And in Cleveland, Ali Vitali is wearing the biggest face mask at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Deer, Hans Nichols, watch Cousin Joe’s body movement when Mika realizes that last night “debate” was not a debate but rather a segment of “moments”, or something like that.

Indeed Peeping Tom Indeed

Indeed Peeping Tom Indeed, en los Estados Unidos de David Brooks everybody forgot about the abortion fight and now some are even on “stand-by”.

Health News… The Score:
Cancer 1 — AIDS 0

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /sociedad /2020/09/30 / muere-de-cancer-el-primer-paciente-curado-de-sida -7736.html

Meanwhile at Mission Impossible Church (Saint Merri) in Paris, La nuit blanche lost an honorary member of its 2018 edition:


“Mundo Quino”

“Mundo Quino”

And that’s it. That was the month of September. Now, as y’all will begin to see how everything begins to unravel, Do keep in mind that the staff of this most non–consequential blog did mention at the beginning of this act between the makers of this most non–consequential blog (Öüï, Mí, and u.s.) and the Paris Préfecture que en Octubre tenía que ser, Raza.

Coming to most non-consequential blogs in October 2020:
FLORENCE CASSEZ Kidnaps Voltaire


September 29th, 2020 — Hear Mí out, Franck

This is an Advertorial

… [I]t’s lifestyle of the rich with comb overs.

Got Coffee for your Puto?

As the most heroico mes (September) begins to Wine down, we [the staff] take this opportunity to salute former Philippines first lady (and The Beatles fan) Imelda Marcos.

https ://www .nbcnews .com /tech /philippines-duterte-calls-facebook-accounts-taken-rcna142

Indeed, most Texicans in Samalayuca forget that Las Filipinas, por muy islas pacíficas que sean no dejan de cargar con un poco de la llamada “Madre Patria” en sus Rituales más Habituales, and isn’t that what heritage, NOT INHERITANCE—mr. president, is all about?

Attention Editors:

Je voudrais être belge

Je voudrais être belge, just like don Epigmenio González .:. 5B194790-0A7E-440B-B4E6-D40E3397C938 🇲🇽🇵🇭 Indeed, bola de Puuuuuuutos.

non-readers of this most non–consequential blog must be briefed on the relation between the month of September in the Latino USA calendar, Mexico’s Independence heroes, and Rodrigo Duterte’s facebook account.


Vía /r/mexico:
https ://old .reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /j1ez88 /perdon_por_ser_tan_infantil_pero_vas_a_querer_puto/

28 de septiembre, 2020 — Balconeando a La Pundita

Clip this on your hub…

Not quite, Pundita

You just did a segment on PARTISANSHIP!!! .:. What are Ewe, from the Joy’see Choro¹? .:. A29DCF6E-DE46-42E4-B09E-BC1CFE9A8E34 🏀

¹ Choro: for this and other adaptaciones de conversaciones con teleprompter antes de la elección, the non-reader of this most non-consequential blog is directed to head over to  TAMAULIPAS and visit La heroica Biblioteca Jaime Lópezlibrary.

But FO’ist! A funny thing happened on The Way To The Forum. PFC William “Buckwheat” Thomas was awoken by all of the ruckus happening next door at a Place called The Forum.

Mexicans from El Segundo prepping the resting place of their loved ones for the upcoming They of The Dead at the Inglewood Park Cemetery spotted the “Little Rascal” wearing a U.S. Army dress uniform standing guard at the panteón’s main gate and arguing in his most peculiar voice, that despite what the tax-cheat and liar–in-charge SAYS, the DEAD cannot vote in the upcoming referendum on Donald John Trump and other assorted lackeys in the conservative movement of them united states of América.


Well, you know the deal… yada, yada, yada, Penny lane, it’s Knot one of those:


ibid .:. EF7F9DFA-882D-4140-8ED8-D3574F94059B .:. Fair use of media to contrast Mexico’s graft with Donald John Trump’s taxes.


1. https ://old .reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /j09pvs /traducción_y_breve_diccionario_de_chilanga_banda/

Previously on, Hoy no hubo Joy…ce Vance

Ladies in Gemini, before we begin the transmission öüï must apologize to professor at Princeton, Eddie Gloude Jr., on account that a certain Street Players interrupted tonight’s schedule segment on Jimmy BaldWin.

