Memo² (pp. 15*/317^) to Prof. Victoria DeFrancesco Soto

* N° 2511 DETENTE, San Guillermo; a.k.a. Bill, Billy, [Willie] Mac, Buddy, or Memo².

Strange forces at work

Profesora Victoria, usted ha de disculpar el retraso con nuestro ‘Simulacro de Correspondencia’ pero resulta de que luego de la pasada entrada ya en archivos, esa en dónde el Estado francés celebraba la llamada ‘libertad de expresión’, y misma en dónde el staff de este tan intranscendente blog le presentó a usted al tal Charlie y, en dónde desde El Paso mandamos a Chingar a Su Madre a ‘El Alamo’, pues resultó que después de que el mundo comenzó a resentir los efectos, “no atribuibles”, del eclipse penumbral de ayer por la noche, comenzando con el derribamiento del Buque Lusitania en El Mar Central de Irak… el hundimiento de un Jet comercial ucraniano en las CALLES de Teherán, y luego con la siesta de Donald John Trump, hoy resulta que los TALISMANES del presidente de México no sirven para ninguna puta indulgencia, pero sí, para cantar el Chingado “Cielito Lindo”  .:. A7B77758-03E9-4CDA-8C23-7E18BD28BF97 🕰 As for your pretty little pendant, Ms. FOX, page 4 of LES CLES DU JOUR breaks it down on the section, A BON SAVOIR, apparently, and according to a TRIangulation with the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, your last name in the Grand Academy of Francophonies is a direct translation to the term « LASCAR », sooooo, let’s skip the formalities and let u.s. just go ahead and Jump To Conclusions, “Señorita ZORRA” (if that is your real name): WHEN AND WHERE DID YOU GET THAT HEART-shape pendant, Ms. FOX? Perhaps, Ms. Fox, from a jewelry box at The Apollo, eh?

It’s High Noon at Châtelet–Les Halles. Eddy Currents are in Full-Effect (3 in 5 Blue RERs to Cheesy/Chessy are the RATP’s plan B from Bercy)… please Stand–By [Mí] for content, but to kick things off, the following must be read in a Nicolle Wallace’s S.C.O.R.N.E.D. scar tissue voice:

Hey, Negrita... our 🖤 goes out to P.R.
And that is all Eye is going to say, Senator DAN.
In the meanwhile, öüï now return to our regular programming:
« Just the facts, Ma’am »
It was a Vanity snatch

It was a vanity snatch, wasn’t? .:. 6BBF8E7D-EACB-4967-A831-5003E625DD64 ⚾️ … [A]nd don’t you dare blame it on the PAGAN innings.

Hey, Emily Jane fox,
Ella Fitzgerald called…
Kudos on that heart
resting on the upper part of your chest.


Los Memos:
https ://dle .rae .es/?w=memo#otras

Them Zorros and Zorras:
https ://rss .cnews .fr/pdf/NEP/20200110


Hoy no hubo eclipse… Dear, Senator*. Crenshaw (R–TX)

The Moon in Paris went on S.T.R.I.K.E.

TimeStamp: 20h10 in CET

Everybody's wondering

Everybody’s wondering, not just “How high the Moon” but where did it go? .:. Baldy Velshi has all the shapes figured out and Emmanuelle just added color to that script. .:. 28882945-E233-4CA1-8FD0-36BFB7C5F82C —_¡|¡_— MSNBC… the place for hot nerds.

Our “Color Shapes” verification reporter has the Details and, a Hot Nerd in Red the coordinates on the missing moon. It appears that a disgruntled Romanian fogged the Parisian night sky on account of a Short Supply of Red Red Wine… scratch D.A.T., “a” Short Supply of Red Red Blood.

Still to come:
Saturn steps into the Space of Capricorn, which stands for the “Order of Things”, the “Don’t you dare Ask Why?” the die that casts Authoritative regimes; lucky for u.s. there’s a Moon in between, and contrary to the “fake news” the Moon is the little rock that could, “lunatics” is a misnomer for regular people. Whitout Without the Moon, Mr. Hayes, this fucken planet is off of it’s RAILS, starting with D.E.M. Waves.


TimeStamp: 22h12 CET; in Paris, Texas, it’s the 3 oh–Clock hour.

