí, Lourdes. And here is why, Zita, “narcos” actually take care of their « talent ».

By now I wonder how
Some people never know
The enemy could be their friend, guardian
I’m not a hooligan

Public Enemy’s
Don’t Believe The Hype…
Don’t—don’t, don’t.

So, on a They like today, King Herod played the role of… wait for IT!, Virginie, wait…

doG The Bounty Hunter

£or€m ip$um…

So, Matteo, did you happen to watch this morning’s BFMerTV POSTCARDS segment? You May give yourself a little pat-on-your-Back because BFMerTV was in fact, CATCHING-up with the postcard that you, –Sir– and of course, Caroline Mohamed, Idriss, Lina, Jade, and of course, ALICIA!!! Sent.

Now, my tadpole friends, i am going to give y’all the FORMULA to get rid of 🎶 Lice, lice, lice, yeah… it is a family recipe that dates back to like the late Great Grand Mother, (my mom was born in the year of ’34, so you do the math)


One cup of olive oil, a handful of  persil, a plastic bag or enough cellophane wrapping to do a clear turban over your noggin.


Grind all of the persil (stem included) using a mineral-based  mortar and pestle, once the (preferably fresh) herbs achieve a paste-like consistency start mixing the olive oil to the grounded persil.


Apply liberally in the same way that shampoo is used, that is to say Kasie Hunt, when it comes time for little Mars to carry his first of passengers on him, massage the olive oil/persil potion onto that little fucker’s head; DO THIS AT BED TIME!!!
Then, once the entire head is shiny green, wrap the plastic bag like a turban (use a beanie cap to secure the plastic wrap).
Let the magic work overnight and stay with the lice victim, because when the lice begin to die and their larvae begin to pop, your kid’s head is going feel like a his tongue is wrapped with a peeled habanero on it.

Tips to consider:

Do not use this FORMULA if no lice is present on the kid’s head, on account that dead lice juice is part of the secret ingredients needed for this recipe to work.

This remedy works for a lifetime provided that the paste, and THE plastic bag is kept in place throughout the entire night-process, it’s TRUE.

Postcards from the edge of Una Calle de Paris, follows.

And King Herod said:

Placed advertisment .:. FEB52988-825A-4FA1-97E0-74727020F501 🎬
BFM TV and Laboratorios Camacho (001-915).
Product placed:
Jabón del Perro Agradecido,
Jingle: wait for it, wait…

dejad que los niños se acerquen a mi.

Still to hang… Trabajos difíciles en Saint Sulpice’es-es Exterior Wall of Delacroix with musical guest, PANTERA.

CLIFFHANGER? Cliffhanger???
You can’t handle AIR ASSAULT

£or€m ip$um set Tú.

Previously on, Knock-knock — WHO’s D.A.R.E.

Musical Guest:
The PAPERboys (1997 on The Mountain)

“Amarillo no me pongo, amarillo es mi color”, period!


🎶 Sólo son molinos, no te oyen don Quijote… »

Öüï found ITself walking a part of the walls on the BD Saint Germaine-des-Près and it wasn’t until the Fifth time of that stroll that Öüï began to have doubts about his plotted course, and that was because Öüï found himself walking, « como calzón de puta » up and down that dirty boulevard without Luck, searching for “The Tennessee”, one of the few (not many) pretentious American themed bistros in Paris, France (carbon-copy of the many pretentious French bistros in New York, New York).

Anyhow, long History—Shorty, Öüï’s lying eyes were not deceiving ITS def comedy jammed ears, KNOT BY A LONG SHOT_because the American-themed bistro in Saint Germain-Des-Près was as-a-matter of fact, re-branded as, “El Primo”, but in French, —off course.

🎵 So why do you fight, there’s no one in sight…”

https ://www .standard .co .uk /news /world /germany-hungary-vaccine-rollout-early-european-union-b514663 .html

germaine (feminine, mot de 8 lettres)

Comme une cousine.

Money and a passport — To The Moon, Alicia! Tú, the Moon… RISE UP!


Se le dice a un oriundo/a de la germanía.

Still to come, The Revvie Awards… spoiler alert:

Linsey Reiser takes all the awards!!!
And after the show, Michael Nance has no clue.
I am SIRIUS!!!
Lindsey Riser took all of the awards. Police are on the case.
Lindsey: you Stole my heart… wanna play Dulcinea at The Comedy Club?
Ladies in Gemini, Nashville interrupts the 10th Anniversary edition of The Revvie Awards on account of identifying Anthony QUEEN Warner as the guy who blew a recreational vehicle up.

We now Ketch-up with The Rev, and Öüï find Avi Velshi eating a piece of Pi:

This year’s Revvie Edition is coming live from PIEDRAS NEGRAS, Coahuila. The good reverend and international Spymaster Avi Velshi selected the location to recognize the Kwanzaa Celebrations there.
Hey, Avi Velshi, are them french cuffs fo’real or are you just happy to see Mí!

1 Pi 3, 4 🏗 90CD64B3-6AFA-4CAA-9D40-A67BA2799D0E 🗿 Joy Anne Reed, Öüï’s gonna go Orthodox on you, Madame… you are going to like the way you look! —_•¡•_— In context, this was my Christmas gift from the good Padre that runs the underground church at Saint Sulpice; it’s Trou! Ask Baby Jésus, i made it to the celebration there, before The Doors closed.  Now before you turn the page on this frame, be advised that even though this branch of Christianity appears to be coming from The East, the contents of this tome were actually delivered in WICHITA (2007), and YesKANSAS goes here, Alicia.

Susan del Percio, you get a pass tonight.

https ://www .linternaute .fr /dictionnaire /fr /definition /germain/