Tangas or G-string? Which one is it, Mme. Macron?

It was bound to happen, following the sexual harassment law suit coverage of former White House resident, Donald John Trump in the Manhattan Burrough of New York City, New York, KATIE PHANGS moved to Paris, where she is now in the process of selling sketches for the mock trial tribunals de La Sorbonne. It’s like The American BAR, except that instead of Bud Light™ the esquires drink mimosas for breakfast.


You know, Jacqueline Ale-many, they* say that playing shrink to heads of state is the fastest way of getting old, Romanian dermatologistes-es advice that if listening to peoples problems is your thing, then the shrink doctorate candidate should veer into onto the comedy track, clowns and drug addicts keep them “patas de gallo³” away.

³~. Crow-es feet.
Remember Jacqueline Ale-many, always remember that Australia, Australia is in-deed the enemy!

Öüï tried to warn Jackie, but the Dough is just too sweet! BEHOLD what a ten-hour shift does to a head of state shrink, BEHOLD! JACQUELINE turned into Mic Jagger, at thi$$$ rate, Jackie is going to end up looking like The Fed’s Wife, Madame Andrea Mitchell.


For comparative purposes, just look at Jennifer Palmieri boobs on The Circus, sources close to John Heileman say that “Jenni” was the muse behind NOFX’s “New Boobs” in the sand, 36D or something like that.

Any how, Mme. Macron, how about that fucking chef, eh? Who would have thought that Putin’s chef was a fan of Burton (not that one, Summers), Anastasia pulling theet 🎻…

Cursos de civilización francesa con Jorge Saldaña
y jabón del perro de agradecido presentan:

En contexto, jump to mañana, no se vaya, El Alternativo con “las embajadoras” de Jorge Saldaña los espera en la rue de Fouarre con díagonal de las Trois Portes en La Maub.


de cualquier manera señora Macron, it’s not likely that YVELINES PRIgozhin is ever going to take over Sodexo™️ at MINER PETEs student cafeteria, bar, grill, and table-dance at The University of Texas at El Paso, but that son-of-a-bitch did take over Mali and the Places In BURKINA FASO, that only Sarah Chayes and Susan Powers dare to talk about at the gazebo on la rue GRABIEL next to 🏎️ Checo Perez human resources offices at the F.I.A., PROST, Alain, Prost MADAFAKA 🍻.

Sprechen sie Deutsch?


Hawaiianas, yes, Mme. First Lady, Hawaiianas. Why Hawaiianas, you might ask… because after six years of pointing out the ⏳ reciprocal ⌛ difference in the sand clock of Time Zones (12 hours-each)* the Paris Septième Art Board just discovered Pineapples and SASHA.

Meanwhile at El Carnal de Las Estrellas 🤩 Los de Molotov, ¡chinguen a su madre!


*~. During European Heure d’été time; however, during the Winter hours, Parisian clocks are in-synch with The Ukraine girls, (Back in the USSR).

⌛~. Go ahead, Roger Pérez, you may use that useless fact on your next vernissage.

Members close to Tele Lois pondered about how Charline will laugh herself to the Sixth Republic in the comfort of her own place.


Bal en plein AIR follows:


Of course, you have to be French to snap a picture and get it published, or you can just do the same things that PUTIN’s chef minions do to the journalists (in France) and SODEXO will give you a suit to wear with your French sponsor at the opening of your gallery, we, ES DECIR, Roger 🇵🇪 / 🇬🇧 Pérez, yo Armando Segovia 🇺🇲 /Armando Serrano 🇲🇽 Prieto lo hé visto en la Pelocula película mexicana: Nuevo Orden. 



1 de marzo — Vamos a la granja

Where! Wüero, where?

~. https ://encause .fr/ la-tigresse-irma-serrano-meurt-a-89-ans-apres-une-carriere-de-plusieurs-decennies-en-tant-quactrice-et-politicienne/

Giants 3 – 4 Dodgers

It’s “off the cuff”, ya’ dumb Dilbert! Off the cliff, is what happens cuando El Buey, se cae en La Barranca, cuándo eso pasa, “🎶 los del gobierno se ofrecieron a ayunar”.

The Big Pharm Processing… Childs Play


We last witnessed La Kerschovas and her Tati™ bags double-speaking her way through La Samaritaine, today, in plena cuaresma, La Kerschovas is Doublethinking her Sendero through Los Surcos of her imagination at the Big Pharm in Versailles.