Digresión (Fuck The Alamo)

First off, Senator Crenshaw, (in this most non-consequential blog, Sir, there are no representatives, down here, all of you motherfuckers are Senators; right now it makes no sense that the Senate is an extension to a wanna–be Caesar) nice patch, where’d y’get it?

White Wabbit

Actually, Sir, that recalculation about how Iran deals with u.s., was brought upon when Trump took it upon himself to dismantle two-step[s] forward on account that Melania has a “thing” for Obama .:. 22E53245-21CB-45FA-A332-D17E1B706A49 🕊 And with regards to sending troops as “security details”, or something like that, please be adviced D.A.T.:
“One pill makes you Larger, and One pill makes you small —•!•— and the One that MIKA gives you, don’t do anything at ALL

Go Ask Alix, when she’s ten-feet TALL”.

Earlier in ‘the’ programming we [the staff] had a brief window of opportunity to get a visual of your Morning Joe appearance. Right now, our logistics and supply chain are a lot like “the” raccoon comercial of a well-known insurance company, literally; so when it comes to WiFi access the signal comes and goes, right now (because of the Metro strike in Paris, France) “the” Eddy Currents are at a low, not so during Morning Joe, during that time slot the RATP releases a volley of trains just to keep the natives at-ease. Morning Joe for me is High-Noon Pepe and for the French it’s lunch–time and so, trains run almost normal, add to that, that my hole-underground is right next to the Disney®️ Rail (Line B to Cheesy–Chessy) so consider the fact that that line, is working close to normal. Sooooo, this in part (Eddy Currents) is the reason that i only caught the part where you seem to justify the (Mike Pompeo’s horse’s-ass whisper) attack on Iran.

And starring as a GAME of Pool — 1st and 10

Welcome, to another edition of the Twilight Zone, starring a young Dr. Quincy and “El niñoLuc as the “Eight ball“.

Season III, Ep. V
https :// wikipedia .org/wiki/A_Game_of_Pool

Half-Thyme Show:
HISTORIQUE pas hystérique
Featuring the voice of Susana Puveda
in the body of

Eye can't stand yo'Funk

Eye can’t stand yo’Funk .:. E145874A-A066-4C9B-813B-320DB733A046 📎 Bicorne optional… Papa was a VET of WAR!!!

C.C. Ryder, a.k.a. “Kay-sí Kasa•Dora”, but everyone on the MorJo Show knew her as Ms. Hunt•er is standing–by in the underground at Capitol Hill trying to find out if “D.E.M.” United States of America is slowly marinating into that insipid flavorless choice of menu known as IMPERIALism, thanks to the will of a very small minority on the Electoral Map of the country formally known as a “Beacon of Hope” that is slowly roasting into a “Bacon of cut into Lardons”

The following is a Camp Announcement, and it must be read in a Cpl. Radar O’Reilly voice coming out of a Siren speaker.

Attention C.A.M.P.:

Time NOW

Time NOW 18h00 CET .:. A077E9E2-91CD-4183-AC27-9AB356C3DC90 -_•!•_- “Somewhere there’s Music”.

Nevermind tonight’s Lunar Eclipse, it’s a Fake Full moon, known as a “penumbral INTERFERENCE”, the referee has called a F.L.A.G. on “Warren” Moon’s pass after Dr. OLIVER H. “Spearchucker” Jones moved through the faint, outer part of Earth’s shadow. The official has called First Down for the Basmanti RICE Universe “Chandra Grahans”


https ://indianexpress .com /article/technology/science/lunar-eclipse-2020-january-10-live-updates-6209741

https ://en .wikipedia .org/wiki/Warren_Moon

https ://mash .fandom .com /wiki/Oliver_Harmon_ %22Spearchucker%22_Jones

Don’t you T.H.E.R.E. “pin needle” the messenger

Inter–Jet — Room 22

Season 2, Episode 17

My friends are gonna be there two

One-way ticket .:. 48BC26D0-A3F4-4DC0-84F1-7D0308192812 —_•!•_— Dios mio, Niño Luc, “My friends are gonna bee D.A.R.E. — Two 🛬 Catch you at the Midnight Hour, Niño Luc, sweet dreams… [A]nd, “don’t forget TWO include Evry one”; in yo’PREYers, —of course— because Prayers are so unheard and/or answered Up there. So, x’cuse Mí, while Eye Kiss the Sky.