Full disclosure With All Due Respect

Full disclosure With All Due Respect .:. CF3AE167-62B0-44FE-9514-CEA1002BA2BF ✊🏽 As the Clearest form of Present Danger to Chuck Todd’s Republic (…) is being evaluated at The Pentagon, just in case an old navy n°6 is called on Rockridge by Governor William J. Le Petomane, we are going to break down the tragic wonton shooting of an Old Kentucky Wall. Aussi, with full transparency in mind, be advised that just as we are listening to Katty Kay on the Ari Melver Show, we also don’t have the option to have a picture of The Beat on our cell phone screen, this of course means, that we did not see the video of last night’s Avi Velshi Hour, at the time when either Joyce or Maya made the statement where one of them feminas puts the blame of the SHOOTING OF D.A.T. poor wall, on the ex-boyfriend of the neighbor of the innocent WALL.

With that in mind, Reverend Sharpton, and because we can’t really do anything about a possible AMERICAN STYLE golpe de estado, at the steps of The motherfucking White House (oh, the humanity), but we can most certainly relate to how courts all agree to put the blame on the lowest possible Common Denominator, which according to last night’s Avi Velshi’s Hour, was settled on the fucking ex-boyfriend; not the faulty warrant, not the faulty “guest log” at the County Jail, and not the Kentucky storm-troopers, and certainly not, shitty police procedures.

This is to say, Reverend Al, that if you know how to prepare Joy Anne’s Original Colonel Reid’s Catsoup recipe, then you know that there are only so many ways to skin a cat (for the soup)…


Page 9 InStyle Section

— In Washington, Rolo LeMire gets a haircut at Amy’s Back-alley Cuts (to be continued)…

Expect a darker look

Attention non-readers… objects on the Original R.G.B. snapshot WILL have “a darker and more dull” resolution if the image is converted to CMYK .:. 65AC6188-61D9-4AAE-A9D1-B0E8A3601045 .:. Source: https ://www .ashworthcreative .com/blog/2014/06/difference-cmyk-rgb-colors/

— In Paname, a recently departed Supreme (no, Michael Steele, not one of them hearing symphonies) was spotted next to the River Seine in Paname in the vicinity of the power station near Metro Line7 (the pink line). The Justice’s spirit wore an exquisite metal hat and her trademark Collar (sans judicial robe).

So you are an American? — … No Ma’am, I’m from Kentucky

You’re D.E.A.D.

Dear, Rev. Sharpton,

As a fellow Honorary Mexican, please bee advised that:

—In Mexico, police forces call the power to kill: FUERO.
— In Mexico, police forces call the thin blue line: FUERO.

Eye could go on, and on, and on, but do you really need a picture to show you what Vicente Fox meant when he succinctly explained why Black Lives don’t matter, to some?

The World is watching

The World is watching.

20 de septiembre, 2020 — una de sirenas

Adventures in  transliteration presents:
All mermaids are FAKE

Toda “dama del mar” es falsa… ¡mare!!! 35C3C2DA-5992-4D7D-9D43-E345E39F807A 🧜🏻‍♀️🐥 From the same author/poet*: … If youse gonna walk all over my dreams, please take your fucking boots off, but you can keep your silly French hat on, Baby… “now know Moore Talking; Silenzio!!!”.

HER TRIUMPH, en La Jornada.

And now we stare astonished at the sea,
And a miraculous strange bird shrieks at us.



Indeed, don Calderón, indeed

Indeed, don Calderón, indeed .:. 78E1B380-9193-4FBB-9148-AEC44B2E5866 * He exports workers (just like El PRI and EL PAN did), lives off of their remittences, and then he gloats about it. For the same reason: yada, yada, yada.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/09/20 /opinion /a04a1cul

* William Butler Yeats

Page 3 — Edición Vespertina

And in Washington, With–All–Due RESPECT:

1. BFM’er TV is bringing back, or their viewership do want to bring back*, the Guillotine, or firing squad, or the NOOSE to the Supreme Court in France.

https ://www .bfmtv .com /police-justice /une-majorite-de-francois-sont-favorables-au-retablissement-de-la-peine-de-mort _AV-202009150140 .html

* Inverse Property of Colors in political parties affiliation, there is a F(x) for, IT!, but for now just note that “Liberal” in Europe is a “CON-ser-va-tive” in any of the 3 Branches  of public service in them, United States.