But that is Knot All, it can’t be, why would it!? Off-course not, It’s THE DOMINO Effect with my part-time lover, Nat-a-lie Piolé and, TOO MANY HANDS on the Antunes, and not enough TIME ZONES on The Dark Side of The Moon. Naturally, the EU is como dicen los portugueses en Francia «  faire du bénévolat » con las manecillas del reloj on SELENE… Silly Cow, now I know who took “las manecillas del reloj” de La Samaritaine.

500 and tú years after The Spanish envoys of Chavelita la Catholique took over La Cervecería Cuauhtémoc y El Salón de La Fama de la Liga Mexicana de Béisbol, la Madre Patria 🇪🇸 de Juanito Guanavacoa 🇲🇽 (‘inche lambiscón) aún no reconoce el “chiquero” de 🐽 chanchos 🐷 tranSnacionales 🐽 en La Fundidora del Circo de Cepillin… en UN Bosque de La China, a huevo qué sí, wuerquillos del Topo 🦫 Chico.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2023/02/28 /opinion / ¿y tú, que estás haciendo para impulsar desde tus espacios y condición que el país pluricultural, respete la autonomía y detenga el atropello contra los pueblos indígenas en nombre del llamado desarrollo?

Catalonio Barcelonetto de Peralvillo reports from El Trochil de Gignac en La UANL. And GO’ill de Niza, if you think that last year’s Lunatic Tiger went back to China, —youse right: CHINA, NUEVO LYÓN, carretera Santa QatarINA.

Vrai King Bat y Can

Finnish Bombs yo te Quiero infinito
Yo ti’QuiEro–oh mi Corazön.

In local news, la =Ñ= en La Prefécture de Police, un tal Laurent, got a warm and bloody rentré Welcome at the Kiosko de Châtelet, and all that this fool will note is that the red lines running down a skinny pale b-boy’s spine was a sight to be cleaned.


HEI! 🇫🇮

Time now, La Sorbonne is having it’s its homecoming ceremony and The Clooney is off limits.

Only fo’FoolZ, Dan.

Only a Fool Would Say D.A.T., period! 🇺🇸

En París, Francia, it’s the First They of The Rest of Your Préfecture 📐 🇬🇧 and over at Pearl 🛩️ Harbor 💥 it’s Primetime, —off-course.

👑 🦇 y 🐕

It came to pass, that The Holy See in ROMA could no longer solve their financial obligations, CaNaDa 🇨🇦 was playing the role of Pontius Pilotos and in Argentina Cristiana Kirchner no cantaba tan mal las rancheras en el IHEAL de Saint-Germain des Prës, y por eso —a Lo mejor, je ne sé, Paz– por eso / esa razón don Bergoglio 🇦🇷 turned the Virgen de Guadalupe Chapel at Notre Dame de Paris, into a METH Factoría.

Previously on Bulls One Parade: Turkey is below the Horizon, Peacock aussi.


Over at The Chuy Scarborough Show, Victoria Escobar is at the Plate

And, Mr. Pinault-Hayek, please stand-by for Sun Tzu point 7.33 (Maneuvering on an uphill) Knives Out!!!

In any self-Respecting republic, little are, it would be a matter of public record; in Paris-Texas it is a matter of… what’s the Word? What’s the worD¿*… Ask, Los Amigos de México en Francia… i’m retiring.

Juanito Lemire reports:

But FO’ist! We switch, IT!, over to the Règie at the Plages de Paris where Godzilla and King Kong are scrambling over The Scene of The Seine (punto y coma) hilarity ensues when Hydra shows up and 3 of the five heads on that dragon split from the beast to intervene on behalf of Kong who, BTW Madame Hidalgo, was minding his own fucking business listening to Mott (the Wet) Hopple.

And, former BBC Washington Correspondent now, Ozzy Media Editor, Katty Kay, we’d like to give the Régie a shout-out now that his graffiti crew finally called one 24 hours before the an event in front of them before it happened. With this in mind, we now return to Pablo’s Studio on top of a KFC at La Place de l’Italie.

[flashback] Hey, Jonathan Capeheart… ‘member When THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS rolled out the red carpet on them Talibans?

One can’t literally make the Godfather up.

TEXAS needs to be dismantled and then returned to Mexico. Texas, like short people have 🎶 no reason to live.