Twenty–two (Part IV)

Historique pas hystérique

Historique pas hystérique .:. 669C6CD0-6F6F-4631-A929-98A38F912410 🧟‍♀️

“Room for one more, Honey”

Previously on Donald John Trump was taking a nap, the FOGHAT of GWAR was taking a slow ride playing a game of “Initech Jump to Conclusions Mat“.

Flew in from Miami Beach BOAC

Flew in from Miami Beach BOAC .:. 7897A690-E069-425A-8B95-DE728D533855 🎶

Dear, Purple Pundit; Eye will be sitting ring-side atThe Arena”and maybe you give u.s. a subtle W.I.N.K., eh‽ How’bout ‘It’?

— And Nicolle, went:

Pundit's in Black

Pundits in Black .:. 9EEC4AA0-9A5F-4685-816A-223A690BA1F6 🎼


Interference 🏉 Pas on the Pig Skin

Mais öüï, on the cueros


BLISSFUL ALIX!!! (page 9) ¡Philippe se olvidó de labrar las LLAVES de HOY! … y la muy ‘Bienaventurada’ responde, “Carry on, I’m going to Nancy”, see you when Eye, —sees you, and don’t forget to Smile.

https ://rss .cnews .fr/pdf/NEP/20200109
Old Nick, öüï have it on good Authority, had a ‘thing’ for Alix;
or maybe it was the other way



It, don't mean a Thing

It, don’t mean a Thing; if IT, ain’t got D.A.T. Swing .:. BD558CA7-5DCE-49CC-8E66-68A64394442C 🐷 “Have you seen the Little Piggies…”

… [E]n México son “chicharrones”, and D.E.M. “cheerleaders” on the sidelines are called « CUERITOS », Bay–bee!!!

Telegram Sam to Morse Code Joe:
— Deer, Cousin Joe, period
— ReeMember that when Barry’s name is invoked, Barack shows up THREE Thymes, period

Well Eye ain't Superstitious

Well Eye ain’t Superstitious, when a CLIO passes by my Doors, period, —Full Stop .:. http s://es .wikipedia .org/wiki/Renault_Laguna +++ —_•¥•_— Any güey, Morse Code Joe, D.A.T. Barack Hussein Obama must BEE a Phat-Rich-CAT to BEE throwing millions and Millions of dollars at all D.E.M. — Etrangers, eh!

https ://es. wikipedia .org/wiki/Renault_Laguna

Mean, while Stupid Americans, idIOTS by any other nomenclature, rejoice at the Masterpiece of “ricky gervais” reality tv productions  on at the Golden Globos, it MEANS, that the Rockefeller posse is just catching up to yet another “Z”, this particular zeta is an Eye catcher, just like Catherine, Mr. Douglass (you fucking romancing Chicharrón) and it hails from the land of the Rising Sun, this particular ‘model’ arrived on a fusca beetle y luego se cruzó con la muy Renault. Sources close to General De Gaulle heard the radio-host Frog say, “Putain!”

Anuncio: SUPER Monday
Client: “el” Rod Strategies
Slogan: Your Score is old news to mí

The news must be slow. Eye wonder what other reality TV Show is going to be put on the menu today to distract on the fact that Donald John Trump, used his executive magic wand to commit murder in I-Rak.

Inter•Mission — FUT 🏉 BAWL

Dear, U.S.A.


AMERICA .:. B5C7D4DC-D72B-4FF2-9D61-F8DBCC8BB6E0 💬 Put it in a BOX for UTAH. 💭 Why do you think Mr. My Dad is a “MEXICAN” in the frame with The Mighty Casie [Season One; Episode 35] is so careful not to hurt Donald Trump’s feelings, and those LIKE them? Because “They” [word of the year according to a certain dictionary] too have a heart… a certain KIND of heart.

What a racket! Really, what a fucking racket and the following must be read in an Elise Jordan’s toddler voice, period

Even if Bernie Sanders wins in an historic landslide and, if the onehorsetown fuckyouall Electoral College constitutional clause is (what’s the word…) amended! The political version of the Super Bowl would remain flawed.

