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Segovia y Serrano


“So it goes”… of butchers and nazies. And contrary to what Mister Asvazadourian ⚜️ says about the Parisian weather report, it’s fucking raining, fucking Sun King ain’t doing shit right now, that bum is lollygagging around sleeping on the job, “dock that frog an EON’s pay for nappin’ on the Orbit”. Öüï had to go to the Opus (they) to cut GarcíaDIEGO at the PASS 🤠.

Lola y La Ciencia… no tiene arte.

https ://twitter .com /AsvazadourianJP /status / En este día soleado en París 🇲🇫, les deseo un excelente domingo ☕️🥐 /s=20

There is a Mingus Among U.S., period!

… and Reverend Al, even the IMER weekend edition hostess agrees, “It’s not a VACATION, it’s a Sabbatical if youse Kosher and a Hiatus if you practice what you preach.

Meanwhile, the very fellow that wants to unearth Nancy Reagan’s “I pity the fool who just says no to drugs campaign” (G. Darmanin) is predicting that MARINE Le Pen is going to win the next French elections, tough call for a Current Secretary of The Interior to make, especially when your boss, the motherfucking President of France is trying to make his point on the magazine Racks of Marianne. Suffice to say Ambassador Asvazadourian, this tale reads like a Tijuana Bibles for the land that worships the flashing boob, ALSO, aussi, no “Arabia dresses” on school grounds, you can smoke all you want, or fuck your teachers brains out, but no “Arabia dresses” in the classroom.

Persiana americana.
The Cherif is a Widow. Banda Sonora by Count Basie.

Tangas or G-string? Which one is it, Mme. Macron?

It was bound to happen, following the sexual harassment law suit coverage of former White House resident, Donald John Trump in the Manhattan Burrough of New York City, New York, KATIE PHANGS moved to Paris, where she is now in the process of selling sketches for the mock trial tribunals de La Sorbonne. It’s like The American BAR, except that instead of Bud Light™ the esquires drink mimosas for breakfast.


You know, Jacqueline Ale-many, they* say that playing shrink to heads of state is the fastest way of getting old, Romanian dermatologistes-es advice that if listening to peoples problems is your thing, then the shrink doctorate candidate should veer into onto the comedy track, clowns and drug addicts keep them “patas de gallo³” away.

³~. Crow-es feet.
Remember Jacqueline Ale-many, always remember that Australia, Australia is in-deed the enemy!

Öüï tried to warn Jackie, but the Dough is just too sweet! BEHOLD what a ten-hour shift does to a head of state shrink, BEHOLD! JACQUELINE turned into Mic Jagger, at thi$$$ rate, Jackie is going to end up looking like The Fed’s Wife, Madame Andrea Mitchell.


For comparative purposes, just look at Jennifer Palmieri boobs on The Circus, sources close to John Heileman say that “Jenni” was the muse behind NOFX’s “New Boobs” in the sand, 36D or something like that.

Any how, Mme. Macron, how about that fucking chef, eh? Who would have thought that Putin’s chef was a fan of Burton (not that one, Summers), Anastasia pulling theet 🎻…

Cursos de civilización francesa con Jorge Saldaña
y jabón del perro de agradecido presentan:

En contexto, jump to mañana, no se vaya, El Alternativo con “las embajadoras” de Jorge Saldaña los espera en la rue de Fouarre con díagonal de las Trois Portes en La Maub.


de cualquier manera señora Macron, it’s not likely that YVELINES PRIgozhin is ever going to take over Sodexo™️ at MINER PETEs student cafeteria, bar, grill, and table-dance at The University of Texas at El Paso, but that son-of-a-bitch did take over Mali and the Places In BURKINA FASO, that only Sarah Chayes and Susan Powers dare to talk about at the gazebo on la rue GRABIEL next to 🏎️ Checo Perez human resources offices at the F.I.A., PROST, Alain, Prost MADAFAKA 🍻.

Sprechen sie Deutsch?


Hawaiianas, yes, Mme. First Lady, Hawaiianas. Why Hawaiianas, you might ask… because after six years of pointing out the ⏳ reciprocal ⌛ difference in the sand clock of Time Zones (12 hours-each)* the Paris Septième Art Board just discovered Pineapples and SASHA.

Meanwhile at El Carnal de Las Estrellas 🤩 Los de Molotov, ¡chinguen a su madre!


*~. During European Heure d’été time; however, during the Winter hours, Parisian clocks are in-synch with The Ukraine girls, (Back in the USSR).

⌛~. Go ahead, Roger Pérez, you may use that useless fact on your next vernissage.

Members close to Tele Lois pondered about how Charline will laugh herself to the Sixth Republic in the comfort of her own place.


Bal en plein AIR follows:


Of course, you have to be French to snap a picture and get it published, or you can just do the same things that PUTIN’s chef minions do to the journalists (in France) and SODEXO will give you a suit to wear with your French sponsor at the opening of your gallery, we, ES DECIR, Roger 🇵🇪 / 🇬🇧 Pérez, yo Armando Segovia 🇺🇲 /Armando Serrano 🇲🇽 Prieto lo hé visto en la Pelocula película mexicana: Nuevo Orden. 



Le CHO IX con pétalos de rosa 🦶🏾🔥

So that’s where Mr. Ray keeps the good stuff, Golden Toilet at the Beaubourg; sótano sous-section.

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Tolidos

Later on 🇨🇦 Broadcast Network, I take a look at “en octubre tenía que ser », Alberta.


40th Annual Western Society for French History Conference

*~. Maison de l’Amérique latine, 217 Bd Saint-Germain, 75007 Paris

Warning _ Les Tout-Petit screengrabs are Closer Than They Appear_Thank You HOLLANDE (2014)… and mister Macron (with the Hitler moustache³) thanks for the SIRET – SIRENE offer in 2018/19, but from the bottom of my screengrabs, Eye couldn’t possibly, I am booked on Tuesday!

³~. Please don’t shoot the Mexican… the messenger.

Banff, Alberta, 🇨🇦.
Duration: Oct 1 2012 → Oct 31 2012

Previously on Cuentos Chinos, “Well, you’ve HO’id about the 🏃‍♀️ Boss 🏃🏽…tone 🏃🏼‍♀️. It’s not one of those,” Klein. This one here, señor Cuarón, —and your nephew Mateo³, should know— is about The Conquest and The CAOS.

https ://es .wikipedia .org /wiki /El_infierno_2010

https ://nit .com .au /31-03-2023 /5448 /vatican-formally-repudiates-doctrine-of-discovery-which-gave-the-churchs-blessing-to-colonisation

En fin, Carlos Prieto Acevedo, así concluye mi cobertura de Lady Madonna³, o algo así, lo cierto es de que como yo no comprendo la lengua castellana del mentado, Instagram™, ni manejó el LinkedIn®, creo yo que no se le podrá dar seguimiento a lo que pasó en el Centro Histérico de Méxicali, ahora que la comunidad de los descendientes de la comunidad asiática de La Rumorosa y Tecate se a dado a la tarea de rescatar su propio futuro entre los herederos de Plutarco Elías Calles y los Hank González… sin olvidar a los Nazis del Partido Acción Nacional y los nuevos reyes del Mambo en La Nueva República: morena y sus cuatros transformados del Sol Azteca.

³~. http ://www .anagrama-ed .es /libro /narrativashispanicas /una-cita-con-la-lady /9788433998842 /NH_635