Don Corleone: Tom, I advised Michael. I never thought you were a bad Consigliari. I thought Santino was a bad Don, rest in peace. Michael has all my confidence as do you. But there are reasons why you must have nothing to do with what’s going to happen.

Santino: Whatcha go to college? To get stupid? You’re really stupid!

And with this FINAL segment Salma Hayek, Öüï hopes that the staff can clear-out, separate, archive, and most importantly, Madame CESCA Giggles-Rigole, differentiate between events and their context; and Mika Brezezinski, perhaps it would help to use the anology of today’s Morning Chuy Show regarding the Republicans having their “hippie” moment, with a look like Sid Viscious (to the tune of Benny 🕊 Hinn) or some Punk like that.

For the record, Carolina, some McDo’s (not all) back in 2018 tried the same reactionary reaction with the WordPress “server”, eventually the Web provider ceased or desisted from cock blocking the site.

Entonces Kitty Softpaws… The JOpez POrtillo statement, directed en aquél entonces al dueño de la revista en dónde el reportero de radiofrance internacional, Raphaël Moran, labora también es en referencia a la movida del ahora sí, AVI VELSHI, del méndigo Switch y del puto RoUtEr-er_er.

Aguascalientes TV26 y France24, en colaboración con el canal Once y DW TV, presenta a Salma-Pinault Collection of holes in The Albert Hall jockey hat of La Bourse de Comerse a Les Halles, casi esquina con el Louvre.

In local news, it’s The Godfather part II, VF* con subtitulos en Espagnol.

Santino: Say, what do you think of the nerve of them japs, them slanty-eyed bastards, eh? Dropping bombs on our own backyard on Pop’s birthday here.

Page 15: Inmensa desilución por el JUDOKA  Teddy Riner

Fredo Corleone: They didn’t know it was Pop’s birthday.


https ://asegovia3 .com /2020/11/27 /black-friday-come-get-your-nigger-lessons/

EN CONTEXTO for The ARTIST at La Place de l’Italie:

Issy, i understand why the word processor of choice for this most non-consequential blog would be blocked after Two or Three weeks of linking on to your WiFi Mr. Pinault-Hayek; sin embargo, Pablo Gleason, i am taking it one floor, at-a-fucking time. And i am going to get to that motherfucking top, NOT for fame, but to bring you a Kinder, more Gentler, —Hitler.

Necessary for this segment, Monsieur le Règie is:
What Sun Tzu said on Chapter 7.
sections 33 and 34

So, if you have been living, visiting or touristing (like a Chilean National in three-months intervals at a time with an Exit in between… ¡así hasta yo!) then you know that opposite to the Rue de Lobau (33 Hôtel de Ville) right next to El Malecón del Hôtel de Ville está la entrada a un puente peatonal (pont piétonnier if youse French) que desciende al local de mis amigos at Tartines en Seine (free advertising for Pomona, California man) y por su puesto al espacio que la Ciudad de París le dedicó a un tal Federico García Lorca (FGL).


Entonces pues, if youse flip the direction on that bridge, then from the FGL square point of reference, El Malecón del Hôtel de Ville is at an uphill so with this information in mind, little ol’Eye was in the process of rolling my sleeping bag just below the center of the aforementioned (susmentionné) footbridge, and as previously mentioned, i was listening to Mott The Hopple on a loop, — on a loop!!! Cousin Joe! On a Loop! — and out of nowhere with clear sky above here comes un chingazo de agua… or so i thought in the instant, it was actually apple juice with Jack Daniels. Hey, this people, the French, they mix beer and tequila in a bottle, so there’s that.

As i looked up (had my headphones on) i saw this young Corsican (he screamed it at me, that’s how i know that he was Corse) trying to empty his plastic-filled bottle on me, as i looked up at the little fucker.

Naturally, being a dick myself i was not about to let this little Corsican fucker be all elitist and shit, it’s not as if that son of bitch was marking his territory like the bobo with the ukelele who told his girlfriend to take a leak next to me (true story), after all, he is one of the locals, he is entitled to shit if he pleases to on all of lesser beings who dare to get close to his domain, but the Corsican prince? Fuck him.

Session at the Mairie de Paris computer is about to expire and so i will pick this up from another section of the City… please stand-by for more annotations of Sun Tzu en tiempos de hambre, Rita Escobar. Time now is 16h22 in CET.