BubbleSpeak: hey Bennet, stop talking to Heidi off–Camera, you are edging for a ‘coscorrón’. Retreat from The Heidi, and inform VOTO LATINO that it’s futile, wearing her “dress greens” will not keep her from getting un simulacro de correspondencia

Ten million dollars for a political campaign add ad in an election ‘year’ that lasts FOUR years only benefits “the” networks.


Unregulated political ads is America’s biggest form of CANCER. The only winners in a system that requires “the” players to pan-handle for money in order to stay “competitive” are The Networks. Right now the system is throwing money to a crack addict so that s/he can continue to buy rock from a drug kingpin. Sorry for the comparison but unless the only channels that can run presidential campaign ads are PUBLIC ACCESS STATIONS, the American Idiots… the American people will continue to have a reality show for government instead of a functioning Republic.

Deer, Eddie Gloud, Jr. — Get on D’good foot!

Epiphany… it takes Three.

Musical Guest

Gooooooooiooood MORning, Eye–ran .:. 187F513B-2882-424A-8004-5287B8FA5C5F 🥁 Rats on the West Side, bed bugs with Trump, etc,. etc,. etc,…

And, professor, one of them fuckers is even in BoldFace, which it’s kind of interesting if youse reel-ie think about it, considering that the painter, —nevermind Delacroix— forgot to paint un Angelito Negro, eh‽

Exhibit Önë:

It's a gift

It’s a gift, ya’bum .:. D0B3A7C6-0CB6-471C-8783-779C504F876C 🎲 What are the odds, that BalthASSAR is also the King of Arabi[a].

… We [the staff] of this most non-consequential blog return to the LBJ School of Public Policy, (simulacro de correspondence now in–progress) where professor Vicroria M. DeFrancesco Soto will most definitely is going to ignore our Post, just like our court-appointed Translator; an ex-alumni of UT Austin, from Romania (of all places), anygüey Elise Jordan, Eye tells you D.A.T. blue is definitely your color.

Well Eye never been to Spain

Well Eye never been to Spain .:. 16EDADAD-4F54-4B15-AC4A-D2574CA12E27 -!- …[H]owever, Eye has been to “Las Higueras”, to Lloret de Mar, and to a little playa in Barcelona; leave it to Madrid, en El País to spoil the Myrrh delivery to Chuy.

… Meanwhile in Washington, Nicolle Wallace is not answering her phone, while in Paris, there is a surge of “The Americans” coming out of peoples’ mouths on the street, followed by what sounds like Gwar. Let u.s. transliterate that last statement again, people on the streets, that is to say, those waiting for a bus, those who are out walking around, —en fin— people are not, we repeat not MENTIONING THE NAME Trump, followed by WAR; people are saying: The Americans.

Hear Mí out, Reverend Sharpton, and please don’t shoot the messenger.

— Cabalgando con Reyes… “they” call it betún:

Rigo es Amor

“Mi Matamoros querido…” .:. 6F011C8D-5FBD-4D84-9D0F-0374E760550D 👸🏿 Nunca te podré olvidar, period — Rigo es Amor.

1. Baltasar es negro desde hace siete siglos: así han cambiado los Reyes Magos en el arte “Al principio, ni eran tres ni eran reyes”… https ://verne .elpais .com /verne/2019/12/12

Deer, Eddie Gloud, Jr., meet Jorge Saldaña Hdz.

+++ Continued from the previous entry ViLo, on this most intranscendente blog ⬇️

Arriba la RATP

Y arriba “Los Rayados de La RATP” .:. D1EF741B-228E-482A-AF4A-70534790407F 🃏« Sí•se•puede! » Now, Eye told you about that big ol’Saxophone jam in the Sky, here’s Nacho L’Ivre’s Sax Solo.

To: Antena Radio; Radio La Nueva República; Latino U.S.A.; Voto Latino; Elrod Strategies, Manuel de Jesús Clouthier "del Rincón" daughters (in the public domain) 
Cc: Nora Patricia Jara; Ana Lilia ...; María Hinojosa; María Teresa Kumar; Adrienne Elrod, Tatiana Clouthier 
Bcc: Victoria M. DeFransesco Soto; Rúben Luengas

… [S]eñorita azafata
El menú me ha echo daño
Seria usted tan grata
De acercarme al baño

En fin profe Victoria, “En Algun Lugar”, d’esta historieta öüï, Le Equipe d’este tan intrascendente blog, suggested  D.A.T. the most convenient güey to approach the content within, would bee a través de los Diagramas de un tal Venn, it’s reely verdaderamente simple.

