!Ponche y palomitas gratis, para ver a París en Los Pinos¡¡¡


El Jonrón de Libération en Espagnol. La Jornada picha los frajos.

México ya no comienza sus titulares con los signos exclamativos —Puntos pa’rriba… las patas siguen igual, pero los puntos de admiración como si fuese Versailles después de la Toma del Circuito de La Bastilla.

14.20 in Marlboro Time
GodDamn It!
Trying to make it Real
Compared to a box of
Lucky Strikes y tres kilos de mota.

Ladies in Gemeni:

Now playing at rue Chapo… [transmission cut] all Quiet at Gaumont’s big O, little pera… for those in the know, This is not, the bossa nova.

Meet  Les  Beetles.
Album: Le Chemin de L’abbaye

Veinte después de las tres de la tarde en CET.

Right now on channel 105,
Cat Power is sponsoring a
Make Mushrooms Great Again event
The MMGA is short for, ewe guessed it,
Make Mushrooms Great Again
and still to come.
I’ve got the world on a string… or something like that.

Vitrine en course.

It’s 4 o’Clock… The Herborist is falling in love 4 falling in love, love.

Veinte para las cinco en Siren Central Time
Burrell is Swinging and the Children are headed over to General Lafayette’s place, casi espaldas con Garnier.

!Más ponche pinche Peje¡¡¡ — Photo Retouche by SegoviasPixes… copy–Left and all that Good Classical Jazz.

Happening now, “Hell on Wheels”, or is it “Wheels on fire?”, Helen asked.

Five O’nine: it’s 1970

Ewe got perssuation… here take my hat, Baby it’s cold outside.

Sea cabo…or is it, wait¡


The Ouest is Da’best

ISSY… veinte para las diez. Hoy es Sábado Ocho de diciembre. Bang!!! Hoy es día para jugar al rey de los deportes en Francia. los gladiadores del equipo amarillo ya comienzaron desde hace dos café–es-es-eses a manchar de las salidas de los entronques del la red RER con el Chaleco Más Chillante, para llamar la atención.

Museos, festivales músicales, en fin, toda forma de arte que requiera boleto de admisión ya han sido bloqueados… Disneylandia, pues dineylandia–parís está abierta. Haber qué chingados pasa, eh‽

Dear, David Romo… fuck the front seat to a Revolución… right now i am trying to figure out cómo se traduce una “pamplonada” en el sistema francés…

“And did we tell you the name of the game, boy? We call it « Riding The Gravy Train »,” and then Mr. Roger said “aguas!!!”… ay’ vienen los Mazonis atras de los Piolines. Quick eye’mean get a brick from that Wall at the Burger King that used to be a Siege for Quick.

Anygüey, happening right now on channel 75 is,
“Welcome to the Union, have a cuernito”
Starring Angela Merkel as the French President… and on the Cinderella ride at Disneyland–Paris, Simone Fredericks is reading the news.

19 para las ocho…Blame it on the Kakémono[s] from mars

Previously on the Daily Beast, with Sam Stein:
It’s 19.41 and Cousin Joe is dumping the Number II after a night of Haggis and Water.

Mean, while Trump was taking a dump, Da’Muller was closing in… will the diaper Don

The following must be read in a
Brian Williams voice:

Good evening, we apologize to Sam Stein at The Daily Beast, who never reads this blog, —on the loo. And to the staff at Güilly Weist farm, sends a shout–out to Sam “the stain” Stein for that.

Earlier in the transmission, as diaper Don was taking a dump, a flock of Kakémonos from Mars with banners for tails disrupted the programming, and like Gremlins from the Golden Days of “the” WB, scrambled the code on the SINCGARS freq’s.

TimeNow, is 22.20 and the time machine is taking us back in time to diaper Don’s Golden porcelaine china throne, where shit[face] is about to be flushed, plunged and sceptically treated by somekind of probe.

Coming Attractions:
On the may–day mid–way marathon of fusion Westerns.

You’ve heard of Leone’s Spaghetti Cowboys, and if you are Turning Japanese, no doubt the Samurai in Kurosawa’s flicks is a familiar noodle. But, have you heared about the Macaroni Sushi?

Previously, on: Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Oh, about five hundred hours, this direct matin, Lieutenant Beck was getting ready to say his good by’s to Angie from the East Side.

Faltan veinte para las Seis, y cuatroveintes minutos para la hora del Jazz en París.

Which, of all of the East Sides in, or around The Globe, you ask?

 Angie from the other side of the Wall.
Sí la saca, Mr. Waters?

… 18:13 Get the led out!

Category: Chuy, Ewe know it ain’t easy

… and we [the staff] are back.
With another edition of Jeopardy
with your host:
Alejandro Trebeck.