… and We Are Back: it’s High Noon in Hilo Hawaii, and You Are Going To Like The Way You Look. Even if you HAVE to go with the flow and hate me, “i guarantee it.”

A tale of two Fuentes — Foreward to the Root (Magazine)

24 Horas con Jacobo Sable d’oquis:


Rockit .:. 9CCF5C7A-B42B-4EFE-B60B-5E57C14C4E88 ✈️ “Corre y se Va!” meets “¿En dónde quedó la BOLITA‽” —_•!•_— Empty “American” fact Nº 4; in 2014/2016, at the {IHEAL} professor John Mill Ackerman invented the « Circle The Wagons » strategies whenever he was asked about the [then] upcoming election of 2018 in México; the Santa Barbara native turned to the “tlatoaniinthe making” youth of Morena-Francia and the neo–zapatista “artists” del Frente Amplio mexicano, or worst, hid Sous Les Jupes de su mujer/esposa/colega. “Nuevo pensamiento Crítico”, my ass! More like a ’join us, y pare de sufrir’… ¿de que sabor va usted a querer su TAnG, Mr. Jim Jones‽

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/02/10/opinion/016a1pol

Deer, Jason Johnson, we [the staff] have noticed that in recent weeks, which are like dog years in Trumpian times, you have been a sort of designated hitter for the Peacock team on things related to Andrés López, the president of the United States of Mexico. It figures, that of all of the anchors and “Mel Gibson’s*” on the programming bar, o la barra de programación, it would be a black dude who would take on the challenge. My Nigga, but… or rather, howEva, it is mandatory to post the French Pledge of Allegiance when using Municipal Networks in France, especially in Paname, so before we get started, please stand at attention when you, Sir, don’t read this most non consequential blog:

Nous (o sea, Francia) sommes un pays qui respecte encore la primauté de la penseé et de l’intelligence. (Nº 2526, Pg. 4)

(subtitles for John Heilemann)

Ellos (o sea, Francia) son un país que respeta …

The one thing that France doesn't know

The one thing that France doesn’t know .:. 4BF55665-16C2-4209-B95A-7B0E5564DC2F —_•!•_— Godwin’s Law, the exception to a Talents and Skills Go To Jail Card.

Donc, dicho eso, we [the staff] begin our soliloquy, which is French for a « man » who “entertains himself”, or « with himself », (SOL, pg. 866) with your observation a couple of Dog Day Afternoons ago when you paralleled “Bernie’s” possible election to the White House in 2020 to AMLO’s arrival to Los Pinos in 2018. That is to say, by gaining the majority of the Mexican vote due to the disillusionment of the Mexican electorate with their elected officials since the installment of the Mexican Constitution of 1917.

For the record, Jason Johnson, Los Hilos de Sasha^  should not be a {set} on the Venn diagram of Hilo, Hawaii, because as “Lagrimas de Perro” would say: no es lo mismo, ni es igual.


* Road Warrior, as in “Apocalypto” for Mad MAXimilian’s way before the Rosbif convicts from the British Empire set encroached the Kiwi neighborhood.

Nº 2526: lecteur@cnewsmatin.fr; 02/07/2020

SOL: Petit LaRousse en couleurs. Librairie Larousse, 1972.

^ Los Hilos de Sasha: The soft porn actress widow of Mexican President, José “Memo” Abel López Portillo y Pacheco.

Finals Week: Juillet-Decembre 2011… hear me out Franck

Évangéliser Paris… cette Babylone ?
Tome 97*(n°239)
del servicio interministériel des Archives de France
Revue d’histoire de l’Église de France 
(26 rue d’Assas ;75006, Paris).

NAFTA Jazz Fest

NAFTA Jazz Fest: El Chicharito es un descarado que se cuela por dónde El Canelo Álvarez se limpia las suelas, y bueno, mientras eso pasaba en, o por el Barrio de “Freddy Cats”, Montréal 93100… Eye did warn you not to shoot the messenger, so wait one for Context ; any güey, 2 is where it all begins, y no chilango, it is not en el ombligo de Ecatepec, nope!, es por la mera ZONA del Silencio, y ese Senderito Azul no es otra cosa que la Ruta CEBALLOS-CANADA.