Eye means, sure, you may unravel the specificities and contradictions of the characters in each entry found on this BORRADOR from an “After Market” source, but why would you? When the O.E.M. instructions are available upon demand, from the hacedor q’esta mal Es•Cre•VIENDO todo esto, eh?

Above all things: I dig love, in spite of all of the Gnomes.

Anyway, Professor DeFrancesco Soto, by the way in which the MSNBC graphics monkeeys input your name on the pundits permanent breaking news section of the screen, Eye can’t tell if yourlast name are joined by a “guioncito”  or not, right now it is not important to break that observation D.A.R.E. now, but it is definitely an HasteRisk for the doña Tati’s section of this email draft.

Deer, Agathe Lambert, at BFM’er politics,  please inform Suzi at Fip Central Station that she now shares my heart with you … her face, your voice, and Eye thinks that you (two) would (begin to) make a pretty Nice Frankenstein, indeed. Even the ministers at Hôtel Matignon seem to agree, by them “chuckles” that your camera monkee just captured Live at 09h40 in Central NATO Thyme, en Día de Reyes, and Witt D.A.T., öüï continue with professor DeFrancesco on the next entry Ah-Bob ⬆️

COURAGE! Raphaël Morán — happening now

Paris, France__ From the wires


APRO .:. 41D8C91E-86FF-42C8-9988-C8783D6EBB2B ✍🏽
Proceso Semanario de información y análisis, y habla con Anne Marie Mergier, she got tapped by the Son of a Mexican President from PUEBLA, of all places, and she has the Monopoly of Hiring at “el” proceso; or, Comadre Letty, you may find doña Vilma Fuentes al La Maub next to a fish restaurant; Ms. Fuentes is the Capa de Tutti (frutti) en La Jornada. Now, Comadre Letty, if all else fails, meet me at la Mairie du 1er. The TV diners are fine! And don’t forget to bring your TEXAS DEAPEAU: 🇨🇱

Radio France employees are protesting outside of La Casa de La Radio on account of a wave of “The Bobs” full-frontal attack on their job posts.

… [O]ver at the Siren Den, the situation is getting D.I.R.E., te diré, le Mur Mur (Boulevard Garibaldi, no page available, yet; 92130) reports that the Frenchy who handled the “C’était quoi cet TITRE? just walked out, Alone Together with “el” Niño Luc… oh, the humanity.

Los Artistas Asesinos

Los Artistas Asesinos .:. 5B34D6B7-E3BD-40E6-8071-C154BB655C35 🌷Hoy no hubo Jazz. —_•!•_— To save I.N.K. at The rfi Office, MGMT HAS INSTRUCTED the graphics department to start “merging” characters in all forms and advertisments, here in this F.R.A.M.E. Dracula has transformed as follows: Dr. ac. kula; if the cunt… sctatch D.A.T. D.A.R.E if the COUNT is a Princesse of darknes, then the title for her Groom will bee: Dr. ac. KULO. Now, if the Dracula blood sucking family clan suck-seeds (succeeds, get it… MDR, CARAMBA[r])  in procreating a little blood-sucker his title, of course, will bee: Dr. ac. Kulito, or Dr. ac. Kulita.

The Vampires have taken over Radio France, after the break, they will walk to Santiago de  Compostela to pay penance and drink some Sangria and Bloody Mary’s for a “clearing” well-done.

Inter•mission — Ay, Caramba[r]

“Always look on the Bright Side of Life”


Baby you can ride my Car with Amber, just don’t chew on my French Tootsie-Rolls, Caramba!!! Get your own.