But first, we [the staff] switch it over to
Morning Joe and Mika Kawasaki

Jefe: This is not The Bossa Nova!… ocho para las doce.

Coming up on Sunday:
Willie meets the fockers… but first DROP THE BASS!!!
This memo is being brought to you by:

Ladies in Gemeni:
The following must be read in an Eugene Robinson voice

This is not, the bossa nova.

Memo for Stein: the good thing is that the Préfecture in Tokio is not reading The Daily Beast and his meltdown tüyTz.

Live from the Promenade de Katty Kay
it’s time for our sacrosant,
Daily Beast

Double Jeopardy Question:
Presents IT:
“BBC WORLD ____ ____”

Agent Angle and the 5G wars after the break.

Stick around…
We (the U.S.) are not fighting the Koreans, said The Big Cat.
You really, really have got to research what
COBRARSE a lo CHINO really means
when it comes to interWebs supremacy around
Jesus Christ—Ewe nailed it! Cousin Joe:

Zeppelin [in the form] of a Crispy Onion Hot Dog–
–Shaped submarine, follows…
at the top of this PAGE, Jimmy.

… and of course,
Mika Kawasaki,
to celebrate the naming of Reagan Music
to celebrate the naming of Reggae Music as
Patrimonio de la Humanidad (francesa)
The soundtrack for this ZoSo entry
is in the Beat of
the mighty Dread Zeppelin.

Anuncio: Sam Rockwell is lining up another Oscar, Steve Carrell on the other hand, is focusing on the Cookie Monster.

Sesame Street
in Baghdad
starring, Heather Nauert.
Oh, The Humanity.

Coming to theaters this Mx-Más 2018.

When we [the staff] return
It’s “honeymooners down by The Seine”.

Only on:
The Soul of America as misquoted on “the”
Ballad of John and Tokio.

In Paris it’s Three o’Clock
and yes, Mika Kawasaki: at Cité it’s raining Cats and Dogs.

For 100 dollars, in the Category of
The Poles are talking.

Someone, mi querido, beastie–Stein, is always watching… it’s too bad that Brontis à La Prefecture never does.

P.S. is the first part of the title:
“I __________ Was”

Page 163, Which city has the most Michelin Stars at their Préfecture.

The Fabulosos Cadillacs and The fabulous flames Guest Star in a very, Very, VERY SPECIAL Mx–Más KAMAKAZIII Edition of Jeopardy, with Alejandro Trebek.

… and then the News for this coming sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!!… for next’s Monday.

Veinte para las nueve de la mañana
Con Tokio Joe and a bad acting blond…
Now, Willie, Mika Kawasaki is a great actress,
but what everyone at the Boys Room knows
is that she’s a bad actin’ W’imen.

It’s December 7th, and tomorrow is a day that will live in infamy, a guy named Chapman left Julian Lennon without a dad. “Hey Jude”, mother Mary is just around the Corner.

UP AND AT’em… it’s NiNe o’Clock in CET
“Sprechen Sie Deutsch?”

Oh, Hey Marianne:
as promYse’d (no later than Friday i’d be sending your Cité office that SIRENE formulaire.
The envelope in the snap-shot here went out last night, later today You’ll Get Part Two Of A very Special “Tailgate” engagement delivery, guest starring:
Jack Rose and The Alejandro’s Rag Time Band.

… Cuatro Veintes Miles, Batman®️!!!

It’s cinco dos veces de la mañana en Central Siren TimesTables to tell decode por ejemplo, Willie Geist, la hora, los minutos, los segundos ; o mismo el número de azules entre La Academia y Los Piolines®️ de París este próximo domingo en Paname.

Exit thru El Changarro —but if Ewe break it…

From the Producers of :
I Love You Paris, but you’re bringing me down.
and the writer of what Time Magazine called:
The Death of French Culture.

Stayed tuned for:
If you break it, you buy it.
By: armando segovia.

… but first a word from our Sponsors.
TimeStamp: veinte para los Once años.

The perfect gift for any of Jupiter’s Sirens.
Satisfaction Guaranteed y toda la cosa.

TMMT is dying 2 take Ewe a güey… “ Ahhhh, Roll up for TMMT, step Right This Way”.

Act now and we [the staff] will throw in
A Magical Mystery Tour.
Next boarding cuando faltén Veinte para:
El Medio Día.

What friends?

“Amarillo no me pongo, amarillo es mi color”.
El nuevo macanzo de Los Vikingos del Norte, en la voz del Güerquillo del Sueco.
Escuche al huerquillo del Sueco en Radio menonita.
Radio menonita, la estación de los menonitas de Chihuahua, —en Argentina.