*Cervezas Indio

La gambetta y la pasión de un descarado. | Uso justo de TODOS los medios. Vía: http ://www .futbolsapiens .com /actualidad /chicharito-es-un-jugador-descarado/

En la misma revista y el mismo Tome*, pero en la hielera n°238, los ecclésiastiques y la educación des Sourds… segun la palabra del Puyol:

For Référence use only: https://asegovia3.com/2016/03/19/quicksand-jesu%c6%a8-y-la-mano-de-diego/

Ask, “you know who”
Fernando Valenzuela


Lechuga para La Huerta de Momus

February 1976, Distrito Federal, Mexico.

“Antes de iniciar el dialogo que obliga el sistema, —de este teatro…”.

Así con esa frase presentó Chucho Salinas el segundo párrafo para cubrir (cómo en el frontón) a todo un elenco que parodiaba en una puesta en escena, el legado presidencial de Luis Echeverría Álvarez, fashionista tropical institucionalizado y, responsable por si fuese poco, de dar la orden de ejecución que detonaría en la Matanza de Tlatelolco en octubre de 1968 [1].

Hoy, a más de cuatro décadas de que esa obra debutara en teatro, tal parece que LA SÁTIRA [siendo esta, entre los otros géneros de la literatura, la más política] sucumbió ante un brote que a lo mejor pudiese catalogarse bajo la rama de EL CACHONDEO INFORMATIVO, formato humorístico que en lugar de hacer cómplices activos del publico espectador –o– de los televidentes –o– del radio escucha, nos amena y entretiene, sumienDonos en un letargo que permite que la realidad política supere a “la política ficción”; ahora si usted, lector que no nos lee le agrega el factor de los estrategas de la campaña presidencial de Donald Trump [a partir del 2015] quienes por medio de un ‘Caballo de Troya’ le arrebataron al gran Jon Stewart [y su pinche Daily Show] el cetro que él sostenía en cuanto a los ‘Fake News’, usted tendrá entonces la formula –o– la receta –o– el patrón –o– el SUAJE para trazar y doblar a la audiencia cautiva, ¡necesaria, Raquelito! para una ‘Televicracia Perfecta’.

Y la cosecha de Lechugas…

El fallecimiento del Primer Comediante, Hector Lechuga en estos tiempos de “fake news” llega paradójicamente, como diría don Jorge Saldaña con todo su estilo, “lamentablemente inconfundible*”: para definir a la nostalgia de toda una época.

* Saludos, Mona Lisa…

Entonces, si hay algo que inclina a [el staff] a rompernos la cabeza para producir un epitafio y tratar de atar cabos con Los Hilos de Sasha, y otros rollos en este blog, pues, a lo mejor viene siendo nuestra admiración por Las Fuerzas Vivas (de Luis Alcoriza, cine, 1975) y por supuesto Adiós Guayabera Mia (de Antonio Ferrer, teatro, en formato LP 33 1/3 rpm, 1976).

… de antemano:

Esperemos pues sinceramente de que esta diatriba de comentario disfrazada de tributo a don Héctor Lechuga [por su participación en las obras ya mencionadas] no nos la vayan a tomar a mal allá en el SITATYR –o– mismo en los camerinos de la Radio Y la Télévisión de Aguascalientes.

Al regresar: la Singularidad, y el ingenio de ‘el Lechuga’… (The way things are going, we humans are all destined to take the role of cute little gold fishes)


Las fuentes que se convirtieron del sistema:

[1] La fuente de ese archivo se las debemos, pero ya que andamos en plan de abonos, dejamos como prenda un dato donde se apunta desde dónde, y en que condiciones el antecesor de Echeverría en los Pinos, don Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, le giró la orden a don Luis para que él solventara —como él quisiera— la problemática de los estudiantes del ’68.

Según la fuente que [el staff] les queda a deber, Ordaz ya le había otorgado ‘el dedazo’ a Echeverría, y Ordaz, muy campante en su yate, le comunicó a don Luis que siendo que él iba a ser el próximo mandatario de México, y que los estudiantes iban a ser muy su problema, pues que él lo arreglara como más le acomodara… a lo mejor, y esto es solamente una vaga y fugaz propuesta [del staff], fue en ese preciso intercambio, entre el entonces Secretario de Gobernación (Echeverría Álvarez) y el Jefe Supremo de las Fuerzas Armadas en el México de Las Olimpiadas (Díaz Ordaz), cuando a don Luis le nació la idea de apropiarse de “la guayabera Vlanca, Beracruzana”, como símbolo y prenda de vestir del autoritarismo institucionalizado del PRI.