Dear, Suzi, the following must be played in LA Maj., y por supuesto en una encrucijada de Spanglish, Franglish o, cómo dicen los fiscales de la tremenda corte, —!Lo Que Resulte!… LOL/MDR/jaja


El Colmo de

Quel est le comble pour deux gitanes? .:. F9DD7B78-EBC4-480A-BC69-7346DFAC58E4 😽 Here’s a clue for the capillary challenged, the answer to this riddle was “Dealt” by « Futuro Pelo » earlier today when Susana “P” la tocó at 15h24 in Central Siren Thymes, güey before those damn “Rutles” landed on the FIP Sullivan Show… ¿Se dan? GÜELLLLLL here’s another CLUE for you ALL: el colmo de dos gitanos es el mismo que el colmo deDOS panaderos de la boulangerie de La Rue… de la rue… de la rue de GATO (get it? Rue de Gateau), any way, if you fuckers can’t guess what is the Last Straw between 2 Gypsies, you motherfuckers can find the answer Down Under, at the bottom of this blog entry.

But, FOist, öüï must explain to the Ociosos (not to be confused with Les Oiseaux*) on the other side of The Atlantic what a “confounded” CARAMBA(R) is. Are you ready Suzi? Or will you continue to be on Strike against u.s. and refrain your eyes from reading this most non-consequential blague! It’s 🆗 👁 understands;

That is you can’t, you know, tune in
pero tampoco hay borlo*
That is, se me hace, que no está tan mal…

* Borlo, short for “borlote”, in frogspeak it transliterates to “faire de cinema”, o algo así. De cualquier manera, Gabo tenía razón en la contraesquina de Zacatecas, “a la chingada con la ortografía“, or something like that.


On tonight's menu
at la Mairie du 1er,
en contraesquina con Le Fumoir:
—Filete de pescado con mostaza
—Ensalada de repollo
—Donas de chocolate
—Galleta bretona
-yogur, frutas
And to the beautiful couple
across the street:
Happy Anniversary.
https ://www .fundeu .es /tema / contraesquina/

Any güey, to piggy-back on a recent post featured on this most non–consequential blog about how the Macron government is going to partner up with La S.E.P. in AMLO’s Mexico; 2019/12/22/fuck-you-tim-apple, and to kiss two birds with one stroke of the of the hand —you may call it masturbation—we [the staff] now return to the deconstruction of the French version of “kiddie-CRACK”: Carambar®️… “Coma frutas y verduras“.

It looks and feels like a Tootsie-Roll

It looks and feels like a Tootsie-Roll®️, but the similarities stop on the chocolate flavored treat, the rest of the flavors are a funky mix of badly designed  presentations for a gooey sugar-high. The chocolate flavor appears to be the only bar that is not loaded with syrup of different flavors, and like the rest of the candy rolls it’s wrapped on a waxed paper which have French “dad jokes” [printed] on the inside, hence, our most non-consequential riddle about the last straw, or the “height” of what-the-fuckness between two Gypsies… now, if you haven’t solved that riddle by now, you need to listen to Gee Dubya’s “fool me once speech” or wait to the end of this entry to see the answer. Right now we are reviewing the French doppelgänger of a Tootsie-Roll, and if you happen to let those fuckers sit for a while, we reckon one month, the Carambar turns into a Jolly Rancher; if you are in need of pulling a bad tooth and can’t afford a dentist, just stick an old Carambar on the “problem”, apply pressure y cómo dicen los franceses, “a la chingada” con ese diente, heck, ÖÜÏ reckon that one of them old Carambars can pull an ol’Root out. If {and only if} Eye was a dentist, Eye would lobby to outlaw the French kiddie–CRACK that passes for “candy”, not because of all of the potential customer loss… wait, scratch D.A.T., not because of all of the potential PATIENT loss, —nope— but rather, because of how the designers of that candy bar left both ends of the stick open, and can you guess what it is that it happens to the aforementioned_syrup ? That’s right dear non–reader, the ends of each individual bar, [SECRETE] except for the chocolate flavored Carambars (which are not loaded with syrup) and don’t secrete on the wrapper, like the other bars do, and thus, making the “dad jokes” on the inside of the wrapper useless because of the syrup on both ends. Which brings u.s. back to our previous review of toilettes, and about the “best germs” in the whole wide world.

… but FOist, what is the downer between two Gypsies?

Es decir_

This means, Suzi “P”, que tampoco se pueden “tomar” el pelo entre ellos .:. 6658CC6B-AC49-41A3-BA70-4A8440C5927D