2. Facts for this story are still marinating, wait one… because it appears that Phil Griffin (that motherfucker) decided to bring back the “ticker”…

Just the Facts, Kayleigh

Just the Facts, Kayleigh! And then, off–course öüï Fuck. .:. 542DE29A-3249-4A45-AD4E-17F8375EB0AF 🏛 Your boss, Kayleigh McEnany, is responsible for all of the deaths on that god-damn news ticker. EXTRA CREDIT IF, and ONLY IF… tonight’s Siren Den staff can figure out the INVERSE F(x) for the letter M, mr. Wilson. “It’s Symbolic, of course,” Kayleigh McEnany.

y’all remember the news ticker don’t ya! NOW before you all go on and get them fancy g-strings all up in a bunch, Eye needs you to remember that the following is part of a Human Number, its number you ask? Let u.s. ask N°42.

3. … [A]nd in Washington, Joyanne Reid is pulling a JAY LENO move on the AM weekend shift, oh—the irony within the cable news tyranny. Sadly, those dang’on Eddy Currents are acting up, which off-course prevent Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo from TUNING IN right now (at the 17h in CET)… it is however, not important AT ALL, what with u.s. being a most non–consequential blog; just like Civics in junior high, who cares, eh! ELECTIONS‽ Supreme Court??? Is that like a “supreme leader judge” for Donald Trump… Yeah, Buddy*, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

* … [A]nd, because the president’s fixer, and Donnie Deutsch–es–es 5th Avenue drinking buddy, Michael Cohen told all of you motherfuckers at the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., right now, “that the president has no sense of humor,” then you should EQUATE that that motherfucker at the White House (William Barr) is thinking that his number one client —Donald John Trump, or “individual ONEin some docket of El Chapo Guzman’s jailers in the Southern District of Nueva Yo’l— is already thinking how he could muzzle the Justices for BARRON The First.


18 de septiembre, 2020 — La otrora Cuarta Transformación

Cualquier parecido con Hermann Göring is probably better explained in the Wikis.

Pg. 36 L'embrigadement nazi

Pg. 36 L’embrigadement nazi .:. A751B1DF-7F90-4527-BF7D-6AAF7115A5AB 🏛 Documentation Photographique de los años 30’s del siglo 20.

… and in Washington, playing the hidden Right-Hand of the pianola, the president of them united states of america issued an Executive Chancellor Order establishing the Deer Leader’s Montessori school of the americas, and to christen D.A.T. vessel, little Wilbur Vassoughian Mohyeldin, is done with the letter “Z” and he is ready to go all Greek on the horizon… ¿AGUAS?

From Left to Right

The Poles are Talking .:. C7B84F7D-052E-42BD-9ED1-182005FC3ABB 🗺 The Little Basterds… all of them were “boy scouts”, except for Little Mikita (a.k.a. “the cookie pusher”)… jump to Page 2, for the rest, —of the story. 2️⃣ He was called a loser by the Party and he was shun by the high brass up the chain. In the picture, a young Brian Wilmer (recovering after the prisoner exchange with “the enemy”) shows the Deer Leader’s Montessori school newspaper board the clandestine gifts that “the enemy” bestowed him with before departing the demilitarized zone. —_•!•_— From left to right: Little Mikita Brzezinski, Rolo LeMire, Little Joey Scarborough the III, and the one and only, Willie Geist. 

… [B]ut FO’ist, the staff remains at–large, and Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo has been tasked as a sort of bouncer at a dive called, Suspended Reality.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /mundo /2020/09/16 /que-grite-la-economia-peter-kornbluh-4109.html

“Ese hijo de puta, ese Allende hijo de puta”, exclamó Nixon en una reunión posterior con Korry en la Oficina Oval. “Vamos a aplastarlo”.


… no se vaya, “porque aun hay »;